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World focus on Burma (8 January 2009)

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Remarks by Henrietta Fore
USAID (press release), DC –
We were among the first to respond to victims of the Indian Ocean tsunami of 2004, the South Asian earthquake of 2005, the cyclones in Bangladesh and Burma …

HRW denies any influence at play in removal of Taiwan
Taipei Times, Taiwan –
… work on Taiwan because the abuses there aren’t nearly as acute as they are in many other Asian countries, such as Afghanistan, Burma [Myanmar] or China. …

Land seized and resold at a premium by headman in Karen State
Independent Mon News Agency, WA –
Kyat-tha are a Burmese measurement used to quantify prices in terms of gold, used by many villages in the area. According to a source in Thanle, …

Humanitarian crisis in Chin state likely to escalate in 2009: NGO, India –
Joseph Win Hlaing Oo, director of the Rangoon-based Country Agency for Rural Development in Myanmar (CAD), on Thursday said the humanitarian crisis in Chin …

India: Turmeric exports surge on higher demand
FreshPlaza, Netherlands –
Other major producers are China, Myanmar, Nigeria, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Burma and Indonesia. India is the major exporter of turmeric in …

India & Pakistan: An Uncertain Future
The close of the British Empire’s colonial era on the subcontinent of India began with the formation of the self-governing colony of Burma (today Myanmar) …

MaximsNews Network, NY –
UNITED NATIONS – / MaximsNews Network / 08 January 2009 — The European Union’s leverage to promote human rights values and its vision of a rules-based …

Did Than Shwe’s Grandson Kidnap Model?
The Irrawaddy News Magazine, Thailand –

Last year, a YouTube video clip of Sai Sai Khan Hlaing and Wut Hmone Shwe Yee was popular among Burma’s young internet users. Private journals and magazines …

FSA imposes largest fine ever to Aon for ’suspicious payments’
Finance Markets, UK –
The countries were Bahrain, Bangladesh, Bulgaria, Burma, Indonesia and Vietnam, and the payments were reported to the Serious Organised Crime Agency (SOCA). ..

Many condolences on the death of U Saw Mra Aung
Narinjara News, Bangladesh –
The organization honoured U Saw Mra Aung as a great leader for his contribution for democracy in Burma. An Arakanese group, All Arakan Students and Youth …

Commodity protestor beaten in Bago prison
Democratic Voice of Burma, Norway –
He was sentenced to 13 and a half years’ imprisonment in December 2008 and has now been sent to Pu-Tao prison on the northern edge of Burma in Kachin state. …

NGOs Question Thai Government Freeze on Migrant Registration
The Irrawaddy News Magazine, Thailand –
… drive an increasing number of Burmese to seek work in neighboring Thailand, and the flow of migrants was boosted still further by Cyclone Nargis. …

Global Crisis Hits Junta’s Pockets as Gas Prices Fall
The Irrawaddy News Magazine, Thailand –

Almost 50 percent of households in Burma were in debt before Cyclone Nargis devastated the country’s core rice and fishing industries. Despite Burma’s gas …

Running in the Wrong Direction
The Irrawaddy News Magazine, Thailand –
He is not like his cousin, Aung San Suu Kyi. “That’s why that other leading umbrella organization, the National Council of the Union of Burma, announced on …

Top Bush Aide Hopes Obama Will Push Burmese Cause
The Irrawaddy News Magazine, Thailand –
… including Aung San Suu Kyi. Although it was not able to achieve any of these objectives, the Bush administration was successful in putting Burma on the …

Detained student leader hospitalized in Insein prison, India –
Kyaw Aye, Kyaw Ko Ko’s father, one of the leaders of the All Burma Federation of Student Unions (ABFSU), who was arrested and detained for his involvement …

Diary: Emily Maitlis
New Statesman, UK –

… it tells how to make Chemical Ali dessert (mind the E numbers), an Iranian dish called tongue of the judge and a Burmese salad – junta-sponsored, …

