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World focus on Burma (4 December 2008)

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Zarganar and Nay Phone Latt win international prize
Democratic Voice of Burma, Norway –
Dec 4, 2008 (DVB)–Reporters Without Borders has awarded one of its annual prizes to Burmese comedian and activist Zarganar and blogger Nay Phone Latt, …

Burmese Try to Anticipate Junta’s Next Election Move
The Irrawaddy News Magazine, Thailand –
… sources in Burma said. Meanwhile, the regime is pushing to complete preparations for voter registration. On Thursday, the state-run New Light of Myanmar …

Fiji: How to change the government from within?
Global Voices Online, MA –
Thais are doing it (but we don’t want violence, that I understand), the Burmese monks did it, Pakis did it, etc etc..even the LADIES IN WHITE of Communist …

UAW not to blame for auto woes
Port Huron Times Herald, MI –
East Pakistan shared a border with Burma, now the Union of Myanmar. West Pakistan shares a border with Afghanistan. In 1971, East Pakistan separated from …

Rangoon Division PDC office to relocate, India –
by Mizzima News Chiang Mai (Mizzima) – Burma’s military junta has ordered the office of the Rangoon Division Peace and Development Council (PDC) be shifted …

The Drama of 2008
The Irrawaddy News Magazine, Thailand –
By KYAW ZWA MOE Events in Burma during 2008 added up to a drama packed with mixed emotions. They began with an appalling disaster, arousing sympathy and …

Zarganar, Other Dissidents Sent to Remote Prisons
The Irrawaddy News Magazine, Thailand –
… to his outspoken criticism of the Burmese junta, was transferred from Rangoon’s Insein Prison to Myitkyina Prison in Kachin State, the sources said. …

Cuban journalist, North Korean radio station and two Burmese …
Reporters without borders (press release), France –
The other 2008 nominees in this category were: (Turkmenistan), Democracy Now! (United States), Contravía (Colombia), (Iran) and …

Who are the Elders, Can They Resolve World Crises?, Zimbabwe –
… former Irish president and UN Commissioner for Human Rights Mary Robinson, and, in absentia, Burmese democracy activist Aung Sun Suu Kyi. …

Ban Rules Out Visit to Burma
The Irrawaddy News Magazine, Thailand –
Inspired by Aung San Suu Kyi, the pro-democracy icon, Bush has been instrumental in pushing for US sanctions against the Burmese military junta and its …

Now I’m allowed to be offensive, I realise I’ve got nothing …
New Statesman, UK –
… there was another show to raise money and awareness for the plight of Zarganar, Burma’s most famous comedian. He has just had his 45-year prison …

Israel opens Gaza border to foreign journalists, aid workers
Ha’aretz, Israel –
… Jo Floto noted that the only countries in the world where BBC journalists are currently denied access are North Korea, Myanmar (Burma) and Zimbabwe. …

RP hosts 18th ASEAN Armies Rifle Meet in Tarlac, UK –
The 10 ASEAN member countries are Brunei Darussalam, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar (Burma), Singapore, the Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam. …

Ban will not visit Burma, despite calls by former world leaders, India –
But Montas on said the secretary general “said he would like to visit Myanmar [Burma] again to discuss a broad range of issues but that he will not be able …

Former World Leaders want Political Prisoners Freed in Burma
The Epoch Times, NY –
By Cindy Chan Burmese pro-democracy supporters in New Delhi hold portraits of Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Aung San Suu Kyi at a protest against the Burmese …

Ethnic leaders dismayed by experts’ dismissal
Shan Herald Agency for News, Thailand –
by admin — last modified 2008-12-04 07:34 Ethnic ceasefire leaders say they are disappointed with “blanket rejection” by Burma experts about the ruling …

Chevron acquitted in Nigeria human rights case
World War 4 Report, NY –
In 2005, Unocal settled a similar lawsuit brought by 15 villagers from Burma alleging the company was responsible for forced labor, rapes and a murder ..

Myanmar appeal by former world leaders
Famagusta Gazette, Cyprus –
… appealed to UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon to press for the release of political prisoners in Myanmar, including opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi. …

Bombay vs. Mumbai
The Plank on, DC –
The Burma/Myanmar issue hinges on whether you think its ruling military junta is legitimate. No such ambiguity attaches to Mumbai. …

Volunteer — here, there, anywhere
Daily Trojan Online, CA –
Students were preparing to teach English to Burmese refugees. But in true Trojan spirit, university administrators are now attempting to find new …

Milton students’ work ‘amazing”
Danville News, PA –
… newspaper published in Phnom Penh, and he recently began publishing “The Burma Daily,” an online newspaper for the country now known as Myanmar.

