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World focus on Burma (1 October 2008)

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Bus drivers’ licences revoked by Dala authorities
Democratic Voice of Burma, Norway –
… have revoked the licences of private bus drivers whom they accuse of suspending their services to mark Daw Aung San Suu Kyi’s birthday on 19 June. …

Growing list of companies implicated in Chinese milk scandal, Italy –
The ones who are paying no attention to the scandal are the military junta leaders in Myanmar. Although the government has prohibited the importing of …

Win Tin’s Logical Principles
The Irrawaddy News Magazine, Thailand –
Burma’s Foreign Minister Nyan Win told the UN General Assembly on Monday, “Peace and stability now prevails in almost all parts of the country. …

The Freedom We Know –
Areas of the world where Christians face persecution include: Afghanistan, Algeria, Azerbaijan, Bangladesh, Belarus, Bhutan, Brunei, Burma (Myanmar), …

Reports of Rape Surface in Cyclone-devastated Delta
The Irrawaddy News Magazine, Thailand –
… Reports of rape and other abuses of women are surfacing as communities in Burma’s Irrawaddy delta continue to recover from May’s Cyclone Nargis. …

Chinese Dam Incurs KIO Wrath
The Irrawaddy News Magazine, Thailand –
The KIO, which signed a ceasefire with the Burmese junta in 1994, was reportedly unhappy that several projects to build dams in Kachin State in northern …

Cyber cafes ordered to close early
Independent Mon News Agency, WA –
Suffering from an unnamed fear on the 1st anniversary of the saffron revolution the Burmese military junta has ordered cyber cafes to close early in the …

Generals Authorized to Buy Land Cruisers
The Irrawaddy News Magazine, Thailand –
By LAWI WENG The latest perk for Burma’s senior military officials is a Toyota Land Cruiser, according to a source close to the military government. …

Elected MP Dr Myo Win dies aged 54
Democratic Voice of Burma, Norway –
He took part in the 1988 uprising and became the chairman of Kawa township National League for Democracy and won his seat in the 1990 election with 67.65 …

Journal Punished for Defying Order to Drop Win Tin Report
The Irrawaddy News Magazine, Thailand –
Burma’s Press Scrutiny and Registration Board ordered the suppression of a report on Win Tin’s release and a short profile of the freed political prisoner. …

Malaysia Today, Malaysia –
Malaysia has joined the ranks of China, Vietnam and Burma as a leading violator of online freedom. Blogger Raja Petra Kamarudin, also known as RPK, …

Revolting comedy stunt
Belfast Telegraph, United Kingdom –
“Last week we freed Burmese dissident U Win Tin because of a couple of Amnesty gigs in the Whitla Hall. If Saturday night goes well I reckon Guantanamo Bay …

Burma’s Neighbors Absorbing Cyclone Survivors
Free Speech Radio News, CA –
Cyclone Nargis hit Burma at a time when inflation and unemployment were already at their highest levels in years. To make matters worse, salt water now …

Aid and water dry up in Burma’s cyclone zone
Times Online, UK –
Lurking in the background is the deepest fear of all — another cyclone, as strong, or stronger. Nargis was unprecedented in Burmese history, …

Naypyidaw auctions seized vehicles in southern Burma
Independent Mon News Agency, WA –
The junta only gave back the seized cars to DKBA. NMSP lost dozens of cars in 2003 and does not dare to buy it back afraid that regime’s law is not …

Mizzima websites hacked, India –
Mizzima, however, is still unable to confirm whether the attack is the work of the Burmese military junta, which has banned Mizzima’s websites inside the …

Media groups alarmed over murder of journalists
GMA, Philippines –
In addition, the PEC and the ICPJ feel encouraged by the liberation of Burmese journalist U Win Tin (79 years old) after 20 years of detention in Burma. …

Horrific comedy stunt
Belfast Telegraph, United Kingdom –
“Last week we freed Burmese dissident U Win Tin because of a couple of Amnesty gigs in the Whitla Hall. If Saturday night goes well I reckon Guantanamo Bay …

WASHINGTON (AFP) — An independent US group is to carry out unprecedented studies to determine whether Myanmar’s military rulers, accused of rampant human …

NLD warned over ‘dictatorship’ remarks
Democratic Voice of Burma, Norway –
“The establishment of a government that guarantees basic human rights is the NLD’s aim, and therefore stopping the re-emergence of dictatorship is also the …