The rhetoric of “humanitarian crisis”
ReliefWeb (press release), Switzerland –
The Burmese government rejects the idea that there is a chronic emergency in the country, and after Cyclone Nargis initially maintained that it could handle …

New party distributes manifesto among Arakanese for 2010 election
Narinjara News, Bangladesh –
It is the only way to democracy in Burma, the pamphlet says,” the elder said. The party seemed to be pro Burmese military junta because they can move in the …

Presuming a democratic Myanmar: Looking beyond election 2010
Jakarta Post, Indonesia –
… petition submitted to him by 112 former world leaders asking him to visit Burma (Myanmar) in the wake of widespread arrests in recent weeks and months. …

The world looks away as Burma mocks democracy
منظمة هيومان رايتس ووتش – حقوق الانسان –
It came as no surprise then when the ruling military regime in Burma recently sentenced the country’s best known comedian, named Zarganar, to 59 years in …

Remarks by National Security Advisor Stephen Hadley at the Center … (press release), DC –
And finally, I hope the new administration will continue pushing the cause of human rights and freedom in Burma. In the Western Hemisphere, President Bush …

ROBERTS: Score one for the first lady
Galesburg Register-Mail, IL –
… had spent many months relentlessly calling for the overthrow of the repressive Burmese government — ever since she had read a book by Aung San Suu Kyi, …

Cutting out the tongues of the holy people
NCR Conversation Cafe, MO –
And what of this punishing of holy people whilst living in a world where thugs like Than Shwe (dictator and destroyer of Burma and the Burmese tribal …

Obama Administration Should Pursue New Approach to Promote …
NewsBlaze, CA –
The United States should reinvigorate efforts to advance human rights and democracy in Cuba, Freedom House said today. One key element of a strengthened …

Rights group prods Obama to lift Cuba travel ban
The Associated Press –
Freedom House, founded in 1941, is an independent, non-governmental organization that supports expansion of democracy, in the world. …

Why doesn’t Bush get more credit?
Christian Science Monitor, MA –
… and action except from a few dictatorial rulers such as those of North Korea, Iran, China, Russia, Burma (Myanmar), Zimbabwe, and a few Arab states. …

193 Foreigners Rescued After Boat Becomes Stranded
Jakarta Globe, Indonesia –
Once the boat arrived at the base, it was found that the passengers were made up of 177 Burmese and 16 Bangladeshis, all of them adult males, except for two …

A forgotten tragedy
Livemint, India –
Tibetan or Burmese activists can only marvel at the Palestinian ability to draw crowds. Why does the Congo conflict not provoke the same moral reactions as …

National Security Adviser Stephen Hadley’s Farewell Speech
Wall Street Journal Blogs, NY –
And finally, I hope the new Administration will continue pushing the cause of human rights and freedom in Burma. In the Western Hemisphere, President Bush …

Rangoon’s Christians banned from worshiping, India –
“We need your prayers for Christian communities in Myanmar [Burma],” the youth added. While religious persecution and the prohibition of religious rites are …

World focus on Burma (6 January 2009)

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Nargis volunteer sentenced to 10 years imprisonment, India –
Cyclone Nargis, which struck Burma on May 2-3 of last year, left around 140000 people dead or missing. Previously, Khin Maung Win worked in Malaysia and was …

Pro-junta group announces formation of political parties, India –
by Mizzima News New Delhi (Mizzima) – A pro-junta group, the 88 generation students (Union of Myanmar), has said it is all set to contest the upcoming 2010 …

Kachin Manaw festival gets off the ground, India –
The first Manaw festival was inaugurated on 10 January 1948 just after Burma got independence from British colonial rule in Sitapu Ward, Myitkyinar. …

The Thinker: ‘Liberty Forum’ Should Replace UN Rights Body
Jakarta Globe, Indonesia –
… against the Human Rights Council is long. From its inaugural meeting in June 2006, the council has condemned North Korea only once and Burma four times, …

Report: UNICEF to Continue Polio Vaccinations in Burma
Voice of America –
By VOA News A report in a weekly Burmese magazine said the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) plans to continue its polio vaccination program in Burma …

