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World focus on Burma (20 January 2009)

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Ask yourself: What can I do?
San Antonio Express, TX –

We could have been the Burmese dissident languishing in jail; the child soldier forced to take up arms in Uganda or Sri Lanka; the man dying of AIDS in …

Up Torres Strait without a paddle
Sydney Morning Herald, Australia –
Mr Oo said their 10-metre wooden fishing boat had broken up and sank on December 23, when their 18 crewmates from Burma and Thailand apparently drowned. …

‘We were in icebox 25 days’
The Age, Australia –

Haung Htaik, 24, also from Burma, appeared to be too weak to talk yesterday. Their 18 other crewmates, from Burma and Thailand, apparently drowned when the …

Third Dala township NLD member arrested
Democratic Voice of Burma, Norway –
Jan 20, 2009 (DVB)–Dala township National League for Democracy member Min Thike Htoo was arrested by local authorities on 14 January, according to NLD …

Mixed Reactions to Obama in Southeast Asia
The Irrawaddy News Magazine, Thailand –

… with the support of regional powers as a measure to put pressure on the Burmese junta to release political prisoners and restore democracy in the country.

Memories Keep Hope Alive in Insein Prison
The Irrawaddy News Magazine, Thailand –

The regime’s callous decision to send convicted activists to prisons scattered throughout Burma has placed an additional burden on the AAPP, according to Bo …

Opposition Leaders Expect Obama to Stick to Burma Policy
The Irrawaddy News Magazine, Thailand –
… to see the new US administration continue to pressure the Burmese junta to release all political prisoners, including democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi, …

European Commission provides 40.5 million euros in aid to Myanmar
Monsters and –
Humanitarian aid increased substantially last year in the aftermath of the Cyclone Nargis disaster that hit Myanmar’s Irrawaddy delta.

A Message to President Obama
The Irrawaddy News Magazine, Thailand –
I expect they will continue to place significant pressure on the regime for the release of all political prisoners, including Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, …

23 with a total of 20 crew from Thailand and Myanmar, also known as Burma. Jiggins said the men found refuge inside a large insulated box that held ice on …

Looking back, looking ahead: Press Freedom in Southeast Asia
Southeast Asian Press Alliance, Thailand –
Even without the chaos and violence attendant to electoral exercises in countries like Indonesia, the Philippines, Cambodia, Thailand, and Burma, …

Burma 101 for Obama; Three quarters rights in military …, India –
During the 2008 terrible Cyclone Nargis in Burma, the Burmese military leaders ignored international pleas to let in rescuers for over a month. …

King’s Anti-Imperialism and the Challenge for Obama
Joy Online, Ghana –
… along with Burma (Myanmar), what is now Malaysia, Australia, some part of China, and large swaths of Africa (Egypt, Sudan, Gambia, Rhodesia/ Zimbabwe, …

Tribute to Black’s civil rights legacy is due
San Antonio Express, TX –
Black’s fellow honorees this year are Nobel Peace Prize laureate Aung Sang Suu Kyi — who, under house arrest in Burma, was also unable to attend —Sen. …

‘So far, so bad,’ But Nothing is Permanent
The Irrawaddy News Magazine, Thailand –
… one fundamental resolution to work for: The release of more than 2000 political prisoners, including detained pro-democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi. …

Australia says 2 fishermen rescued; report 18 lost
International Herald Tribune, France –
23 with a total of 20 crew from Thailand and Myanmar, which is also known as Burma. Jiggins said the men found refuge atop an insulated box that held ice on …

Two Burmese survive month at sea in an ice box
Reuters UK, UK –
By Rob Taylor CANBERRA (Reuters) – Two Myanmar fishermen have survived for almost a month in shark-infested waters by floating in a large ice box after …

Pres. Bush Uses Authority to Alter Burmese JADE Act, NY – 1 hour ago
President George W. Bush waived some provisions in the Tom Lantos Block Burmese JADE Act against Myanmar on January 15, less than one week before leaving …

Asia’s Economic Freedom Needs to Improve
PitchEngine (press release), WY –
Meanwhile, Bhutan, Pakistan, the Philippines, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, India, Indonesia, China, Nepal, Vietnam, Laos, Bangladesh and Burma were ranked amongst …

Burmese fishermen drift for 25 days in icebox, United Kingdom –
The two Burmese men were saved after drifting hundreds of miles in the red box when crew members patrolling in a Coastwatch aeroplane on Saturday saw them …

Detained Chinese Christian Activist In Life Danger
BosNewsLife, Hungary –
At some point during his travels Peng was lured into neighboring Burma, also known as Myanmar, where he was kidnapped at gunpoint by eight Chinese special …

Sundance Dispatch: Down the Rat Hole of Reality
New York Times, United States –
Up there, posters on the wall promoted the likes of “Boy Interrupted,” a documentary about death and mental illness, and “Burma VJ,” about a Burmese …

Men Rescued After Drifting at Sea for 25 Days in Icebox
FOXNews –
… they will confirm their identities within the next few days. The rest of the ship’s crew — 11 other Burmese men and seven Thai men — have not been found.

Zachary Michaelson Seeks to Raise Awareness of Burma
PRLog.Org (press release), Romania –
… has announced his intention to launch an awareness campaign to further expose the plight of religious and ethnic minority groups in Burma (Myanmar). …

Shipwreck victims spend 25 days drifting in an icebox
Gadling, CA –
by Scott Carmichael Jan 19th 2009 @ 12:30PM After losing their wooden fishing boat off the coast of Indonesia, these 2 Burmese men grabbed the only thing …

Clashes between SSA (South) and Burmese Army, India –
SSA(S) forces clashed with the junta’s IB 64 and LIB 513 between January 12 and 15 in Panglong, Hopone, Mongkeung townships in Taungyi District, Shan State. …

Suu Kyi honored with ‘Trumpet of Conscience’ award, India –
by Solomon New Delhi (Mizzima) – Burmese pro-democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi was on Sunday named winner of the ‘Trumpet of Conscience’ award for …

More checkpoints in Rangoon, India –
by Phanida Chiang Mai (Mizzima) – The Burmese military junta authorities have beefed up security in Rangoon by setting up many checkpoints at busy …

Written by Lwin Aung Soe

January 20, 2009 at 12:05 am

World focus on Burma (15 January 2009)

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WJA and GIA to host lecture for gemstones
Diamond World Magazine, India –
Also, the speaker will take the audience through some of his experiences at various gemstone hubs of the world, like Myanmar (Burma), East Africa, India, …

By Subir Bhaumik Thai soldiers are detaining illegal migrants from Bangladesh and Burma and forcing them back out to sea in boats without engines, …

East Timor’s dream: Zone of peace
Business Mirror, Philippines –
… include the dictatorial rule in Burma, the former trouble in Aceh in Indonesia, the Moro conflict in Mindanao, and the insurgency in Southern Thailand. …

Burma’s Human Rights conditions deepens in 2008: HRW, India –
Another point that the HRW noted was the extension of the detention period of Nobel Peace Laureate Daw Aung San Suu Kyi’s house arrest. …

Kerry praises Rice for UN ambassador
Boston Globe, United States –
Sometimes, working through the United Nations has proved frustrating when it comes to addressing humanitarian crises in places like Burma, Darfur, …

The sentencing of the young student is only the latest in Myanmar, headed by a military dictatorship that cuts off any form of dissent by imprisoning its …

Myanmar: Cyclone recovery “will take up to four years”
ReliefWeb (press release), Switzerland –
… citing the importance of the TCG – comprising the Association of Southeast Asian Nations, the government of Myanmar and UN – in facilitating access and …

Freedom House Report Shows Setbacks in Global Freedom
UNPO, Netherlands –
Burma was also rated amongst the “worst of the worst” for political and civil liberties, largely due to severe crackdowns on political activists in the …

Thailand Urged to Stop Pushing Refugees Out to Sea
The Irrawaddy News Magazine, Thailand –

By LAWI WENG A refugee rights organization has called on the Thai government to stop stranding Rohingya boat people from western Burma’s Arakan State at sea …

Murders in Nepal, Sri Lanka Underscore Dangers for Journalists in Asia
findingDulcinea, New York –
In nearby Burma, where media and access to the Internet are severely restricted, the military government recently released a list of rules that editors must …