Religious freedom hanging in the balance in Burma, India –
… the report calls out the generals on their attempt to “systematically restrict efforts by Buddhist clergy to promote human rights and political freedom. …

Junta claims international law on its side, condemns sanctions, India –
The tirade, on the session’s last day of debate, linked the prospects of a more economically integrated Burma to the betterment of both the region’s and…

Junta issues warning on tainted milk, India –
A report in the Burmese language newspaper Myanmar Ahlin, an official government mouth-piece, on Tuesday said with Chinese milk and milk products found to …

Burmese refugees join seasonal work force
Durham Herald Sun, NC –
This group of refugees from Burma, officially the Union of Myanmar, were forced to leave their country because of war and persecution. Coming soon? …

Burma’s State Media Still Mum on Tainted Milk Powder
The Irrawaddy News Magazine, Thailand –
She told The Irrawaddy on Tuesday that the semi-official Myanmar Times weekly newspaper earlier published a story that said all imported dairy products from …

Burma Discovers Large New Coal Mine in Shan State
RedOrbit, TX –
Yangon, 1 October: Myanmar [Burma] has discovered a new large coal mine in northern part of the country’s Shan state and mining of the mineral will start …

Mon National Democratic Front Liberation Area (MNDF-LA) founded
Independent Mon News Agency, WA –
… founded in Mae Sot yesterday to join hands with Mon organizations and other opposition groups in exile to continue the struggle for democracy in Burma. …

The threat of Indian globalisation
Thought Leader, South Africa –
Predictably, human rights, labour and environmental issues are some of the concerns at the heart of the Chinese dilemma. The emerging Chinese economic …

Activists Re-Assess Their “China Strategy”
UN Dispatch –
Since then, though, many human rights activists have been dismayed by China’s alliances with Zimbabwe, Burma, and Sudan–and have complained that China uses …

Cooking With the Enemy
New York Times, United States –

She thinks India, Pakistan and Israel are pretty slippery, as are Cuba, Burma (which she refuses to call Myanmar) and China. Each country gets a chapter, …

Luxury cruises on the Rajang
New Straits Times, Malaysia –
… reviving the name of the Irrawaddy Flotilla Company of old Burma which in the 1920s, ran a fleet of more than 650 vessels on the rivers of Myanmar. …

Burmese ruby ban takes effect
National Jeweler Network, NY –

Gems from Myanmar (formerly known as Burma) that entered the country prior to the ban can still be bought and sold in the United States, at least as long as …

Neither engagement nor sanctions
OpEdNews, PA –
by Zaw Nay Aung Page 1 of 1 page(s) The Burmese Foreign Minister Nyan Win demanded the West to revoke the sanctions placed on Burma at the UN General …

Chandigarh Tribune, India –
35 Burma nationals nabbed: Border Security Force personnel nabbed 35 Burma (Myanmar) nationals while they were trying to sneak into the Pakistan territory …

Slow recovery for Burma’s cyclone victims
Christian Science Monitor, MA –

… Burma – The locals say things will never be the same in Mya Sein Ken, deep in the heart of the cyclone-savaged delta in southern Burma (Myanmar). …

Security Council Extends UNMIL’s Presence
The News Newspaper Online, Liberia –

The Security Council Monday extended the mandate of the United Nations Mission in Liberia (UNMIL) through September 2009, and authorized Secretary-General …

World focus on Burma (25 August 2008)

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‘Emergency relief’ for food crisis in Burma’s Chin state, India –
In a meeting on Monday, the six Organizations – WFP, FAO, Groupe d’échange et de Recherche Technologiques (GRET), Care, Karuna Myanmar Social Services …

Lurid trade, Philippines –
Even the Burmese junta went through the exercise of approving in 2005 an anti-persons trafficking law. And in 2007, the Malaysian House of Representatives …

Will it be A Paper Tiger?
Asian Tribune, Thailand –
Following Burma’s cyclone the regime was incapable of providing relief to millions of affected citizens and it refused to let in international aid and aid …

Suu Kyi Refusal to Meet Envoy Sends a Strong Message, Say Observers
The Irrawaddy News Magazine, Thailand –
Meanwhile, Burma’s ruling military regime moved quickly to exploit the situation. State-run television showed Gambari’s aides and Burmese officials standing …