David Scott Mathieson: The world looks away as Burma mocks democracy
National Post, Canada –
The activists include a brave labour rights representative named Ma Su Su Nyay, who was handed more than 12 years, and Min Ko Naing, the leader of Burma’s …

The Ascension
The National Interest Online, DC –
It has protected the Burmese military regime—one of the world’s most brutal—from effective sanctions by the Security Council. …

The Great Dragon awakens: China is preparing to challenge American …
Center for Research on Globalization, Canada –
The ‘Middle Kingdom’ has successfully attracted Myanmar as an ally. Myanmar (aka Burma) borders the Southern part of the Peoples’ Republic of China and it …

What can Facebook really do?
Third Sector, UK –
It was also a brilliant platform for activists in Burma. One of the hardest things for charities to accept about Facebook is the lack of control over both …

Court allows Boeing to use ‘racist’ US law
The Australian, Australia –
The countries banned by the US Government are Belarus, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Syria, Venezuela, Burma, China, Liberia, Sudan, Ivory Coast, the Democratic …

MorungExpress, India –
Then in 1954 came the military invasion of our lands by India and Burma. This was not a cultural invasion in the true sense of the word but the “Money …

Myanmar trade surplus shrinks as gas exports fall
The Associated Press –
… economic sanctions against Myanmar to pressure the military government to improve human rights and release detained pro-democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi.

People’s Parliament Chairman Saw Mra Aung Dies
The Irrawaddy News Magazine, Thailand –

Burma’s detained democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi sent a flower basket and five monk robes to the family, according to Aye Thar Aung, a close colleague of …

Political Activist Hospitalized
The Irrawaddy News Magazine, Thailand –

… since been arrested by Burmese security forces. The students’ organization was originally founded by Gen Aung San, father of Aung San Suu Kyi, in 1936. …

NCUB Plans to Form Parallel Government in 2009
The Irrawaddy News Magazine, Thailand –
The NCGUB was formed by exiled MPs elected in 1990 and is led by Dr Sein Win, the cousin of Burma’s detained democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi. …

Suu Kyi Issues a New Year Challenge
The Irrawaddy News Magazine, Thailand –
News reports from Rangoon suggest that Burma’s detained democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi commemorated the country’s Independence Day alone at her house—but …

But, we don’t need F-16s, we need human rights and people like you talking about real issues. What you have done is so important.’ Her eyes just filled up. …

Christian group condemns Burma human rights violations
ChristianToday, UK –
The girl is believed to have been shot and killed by a government soldier in the village of Ma Oo Bin in Karen State, north Burma, on December 27. …

USDA grants loans to farmers
Democratic Voice of Burma, Norway –
Many farmers are in financial difficulties this year, particularly in areas affected by Cyclone Nargis, due to low yields and falling crop prices. …

Dick Cheney Voted “Worst President of All Time
The Spoof (satire), UK –
The Generals running Burma consider him an adviser. Donald Trump often writes to him with questions. When questioned by very brave reporters who dared get …

Women’s group call for investigation into girl’s rape and murder, India –
The Christian Solidarity Worldwide (CSW), an advocacy group promoting human rights and democracy in Burma, in a statement on Monday condemned the Burmese …

Journals ordered to condemn NLD demonstration
Democratic Voice of Burma, Norway –
The activists carried placards calling for the release of detained democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi and were walking towards the Myenigone area when they …

UWSA changes nomenclature of administrative territory, India –
According to observers who are closely watching the situation, UWSA has already informed the change of nomenclature to the Burmese military junta. …

Topics in this story:
Mission Network NEws (press release), Grand Rapids –

Myanmar (MNN) ― The bamboo growth cycle in Southeast Asia has hit the flowering stage, and with it comes a plague of destruction. Daniel Punnose (p’nohs) …

… underscored that “Rape is systematic and widespread, used as a weapon of war by the Burma Army throughout the country,” which is also known as Myanmar. …