Six opposition party members freed, India –
by Phanida Chiang Mai (Mizzima) – Burma’s military junta on Wednesday released six members of the opposition party, who had been arrested and detained for …

Thailand persecutes Muslim minority
Spero News –
The issue of Rohingya refugees from Burma, arrested in Thailand and abandoned on the high seas after seeking refuge, will be an issue discussed at the ASEAN …

Non-military Pilots to be Trained in Rangoon
The Irrawaddy News Magazine, Thailand –
By MIN LWIN Military-ruled Burma is set to open a pilot ground training school at Hmawbi Air Force Base in Rangoon Division that—for the first time—will …

Ramos-Horta: Help, yes, but not mediate, Philippines –
Ramos-Horta said the continued conflict in various parts of the world — in Gaza, Somalia, Sudan, and Burma/Myanmar — is “an indictment of all of us. …

Burma Situation Affects Region: Thai PM
The Irrawaddy News Magazine, Thailand –
By WAI MOE Thailand’s Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva said on Wednesday that because the situation in Burma could affect other countries in the region, …

Change required in Burma: Thai PM, India –
He told reporters that whatever happened in Burma had an impact on the region as a whole, and that was the reason why Thailand would persuade the military …

Officials sacked after Than Shwe visit
Democratic Voice of Burma, Norway –
Jan 15, 2009 (DVB)–Provincial and township administration officials in Zalun township have been dismissed after junta leader senior general Than Shwe was …

Human Rights in Burma Deteriorating: Report
The Irrawaddy News Magazine, Thailand –
China, Russia, India and Thailand continue to provide diplomatic support for the Burmese junta and are major trade and investment partners, the report said. …

Burmese Schoolteacher and Family Repatriated
The Irrawaddy News Magazine, Thailand –
Ko Gyi has previously been interviewed by BBC Burmese Service and The Irrawaddy. Thai authorities also raided his home and school in Ranong and seized some …

Six NLD members released
Democratic Voice of Burma, Norway –
“I told them it was my own decision to get involved in politics as I used to be a soldier and I love Daw Aung San Suu Kyi who is the daughter of the …

Daw Suu’s lawyer frustrated by appeal delays
Democratic Voice of Burma, Norway –
Jan 15, 2009 (DVB)–Kyi Win, lawyer for detained democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi, has expressed his frustration with the authorities’ slow response to her …

Hope for India’s ‘broken’ Buddhists
Asia Times Online, Hong Kong –
“Buddhist communities here are still very poor,” explains Fulzele, “We can’t build huge monasteries like in Burma [Myanmar], Sri Lanka or Thailand, …

Activist sent to 104 years in jail by Myanmar junta
Merinews, India –
The activist, also known as Phyo Gyi, is a member of the All Burma Federation of Students Union (ABFSU) in Upper Myanmar and was picked up by the police on …

THAILAND: Addressing sexual violence in Mae La refugee camp, NY –
MAE LA, 15 January 2009 (IRIN) – Mae La camp, the largest of nine for Burmese refugees on the Thai border, resembles a small thatched city, now more than a …

Burma: India Uncut congratulates Ashin Mettacara
Ashin Mettacara, Sri Lanka –
India Uncut was also Nominated for best Asian blog and has been selected the finalist 2008 weblog awards. The blog was leading over Ashin Mettacara’s blog …

LARRY LITTLE: Bush Years: the Good, Bad and Ugly
Kitsap Sun,  United States –
3) Laura Bush as been truly a First “Lady,” and even Edith Wilson-like in her quietly handling point on crises such as Burma. 4) He has been a statesman in …

Burma sentences student to 104 years jail
Australia Network News, Australia –
Bo Min Yu Ko was sentenced at a Mandalay court for his political activities which included going to the Thai border to contact an exile group. …

Activist jailed 104 years
Straits Times, Singapore –
‘He was sentenced for his political activities as he went to the border (with Thailand) to contact an exile group,’ a Myanmar official told AFP on condition …

British minister calls for a new approach to EU-ASEAN trade pact
Monsters and –
… Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam by 24.2 per cent and the region’s exports to the EU by 18.5 per cent. …

UniNet aims to be R&D hub in Indochina
Nation Multimedia, Thailand –
We will then begin negotiation and cooperation with Burma and Cambodia to connect their education networks with UniNet,” Wichan said. “The Thai government …

Jose Ramos-Horta on my mind
Minda News, Philippines –
The same principle has been lately challenged in ASEAN with another monstrosity that is Burma. It was but natural then, nay, imperative to bring back “home” …

Thank you, Laura; please tell Michelle!
Washington Times, DC –
Among others, her advocacy on behalf of human-rights abuse victims in the Union of Burma has brought tremendous attention from the international community. …

Myanmar’s previous name was Burma. “The allegations include assertions that Burmese and other migrants — whether or not they have UNHCR documentation …

Asean a diplomatic ‘superpower’
AsiaOne, Singapore –
But the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (Asean) is a diplomatic superpower compared to the EU, argued an eminent political analyst, adding that Asean …

Questions Asians ask about America
Redwood Times, CA –
Editor’s note: In the next Letter from Asia, Stephens will take us deep into the heart of Burma, into an area up the Chindwan River where no foreigner has……

Bahrain among freest in region
Gulf Daily News, Bahrain –
“At a time when democracy’s antagonists are increasingly assertive and its supporters are in disarray, the new administration must focus on the need to …

Burmese Labor Activist Describes Kidnapping
Radio Free Asia, DC –
A Burmese labor activist in Malaysia describes how he was kidnapped and intimidated for speaking out against human trafficking. Burmese labor activist Ye …

Obama urged to act on human rights, Qatar –

… decision-making processes let countries such as Sudan and Myanmar, formerly known as Burma, carry out rights abuses behind claims of sovereignty. …

Legacy of 50 years, 1900-1950 AD
Modern Ghana, Ghana –
African youth, as soldiers, are marched to Burma, and die aplenty for the British Crown. America stays strongly opposed to joining the war that she sees as …

Key Questions for Susan E. Rice, Nominee for US Ambassador to the United Nations, DC –
[14] In Burma, UNDP was accused by local NGOs of allowing the regime to use its funds to further its political agenda and undermine the rights of its …

Group criticizes China’s human rights record
eTaiwan News, Taiwan –
In Myanmar, an “already dismal human rights record” got worse last year after a huge cyclone killed more than 84000 people. Human Rights Watch criticized …

Report: US needs to reclaim human rights agenda from ‘spoilers’
Earthtimes (press release), UK –
… Egypt for encouraging less scrutiny of the Darfur conflict, and India and China for staying silent on repression in Myanmar (Burma). …

My shock at rough treatment of refugees on Thai holiday beach
South China Morning Post (subscription), Hong Kong –
… Thai navy guards beat scores of Rohingya refugees, who hail from the border of Myanmar and Bangladesh, on a busy tourist beach in the Similan Islands. …

Repugnant refugee policy must be disowned
South China Morning Post (subscription), Hong Kong –
They bring to life a witness’ account of the rough reception that awaits Muslims from Myanmar who take to the sea in small boats in the hope of escaping …

Refugees in ordeal on Thai island
South China Morning Post (subscription), Hong Kong –
The Rohingya are a Muslim ethnic group who hail from an area along the Myanmar-Bangladesh border. Mr Jones, his girlfriend and parents were among a boatload …

Reason’s Howley Banned in Burma
Reason Online, CA –
… and critical writings on the nation’s tyrannous regime in our pages. (Howley lived in and worked as a journalist in Burma before joining Reason. …

China criticised over human rights
The Press Association –
In Burma, an “already dismal human rights record” got worse last year after a huge cyclone killed more than 84000 people. Human Rights Watch criticised the …

World focus on Burma (8 January 2009)

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Remarks by Henrietta Fore
USAID (press release), DC –
We were among the first to respond to victims of the Indian Ocean tsunami of 2004, the South Asian earthquake of 2005, the cyclones in Bangladesh and Burma …

HRW denies any influence at play in removal of Taiwan
Taipei Times, Taiwan –
… work on Taiwan because the abuses there aren’t nearly as acute as they are in many other Asian countries, such as Afghanistan, Burma [Myanmar] or China. …

Land seized and resold at a premium by headman in Karen State
Independent Mon News Agency, WA –
Kyat-tha are a Burmese measurement used to quantify prices in terms of gold, used by many villages in the area. According to a source in Thanle, …