Suu Kyi Refuses to Accept Food: Exiled NLD
The Irrawaddy News Magazine, Thailand –
In 2003, soon after Suu Kyi’s motorcade was attacked by junta-backed thugs in Upper Burma, the US State Department said that she had started a hunger …

Burmese Protests Not Allowed in Singapore
The Irrawaddy News Magazine, Thailand –
The activists were part of a larger group of people who demonstrated against the Burmese junta in November 2007 during the Asean Summit meeting in Singapore …

Snakebite Death Highlights Medicine Shortages
The Irrawaddy News Magazine, Thailand –
Snakebite antidote is produced by Burma’s Myanmar Paramedical Factory, which issues more than 40000 bottles annually. Burma’s Minister of Health, …

MorungExpress, India –
-A ‘Look East’ outlook- Myanmar military Junta is like that of thorny porcupine. Should the python India try to swallow it, it can harm GOI’s digestive …

UN Envoy to Burma Criticized for Progress on Reforms

Ibrahim Gambari (2007 File)

Voice of America –
By Ron Corben The UN special envoy on Burma faces criticism over his failure to press the government toward reform during his latest visit. …

Aung San Suu Kyi refuses food: Party sources, India –
New Delhi – Burma’s detained Opposition leader and democracy icon Daw Aung San Suu Kyi has reportedly been refusing food supplies since last week, …

Authorities extort money from cyclone victims
Democratic Voice of Burma, Norway –
Aug 25, 2008 (DVB)–Villagers in Irrawaddy division have complained that local authorities have continued to extort money from cyclone victims under various …

Sharing Canada’s Good Fortune Responsibly
Tumbler Ridge News,  Canada –
The following are some recent examples of Canada’s aid to nations and peoples in need: $11.5-million to the Burma Cyclone Relief Fund and $30-million to the …

David Miliband has to go
Guardian Unlimited, UK –
In the wake of the devastating cyclone that hit Burma in May Miliband hinted that he was considering using the British military to deliver aid by force – a …

Morton Abramowitz, Thomas R. Pickering, Foreign Affairs, 8/25/2008
Century Foundation, NY –
In May, Cyclone Nargis struck southern Myanmar (also known as Burma), killing over 80000 people and leaving millions homeless and in dire conditions. …

Thai PM suggests UN talks with Myanmar on democracy, constitution …
Thai News Agency MCOT, Thailand –
If this issue was left out of discussions, the UN could talk a lot with Myanmar, Mr. Samak said. Mrs. Suu Kyi’s National League for Democracy won a …

The Cutting Edge, DC –
Instead he spent time talking with groups such as the Union of Myanmar Federation of Chambers of Commerce and Industry (UMFCCI), the major funder of the …

Burmese immigrant invests in his neighbors
Trading Markets (press release), CA –
Cyclone Nargis hit Burma, also known as Myanmar, in May _ killing up to 130000. Employing a well-respected, well-educated member of an immigrant community …

BURMA: No Photo Op for Gambari

Inter Press Service News Agency By Marwaan Macan-Markar
BANGKOK, Aug 25 (IPS) – A United Nations-led effort to push political reform in military-ruled Burma plunged to a humiliating low on the weekend, raising questions about the effectiveness of the world body’s special envoy to the country, Ibrahim Gambari.

Ghosts amid the wreckage in Myanmar

International Herald Tribune – Asia-Pacific By Seth Mydans

Nearly four months after the cyclone, the Irrawaddy delta in Myanmar is a flat, dark expanse of ruin populated by dazed survivors, unburied bodies and visions of wandering, moaning ghosts.

Different walks of life in Myanmar appraise successful holding of Beijing Olympic Games

Xinhua Online –YANGON, Aug. 25 (Xinhua) — Different walks of life in Myanmar Monday appraised China’s successful hosting of the 29th Beijing Olympic Games with China….

Thai PM Says West Uses Myanmar’s Suu Kyi As Political Tool

Nasdaq – Global Markets BANGKOK (AFP)–Thailand’s prime minister on Monday criticized Western nations for pinning their efforts to bring democracy to Myanmar on the release of detained opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi….