Polluting, even as he exits
Boston Globe, United States –
But after mobs shut down Bangkok’s international airport last week, stranding 300000 travelers, and a politicized Constitutional Court banned Thailand’s …

The UN’s Racist Conference On Racism
Forbes, NY –
… this was more than twice the number of UNHRC criticisms leveled during that same period at North Korea, Burma and Sudan combined. …

No UN push over Myanmar prisoners, Qatar –

She added that Ibrahim Gambari, Ban’s special envoy to Myanmar, would also not return to the country formerly known as Burma, until he had a “real …

Dissent Of The Day
Atlantic Online –
For Hitchens, and now you, to state that the Bombay-Mumbai name change is akin to the Burma-Myanmar change is very insulting to this Mumbaikar proud of her …

World leaders pressure UN on Burmese prisoners
Radio Australia, Australia –
Last month, over 100 Burmese monks, journalists, lawyers and relief workers were each given long sentences in prison. Speaker: Jared Genser, US-based human …

Uncertain Future
AsianWeek, CA –
In Burma, the tolls of Cyclone Nargis became clearer: At least 85000 were killed with thousands more still missing, many probably washed out to sea, …

World leaders press UN chief on Myanmar prisoners
The Associated Press –
Ban traveled to Myanmar, also known as Burma, last May after Cyclone Nargis devastated coastal areas. Setting aside political considerations, he persuaded …

Accused killer’s mental competency delays hearing
Salt Lake Tribune, United States –
The defense has also raised questions about Met’s age, noting that there are no birth records for him in either Burma or Thailand, where Met was confined to …

‘No More Slaves’
The Asian Pacific Post, Canada –
Creative World Justice hopes Singapore will lead the way in guaranteeing basic human rights and dignity to its “enslaved” domestic workers. …

Burma Banishes Hip-Hop Star and Others to Remote Prisons
Voice of America –
By VOA News Relatives of imprisoned political dissidents in Burma said the country’s military rulers have dispatched seven more political detainees, …

Yahoo!7 Top Web Search Results Reveal Aussies Interests in 2008
e-Travel Blackboard (press release), Australia –
Chinese earthquake; Cyclone Nargis, the worst natural disaster in the recorded history of Burma; and finally Large Hadron Collier, the world’s largest and ..

Latest news in Regional news brief
MorungExpress, India –
Dimapur, December 3, (MExN): According to police sources, two cadres of GPRN/NSCN were held from Burma Camp today at around 10:30 am and two 9mm (including …

Films in competition
Los Angeles Times, CA –

“Burma VJ” / Denmark (Director: Anders Oestergaard)—In September 2007, Burmese journalists risking life imprisonment to report from inside their sealed-off …

Entrepreneurial and Leadership Skills Prove to be the Tipping …
MarketWatch –
One of a few international organizations with an extensive presence in Myanmar’s Irrawaddy Delta region following Cyclone Nargis, Pact was the first on the …

ASEAN projects to push through, Philippines –
The ASEAN groups together the Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar (Burma. …

Gilles Duceppe is not the devil, Canada –
Last night, a friend from Burma commented on how remarkable it is to see opposition parties working together to actually, you know, oppose a government, …

Burma Must Not Be Forgotten
The Women’s International Perspective, CA –
The lack of health care, educational facilities, economic mismanagement, and ongoing severe human rights abuses drive many people out of the country. …

A Luxury Cruise in Harm’s Way
New York Times Blogs, NY –
… colony of Burma” — after Cyclone Nargis devastated Myanmar in May and the ruling military junta deepened the crisis by blocking aid efforts afterward. …

Bangkok Tourist Scene Update, MA –
After the court decision the People’s Alliance for Democracy (PAD) declared an end to the occupation of both Bangkok airports, following their withdrawal …

Burma’s Nuclear Temptation
YaleGlobal Online, CT –
At a press conference in Rangoon on January 21, 2002, Vice-Chief of Military Intelligence Major-General Kyaw Win issued a statement: “Myanmar’s …

Energy blues: a comparative analysis
The Post, Pakistan –
The future security of India is fully dependent on nuclear power plants, similar to the French model, and pipelines from Iran or from the areas like Burma …

Asian Chronicles
Hartford Advocate, CT –
They lived a few blocks from Aung San Suu Kyi, the duly elected president of the country who has been under house arrest for 20 years. …


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December 4, 2008 at 4:10 am

World focus on Burma (27-11-2008)

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Thailand considering postponing ASEAN summit: Thai FM, India

Chiang Mai (Mizzima) – Thailand’s Foreign Minister, Sompong Amornviwat, on Thursday said the upcoming 14th Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) summit, scheduled to be held in Chiang Mai beginning December 15,…….