Humanitarian crisis in Chin state likely to escalate in 2009: NGO, India –
Joseph Win Hlaing Oo, director of the Rangoon-based Country Agency for Rural Development in Myanmar (CAD), on Thursday said the humanitarian crisis in Chin …

India: Turmeric exports surge on higher demand
FreshPlaza, Netherlands –
Other major producers are China, Myanmar, Nigeria, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Burma and Indonesia. India is the major exporter of turmeric in …

India & Pakistan: An Uncertain Future
The close of the British Empire’s colonial era on the subcontinent of India began with the formation of the self-governing colony of Burma (today Myanmar) …

MaximsNews Network, NY –
UNITED NATIONS – / MaximsNews Network / 08 January 2009 — The European Union’s leverage to promote human rights values and its vision of a rules-based …

Did Than Shwe’s Grandson Kidnap Model?
The Irrawaddy News Magazine, Thailand –

Last year, a YouTube video clip of Sai Sai Khan Hlaing and Wut Hmone Shwe Yee was popular among Burma’s young internet users. Private journals and magazines …

FSA imposes largest fine ever to Aon for ’suspicious payments’
Finance Markets, UK –
The countries were Bahrain, Bangladesh, Bulgaria, Burma, Indonesia and Vietnam, and the payments were reported to the Serious Organised Crime Agency (SOCA). ..

Many condolences on the death of U Saw Mra Aung
Narinjara News, Bangladesh –
The organization honoured U Saw Mra Aung as a great leader for his contribution for democracy in Burma. An Arakanese group, All Arakan Students and Youth …

Commodity protestor beaten in Bago prison
Democratic Voice of Burma, Norway –
He was sentenced to 13 and a half years’ imprisonment in December 2008 and has now been sent to Pu-Tao prison on the northern edge of Burma in Kachin state. …

NGOs Question Thai Government Freeze on Migrant Registration
The Irrawaddy News Magazine, Thailand –
… drive an increasing number of Burmese to seek work in neighboring Thailand, and the flow of migrants was boosted still further by Cyclone Nargis. …

Global Crisis Hits Junta’s Pockets as Gas Prices Fall
The Irrawaddy News Magazine, Thailand –

Almost 50 percent of households in Burma were in debt before Cyclone Nargis devastated the country’s core rice and fishing industries. Despite Burma’s gas …

Running in the Wrong Direction
The Irrawaddy News Magazine, Thailand –
He is not like his cousin, Aung San Suu Kyi. “That’s why that other leading umbrella organization, the National Council of the Union of Burma, announced on …

Top Bush Aide Hopes Obama Will Push Burmese Cause
The Irrawaddy News Magazine, Thailand –
… including Aung San Suu Kyi. Although it was not able to achieve any of these objectives, the Bush administration was successful in putting Burma on the …

Detained student leader hospitalized in Insein prison, India –
Kyaw Aye, Kyaw Ko Ko’s father, one of the leaders of the All Burma Federation of Student Unions (ABFSU), who was arrested and detained for his involvement …

Diary: Emily Maitlis
New Statesman, UK –

… it tells how to make Chemical Ali dessert (mind the E numbers), an Iranian dish called tongue of the judge and a Burmese salad – junta-sponsored, …

The rhetoric of “humanitarian crisis”
ReliefWeb (press release), Switzerland –
The Burmese government rejects the idea that there is a chronic emergency in the country, and after Cyclone Nargis initially maintained that it could handle …

New party distributes manifesto among Arakanese for 2010 election
Narinjara News, Bangladesh –
It is the only way to democracy in Burma, the pamphlet says,” the elder said. The party seemed to be pro Burmese military junta because they can move in the …

Presuming a democratic Myanmar: Looking beyond election 2010
Jakarta Post, Indonesia –
… petition submitted to him by 112 former world leaders asking him to visit Burma (Myanmar) in the wake of widespread arrests in recent weeks and months. …

The world looks away as Burma mocks democracy
منظمة هيومان رايتس ووتش – حقوق الانسان –
It came as no surprise then when the ruling military regime in Burma recently sentenced the country’s best known comedian, named Zarganar, to 59 years in …

Remarks by National Security Advisor Stephen Hadley at the Center … (press release), DC –
And finally, I hope the new administration will continue pushing the cause of human rights and freedom in Burma. In the Western Hemisphere, President Bush …

ROBERTS: Score one for the first lady
Galesburg Register-Mail, IL –
… had spent many months relentlessly calling for the overthrow of the repressive Burmese government — ever since she had read a book by Aung San Suu Kyi, …

Cutting out the tongues of the holy people
NCR Conversation Cafe, MO –
And what of this punishing of holy people whilst living in a world where thugs like Than Shwe (dictator and destroyer of Burma and the Burmese tribal …

Obama Administration Should Pursue New Approach to Promote …
NewsBlaze, CA –
The United States should reinvigorate efforts to advance human rights and democracy in Cuba, Freedom House said today. One key element of a strengthened …

Rights group prods Obama to lift Cuba travel ban
The Associated Press –
Freedom House, founded in 1941, is an independent, non-governmental organization that supports expansion of democracy, in the world. …

Why doesn’t Bush get more credit?
Christian Science Monitor, MA –
… and action except from a few dictatorial rulers such as those of North Korea, Iran, China, Russia, Burma (Myanmar), Zimbabwe, and a few Arab states. …

193 Foreigners Rescued After Boat Becomes Stranded
Jakarta Globe, Indonesia –
Once the boat arrived at the base, it was found that the passengers were made up of 177 Burmese and 16 Bangladeshis, all of them adult males, except for two …

A forgotten tragedy
Livemint, India –
Tibetan or Burmese activists can only marvel at the Palestinian ability to draw crowds. Why does the Congo conflict not provoke the same moral reactions as …

National Security Adviser Stephen Hadley’s Farewell Speech
Wall Street Journal Blogs, NY –
And finally, I hope the new Administration will continue pushing the cause of human rights and freedom in Burma. In the Western Hemisphere, President Bush …

Rangoon’s Christians banned from worshiping, India –
“We need your prayers for Christian communities in Myanmar [Burma],” the youth added. While religious persecution and the prohibition of religious rites are …

News about end of aid mission from US navy for Burmese cyclone disaster

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US ships carrying aid to leave Burma, UK –

US warships carrying aid for the victims of Burma’s Cyclone Nargis have begun sailing away after the country’s ruling military refused their help …

US offers helicopters to Myanmar as navy ships leave


BANGKOK (AFP) — US helicopters and small boats are still ready to help deliver cyclone aid to Myanmar, a US official said Thursday, after the regime …

“Mercy Fleet” Surrenders to Than Shwe’s Iron Will

The Irrawaddy News Magazine, Thailand –

By WAI MOE The US has ordered its four Pacific fleet warships, packed with supplies for Burma’s cyclone survivors, to end their fruitless wait for …


UK Express, UK –

US Navy ships laden with relief supplies have steamed away from Burma’s coast, their helicopters barred by the ruling junta even though millions of cyclone …

Frustrated by junta, US ships leaving Myanmar

Newsday, NY –

AP YANGON, Myanmar – US Navy ships laden with relief supplies will steam away from Myanmar’s coast today, their helicopters barred by the ruling junta even …

Barred by junta, US military ends aid mission to Burma

San Francisco Chronicle, USA –

… but the ruling military junta in Burma, also known as Myanmar, rebuffed repeated offers to help with the disaster relief effort, despite the severity of …

US Navy forced to give up on Burma relief

Men’s News Daily, CA –

The United States Navy was forced to withdraw from their Cyclone Nargis relief efforts in Burma today, due to the continued refusal of the ruling State …

US Navy Ships Leave Myanmar’s Coast after Government Refuses Aid …

Informify, CO –

The US Navy offered ships and helicopters to the Myanmar government to help with cyclone disaster relief efforts. After trying for a month to gain access to …

US Navy Ships Return from Myanmar Coast, Still Full, NY –

Four United States Navy ships have been ordered to stop patrolling the waters off the coast of Myanmar. The boats had been intended for use in delivering …

US Naval Ships To Leave Burma After Junta Constantly Denies Them Entry, Canada –

After being blown off by Burma’s junta, four US naval ships loaded with supplies for the victims of Cyclone Nargis will withdraw from the coast. …