Red Cross chapter hopes to meet more need despite fewer dollars
ENC Today, NC –
Hardy said outreach done for new Burmese refugees to this area was a highlight for 2008. The Red Cross staff and volunteers crossed language and custom …

The council has also considered resolutions and bills dealing with human rights in Burma, Bangladesh, Colombia, Iran, Israel and elsewhere. …

Famine in Myanmar By RATS
Christian Web News, KY –
… plant’s natural growing cycle has caused parts of the region to be overrun with rats, which has caused a famine in the small country of Myanmar (Burma). …

UN Assembly Isn’t Right Forum
KanglaOnline, India –
Of the 10 members of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), in which Myanmar (Burma) is also a member, four members,  Brunei Darussalam, …

State Firing of Vietnamese Editors Latest Sign of Shrinking Press in SouthEast Asia
findingDulcinea, New York –
In nearby Burma, where media and access to the Internet are severely restricted, the military government recently released a list of rules that editors must …

‘Myanmar Thit’ magazine’s new cover design yet to be cleared by …, India –
U Win Tin and U Khin Maung Swe are two veteran politicians and executive committee members of Burma’s main opposition party – National League for Democracy …

Disaster-heavy 2008 raises pressure for climate pact, insurance
Reuters AlertNet, UK –

Cyclone Nargis survivors sit outside their shelter in Mawlamyinegyun, Myanmar, June 2008.
IFRC/John Sparrow

More than 220000 people died as a result of natural catastrophes – including around 135000 after Cyclone Nargis hit Myanmar in May (this figure includes …

Some of her strongest statements have been on humanitarian issues, such as the detention of Aung San Suu Kyi in Burma. She plans to settle in Dallas, Texas, …

Philanthropy Needs Human Rights
Forbes, NY –
Yet the fixation on basic necessities like food, clothing, shelter and medical care is shortsighted in regions where human rights are violated. …

Ethnic veteran political leader Saw Mara Aung dies, India –
Dr. Saw Mara Aung (92), chairman of the Arakan League for Democracy (ALD) passed away at about 7 pm (local time), Nyan Win, spokesperson of Burma’s main …

Private tutor stages solo protest, India –
He distributed ‘NO’ campaign posters of the NLD by wearing a T-shirt with ‘NO’ letters. After indulging in these anti-government activities, …

Faith constant from Burma to Aotearoa
Auckland, New Zealand –
… 06 January 2009 He has old-fashioned British politeness and his accent shows a hint of his homeland Myanmar, formerly known as Burma. …

What Bizarre Events Will 2009 Bring?
Jakarta Globe, Indonesia –
It was part of the International Olympic Committee’s bringing-democracy-to-developing-nations agenda that worked so well in Beijing in 2008. Burma’s junta …

Insurance giant warns of rising natural disaster risk
Business Green, UK –
Overall losses from natural disasters soared to $200bn from $82bn last year, the company said in a statement last week. Insured losses in 2008 were $45bn, …

Taunggok NLD chair’s jail term extended by 15 years
Democratic Voice of Burma, Norway –
Jan 5, 2009 (DVB)–Burmese authorities last month extended the sentence of Taunggok township National League for Democracy chairman Min Aung, …

World focus on Burma (17 November 2008)

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A new way is needed to help Burma’s people
The Age, Australia –
THE SENTENCING of more than 30 Burmese dissidents to up to 65 years in prison for their part in last year’s anti-Government demonstrations sends a strong …

Rights & Wrongs: Burma, China, ‘Mama Africa’ and More
World Politics Review –
BURMA CONVICTIONS RAISE CONCERNS — Burma’s ruling military junta has come in for another round of criticism and condemnation over the recent convictions of …

Bangladesh, Election Preparations Top Meeting Agenda in Naypyidaw
The Irrawaddy News Magazine, Thailand –
… might quit as quartermaster-general in the Tatmadaw, [the Burmese armed forces] but he will still hold his post as Secretary 1 of the junta,” he said. …