Foreign press issues plea to reopen Gaza crossing

The Benton Crier, IA –

Floto noted that the only countries in the world where BBC journalists are currently denied access are North Korea, Burma and Zimbabwe. ..

Zarganar and Journalist Associates Receive Additional Sentences
The Irrawaddy News Magazine, Thailand –
By SAW YAN NAING Burma’s best-known comedian, Zarganar, and two journalist friends were given additional prison terms by a special court in Rangoon’s Insein …

Burmese fishery export hit hard, India –
by The The New Delhi (Mizzima) – An official from the Myanmar Fishery Department said that exports of fishery products to Bangladesh have fallen by about …

Internet users increasingly concerned over security, India –
by Nam Davies New Delhi (Mizzima) – A sense of insecurity is developing among Internet users in Burma after seeing the long prison terms given to dissidents …

Burma Crackdown Could be Convenient for China
The Irrawaddy News Magazine, Thailand –
“Myanmar [Burma] is part and parcel of China’s grand strategic design to achieve its goal of becoming a great power in the 21st century,” said Poon Kim Shee …

Mhlanga and Zarganar win arts awards for human rights, UK –
A Zimbabwean playwright who has repeatedly challenged the Mugabe regime and a Burmese comedian who has recently been sentenced to 45 years in prison have …

Final battle in Bangkok a Pyrrhic victory
United Press International, Asia, Hong Kong –
… a member of the Asian Human Rights Commission with over 15 years of experience as an advocate of human rights and the rule of law in Thailand and Burma. …

Letter from the Zimbabwe Vigil to South Africa and the Elders …
The Zimbabwean, Africa –
China, North Korea, Burma, Iran, Libya, Venezuela, Cuba? The $30million offered by South Africa will not go far given the mendacity and greed of the Mugabe …

No Laughing Matter
The Irrawaddy News Magazine, Thailand –
By AUNG ZAW Be warned—if you crack a joke, Burma’s military leaders usually don’t laugh. Instead, they send you to prison. Burma’s most famous comedian, …

Who’s behind the Thai protests?
New Statesman, UK –

… and Burma, where the military junta recently jailed a comedian for 45 years for criticising the generals’ slow response to Cyclone Nargis. …

Imprisoned Burmese comedian honored, India –
… and satirist Zargarnar, who was recently sentenced to 45 years imprisonment for his social activism and critical voice against Burma’s military rulers. …

Listen To A Voice Of Gratitude
Hartford Courant, United States –
His earliest memories of Myanmar (The Karen people call it Burma) are far worse than that. “I remember one thing — the military, they came and attacked our …

Two youth activists handed eight year prison terms, India –
by Than Htike Oo New Delhi – Continuing a series of handing down long prison terms to dissidents, Burma’s military authorities on Monday sentenced two …

Mizoram shows how to hold election
MorungExpress, India –
The Assam Rifles mans the international border with Burma and the Border Security Force is deployed on the Bangladesh border. The low decibel campaign, …

IFEX, Canada –

Meanwhile, ARTICLE 19 and Index on Censorship note that the states with the largest influence on the Burmese junta – China, India and Thailand – have …

Junta Hands Down Ridiculous Prison Sentences (press release), New Zealand –
A popular comedian active in Burma’s democracy movement was sentenced to 45 years in jail on 21 November for criticising the junta’s slow response to the …

We must heed the sage advice of our elders
The Herald, UK –
During their twice-yearly meetings, a symbolic empty chair is always reserved for Burma’s Aung San Suu Kyi. It’s easy to mock the idea. …

Open-entry system reducing fishing resources
Daily Times, Pakistan –
Today majority of Bengalis are in fishing business and then come the Burmese, while in the past the fishermen of Sindh were at the top in this field, …

Disagreements between India, China surfacing
Daily Times, Pakistan –
Beijing is developing strategic port facilities in Burma, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Pakistan in order to protect sea lanes and ensure uninterrupted energy …