US Navy gives up on cyclone aid mission

Austin American-Statesman, TX –

… survivors of the May 2 cyclone, but the ruling military junta in Myanmar, also known as Burma, has refused to let any foreign military helicopters help. …

US Navy vessels leave Myanmar coast

The Associated Press – 2 hours ago

Myanmar is also known as Burma. The USS Essex and three other amphibious assault ships, which have been in international waters off Myanmar since May 13, …

US Forced To Abandon Burma Aid Mission

New York Sun, United States –

By AMY KAZMIN, The Washington Post BANGKOK, Thailand — Cyclone survivors in Burma’s devastated Irrawaddy Delta could require food aid for as long as a year, …

After waiting 3 weeks to help, US strike group will return to exercise

Stars and Stripes, DC –

… but have been unable to do so because of the unrelenting position of the Burma military junta,” Keating said. However, should the Myanmar government …

US Navy withdraws ships after Burma rebuffs aid

Independent, UK –

By Andrew Buncombe, Asia Correspondent The US military has ordered a flotilla of naval vessels packed with emergency aid for Burma to leave after the …

US aid ships asked to leave Myanmar

Gulf Daily News, Bahrain –

YANGON: The US military ordered navy ships loaded with relief aid off Myanmar’s coast to leave the area yesterday after the country’s junta refused to give …

US aid ships asked to leave Myanmar

Gulf Daily News, Bahrain –

YANGON: The US military ordered navy ships loaded with relief aid off Myanmar’s coast to leave the area yesterday after the country’s junta refused to give …

US Navy aborts aid mission to Myanmar

Chicago Tribune, United States –

The Essex and three other amphibious assault ships, which have been in international waters off Myanmar, formerly Burma, since May 13, will continue with …


Written by Lwin Aung Soe

June 5, 2008 at 10:00 am

Burma: Updated top news (4 June 2008)

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WFP may need rice imports for cyclone-hit Myanmar

Reuters UK –
By Darren Schuettler BANGKOK, June 4 (Reuters) – The World Food Programme might need to import rice for its aid programmes in cyclone-hit Myanmar where farmers in the Irrawaddy delta rice bowl are struggling to plant a new crop, a spokesman said on …
Cyclone-hard-hit townships resume paddy planting in Myanmar Xinhua
UN: Myanmar cyclone assistance reaching more people, but food aid … Economic Times
Monsters and Critics.comMerinewsReutersReuters
all 64 news articles »

Unable to help Myanmar relief efforts, US Navy vessels sailing away

International Herald Tribune –
AP YANGON, Myanmar: The US military ordered its navy ships away from the coast of Myanmar on Wednesday, after the country’s ruling junta refused to give them permission to help survivors of the cyclone that devastated the country more than a month ago.
US ships to leave cyclone-hit Myanmar after junta snub AFP
US to Withdraw Naval Vessels from Burma After Aid Refused Voice of America
ScotsmanABC News
all 540 news articles »

US ships to leave cyclone-hit Myanmar after junta snub

The amphibious ships USS Essex and USS Juneau as they steam in the Andaman Sea on May 23. Four US Navy ships which had been stationed off cyclone-hit Myanmar with relief supplies and aircraft will return to normal duties after the junta rejected their help, US officials said Wednesday.(AFP/US Navy/Michael D. Kennedy)

YANGON (AFP) – US warships laden with supplies for Myanmar’s cyclone victims will sail away after the junta refused their help, even as aid workers Wednesday pleaded for more help to reach about a million survivors.

Voice of America

Inside Burma’s relief efforts

Toronto Star –
… were there and that nobody has been helping people,” says Dr. James Kong, a Hong Kong-based surgeon and former head of Rangoon’s Pun Hlaing International Hospital, who has returned to help his native Burma, which the junta renamed Myanmar.
Snubbed US ships to abort Myanmar mission CNN International
VIDEO: Gates Slams Myanmar`s Response to Aid
Thanh Nien DailyReliefWeb (press release)Nation MultimediaSlate
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US ships to leave cyclone-hit Myanmar after junta snub

Cyclone Nargis left more than 133000 people dead or missing as it ploughed across the country formally known as Burma about a month ago, laying waste to vital farmlands and wiping villages off the map.
UN fears food shortage in Myanmar Times of India
US ships abort Myanmar mercy mission The Associated Press
Economic TimesMonsters and Critics.comMelbourne Herald SunAFP
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Voice of America

US to Withdraw Naval Vessels from Burma After Aid Refused

Voice of America –

By VOA News The US military says it will withdraw its warships from the waters off Burma after the ruling military government refused to allow the ships to deliver relief supplies to the victims of last month’s deadly cyclone.

US Navy ships to leave Burma Scotsman
US Navy ships leave Burma, still carrying aid ABC Online NewsRadio AustraliaReuters UK
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Myanmar Needs `Sustained’ Aid for Cyclone Survivors, UN Says

Bloomberg –
International agencies say Myanmar’s ruling junta is still delaying full access to the region by imposing travel controls for aid workers.

U.S. warships to leave Myanmar after aid refused

BANGKOK (Reuters) – U.S. warships will soon leave waters near Myanmar after the ruling military junta refused permission for the delivery of aid supplies to the cyclone-stricken Irrawaddy delta, a top U.S. commander said on Wednesday.

Four US ships to leave Myanmar coast after snub

BANGKOK (AFP) – Four US Navy ships which had been stationed off cyclone-hit Myanmar with relief supplies and aircraft will return to normal duties after the junta rejected their help, US officials said Wednesday.

Myanmar evicts cyclone victims from schools, so classes can resume

HLAING THAYAR, Myanmar (AFP) – The Myanmar authorities ordered schools around Yangon to open on Monday after a long holiday, despite the affects of Cyclone Nargis, which left 133,600 dead or missing, with 2.4 million people in need of food, shelter and medicine.

US ships abort Myanmar mercy mission


BANGKOK, Thailand – U.S. Navy ships are leaving Myanmar after failing to get the junta’s permission to unload aid to “ease the suffering of hundreds of thousands” of cyclone survivors, the top U.S. military commander in the Pacific said Tuesday.

Slideshow: Tens of thousands killed in Myanmar cyclone

Video: Cyclone exposes Myanmar generals’ isolation AFP

Full Coverage: Myanmar

US ships off Myanmar will leave the area

(AP) BANGKOK, Thailand – A top U.S. military commander says American navy ships off Myanmar’s coast will leave the area after failing to get the junta’s permission to help with cyclone relief efforts.

Written by Lwin Aung Soe

June 4, 2008 at 3:53 am

Cyclone survivors say life only gets harder

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Regime forces some to return to ruined homes, others to labor

Many survivors of the cyclone have built temporary shelters like this one in Pyapon town, in Myanmar’s delta. But some say the military is forcing them to return to flooded homes with no hope of rebuilding them.

updated 1:28 p.m. PT, Wed., May. 28, 2008

PYAPON, Myanmar – It’s not much, but the flimsy bamboo lean-to on the side of the road is all Aye Shwe has to keep his family dry. They lost their home to the cyclone and may soon be uprooted again — this time by soldiers ordering them to leave.

Three weeks after the storm, survivors say they are being victimized again, by a military regime that has forced some to return to flooded, collapsed homes and others to labor on reconstruction projects.

Even Myanmar volunteers making the difficult trip into the Irrawaddy delta to deliver food and supplies to survivors are being stopped and detained for hours, and the government has started impounding cars.

“Where my house used to be is still filled with water up to my waist,” said Aye Shwe, pointing to fields of rice paddies in the distance, under water as far as the eye could see. “How can I build a new house there?”

The 52-year-old rice farmer’s mother was killed in the cyclone that left more than 134,000 people dead or missing, and the water buffaloes that were a mainstay of his livelihood drowned in the fierce storm surges.

Still, until this week he had more than many: He managed to fashion a shelter from bamboo poles lashed together with palm fronds laid over one side as a crude roof. His wife and six children huddled together Monday on its raised bamboo floor, sheltering from the searing heat and the downpours that now come daily as monsoon season gets under way.

It’s location on the roadside outside the hard-hit delta town of Pyapon, a four-hour drive from Yangon, had given his family access to the Myanmar volunteers ferrying donated food, water and other aid from the country’s biggest city.