Chinese defense minister meets Myanmar chief of defense industries

Xinhua Online – BEIJING, Aug. 25 (Xinhua) — Chinese Defense Minister Liang Guanglie on Monday met with Tin Aye, chief of Defense Industries of Myanmar

All that glitters isn’t gold, India –
When the United Nations Security Council held an informal briefing on the situation in Burma for the first time, in December 2006, delegates again urged …

Bond actor to donate boats to Burma
Ninemsn, Australia –
‘His representative came to Myanmar (Burma) and said he will pay for 25 fishing boats, and our committee brought the representative to that village,” a …

Burma Allows Unlimited Fuel Purchase With Foreign Exchange …
RedOrbit, TX –
Rangoon – Burma’s junta authorized the unlimited purchase of diesel and gasoline with Foreign Exchange Certificates (FECs) at state-owned gas stations on …

Thailand tells the UN to broaden focus in Burma

Radio Australia, Australia –
[Reuters] Thailand’s prime minister Samak Sundaravej has told the western countries not to pin their efforts to bring democracy to Burma on the release of …

Thai News Agency MCOT, Thailand –
Mr. Gambari, who concluded his six-day visit to Myanmar last week, thanked Mr. Samak for his help in negotiating with senior Myanmar officials who later …

PM: Meeting with Tea Banh to ease border tension
Bangkok Post, Thailand –
Following the discussion on Burma with UN special envoy Ibrahim Gambari, the premier said Mr Gambari plans to propose the idea of having a third party to …

Shan Herald Agency for News, Thailand –
These were done to the people while they were still suffering deeply from the devastating effect of the killer cyclone, and while the international …

Aye Hsay Thar Tun
Ithaca Journal, NY –
… in Burma, the country in which she is from. There, the organization is working to make a better life for those left homeless by the recent cyclone. …

Burma’s opposition politician attacked by unknown perpetrator, India –
In March, a Human Rights activist, Myint Aye (57) sustained head injuries from a similar beating by unknown people. Myint Hlaing, chairman of the Hlaing …

Human rights violations
Muncie Star Press, IN –
The first was a promise of improved human rights. Just before the games began, China incarcerated individuals who jeopardized the impression of calm accord …

The Best of Olympic Spirit Transferred and the Worst Purified for …
Emediawire (press release), WA –
Most recently, PFC has been providing direct humanitarian relief to the victims of Cyclone Nagris in Burma. PFC recently raised support for and money to …

Media Power and People Power, Philippines –
Aung San, the leader of the independence movement in Burma and father of the currently jailed leader and Nobel laureate Aung San Suu Kyi, was the editor of …

Global vision – Cardiff eye man speaks out
WalesOnline, United Kingdom –
In sub-Saharan Africa, in the poor countries of the Far East, parts of India or Bangladesh, in Myanmar [Burma] and in countless other places you can only …

After the Games, China stays on world’s stage
Indianapolis Star, United States –
Meanwhile, the human-rights situation in China remains troublesome — undemocratic governance, discrimination toward ethnic minorities, with limits on …

Burma: 2092 Political Prisioners In Prison (press release), New Zealand –
In the last year there have been around 900 arrests of activists, some for things like helping the relief operation following Cyclone Nargis. …

Insurers consider storm surge threat
Bangkok Post, Thailand –
… a storm surge in the Gulf of Thailand could cause greater damage than the one triggered by Cyclone Nargis on the central plain of Burma in early May. …

NGOs hold satiric closing ceremony for Olympics
China Post, Taiwan –
As the Beijing Olympics officially closed, groups such as Friends of Tibet, Taiwan Free Burma Network, Taiwan Association for Human Rights, Taiwan Labor …

Have you met our new friends?
The Times, South Africa –
Instead, let us now be proud of the democratic states of China and Russia, who stood by us like good friends at the UN when we refused to impose sanctions …

Gambari Burma Mission Not Accomplished, UNSC should intervene more …
Asian Tribune, Thailand –
This was Gambari’s fourth trip to Burma since the deadly crackdown on anti-government demonstrators led by Buddhist-monks last September. …

McDonald’s, Ma and Hu awarded ‘Olympic’ golds
Taipei Times, Taiwan –
“Abuses not only increased, but China has also exported abuses by supporting authoritarian regimes in Myanmar, Sudan and Zimbabwe,” Yang said. …

China won the gold for human rights abuses, WA –
The medals go to appalling attacks on human freedom and dignity. Start, though, with a special honor for pre-game enabling. The champion in this event was …

Myanmar opposition criticizes UN envoy
International Herald Tribune, France –
Myanmar, also known as Burma, has been in a political deadlock since 1990, when Aung San Suu Kyi’s party overwhelmingly won general elections but was not …

