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News about US navy aid ships in Burma sea

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US Navy Ships to Leave Myanmar Without Delivering Aid

NewsHour –

US Navy Ships Carrying Aid Leaves Myanmar


US: ‘No more time to waste’ to help Myanmar victims


International Agencies Regret US Decision to Abort Burma Mercy Mission
Voice of America –

Burma, US ships forced to go back

Avionews, Italy –

US Navy leaves Myanmar without delivering aid

Australian News, Australia –

UN: Burma Cyclone Victims May Need Food Aid for a Year US Military

Washington Post, United States –

UN may get choppers to Burma, US Navy pulls out

Bangkok Post, Thailand –

US Navy Ships Carrying Aid Leaves Myanmar


US ships to leave cyclone-hit Myanmar after junta snub


Burma Cyclone: US Nay Ships to Leave Myanmar Coast

Enews 2.0, UK –

Myanmar cyclone: Burma’s junta turns away US aid ships, United Kingdom –

US says Navy ships will leave Myanmar area after failing to get OK (Pressemitteilung), Austria –

Unable to help Myanmar relief efforts, US Navy vessels sailing away

International Herald Tribune, France –

US ships carrying aid to leave Burma, UK

US aid ships forced to quit Burma

Channel 4 News, UK –

US Navy ships to leave Burma

Scotsman, United Kingdom –

Rejected by junta, US aid ships sail from Burma

Times Online, UK –

Burma junta turns back aid ships

Radio Australia, Australia –

Myanmar: Stubborn junta forces relief ships to leave

Merinews, India –

US Navy vessels to leave Myanmar coast

The Associated Press –

US navy ships to leave Burmese coast, Canada –

US to Withdraw Naval Vessels from Burma After Aid Refused

Voice of America –

Navy Ships, Aid Depart From Myanmar Waters, GA –

US Navy ships leave Burma, still carrying aid

ABC Online, Australia –

Burma cyclone: Regime turns back US aid ships, UK –

US aid ships to leave Burma

BBC News, UK –

US Navy Ships Prepare to Withdraw After Burma Aid Offers Spurned, VA –

Navy ships with cyclone relief leaving waters off Myanmar


Snubbed US ships to abort Myanmar mission

CNN International –

US aid ships to leave coast of Burma, India –

US Aborts Myanmar Aid Mission

RTT News, NY –

Written by Lwin Aung Soe

June 4, 2008 at 7:41 pm