Then the soldiers came and ordered the family and the hundreds of others camped out on the roadside to leave.

Sea of despair
Myanmar’s reclusive government has opened up slightly to the world in the past week, allowing U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon to meet with some survivors living in tents in a refugee camp the military showed off as a model of its efficient handling of the relief effort.

But the U.N. says as many as 2.5 million people are homeless, facing hunger and potential outbreaks of disease, especially in the low-lying areas of the Irrawaddy delta close to the sea, and only a fraction of them have received any aid.

Hundreds lined the road outside Pyapon this week, squatting in the midday heat with only propped-up palm leaves or tree branches with pieces of cloth flung over them as shelter, hoping for handouts from the occasional passing car.

The government has ordered them not to beg, the refugees said, so only children rushed up to a stopped car with their hands out; the adults just waited, looking beseechingly. Military trucks passed by daily shouting orders over bull horns to leave the road and return home, these people said, though they have nowhere else to go.

“We live from hand to mouth. We have no buffaloes,” said Aye Shwe, adding that he hoped to get permission to remain with his family in their lean-to for the next three months until the monsoon rains end. Asked if he thought that was likely, he looked down and did not reply.

Survivors put to work
The military junta has declared the emergency relief phase of the disaster over and announced reconstruction has begun, ordering able-bodied cyclone survivors to work details, according to aid workers and delta residents.

In the nearby town of Bogalay, where 120 refugees were crammed into the Sankyaung monastery, filled with the sound of rattling coughs and wailing children, the abbot said some survivors had been ordered to construction sites by soldiers.

“Some of the survivors were sent to Ma-ubin last week to build roads now that reconstruction has started,” said the monk, Kawvida, adding he’d heard they were being paid a day wage of about 1,000 kyats — or $1. “They have told me that they are being exploited by some generals.”

He said survivors were given picks and ordered to break up large boulders into pieces of rock for road construction.

Hardships become harder with junta
Inside the temple, volunteers called out names as they distributed bundles of donated clothing to families sleeping on rattan mats under plastic sheets strung from the leaky roof. Behind them, a large Buddha statue was draped with a tarpaulin to protect it from the rain.

“We have received no help from the government,” said Kawvida. “The survivors have been relying on food and other things provided by private donors.”

But some volunteers, especially those affiliated with opposition political groups, have reported being harassed by police or having their vehicles impounded.

Daw Kyi Kyi said she was driving back to Yangon Sunday night after donating slippers, rice and other food to cyclone victims at a monastery in Dedaye, about 40 miles southwest of the city, when three policemen ordered her to drive to a military compound.

“We were told by authorities that we were detained because we created commotion along the route as we delivered relief goods to victims from cars,” the 65-year-old woman said.

She was freed the next morning, but only after authorities took her driver’s license and car registration and charged her with a traffic violation. She said she saw 40 other cars impounded in the compound.

“We didn’t drop food on the road, and we didn’t violate any traffic regulations,” said another volunteer, Nyi Nyi Zaw. “I cannot understand why we were herded into a compound and held there for several hours. This is absurd and very unpleasant.”

In some cases, worried volunteers have abandoned plans to deliver aid. “We collected 80 bags of rice for the cyclone victims in Kunchangone, but we aborted the plan after hearing news of cars being impounded,” said a volunteer, Moe Moe.

That means survivors like 93-year-old Khin Mya, whose only shelter was a red flowered umbrella and a plastic bag, will go without.

“I get very worried every evening because I have to find a place to sleep — maybe under a tree, or if I can share a hut with someone,” the bone-thin woman said. “I must come to the road to receive food from donors or else I will starve.”

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Written by Lwin Aung Soe

May 29, 2008 at 1:43 am

World Focus on Burma (19 May 08)

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Former Australian minister backs military intervention in Burma
Radio Australia, Australia –
The former Australian Foreign Affairs Minister Alexander Downer is pushing for military intervention to deliver aid to Burma’s cyclone victims. …
Amid pressure, Myanmar eases aid restrictions
Globe and Mail, Canada –
Myanmar, also known as Burma, said it will open its doors to teams from the 10 ASEAN countries, Singapore Foreign Minister George Yeo told reporters after …
Marvell Pledges Aid to Victims of Sichuan Earthquake and Cyclone …
PR Newswire (press release), NY –
… with a company contribution of up to $1 million for victims of the disastrous Sichuan earthquake and the cyclone in Burma, also known as Myanmar. …MRVL
British minister says aid plan for Myanmar must work quickly, no … (Pressemitteilung), Austria –
… ready to change approach if the tactic doesn’t work quickly, or if there is any outbreak of disease among survivors in Myanmar, also known as Burma. …
Cyclones and Sanctions
Reason Online, CA –
As David Steinberg points out in Burma: The State of Myanmar, any observer “would have pointed to Burma as the potential economic and political leader of …
Press Briefing by Scott Stanzel (press release), DC –
Q And second, as far as earthquake in China and Burma is concerned, one, can you confirm there are some reports now again as far as earthquake in China, …
Myanmar letting in some foreign staff for cyclone aid
Hinesberg Journal, Canada –
YANGON, Myanmar – After weeks of international pressure, Myanmar agreed to let in medical teams from neighboring countries and give the Association of …
Sonoma-Mendocino Red Cross seeks help
Santa Rosa Press Democrat, CA –
But many have been deterred by news the junta government of Myanmar, also known as Burma, has been refusing help from foreign aid agencies and governments, …
Statement by Douglas Alexander, Secretary of State for …
7thSpace Interactive (press release), NY –
… that we will use the regional channel to deliver aid if that is the fastest and most practical way to meet the urgent needs of the people of Burma. …
The DCI Group Responds On Burma
Atlantic Online –
The firm plans to release a statement to the press about its work for the government of Myanmar six years ago. Why, I asked, did DCI terminate its contract …
Myanmar cyclone: The internet will shame Burma’s junta, says …, United Kingdom –
The Prime Minister said that in the internet age a reclusive country like Burma, also known as Myanmar, can no longer remain hidden away from the world. …

MSN Money UK

Foreign Correspondent, Canada –
The recent cyclone in Burma (Myanmar) and the massive earthquake in China seemed to tragically confirm the astrologer’s predictions about the Year of the …
Disasters show true colours Cape Breton Post
Dealing with Burma’s junta
Chinese and Burmese community urges more aid from Ottawa 680 News
National PostBBC News
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US says aid has helped 100000 in Myanmar
“It’s our view that we would like to continue to do more,” spokesman Scott Stanzel told reporters in Washington, where the country is referred to as Burma. …
ASEAN to take lead in Burma relief Melbourne Herald Sun
Burma to admit more foreign aid The Age
Hopes for Myanmar cyclone aid rise as ASEAN meets Washington Post
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The Age
Myanmar cyclone: Burma’s junta announces three days of mourning, United Kingdom –
Mr Ban himself will arrive in Burma, also known as Myanmar, on Wednesday. Seventeen days after the cyclone as many as two million survivors are yet to …
Burma softens stance on cyclone aid
The Return of Burma’s Monks TIME
The Cyclone Is Not The Only Disaster CBS News
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Internet can force change in Myanmar: Brown
“It is true that in Burma we have not been able to get as much food and supplies into Burma that we would like but now a country like Burma cannot remain …
Blogs will shame Burma into action, says Brown Metro
Brown promises “light touch” tech regulation Reuters
British Prime Minister Criticizes Burma Over Failure to Allow in … Voice of America
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Burma eases foreign aid restrictions, Canada –
“We will establish a mechanism so that aid from all over the world can flow into Myanmar [Burma],” Singapore Foreign Minister George Yeo told reporters. …
Public appeal – support for Myanmar (Burma)
ReliefWeb (press release), Switzerland –
We should not stop in appealing to government and international institutions to put pressure on the government of Burma in order to acquire permission to …