Gambari ‘wasting his time’ in Burma
The Standard, Hong Kong –
UN special envoy Ibrahim Gambari was “wasting his time” in Burma because he did nothing to end the political stalemate there, the opposition party of Aung …

UN envoy fails to meet Suu Kyi Turkish Daily News (subscription), Turkey –

World focus on Burma (26-7-2008)

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Burmese Army soldiers slaughter livestock in famine hit areas

A vengeful Burmese junta has been using Burmese Army soldiers to kill domestic animals in Darling village in Matupi Township, southern Chin state in areas that have been badly hit by food crisis. The slaughtering is a sort of revenge because the residents of the area did not vote ‘Yes’ in the referendum to approve the draft constitution.


7thSpace Interactive (press release), NY –

Before concluding its consideration of its agenda item on human rights, the Council took note of the Report of the Committee on Economic, …

Torture Survivor Campaigns for Freedom in Burma

NewsBlaze, CA –

At the panel discussion, Aung Din said the Burmese regime is holding about 2000 political detainees, including Nobel Peace Prize laureate Aung San Suu Kyi. …

City of London’s link to Burmese junta revealed

Nation Multimedia, Thailand –
… the generals running the oppressed south-east Asian nation. The London insurance involvement, to be exposed this week in a report by Burma Campaign UK, …

Burma: Calling Reporters and Bloggers to boycott Beijing and to …

OpEdNews, PA –

While I was studying in the Buddhist and Pali University of Sri Lanka in September 2007, there was a Saffron Revolution in Burma. The military regime …

Sports: Iraq flagged for “interference”

World Magazine, NC –

… has chosen to crack down on the democratically elected government that replaced the Hussein regime—while welcoming to Beijing Zimbabwe, Burma, Cuba, …


Guide and Gazette, UK –

For the oppressed people of Burma this date is particularly significant. It is the 20th anniversary of the massacre ending the last democratic uprising. …

Weekly Business Roundup (July 26, 2008)

The Irrawaddy News Magazine, Thailand –

At least 20 percent of the hundreds of millions of dollars for aid already channeled into Burma has been “lost,” reports Inner City Press, a New York-based …

UN Security Council Action Needed on Burma

The Irrawaddy News Magazine, Thailand –

… Burmese regime when UN mediator Ibrahim Gambari visits the country mid-August. Ban also convened a meeting of the so-called “Group of Friends” on Burma …

China Invented Everything

New America Media, CA –

And the Emperor grudgingly let the British Ambassador celebrate his birthday in Burma, and give him presents. They gave him clocks. …, Qatar –

Myanmar, formerly known as Burma, requires foreign aid money to be converted first into foreign exchange certificates at a fixed price and then into the …

Not quite the end of history

National Post, Canada –

There’s no democracy in China, which imprisons its citizens at will, supports dictatorships in Burma and elsewhere and nevertheless demands respect for its …

UN: Myanmar taking cut of cyclone aid

United Press International –

Sean Turnell, an economist at Macquarie University in Sydney, said much of the aid is being delivered to Myanmar, formerly Burma, in the form of goods, …

AFC Challenge Cup ’08 Team Profile: Myanmar, Switzerland –

Amoy Ghoshal looks at the sole representative of ASEAN – Myanmar. Myanmar formerly played under the name of “Burma” and was very successful in the 1960s. …

Burma aid cash lost to regime, says UN

Financial Times, UK –

By Harvey Morris at the United Nations International aid money sent to Burma’s cyclone victims is being lost as a result of the junta’s foreign exchange …

The IOC dictatorship: let the Olympic muzzling begin

Georgia Straight, Canada –

I’d say it’s hardly the IOC’s business whether or not athletes express solidarity with oppressed peoples in places such as Tibet, Darfur and Burma… or …

DVD REVIEWS; Action Movies Fail to Deliver

RedOrbit, TX –

The story – Rambo to the rescue, along with some mercenaries, of a bunch of Christian missionaries in brutal and bloody Myanmar (Burma) – is just a device …

Charity May Begin at Home, But It’s Moving Online

Huffington Post, NY –

Online giving has had a particularly significant impact in responding to massive crises like Katrina, the Asian tsunami, the flooding in Burma and the …

Border row exposes Asean’s Achilles heel

Bangkok Post, Thailand –

Fresh from its successful work in spearheading an international humanitarian mission into cyclone-devastated Burma, the 10-country Asean abdicated from …