Obama the Realist
The Weekly Standard –
Democracy activists were slaughtered in Burma. The administration has removed North Korea from the list of state sponsors of terror in exchange for what …

Burma and a Task Unfinished: Considering the Options
OpEdNews, PA –
… the UN on the situation in Burma, the 28 February 2008 Resolution adopted by the General Assembly, reports on the Situation of Human Rights in Myanmar. …

Zimbabwe writer Mhlanga honoured (Zarganar awarded Imprisoned Artist Prize)
BBC News, UK –

Pakistani-Norwegian singer and human rights activist Deeyah, nicknamed “The Muslim Madonna”, was third. Burmese satirist Zarganar, who was recently …

Burmese Comedian Gets 45-Year Prison Sentence, UK –

HRW says the increased efforts to prosecute political activists “confirm that Burma’s rulers are undermining basic freedoms more strongly than ever as they …

Refugee youths in county schools fled repression
Explore Howard County, MD –
… began for Hammond High School senior Sui Hnem Iang Ngun Hei when her father became a wanted man in their native Myanmar, formerly known as Burma. …

Competence Over Ideology
The National Interest Online, DC –
… watched and measured America’s shifting stance on apartheid, so it will measure the next administration’s commitment to democracy in Burma and beyond. …

Bangkok airport storming sells Thai people short, United Kingdom –
Thailand, currently reaching the apex of months-long political turmoil, has taken this concept one step further, as the People’s Alliance for Democracy …

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November 27, 2008 at 3:05 am

World focus on Burma (24 November 2008)

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India-Burma holds another round of bilateral talks, India –
But, he said, India should look into longer terms and implement a policy that would nurture democracy in neighbouring Burma, which in turn would be a new …

Burma: Rangoon strengthens trade ties with India
آكي, Italy –

India is Burma’s fourth largest trading partner, after Thailand, China and Singapore. Meanwhile the country is continuing its crackdown on democracy …, India –
The Asia Human Right Commission (AHRC) during a consultation meeting concluded on Sunday called for the release of Burma’s Supreme Court advocates Khin …

DQ Entertainment concludes licensing deals with broadcasters
Business of Cinema, India –
… rights for the TV Series Casper’s –Scare School for India, and non exclusive rights for Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Burma and the Maldives….

Another changing of the guards for Burma’s junta, India –
Burma’s rulers have announced that they will hold a general election as part of their roadmap to democracy and will allow the winning party to assume power …

Nuclear Disarmement and Demilitarization
Center for Research on Globalization, Canada –
… and an inability to cope with natural disasters like the cyclone in Myanmar/Burma and the earthquake in China – much less global climate change. …

40 Burmese given prison terms of up to 65 years, blogger gets 20 … –
Now is definitely the time for the South African Government to consider changing its stance towards Burma (Myanmar). The people of Burma have been suffering….

Woodland Travels taken over by Htoo Company, India –
Pyinoolwin botanical garden is the best forest reserve in Burma which with diverse and rare flora and fauna. According to the Myanmar Tourism Corporation, …

Eighteen More Political Prisoners Transferred
The Irrawaddy News Magazine, Thailand –
By LAWI WENG Another 18 political prisoners were transferred from Rangoon’s Insein Prison to remote prisons around Burma on Monday, and family members are …

NLD marks National Day
Democratic Voice of Burma, Norway –
Nov 24, 2008 (DVB)–The 88th Burmese National Day was marked at the National League for Democracy headquarters in Rangoon and in other towns in central Burma …

General Assembly approves Burma resolution, debate intensifies, India –
by Mizzima News The United Nations General Assembly’s Third Committee on Friday approved a draft resolution on the human rights situation inside Burma, …

Eighteen More Political Prisoners Transferred
The Irrawaddy News Magazine, Thailand –
By LAWI WENG Another 18 political prisoners were transferred from Rangoon’s Insein Prison to remote prisons around Burma on Monday, and family members are ..