Asian (con)Fusion: Exclusive – Inside Burma’s notorious jails
Independent, UK –
I have lots of days like that in regard to Burma. Who really knows what is going on in this secretive, isolated country? Because foreign journalists are all …

Making a prison out of Burma, India –
by Mizzima News Gagging the voice of protests and imprisoning dissidents for an incredible 65 years, pairs Burma’s governing junta with some of the most …

Nine More Activists Sentenced in Insein Prison
The Irrawaddy News Magazine, Thailand –
… Ye Min Oo, Ye Myat Hein and Zin Lin Aung, leading members of the All Burma Federation of Student Unions (ABFSU), and three activists, Myo Thant, …

Shan migrant workers: We won’t accept junta issued passports
Shan Herald Agency for News, Thailand –
… channel for each migrant worker to travel to Myanmar National Verification Center at Tachilek, Myawaddy, and Kawthawng at the Thai-Burma border. …

Media groups condemn photography jailing
Amateur Photographer, UK –
Cyclone Nargis left around 130000 people dead or missing when it struck in May. Got an opinion on this story? Why not post a comment on our news message …

Burmese journalist imprisoned for cyclone victim reports
Press Gazette, UK –
… reporter for the weekly Burmese-language magazine Eco Vision, was arrested on 10 June while covering a demonstration by about 20 victims of Cyclone Nargis.

Burma’s Exports Hit by Global Economic Downturn
The Irrawaddy News Magazine, Thailand –

(Photo: The Myanmar Times)

“The effects of the financial crisis in the US have reached China, and now China’s economic difficulties are beginning to impact …

Myanmar disperses dissidents throughout its gulag
Reuters India, India –
Ko Ko Gyi and Min Ko Naing, the former Burma’s best known political prisoner after detained opposition leader and Nobel laureate Aung San Suu Kyi, …

Pyapon authorities investigate rice scam
Democratic Voice of Burma, Norway –
… division’s Pyapon township have been investigating the misappropriation of nearly 1000 bags of rice donated by Saudi Arabia for Cyclone Nargis victims. …

Committee Assesses CU Investment Ethics
CU Columbia Spectator, NY –
… contractual transfer of millions of dollars to the ruling regime in Burma that they believed implicated the company in human rights violations. …

Activists’ Prison Sentences Setback for UN
The Irrawaddy News Magazine, Thailand –
By LALIT K JHA / UNITED NATIONS The sentencing of pro-democracy activists, from two to 65 years, by special prison courts in Burma last week is a major …

ENVIRONMENT-BURMA: Conflict Threatens Karen Biodiversity
Inter Press Service, Italy –
A great part of this biodiversity is found in Karen State in southeast Myanmar bordering Thailand, now suffering heavily due to the ongoing conflict between …

Burma-Bangladesh Maritime Talks Begin
Narinjara News, Bangladesh –
MAK Mahmud said, “Myanmar’s trespass on Bangladesh waters is not on our agenda. We shall focus on setting a method of principles for delimitation. …

Myanmar: Long prison terms for dissidents
Global Voices Online, MA –
Hundreds of ordinary Burmese people joined the protest. The 88 students group members were immediately arrested by the Junta. On Thursday 19 dissidents were …

Myanmar activists moved to separate prisons: relatives
YANGON (AFP) — Myanmar authorities have split up pro-democracy activists who were given long jail terms this week and transferred them to different prisons …

Leading Burmese Dissident Jailed For 65 Years (press release), New Zealand –
One of Burma’s most outspoken opponents of the ruling military junta, Min Ko Naing, was sentenced to a 65-year prison term last week. …

Burma, Myanmar: Convicted Activists Sent to Remote Prison Camps
OpEdNews, PA – By Ashin Mettacara
More than 20 convicted activists have been sent to remote prison camps in this early morning. …

Burma’s junta gets brutal on prison terms
Bangkok Post, Thailand –
The family members of 39 Burmese dissidents had tears in their eyes on Tuesday. Fourteen leading activists of the 88 Generation Students group, …

… according to Aung Din, co-founder of the Washington-based US Campaign for Burma, which lobbies for political change in Myanmar, also called Burma. …