Farrow calls for Olympics protest

The Keene Sentinel (subscription), NH –

Myanmar was formerly known as Burma. Farrow also lamented President Bush’s decision to attend the opening ceremonies, saying it was “a missed opportunity …

Scoop World Coverage: Sec. Condoleezza Rice In NZ (press release), New Zealand –

And so you can count on US support for your efforts to integrate the ASEAN community. We want to continue to be a good partner and support ASEAN.” – Sec. …

Fixing Failed States: A Framework for Rebuilding a Fractured World …

Times Online, UK –

In the 1950s, the Philippines and Burma were perceived as frontrunners for economic success, while Taiwan and South Korea were basket cases. …

Robert Fulford on Robert Kagan: Not quite the end of history

National Post, Canada –

There’s no democracy in China, which imprisons its citizens at will, supports dictatorships in Burma and elsewhere and nevertheless demands respect for its …

Voice of America –

ASEAN, together with the United Nations and Burma, formed the Tripartite Core Group after the international community pressured the Burmese government to …

Burmese blogger face the trial, India –

The court had begun hearing on one of the three charges against Nay Phone Latt, who is currently detained in Burma’s notorious Insein prison in Rangoon. …

Junta sentences 10 student activists to labour camps, India –

Tate Naing said, Burma’s military junta might have arrested the young Muslim students out of fear that their involvement in the protests during September …

Religious leaders vow to work for combating Aids/HIV

The Daily Star, Bangladesh –

But the prime concern of the government is that Bangladesh is surrounded by countries like India, Nepal, Burma and Bhutan where the disease is spreading …

UN Says as Much as 25 Percent of Burma Cyclone Aid Lost Due to …

FOXNews –

BANGKOK, Thailand — As much as 25 percent of cyclone relief aid in Burma (also known as Myanmar) is being lost because of the military government’s foreign …

Food top priority for Burma’s cyclone victims, India –

“The situation remains dire in Myanmar [Burma] ,” said Chris Kaye, WFP’s Country Director for Burma on Friday. “The vast majority of families simply don’t …

People in the News

Annapolis Capital, MD –

Myanmar was formerly known as Burma. PHOENIX – DMX rapped for reporters outside a Phoenix courtroom yesterday after pleading not guilty to felony charges of …

International aid for Burma (Myanmar) faces funding crunch

Christian Science Monitor, MA –

By Simon Montlake | Correspondent of The Christian Science Monitor BANGKOK, THAILAND – International efforts to help millions of people in Burma (Myanmar) …

Obama Statement on the ASEAN Regional Forum Ministerial Meeting

7thSpace Interactive (press release), NY –

I remain particularly concerned about conditions in Burma. I commend ASEAN for its attempts to reach the suffering people in southern Burma, who continue to …

Sudan war crime charges expected at ICC

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I believe that ICC has stepped into the bleach while the United Nations Security Council is unable to protect peoples from rogue states of dictatorship like Sudan, Burma, Zimbabwe, etc. Let me post the latest compilation of such stories.


BBC News

President Omar al-Bashir gestures to pro-government demonstrators

Sudan says an indictment would harm any prospects of peace

The prosecutor of the International Criminal Court (ICC) is to unveil the latest charges from his investigation into war crimes in Darfur.

Luis Moreno-Ocampo is expected to seek an arrest warrant for Sudan’s President Omar al-Bashir, for alleged war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide.

It would be the first such indictment against a serving head of state.

The judges at the ICC will take at least six weeks to decide whether the prosecutor has a case.

Sudan’s government does not recognise the ICC. It has labelled Mr Moreno-Ocampo a criminal, and warned that any indictment could stall peace talks.

The BBC’s Laura Trevelyan, at the Hague in Holland, says that while some will welcome this move as a victory for justice, others fear it will undermine the peace process in Darfur and spark further violence in Sudan.

Alert raised

On Sunday thousands of people rallied in the Sudanese capital Khartoum, in support of President Bashir and denouncing the anticipated charges.

Sudanese pro-government protest in Khartoum, 13 July 2008

Thousands of pro-government protestors took to the streets

The demonstrators gathered outside an office where Mr Bashir was chairing an emergency meeting.

Thousands of UN and AU peacekeepers are deployed in Darfur and a spokeswoman for the force has said the security alert for its staff has been raised.

The joint United Nations-African Union Mission in Darfur (Unamid), which has 9,000 troops in Darfur, has been struggling to contain the violence there.