Open wallets for Burma, urges Rudd, Australia –
PRIME Minister Kevin Rudd has urged Australians not to hold back from donating to the relief operation in Burma, as aid was getting through. …
‘It’s difficult in there. It’s like walking a tightrope’ The Age
Tim Costello dejected over inability to help in Burma Sydney Morning Herald
Cyclone Nargis to have bigger impact than Tsunami
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BBC News
Myanmar: 3 days of mourning for cyclone victims
The Associated Press –
YANGON, Myanmar (AP) — Myanmar’s military government has announced a three-day mourning period for victims of Cyclone Nargis beginning Tuesday. …
Myanmar announces mourning period Bombay News
» Myanmar mourns for 3 days
Myanmar to observe three days of mourning CBS 42
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UK, Japanese Officials Visit Burma to Investigate Cyclone Relief
RedOrbit, TX –
… Kimura are currently in Yangon to look into the status of Myanmar [Burma]’s relief and resettlement works in the aftermath of the cyclone disaster, …
Myanmar (Burma): Helping children cope with the trauma
UNICEF UK (press release), UK –
Khin San Win, 35, her husband and their 3-year-old son, Mg Myo Min Thant, are back in their village in southwestern Myanmar (Burma) and staying with friends …
Getting aid to the right people
ic Wales, United Kingdom –
This is the telegenic aid fantasy that has hooked some politicians in the aftermath of Cyclone Nargis and the government of Myanmar’s (Burma’s) refusal to …
‘Cyclone Nargis, Myanmar’: ASEAN emergency rapid assessment team … ReliefWeb (press release)
Why Not Air Drop Supplies Into Myanmar? Chronicle of Philanthropy (subscription)
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Brave young Myanmar doctors head to disaster zone
Reuters –
YANGON (Reuters) – The young doctors of Myanmar treating cyclone survivors may see things many doctors never see. Hundreds of doctors barely out of Yangon …
Burma health system strained by cyclone
Aid-wary Burma allows medics in The Times
Thai, Indian doctors allowed to enter Myanmar Globe and Mail
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Corpus Christi Caller Times
Clean, natural is in again
Times Record News, TX –
“Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.” Those words of William Morris — British poet, socialist and …
Sun shines a light on art Corpus Christi Caller Times
Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi Graduate list Corpus Christi Caller Times
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China, Indonesia helped Burma block aid
New Europe, Belgium –
… adding that France would not move from its position, even at the risk of antagonising China, which is close to the government in Myanmar (Burma). …
Tavish asks islanders to give for Burma
Shetland News, UK –
Donations can be made by phone on 0870 6060 900, online at or by post to DEC Myanmar (Burma) Cyclone Appeal, PO Box 232, Melksham, SN12 6WF.
Shop at Ethical Superstore to help cyclone victims Hippy Shopper
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Int’l aid agencies: Aid far from enough, but progress is seen
Xinhua, China –
BANGKOK, May 19 (Xinhua) — Food, health supplies and aid staff flown into Myanmar are still far insufficient to meet the need of an estimated 2.4 million …
Thailand airport to act as Burma aid staging area Radio Australia
Bangkok’s old airport becomes relief hub for Myanmar (Roundup) Monsters and
Myanmar to Admit Thai Doctors as West Presses for More Access Bloomberg
XinhuaMonsters and
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San Diego Union Tribune
Myanmar family can only wait for news
San Diego Union Tribune, United States –
The United Nations says more than 2 million people in Myanmar, the country formerly known as Burma, urgently need food, water and shelter since the country …
From Another Perspective: Myanmar regime worries more over image …
Hillsboro Times Gazette, OH –
A tragedy is taking shape in Myanmar (aka Burma), as yet another totalitarian regime places its grasp on power above the welfare and even lives of its …
Burma junta agrees to let in more aid
The Age, Australia –
“We will establish a mechanism so that aid from all over the world can flow into Myanmar (Burma).” The entry of aid workers from outside ASEAN would be …

CBBC Newsround

Buddhist monks establish aid network
Toronto Star, Canada –
Kyaw said the monks inside Burma, also known as Myanmar, are relying on an international network of Burmese Buddhists in order to fund the purchase of …
Myanmar cyclone: Forced labour camp fears
Survivors seek refuge from rain amid the death and turmoil
Cyclone victim prefers ruins over government camp Reuters
National PostSan Francisco Chronicle
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Relief as war in Myanmar
Asia Times Online, Hong Kong –
A May 17 report on the situation from the US Campaign for Burma, an exile-run advocacy group, said cyclone victims in Set Su village, Bogalay township, …
Relatives search Web for images of Burma’s cyclone victims
Toronto Star, Canada –
Two weeks after the cyclone, Burma – also known as Myanmar – still lacks the network of missing person information that helped foreign tourists and locals …
Thailand, Myanmar to develop Tavoy deepsea port
Thai News Agency MCOT, Thailand –
SINGAPORE, May 19 (TNA) – Foreign ministers of Thailand and Myanmar early Monday signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to develop Myanmar’s Tavoy …
Human zoo opens in Thailand
Daily Telegraph, Australia –
There are tens of thousands of Kayan refugees living in camps on the Thai-Burma border who are theoretically denied permission to work in Thailand. …
Survivors recall Nargis’ fury, junta’s neglect
Globe and Mail, Canada –
Myanmar, also known as Burma, claims its military and local volunteers have control of the disaster, but Ms. Win saw a different reality. …
Disaster experts must be let in to get the aid to the right people
ic Wales, United Kingdom –
This is the telegenic aid fantasy that has hooked some politicians in the aftermath of Cyclone Nargis and the government of Myanmar’s (Burma’s) refusal to …
UN chief Ban plans to visit Myanmar starting Wednesday
Earthtimes (press release), UK –
New York – UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon plans to travel this week to cyclone-ravaged Myanmar to push for speedier relief efforts, which continue to move …
UN chief Ban plans to visit Myanmar starting Wednesday
Earthtimes (press release), UK –
New York – UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon plans to travel this week to cyclone-ravaged Myanmar to push for speedier relief efforts, which continue to move …
Cyclone aid breakthrough could be close
Radio New Zealand, New Zealand –
A breakthrough could be near on a framework to get aid to the millions needing help after Cycone Nargis came ashore in Myanmar’s Irrawaddy Delta earlier …
UN leaders given access to Myanmar cyclone zone
Bradenton Herald, United States –
… British Foreign Office Minister Lord Malloch-Brown told the British Broadcasting Corp. that he believes the rulers of Myanmar – also known as Burma …
Hopes for Myanmar cyclone aid rise, Spain –
The UN also wants a conference in Bangkok on May 24 tomarshal funds for the relief effort in the former Burma, wherethe military government has so far …
Myanmar’s Neighbors to Announce Cyclone Relief Plan (Update1)
Bloomberg –
Hundreds of thousands of people are without shelter as Southeast Asia’s monsoon rains begin in the country formerly known as Burma. …
A symbolic, inconsistent stance from Ron Paul, MA –
Last week, when a congressional resolution merely offering “condolences and sympathy” to the people of Myanmar, also known as Burma, came up for a vote, …
Aid agencies battling to provide relief
The Mercury (subscription), South Africa –
YANGONK: Witnesses returning from the southern Myanmar delta devastated by Cyclone Nargis said that the situation was desperate and that many survivors were …
The Party of Death
New Republic (subscription), DC –
Suffice it to say that, yes, Burma is a postcolonial country whose paranoia can perhaps be explained by the fact that long ago it had to endure the miasma …
UN humanitarian chief travels to cyclone-devastated delta in Myanmar
Malaysia Star, Malaysia –
British Foreign Office Minister Lord Malloch-Brown told the British Broadcasting Corp. that he believes the rulers of Myanmar – also known as Burma – may …
Burmese woman teaching English to other Burmese in Frederick –
Wipf’s mother died two days before Cyclone Nargis struck Myanmar (formerly Burma), killing more than 30000 people. Wipf has lived for years in Frederick …
ASEAN to hold emergency meeting to discuss Myanmar crisis
All India Radio, India –
The ministers would be hoping that the Myanmar’s who has blocked all but a fraction of foreign aid offered so far, might accept help from Asian countries. …
High-ranking foreign officials look into Myanmar cyclone relief works
Xinhua, China –
Both of the two high-ranking foreign officials, who arrived in the biggest city of Myanmar on Sunday, met with Myanmar Minister of National Planning and …
Myanmar to offer disaster zone tour to 29 nations
Antara, Indonesia –
Tokyo (ANTARA News/afp) – Myanmar plans to allow officials from 29 nations to visit cyclone-hit areas in an effort to ease criticism of relief operations, …
UN chief’s trip to push Myanmar to allow aid
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, PA –
By Reuters YANGON — UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon will travel to Myanmar this week to try to speed up troubled cyclone relief, his spokeswoman said …
The consequences of climate change
Manila Standard Today, Philippines –
Rita Linda V. Jimeno By the day, the number of dead in cyclone-hit Burma (re-named Myanmar by the military regime) increases. …
LDS Church finds way to help cyclone victims in Myanmar
ABC 4, Salt Lake City –
SALT LAKE CITY (ABC 4 News) – Humanitarian aid has had a difficult time reaching more than a million homeless people Myanmar after the devastating cyclone …
Myanmar’s disaster; SMS or cell broadcasting for early warning?
Lanka Business Online, Sri Lanka –
The loss of tens of thousands of lives in Burma (Myanmar) in our region’s largest human disaster since the 2004 tsunami (I no longer call these events …
UN leaders given access to Myanmar cyclone zone
The Associated Press –
… British Foreign Office Minister Lord Malloch-Brown told the British Broadcasting Corp. that he believes the rulers of Myanmar — also known as Burma …
Special moments for these special people
Khaleej Times, United Arab Emirates –
He fled Burma (Myanmar) after losing his land and home to come to Dubai via Pakistan on a Bangladeshi passport. He’s worked hard nearly every day of those …
Mercy Corps & Chevron & Wal-Mart
The Oregonian –, OR –
I have never quite understood, and it is my ignorance, why non-profits like Mercy Corps have to spend a great deal of their acquired ‘gifts’ in foreign …
Burma donations top £8m
TeleText, UK –
Britons’ donations to the Cyclone Nargis crisis fund have topped £8m as hopes rise that Burma could soon open up to more foreign aid. …