A Coup Against Than Shwe
The Irrawaddy News Magazine, Thailand –
It is probably fair to say that these moderate forces within the military, whoever they are, are not necessarily supporters of Aung San Suu Kyi or the …

Two Taiwan drug dealers sentenced to death in east China
Xinhua, China –
Police told the court that the dealers bought 39 parcels of heroin from Burma in early September and sold four of them for 400000 yuan (60000 US dollars) in …

Are you still buying a blood diamond?
Commodity Online, India –
Before the blood diamond scenario emerged, it was known that Burma’s military junta survived by trading in rubies. And it is not a mean figure. …

Feast bridges culture gap in church merger
Fort Wayne Journal Gazette, IN –
Myanmar is the name for the country formerly known as Burma. But the influx of members has breathed new life into the First Baptist Church, whose membership …

He’s ‘prophetic and poetic’
Fort Wayne Journal Gazette, IN –
His past influences those he serves through the program, Allen Superior Court Judge Fran Gull said. McGill doesn’t try to hide his criminal history, …

No activities planned by exile groups during ASEAN Summit
Shan Herald Agency for News, Thailand –
The Women’s League of Burma (WLB) also told SHAN that the group was not planning any activities and any campaigns during the summit, according to Nang Yen, …

Burma needs a pragmatic solution, India –
Burma, the official added, was going to be a democracy in its own way. The international community has since continuously recognized the NLD’s commitment to …

At least 15 activists transferred to remote prisons, India –
He also said that he learned from family members that NLD member Tun Tun Naing was sent to Meiktila prison, ‘All Burma Federation of Students Union’ (ABFSU) …

Bush’s Legacy in India
FrontPage, CA –
… allowing the Chinese more freedom of action in Southeast Asia, where it is the main source of support for the military dictatorship in Myanmar (Burma). …

Opposition holds National Day celebration, India –
… of Myanmar, Senior General Than Shwe said that some foreign powers were trying to intervene in Burma’s domestic affairs by exercising neo-colonialism. …

Zarganar and U Gambira jailed for over 40 years
Democratic Voice of Burma, Norway –
Nov 24, 2008 (DVB)–The Burmese regime has continued its crackdown against activists, handing down a 45-year sentence to Zarganar and extending monk leader U …

The Freedom Challenge
Washington Post, United States –
The regime negated the results, and the league’s leader, Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, has been under house arrest for most of the time since. …

Myanmar lawyers’ convictions criticised
Legal Business Online, Australia –
By George Beveridge | Monday, 24 November 2008 The jailing of Burmese pro-democracy lawyers has been criticised by an association concerned for the …

Burmese writer joins husband in exile in Thailand
Mindanao Examiner, Philippines –
“I initially decided to stay inside Burma for as long as I could, even after my husband had gone into exile. But when they [the authorities] hinted that …

More environmental initiatives
The News International, Pakistan –
Do the Indian and Burmese economies have the capacity to deal with such a refugee situation? To what extent are developed countries, whose emissions over …

Myanmar Explorations and Sovereign Rights of Bangladesh
Energy Bangla, Bangladesh –
… of Myanmar remains yet inflexible on its earlier position. Burma cannot unilaterally go ahead with the exploration in the disputed sea blocks. …

Rice lauds GMA: You are US’ best friend, Philippines –
Rice also expressed appreciation for the Philippine position on Burma (Myanmar). “There’s only one doing this (in Asia),” she said. …

A journey across the Ground Zero of global warming
Huffington Post, NY –
India is already building a border fence to keep them out; I can’t imagine the country’s other neighbour – Burma – will offer much refuge. …

PAD set to launch ‘king taksin operation’
Nation Multimedia, Thailand –
King Taksin was the great king who liberated Ayutthaya from Burma but is not related to former prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra, PAD’s sworn enemy. …

World focus on Burma (22 November 2008)

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South Africa’s Archbishop Tutu Gets Fulbright Award
Voice of America –
… but that the world’s revulsion for human rights violations in places like Darfur, Burma, Zimbabwe and Gaza shows that evil is not the norm. …

“But it’s a bigger joke on those abroad who still think ignoring repression in Burma will bring positive change,” he said.

Myanmar opposition calls for amnesty on national day
TopNews, India –
The National League for Democracy, Myanmar’s main opposition group, demanded the release all political prisoners including Aung San Suu Kyi and student …

Burmese comic gets 45 years
Chortle, UK –
… June and seized his computer after he organized a group of around 400 volunteers to provide disaster relief in the areas devastated by Cyclone Nargis. …

HMS Westminster arrives in capital for march
Portsmouth News, UK –
Westminster was also sent to offer help with the humanitarian effort in the aftermath of Cyclone Nargis. The full article contains 182 words and appears in …

Comedian gets 45 years – criticized Burma junta
San Francisco Chronicle,  USA –
… and 14 members of detained Nobel Peace laureate Aung San Suu Kyi’s party got 2 1/2 years each for calling for her release on her birthday in June, …