88 generation leaders also receive 65 years’ jail terms
Democratic Voice of Burma, Norway –
Nov 15, 2008 (DVB)-Nine leading members of the 88 Generation Students, including Min Ko Naing, were sentenced to serve 65 years in prison on 11 November, …

Measles Outbreaks Highlight Regime’s Irresponsibility

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Measles Outbreaks Highlight Regime’s Irresponsibility

By LEWIS JENNING AND WITHAYA HUANOK Thursday, November 6, 2008

MAE SOT — It was a routine, sweltering mid-April day for Naw Say, a medic treating internally displaced persons (IDPs) in Karen State’s Takreh Township, just one kilometer from the Thai border.

Mothers cradled crying children, giving Naw Say the opportunity to place two drops of polio vaccine into open mouths.

A young measles victim.

Immunization sessions not only prevent crippling diseases like polio, they also give medics an opportunity to gauge the overall health of IDP children, whose families come from far and wide for care. The most common complaints are malnutrition, diarrhea, malaria and respiratory infections.This day appeared at first to be no different from others, until the presence of several children with similar symptoms set alarm bells ringing for Naw Say.

“There were five kids on that first day,” she recalled. “They had a cough, conjunctivitis [pink eye] and a red rash all over the body.” Naw Say asked the parents if there were any more children with these symptoms in their village. “They said yes—many.”

Naw Say’s heart sank. This was almost certainly measles, a vaccine-preventable disease. Although the fatality rate of measles is low, the highly contagious virus can spread quickly, especially where malnutrition is rife and healthcare systems almost non-existent.

Blood samples being prepared for shipment to Bangkok for laboratory testing.

The five children examined by Naw Say that day heralded the start of the largest outbreak of measles documented so far in the IDPs of Karen State, threatening a total population of 16,500.Naw Say and her colleagues quickly collected blood samples to send to a Bangkok laboratory for confirmation. At the same time, a team of medics delivered measles vaccines for a catch-up immunization program, following World Health Organization guidelines.

The tests confirmed a measles outbreak, affecting several districts of Karen State. By the time it was controlled in September, 512 people had fallen ill and four had died.

The outbreak could have been far more severe. In five months, medics immunized over 7,700 children, 87.1 percent of those living in and around the affected areas, including districts deep inside Karen State. The border-based intervention curbed the spread of the virus—at least for the time being.

An IDP child is inoculated against measles.

Burma’s once vaunted healthcare system is yet another casualty of decades of military rule. The current junta, the State Peace and Development Council (SPDC), spends the equivalent of less than half a US dollar per capita annually on health and provides no childhood vaccines, perhaps the most cost-effective public health intervention available.Today, UNICEF provides 90 percent of the vaccines given to Burmese children. But the vaccines rarely reach children living in the conflict areas of ethnic states. In stark contrast, the Thai government’s equivalent figures are $61 and 100 percent. The result is that 10 percent of Burmese children die before their fifth birthday, the second highest childhood mortality rate in Asia after Afghanistan.

The situation is even more dire in the conflict zones of eastern Burma, where ongoing clashes and widespread abuses of civilians have forced more 500,000 people to live as IDPs, including 66,000 who have been displaced in the past year alone, according to the Thailand Burma Border Consortium.

“When the SPDC forces villagers to flee to the jungle or to IDP camps, their health status falls because they do not have good access to food. Then when they catch diseases like malaria or measles, they have serious complications,” said Saw Eh Kalu, secretary of the Karen Department of Health and Welfare (KDHW), a border-based group that led the measles control response.

“In the IDP camps, measles outbreaks also infect many people because everyone is living close together.”

Almost one quarter of IDP children do not survive to see their fifth birthday, a figure comparable to Angola or the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and almost all childhood deaths are a result of malnutrition and infectious diseases.