It has raised the security alert for its staff to “level four”, which stops short of evacuating all staff, but relocates foreign workers who are not directly involved in relief or security operations.

UN officials fear that anti-government groups in the south and the west will be emboldened if they perceive President Bashir as weakened.

The Janjaweed Arab militia has been accused of ethnic cleansing and genocide against black African civilians, after rebel groups took up arms in Darfur in 2003.

The UN estimates that some 300,000 people have died as a result of of the conflict. More than two million people have fled their villages.

The Khartoum authorities have been accused of supporting the campaign and protecting those responsible for atrocities. The government denies this.

The ICC was set up in 2002 as the world’s first permanent war crimes court.


Sudan President to Face Darfur Charges
Wall Street Journal –
By CHARLES FORELLE BRUSSELS — The chief prosecutor of the International Criminal Court is expected Monday to charge Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir with crimes against humanity for allegedly directing the campaign of rape and murder that has plagued

Darfur doctor: ‘I was raped and taunted as a black dog’ Times Online
Sudan Asks for Arab League Meeting on ICC Indictments Voice of America
Voice of AmericaVoice of AmericaVoice of AmericaAFP
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The U.N. and Comrade Bob

July 14, 2008;

As with Darfur and Burma, the depredations of Zimbabwe dictator Robert Mugabe have become a target of the world’s moral outrage. Also like those two countries, the chances of anyone doing something about Zimbabwe are falling into the diplomatic abyss that is the United Nations.

The Bush Administration has been prodding the Security Council to impose an arms embargo and pass financial and travel sanctions that would pressure the Mugabe regime to sponsor honest elections and stop killing democratic opponents. The U.S. persuaded Burkina Faso, currently an African representative on the Council, to sign on.

[Robert Mugabe]

But at the moment of truth on Friday, Russia and China vetoed the sanctions on grounds that they amounted to interference in Zimbabwe’s internal affairs. Libya and Vietnam joined Russia and China, no doubt as fellow dictatorships that don’t want outside attention on their domestic practices. And in a display of bizarre solidarity with Mr. Mugabe, South Africa also voted against the sanctions. (South Africa has long ago forfeited whatever moral authority it had on world affairs from the Nelson Mandela era.)

As in Darfur and Burma, the pattern is the same: The world’s media report on a marauding regime terrorizing its neighbors or its own people. The world’s foreign policy elite express their dismay, with liberal internationalists and European nations urging President Bush to “show some leadership” and “do something” through the U.N. The Bush Administration does precisely that. Yet in the event, China and Russia veto and nothing happens.

In essence, the U.N. has become a dictator protection racket. Intervention by any country outside U.N. auspices is deemed to be illegitimate, as with the “coalition of the willing” in Iraq. But when a security problem is brought before the Security Council, that committee of the unwilling inevitably fails to act. The exceptions are when Russia, China or Europe wants to use the U.N. as a tool to limit unilateral action by Israel or the U.S.

Barack Obama has been campaigning on the virtues of the U.N. and its collective diplomacy, but we haven’t seen any comment from his campaign on this latest U.N. failure. Not that it would matter much if he did say anything. Mr. Mugabe knows that the only action with any chance of challenging his rule in Harare would be a U.S.-led intervention, and Mr. Obama has said he really dislikes that sort of thing.

So the people of Zimbabwe are left to the brutal mercy of Comrade Bob. British Foreign Secretary David Miliband called Russia’s veto “incomprehensible” — which only shows that he hasn’t been paying attention. At the U.N., it’s business as usual.

Written by Lwin Aung Soe

July 14, 2008 at 5:52 am

Russia, China veto UN sanctions on Zimbabwe regime

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Russia, China veto UN sanctions on Zimbabwe regime

AFP Photo: Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe addresses his supporters at Harare airport on July 4, 2008, after…

By JOHN HEILPRIN, Associated Press Writer

UNITED NATIONS – Russia and China vetoed U.S.-proposed sanctions on Zimbabwe’s leaders Friday, the global community’s latest attempt to take action against an authoritarian regime widely criticized for a violent and one-sided presidential election.

Western powers mustered nine votes, the minimum needed to gain approval in the 15-nation council. But the resolution pushed by the Bush administration failed because of the action by two of the five veto-wielding permanent members.