Comedian gets 45-year term as Burma punishes activism
Boston Globe, United States –
AP / November 22, 2008 RANGOON, Burma – Burma’s courts continued a crackdown on activists yesterday, giving a 45-year prison sentence to a comedian who went …

Burma Eats Its Young
New Yorker, United States –
After Aung San Suu Kyi, these two men are the leaders of Burma’s democracy movement, and a source of intense admiration and inspiration among the young …

Opposition big shots spurn 2010 elections
Shan Herald Agency for News, Thailand –
… the democratic opposition led by Aung San Suu Kyi and non-Burman ethnic states, was formed by exiles led by the late Chao Tzang Yawnghwe (1939-2004), …

Myanmar Gives Comedian 45-Year Sentence for Cyclone Comments
New York Times, United States –
Those sentenced have included some 70 members of the opposition National League for Democracy, the party of Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, the detained Nobel …

Rights group says Myanmar judges should be referred to ICC
Despite the September release [JURIST report] of more than 9000 political prisoners, human rights groups estimate that more than 2100 Burmese remain …

Human rights calls
Bangkok Post, Thailand –
Asean governments will be urged next month to call for a Commission of Inquiry on Burma by the UN Human Rights Council. But the new Asean Human Rights Body …

Comedian gets jail for criticizing junta
Washington Times, DC –

AP RANGOON, Burma | Burma’s courts continued a crackdown on activists Friday, handing out a 45-year prison sentence to a comedian who went to the delta to …

Importance of ‘responsibility to protect’ outlined at conference
Irish Times, Ireland –
… invoking the principle – for example, in the aftermath of Cyclone Nargis in Burma last spring – had not helped to build wider acceptance of the idea. …

Chinese living longer but wealth gap widening: UN
ABC Online, Australia –
“You’ve also got trafficking of women from even poorer places, for example Myanmar (Burma) and Laos, into these villages in China now to provide wives for …

In short
Irish Times, Ireland –
(Reuters) RANGOON – A hip-hop star in military-ruled Burma has been jailed for six years for being part of a political group, the latest in a string of …

Burma jails comedian for 45 years
Independent, UK –
More than 100 activists, including Buddhist monks, students and members of the opposition National League for Democracy have been convicted in the past two …

Myanmar on US agenda
Straits Times, Singapore –
The United States refers to Myanmar as Burma, the name used before it was changed by the military junta. Mr Marciel’s visit to Japan will take place on Dec …

Tea room pours good cheer
East Valley Tribune, AZ –
“We have sent women to retreats, and we have sent women onto the Navajo Nation, and we have purchased property in Myanmar (formerly Burma) to help build a …

Journalist gets 45 years in prison, others sentenced
CPJ Press Freedom Online, NY –
New York, November 21, 2008–A Burmese court sentenced entertainer and activist Maung Thura–known by his stage name, “Zarganar”–to 45 years in prison …

Magazine Breaks News on Organ Harvesting in China
The Epoch Times, NY –
24 issue, “China’s Gruesome Organ Harvest ” by Ethan Gutmann, asks why the world’s media, human rights organizations, and governments are not investigating …

RIGHTS: Landmines Banned, And Still Kill Thousands
Inter Press Service, Italy –
Investigations by Human Rights Watch concluded that at least 16 civilians died as a result of these weapons, which are known to tear limbs off a victim’s …

Burma: Cyclone-hit monasteries in need
Spero News –
By IRIN Scores of monasteries in cyclone-affected Myanmar are in urgent need of repair almost seven months after the category four storm struck. …

PEN Canada Honorary Member and One Humanity Award winner ZARGANA …
Canada NewsWire (press release), Canada –
21 /CNW/ – PEN Canada is appalled by the forty-five year prison sentence handed down today by the Myanmar regime to Burmese poet and comedian Zargana (Maung …

Daily Press Briefing
US Department of State, DC –
Burma will also be discussed. He will travel to Tokyo to consult with Japanese officials regarding human rights, democracy, and other concerns in Burma on …

For Andrew K
The Young Turks, CA –
More than 100 activists have been sentenced over the past two weeks in a judicial crackdown across the spectrum of Burma’s pro-democracy movement. …

Myanmar Junta Jails Comedian for 45 Years
New York Times, United States –
By SHARON OTTERMAN A secret court run by Myanmar’s military leadership sentenced a prominent Burmese comedian and activist to 45 years in prison on Friday, …