ASEAN FMs meet in Singapore on aid to Myanmar
Xinhua, China –
SINGAPORE, May 19 (Xinhua) — Foreign ministers of Southeast Asian nations are meeting here Monday to discuss help for cyclone-hit Myanmar. …
Thailand offers Don Mueang Airport as relief hub for Myanmar
Monsters and –
Although Myanmar’s military rulers have welcomed international assistance to the estimated 2.5 million people affected by Cyclone Nargis, which hit the …
US, Burma: two disasters, one response
China Post, Taiwan –
Taipei City — Living in Asia, I have been following the recent disaster in Myanmar very closely. The local news here in Taiwan has provided non-stop …
Myanmar general visits survivors, Qatar –
The cyclone struck southwest Myanmar, formerly known as Burma, earlier this month and the UN believes nearly 134000 people have died or are missing, …


Burma neighbours in cyclone talks
BBC News, UK –
The Association of South East Asian Nation (Asean) is due to hold urgent talks to discuss ways of helping Burma’s cyclone victims. …
Thailand airport to act as Burma aid staging area
Radio Australia, Australia –
Thailand has agreed Bangkok’s ageing Don Mueang Airport as a staging post for aid heading to cyclone-hit Burma. UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon had …
7:33 pm: $70K donated for Myanmar relief
Anderson Herald Bulletin, IN –
ANDERSON — Representatives of the Church of God in Myanmar met with Dr. Paul Maxfield, executive director of Children of Promise, in Manila to receive the …
PM condemns “inhuman” Burmese regime (press release), New Zealand –
The natural disaster in Burma has now become a “man-made catastrophe”, the Prime Minister has said. In an interview broadcast by the BBC World Service this …
Prising the door open, UK –
Not so Burma: 17 days after Cyclone Nargis struck the Irrawaddy delta, a senior UN envoy was still hammering on the junta’s door yesterday, pleading for …
Glimmer of hope for Burma’s dying children as UK minister signals …, UK –
Holmes is due to tour the worst-hit areas in the Irrawaddy delta ahead of the arrival of the UN secretary general, Ban Ki-moon, in Burma later this week to …
Air Force to take relief material to quake-affected China
Chandigarh Newsline, India –
… Lebanon, Pakistan and USA and very recently to Myanmar (Burma). Evacuation of stranded people has also been carried out on a large scale from Yemen, …

Turkish Press

Hopes for Myanmar cyclone aid rise as ASEAN meets
Reuters –
“But, like all turning points in Burma, the corner will have a few ‘S’ bends in it,” Malloch-Brown said in Yangon, where he saw a series of top officials. …
Myanmar’s Neighbors to Announce Cyclone Relief Plan (Update1) Bloomberg
UN leaders given access to Myanmar cyclone zone The Associated Press
High-ranking foreign officials look into Myanmar cyclone relief works Xinhua
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Burma wants aid-pledging conference, Australia –
“We will mandate the ASEAN Secretary General to go there to assess the situation in Myanmar (Burma) and we will listen to the Myanmar foreign minister …
Thailand airport to act as Burma aid staging area Radio Australia
Airport may be relief hub Bangkok Post
Bangkok’s old airport to be center for WFP aid to Myanmar Xinhua
Monsters and Critics.comNation Multimedia
all 22 news articles »
Fundraiser in Newark for victims in Myanmar a success
Daily Review Online, CA –
Inside, some supporters watched a video slideshow of what is left of Myanmar, also known as Burma. One of the many organizers, Ken Htun from Fremont Burmese …
Locals mobilize for Burma relief Contra Costa Times
all 10 news articles »

Voice of America

Send in the Latrines
New York Times, United States –
By ROSE GEORGE IT’S the rainy season in Myanmar. It’s also cholera season. When Cyclone Nargis arrived two weeks ago, the waters it unleashed destroyed …
Human Rights Watch condemns Myanmar constitutional vote Radio Australia
Monitors needed to protect Myanmar aid–rights group
Human Rights Watch: Governments Should Reject Burmese Referendum … Voice of America
Human Rights Watch (press release)Times Online
all 21 news articles »
Schools get influx of Myanmar children
Durham Herald Sun, NC –
The school system has welcomed about 100 refugee children who originally fled Burma — now Myanmar — and have lived in refugee camps in Thailand, …
Netlets for Sunday, May 18
Minneapolis Star Tribune, MN –
If ever there was a clear cause for military intervention, the situation in Burma is one. The United Nations estimates that over 100000 people have died. …
Cowra aid for Burma
Cowra Guardian, Australia –
Recent Cyclone Nargis that affected the Irrawaddy Delta in Myanmar (Burma) has left unbelievable destruction in the country and over one million people …
Grafton Rotary club gives Burma aid ABC Regional Online
all 2 news articles »
They say ‘Myanmar,’ I say ‘Burma’
Augusta Chronicle (subscription), GA –
At the hotel each day we got a USA Today newspaper, which used the name Burma. Then we heard “Myanmar, formerly called Burma” on television. …


Myanmar cyclone: Leader of Burmese junta Than Shwe visits refugee camp, United Kingdom –
Lord Malloch-Brown – the first British minister to visit Burma in 15 years – said: “We’re just going to have to see what negotiations in the coming days by …
Myanmar junta to open disaster area to foreign VIPs The Daily Yomiuri
Uncertainty on kin’s fate worry Burmese in Baguio City
World Anger Mounts at Burmese Delays in Cyclone Disaster Deutsche Welle
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Written by Lwin Aung Soe

May 19, 2008 at 5:13 am

World Focus on Burma (13 May 08)

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A Tale of Two Disasters
Forbes, NY –
… and left about 32000 people dead and another 30000 missing, according to the latest estimates from state television in Myanmar, formerly known as Burma. …
Video: Myanmar and China-Handling the two crisesAlJazeeraEnglish
Aid agencies face relief quandary
Toronto Star, Canada –
A nine-member DART assessment team is stuck in Thailand and unable to cross the border into Burma, also known as Myanmar, Department of National Defence …
Duelling disasters in China, Myanmar challenge aid groups The Canadian Press
Deploy DART to China Calgary Herald
Send DART to China, Canadian group says
CTV.caLondon Free Press
all 57 news articles »

Ottawa Citizen

22000 feared dead in Myanmar
Balita, CA –
… May 6, that Cyclone Nargis may have killed more than 22000 people and leaving hundreds of thousands homeless in Myanmar, formerly known as Burma. …
Aid reaches around 300000 people affected by Cyclone Nargis: DEC … ReliefWeb (press release)
Reaching out to Myanmar Sarnia Observer
UN calls on junta to open its doors to aid Bangkok Post
Boston GlobeABC Online
all 553 news articles »