The other three nations with veto power — the U.S., Britain and France — argued that sanctions were needed to respond to the government-backed violence and intimidation against opponents of President Robert Mugabe during Zimbabwe‘s first round presidential vote in March and runoff in late June.

Mugabe’s government has denied responsibility for the bloodshed surrounding the vote, which he won in the runoff after his sole rival — opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai — dropped out because of attacks on his followers. Tsvangirai’s party reported Friday that at least 113 of its members were killed in political violence since March.

U.S. Ambassador Zalmay Khalilzad harshly criticized the vetoes, saying “China and Russia have stood with Mugabe against the people of Zimbabwe.”

The action put an end for now to efforts to apply more international pressure on Mugabe’s regime and force it to share power with Tsvangirai.

It follows a recent summit where African Union leaders adopted a resolution calling for dialogue in Zimbabwe, but did not directly criticize Mugabe or the runoff vote. The AU leaders said they were “deeply concerned” about the situation but their only promised action was be to support “the will” for a unity government.

The proposal would have imposed an arms embargo on the southern African nation and an international travel ban and a freeze on the personal assets of Mugabe and 13 other officials. It also called for a U.N. special envoy for Zimbabwe to be appointed.

But Russian U.N. Ambassador Vitaly Churkin said sanctions would have taken the U.N. beyond its mandate in trying to punish political disputes by “artificially elevating them to the level of a threat” to international peace and security.

Chinese Ambassador Wang Guangya, whose nation is one of Zimbabwe’s major trading partners, expressed similar sentiments, saying Zimbabwe should be allowed to resolve the political crisis on its own.

“The development of the situation in Zimbabwe until now has not exceeded the context of domestic affairs,” Wang said, adding that sanctions would “interfere with the negotiation process.”

Mugabe and Tsvangirai both say they are willing to share power, if only during a transition to new elections, but differ on who should lead the government. The long-ruling ZANU-PF party wants Mugabe at the head, something the opposition and Mugabe’s critics in the West have rejected.

Mugabe, in power since the country gained independence from Britain in 1980, has been accused of holding onto power through fraud and intimidation and trampling on people’s rights. Western powers and rights groups also accuse him of overseeing an economic slide blamed on the collapse of the key agriculture sector, after often violence seizures of farmland from whites. Mugabe has claimed his actions are aimed at benefitting poor blacks.

In addition to dodging sanctions, Mugabe “will be coming” to the U.N. General Assembly in September, said Zimbabwean U.N. Ambassador Boniface Chidyausiku.

Supporters of the resolution had expected Russia and China to abstain because of the depth of the crisis in Zimbabwe.

“They read the situation wrong,” Chidyausiku said. “It’s the arrogance of the Americans. They think they can rule the world. They can’t.”

Khalilzad said the vote called into question Russia’s reliability as a Group of Eight partner because he said it had indicated earlier that it would abstain.

“The U-turn in the Russian position is particularly surprising and disturbing. Only a few days ago the Russian Federation was supportive of a G8 statement which said, and I quote, ‘We express grave concern about the situation in Zimbabwe,” he said.

In London, British Foreign Secretary David Miliband said the vetoed measure “will appear incomprehensible to the people of Zimbabwe.”

South Africa, a Zimbabwe neighbor that holds one of the council’s non-permanent seats, led the opposition to the sanctions, arguing that Zimbabwe is not a threat to international peace.

Voting for the resolution were Belgium, Britain, Burkina Faso, Costa Rica, Croatia, France, Italy, Panama and the United States. Voting against were China, Libya, Russia, South Africa and Vietnam. Indonesia abstained.

Washington is considering tougher unilateral sanctions by expanding the list of about 130 officials now banned from visiting the U.S. and hit with financial penalties.

The European Union and Australia have imposed their own limited sanctions on Zimbabwe’s government, and the EU likewise is studying whether to add to travel bans and an asset freeze already in place on Mugabe, his Cabinet ministers and top ruling party officials.

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BBC News

Russia, China veto UN sanctions on Zimbabwe

UNITED NATIONS (AFP) – China and Russia vetoed targeted UN sanctions on Zimbabwe’s President Robert Mugabe over his disputed re-election, prompting an angry reaction from the United States which cast doubt on Moscow’s reliability as a G8 partner.

Zimbabwe: Russia, China Veto UN Sanctions on Mugabe

Russia, China veto UN sanctions on Zimbabwe regime The Associated Press

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BBC News

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World Focus on Burma (20 Mar 08)

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