Myanmar court hands comedian 45-year prison term
The Associated Press –
… for their jokes about the junta, and several other activists delivered donations of relief supplies to the Cyclone Nargis-shattered Irrawaddy delta. …

Top US Agenda at Asia-Pacific Meeting is the Financial Crisis
NewsBlaze, CA –
Topics of discussion will include follow-up from the G20 meeting; nuclear proliferation challenges from North Korea and Iran; developments in Burma, …

Insein prison trials called insult to rule of law and …
Reporters without borders (press release), France –
… trade unions and political activists.” They added: “All of Burma’s lifeblood has been neutralised and silenced by a subservient judicial system. …

Insein prison trials called insult to rule of law and international community

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Reporters without borders

21 November 2008

Sports journalist Zaw Thet Htwe gets 15 years, comedian and blogger Zarganar gets 45 years

Reporters Without Borders and the Burma Media Association strongly condemn the trials currently taking place in Insein prison, where a special court today sentenced well-known comedian and blogger Zarganar to 45 years in prison and sports journalist Zaw Thet Htwe to 15 years in prison.

They could receive additional sentences on other charges in the coming days and, like blogger Nay Phone Latt and poet Saw Wai in the past week, they could now also be transferred to remote prisons with very poor sanitary conditions.

“This wave of sham trials is the latest outrageous action by a military government that wants to crush the least sign of protest before elections supposed to take place in 2010,” the two organisations said. “Jail terms with a combined total of several hundred years have been imposed in the past two weeks on poets, bloggers, monks, comedians, singers, ethnic minority leaders, trade unions and political activists.”

They added: “All of Burma’s lifeblood has been neutralised and silenced by a subservient judicial system. These trials are a disgrace for the international community, especially China and ASEAN, which did nothing to prevent them.”

Reporters Without Borders and the Burma Media Association urge the European Union and United Nations to adopt targeted sanctions against the interior minister, Gen. Maung Oo, who orchestrated the trials using the Special Branch of the police.

They also call on the EU to extend the list of Burmese officials targeted by political sanctions to include the head of the judicial system, U Aung Toe, and the following judges who took part in these trials: Daw Aye Myaing, U Thaung Nyunt, Daw Soe Nyan, Daw Than Than, Daw Nyunt Win and U Tin Htut. The Burma Lawyers’ Council and the Global Justice Centre identified them as the judges chiefly responsible for these trials.

In today’s trials, Zarganar got his 45-year sentence under the Electronic Law. Sports journalist Zaw Thet Htwe got his 15-year sentence above all for photos he took during last May’s referendum. One of Zarganar’s students, known as Gadone, received a 29-year prison sentence.

A monk, Ashin Gambira, got a 12-year jail term today for helping participants in last year’s protests. He has already been sentenced to 56 years in prison on other charges.

The trials being held in Insein prison violate international standards and, often, Burma’s own laws as well. The defendants’ families and lawyers are rarely notified about the trials and witnesses for the defence are not allowed. The police and judges have also been violating limits on the length of pre-trial detention.

Reporters Without Borders and the Burma Media Association therefore also support the call made by U Win Tin, a leading journalist and member of the opposition National League for Democracy, to United Nations secretary-general Ban Ki-moon not to go to Burma under the current circumstances.

Nicknamed the “Burmese Chaplin” and known for his outspoken comments, Zarganar was arrested on 4 June after talking to the BBC World Service and other foreign news media about the delays in the humanitarian relief organised by the military after Cyclone Nargis. He also wrote in his blog about the activities of the country’s Buddhist monks during the September 2007 protests and after the cyclone in May.

The former editor of the sports magazine First Eleven Journal, Zaw Thet Htwe was arrested by military police on 13 June. The police searched his Rangoon home two days later, confiscating files, his mobile phone and his computer.

Both Zaw Thet Htwe and Zarganar played an active role in helping Nargis victims.

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November 22, 2008 at 3:15 am

Myanmar jails comedian for 45 years

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. cyclone-nargis1

Aung Hla Tun ,  Reuters

Published: Friday, November 21, 2008

YANGON – A secret court in military-ruled Myanmar sentenced popular comedian and activist Zarganar to 45 years prison on Friday, the latest in a series of lengthy jail terms handed down on more than 100 dissidents, relatives said.

Zarganar, whose real name is Ko Thura, was detained in June after coordinating private aid in Yangon for the victims of Cyclone Nargis, which devastated huge swathes of the Irrawaddy Delta in May, killing 140,000 people.