First US aid shipment reaches Myanmar
Los Angeles Times, CA –
The United Nations says that between 62000 and 100000 people are dead or missing in the nation, also known as Burma. “We have a broad array of personnel and …
UN leader tells Myanmar to hurry on aid International Herald Tribune
Myanmar lists 32000 killed in cyclone United Press International
Aid delays: George W Bush has vented his anger at the Burma junta … ABC Online
Bangkok PostTimes of India
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Thai premier plans Myanmar trip, again
Monsters and –
‘Samak will go to Burma (Myanmar) tomorrow (Wednesday) to deliver a message from Ban Ki-moon,’ said Thai Foreign Minister Noppodon Pattama. …
Thai premier in mercy dash to Burma The West Australian
Samak due in Burma Wednesday Bangkok Post
Foreign Ministry to seek USD 1million to help Burma Nation Multimedia
Sky News AustraliaBangkok Post
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UN leader tells Myanmar to hurry on aid
International Herald Tribune, France –
By Warren Hoge and Seth Mydans UNITED NATIONS: As the authorities in Myanmar raised the cyclone death toll to nearly 32000 and admitted one American …
Myanmar lists 32000 killed in cyclone United Press International
Aid delays: George W Bush has vented his anger at the Burma junta … ABC Online
Thousands killed by quake in China Bangkok Post
Times of IndiaThe Age
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Burma/Myanmar: Cyclone relief- Asian governments must insist on …
Amnesty International UK, UK –
‘Our governments, from the ASEAN countries, Japan, India, South Korea and China are best placed to influence the Myanmar authorities to lift the blockages …
ASEAN ‘shamed by Burma aid crisis’
Deadly Cyclone Made Worse By Loss of Mangrove Forests About – News & Issues
Mangrove destruction ‘made Burmese cyclone worse’ Legalbrief (subscription)
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The Southern Ledger

Ministry finds way around Myanmar politics
Mission Network NEws (press release), Grand Rapids –
… was able to purchase emergency supplies and food locally through its partner for distribution beginning Friday in the delta region of Burma/Myanmar. …
UN frustrated at Burma response BBC News
Burma cyclone crisis: UN must step up
UN Chief Criticizes Burma’s ‘Slow’ Response to Cyclone All American Patriots (press release)
Hartford CourantReuters UK
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MAP: Cyclone Nargis Floods Burma (Myanmar) (satellite image)
Reuters AlertNet, UK –
The city of Yangôn (also called Rangoon) in Burma (Myanmar), is tucked into a “V” between two rivers that empty into the Gulf of Martaban through a large …
Satellite data played an important role in the assessment of … St. Louis Post-Dispatch
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All American Patriots (press release), Philippines –
By Conrado de Quiros You can’t be human and not look at the spectacle of wretchedness Burma (Myanmar) offers today without feeling fragile and oppressed. …
Thai premier cancels Myanmar trip (Roundup) Monsters and
Barack Obama Joins Kerry Resolution on Humanitarian Aid for Burma All American Patriots (press release)
Humanitarian Guns for Burmese Guerrillas OpEdNews
Nation Multimedia
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First US aid flight arrives in Burma as new storm looms
Independent, UK –
That’s the Myanmar government.” He added: “So far we have enough water by collecting rain. But we do not have food any more.” Such is the junta’s suspicion …
CORRECTED – (OFFICIAL) – UN says up to 100000 dead or missing in … Reuters India
Myanmar toll likely to hit 216000 Globe and Mail
American aid allowed into Myanmar Radio New Zealand
Melbourne Herald SunGulf Daily News
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US relief arrives in Myanmar
Two more air shipments are scheduled to land Tuesday in the country formerly known as Burma. Myanmar’s military rulers have consistently slowed UN relief …
Video: Questions About Aid Plague Myanmar CycloneAssociatedPress
US plans 2 more aid flights for Myanmar
Reuters –
WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The United States expects to send two more flights into Myanmar and offer another $13 million in aid to UN agencies, the White House …

BBC News

Arrival of two aircraft with Greek humanitarian aid in Myanmar/Burma
ReliefWeb (press release), Switzerland –
Athens, 12 May 2008 – The first Greek C-130 aircraft carrying humanitarian aid for the relief of the people of Myanmar/Burma, has arrived on Sunday, …
anger over junta’s ‘inadequacy BBC News
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May 13, 2008 at 9:32 am

Burma: Cyclone updated top news (13 May 2008)

The Southern Ledger

Burma continues to reject help
BBC News –
Burma’s military government has said it is still opposed to letting foreign aid workers in to help the many victims of Cyclone Nargis.
Myanmar Junta Pressed by UN, US, India to Take Aid (Update2) Bloomberg
Single US aid plane arrives in Burma San Jose Mercury News
San Francisco ChronicleSeattle TimesVoice of AmericaReuters
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Cyclone-affected children beg for food from passengers on a passing car in Bogalay, in the Irrawaddy division, Burma, 08 May 2008 ( News link : Voice of America )

Myanmar cyclone: Burma receives first consignment of British aid
By Graham Tibbetts The first consignment of British aid was being flown in to Burma today as torrential rain threatened to deepen the crisis further.
Go Around the Generals Washington Post
In Burma, a frustrated quiet Christian Science Monitor
BBC NewsVoice of AmericaAssociated Baptist PressWashington Times
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May 13, 2008 at 9:10 am

World Focus on Burma (11 and 12 May 08) part 2

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Anger mounts in Bangkok at Myanmar aid visa delays
Reuters AlertNet, UK –
By Ed Cropley BANGKOK, May 12 (Reuters) – A furious rescue worker accused Myanmar’s military junta on Monday of crimes against humanity for refusing to …
Myanmar says parts of nation still cut off
He said there were still some parts of country , formerly known as Burma, where government officials had not been able to visit since the massive storm, …
US aid flight en route to Myanmar
CNN International –
The country’s name was changed from Burma to Myanmar in 1989, but many who do not recognize the current government still use its former name. …
US to begin airlift relief in Burma
USA Today –
YANGON, Myanmar (AP) — The US was launching its first relief airlift Monday after prolonged negotiations with Burma’s military rulers, …


Myanmar cyclone: relief supplies still fall short, United Kingdom –
A cargo plane carrying 35 tonnes of aid, chartered by the International Committee of the Red Cross, has landed in Burma – also known as Myanmar – amid signs …
Aucklanders invited to join candlight vigil for cyclone victims (press release)
Myanmar: Survivors of Cyclone Nargis Global Voices Online
Dire warning as desperation grows Melbourne Herald Sun
Daily MailThe Australian
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. (Pressemitteilung)
Myanmar completes referendum poll (Pressemitteilung), Austria –
… was circulated after the Council heard a briefing by UN envoy Ibrahim Gambari from his then four-day mission to Burma. Myanmar government therafter ..

The Southern Ledger

Myanmar: Marines, Sailors Prepare for Possible Operations in Burma
ReliefWeb (press release), Switzerland –
… and sailors with the Essex Amphibious Readiness Group are preparing for possible humanitarian assistance operations to aid cyclone-stricken Burma. …
FACTBOX-US moves planes, ships nearer to stricken Myanmar Reuters
US increases cyclone aid for Myanmar The Associated Press
Bush Pushes for US Relief Teams in Burma The Irrawaddy News Magazine
Kansas City StarUSA Today
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The Associated Press
Myanmar state TV: Cyclone death toll more than 28000
The Associated Press –
said Debbie Stothard, head of the Southeast Asian human rights group ALTSEAN-Burma. Myanmar is also known as Burma. She told Associated Press Television ..
Burma (Myanmar): An unbending regime still blocks aid
ReliefWeb (press release), Switzerland –
By Simon Montlake | Correspondent of The Christian Science Monitor For international aid workers trying to reach cyclone survivors in Burma (Myanmar), …
Burma junta focuses on vote amid misery, Philippines –
Despite alarm bells from the international community, the military government of Burma (Myanmar) kept its focus on the holding of a national referendum to ..
. (Pressemitteilung)

Myanmar completes referendum poll (Pressemitteilung), Austria –
… was circulated after the Council heard a briefing by UN envoy Ibrahim Gambari from his then four-day mission to Burma. Myanmar government therafter …

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May 12, 2008 at 4:53 am