Police seized his computer and several banned films, including the latest Rambo movie, featuring the U.S. Vietnam War veteran taking on the former Burma’s ruling military on behalf of Christian ethnic Karen rebels.

“He got 45 years for only three charges. More sentences will be passed on four remaining charges on Monday,” Zarganar’s sister-in-law, Ma Nyein, told Reuters.

Family sources said police also found a copy of the leaked video of the lavish “champagne and diamonds” wedding of Senior General Than Shwe’s daughter, which caused outrage among ordinary people in one of Asia’s poorest countries.

The same court inside Yangon’s notorious Insein prison also sentenced two other dissidents, including a prominent journalist, to 15 years in prison and another man to 29 years, Ma Nyein said.

Rights groups say the slew of jail terms is intended to eliminate all political opposition before an election in 2010, the final stages of a “roadmap to democracy” meant to bring an end to nearly half a century of military rule.

Western governments have dismissed the roadmap as a sham.

Other dissidents sentenced this week include a hip hop star who got six years for being part of a youth political group called “Generation Wave”, an opposition spokesman said on Friday.

In all, well over 100 people from across the spectrum of the democracy underground, including 20 women and Buddhist monks, have been condemned to up to 65 years in Myanmar’s gulag.

The most prominent activists have been dispatched to the furthest corners of the southeast Asian nation, making it almost impossible for relatives to deliver food and medicine, raising the very real possibility of the prisoners dying behind bars.

The United States and European countries have condemned the junta’s closed door trials and sentences, although there has been little comment from countries in the surrounding region.


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November 21, 2008 at 4:27 pm

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Burma, Myanmar: Leader Monk Gets Total 68 Years; Popular Burmese Comedian Gets 45 Years

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November 21, 2008 at 09:46:19

By Ashin Mettacara

A prominent leader and spokesmonk for the Saffron Revolution Ashin Gambira was sentenced to total of 68 years imprisonment. He has already been sentenced to 12 years on November 12th, 44 years on November 20th and 12 years on November 21th. His case is now closed with total of 68 years imprisoment for his involvement in last year Saffron Revolution.

Ashin Gambira is the pseudonym of one of the leaders of the All Burma Monks’ Alliance (ABMA). He was arrested in Mandalay Division’s Sintgaing Township on November 4th, 2007. His tireless hard work is a wonder. As a consequence, he was able to unify the clergy nationwide leading to the successful launching of 2007 Saffron Revolution.

A popular Burmese comedian Zarganar was also sentenced today to 45 years for speaking to foreign media about the situation of millions of people left homeless in Cyclone devastated Irrawaddy delta. But his case is not closed yet. It is still proceeding. He may get another more years. He was arrested on June 4th.

Zarganar is a popular Burmese comedian, film actor, and a film director as well as a fierce critic and frequent political prisoner of the Burmese military government. Known for his wicked puns against the government, Zarganar, whose name translates to “tweezers”, is widely considered to be the most popular comedian and satirist in Burma.

Nine other monks were also sentenced today. Ashin Kelasa from Mandalay has alredy been sentenced to 35 years , he gets today another 4 years. His case is now closed with total of 39 years. The chief monk of Maggin Monastery U Indaka was sentenced to 20 1/2 years. U Indariya was given 14 years and U Sumana was given 6 years. Five other monks from Sasana Theik Pan Monastery: U Pannasiha, U Narapati, U Ukkamsamala, U Pannadipa and U Janeyya. The sentences handed out to these five monks are not yet known.

14 activist were also sentenced to up to 29 years. Ko Tin Maung Aye was sentenced to 29 years, Ko Zaw Thet Htwe and Ko Thant Zin Aung were sentenced to 15 years each. But they are still proceeding, not closed yet.

Ko Aung Kyaw Kyaw( Brother of Ashin Gambira) and Ko Kyaw Naing were sentenced to 14 years each. Ko Swe Maung (Mandalay), U Zaw Win( Mandalay) and Ko Wanna Aung were sentenced to 4 years each, they have been sentenced to 4 years each on November 14th. Their case is now closed with total of 8 years each imprisoment. Ko Khin Tun was sentenced to 4 1/2 years, Ko Tun Tun Naing, Ko Than Htay , Ko Nge Soe and Ko Kyaw San were sentenced to 4 years each. Ko Khin Tun was sentenced to 4 1/2 years. Ko Soe Swe’s sentence is not yet known.


Written by Lwin Aung Soe

November 21, 2008 at 4:24 pm