Yet despite the severity of the disaster facing the IDPs of eastern Burma, international humanitarian organizations, including UNICEF, are barred from accessing these people and providing aid. Reminiscent of the junta’s immediate response to the devastation of Cyclone Nargis, an $11 million UNICEF measles immunization campaign in 2006 targeting 13 million Burmese children was threatened and delayed as the Burmese generals ascertained whether it was “politically safe.”

For local health organizations attempting to provide some basic health services in the conflict zones, the consequences are often severe. Since the inception of the Backpack Health Worker Team, which also provides care to Burma’s IDPs, seven staff members have been killed. Intimidation and harassment are common, and clinics and health programs have been forced to cease operating as a result.

“During this outbreak four areas reported measles outbreaks, but we could reach only three areas,” said Saw Eh Kalu. “To get to the fourth area, you have to cross an SPDC road, but this can take several days or even one week because of security. We have to keep the vaccines cold with ice.”

This outbreak and the ongoing crisis facing IDPs of eastern Burma have implications for health that extend beyond the Burmese-Thai border, especially in light of ongoing restrictions on humanitarian aid for these populations. An estimated 2 million Burmese migrants live in Thailand, including many who have fled from conflict and abuses at home. The vast majority are undocumented and unable to access healthcare services, including preventive programs such as childhood immunizations.

Until the underlying realities of Burma’s health vulnerabilities are addressed, outbreaks of vaccine-preventable illnesses will continue to serve as deadly reminders of the junta’s failure to govern responsibly, said Saw Eh Kalu.

“The international community needs to think about the dignity of IDPs and their right to a life of peace and progress,” he said. “We need assistance not only to solve the IDPs’ health problems, but also to cure Burma’s deeper political illness.”

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Written by Lwin Aung Soe

November 6, 2008 at 12:32 pm

World focus on Burma (30 September 2008)

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‘A possible US recession will certainly have impact on the Chinese …

Manila Times, Philippines –

Host Fareed Zakaria: But surely, the Chinese government could pressure the Sudanese government, or the Iranian government, or the government in Burma to …

Interview: U Win Tin calls for unity

Democratic Voice of Burma, Norway –

DVB asked U Win Tin for his interpretation of Daw Aung San Suu Kyi’s refusal to meet United Nations special envoy Ibrahim Gambari during his visit to Burma …

Veteran Burmese Politician Thakin Thein Pe hospitalized, India –

He is currently serving as an advisor for initiating a tripartite dialogue between the military regime, the opposition party ‘National League for Democracy’ …

The Future Shape of US-ASEAN Relations

World Politics Review –

… are managed with sensitivity to sovereignty but without undermining democracy as an enduring tenet of US foreign policy. In this regard, Burma will …

Burma: Amnesty appalled as Junta re-arrest U Win Htein

Amnesty International UK, UK –

Amnesty International today condemned the Burmese authorities decision to re-arrest U Win Htein just days after his release. The 66-year-old is a senior …

Junta issues warning on tainted milk, India –

A report in the Burmese language newspaper Myanmar Ahlin, an official government mouth-piece, on Tuesday said with Chinese milk and milk products found to …

Sittwe monks demand release of detained monk

Democratic Voice of Burma, Norway –

U Yekkhaputta urged the Burmese people to join together to challenge the regime. “You are your own salvation. Don’t depend on any foreign country or the UN, …

Burma slams ‘unfair and immoral’ sanctions

Democratic Voice of Burma, Norway –

Sep 30, 2008 (DVB)–Burmese foreign minister U Nyan Win told the United Nations General Assembly yesterday that Burma could enhance regional energy and food …

The Battle For Greenland’s Rubies

Luxist, CA –

With rubies from Myanmar/Burma being banned by many Western countries, the hunt has been on for rubies that come from a less politically sensitive area. …

China’s Deadly Investments

Huffington Post, NY –

And when Burma cracked down on the peaceful protests of the Saffron Revolution, China steadfastly supported the junta, shipping artillery cannons and …

Junta claims international law on its side, condemns sanctions, India –

The tirade, on the session’s last day of debate, linked the prospects of a more economically integrated Burma to the betterment of both the region’s and …

Burma’s State Media Still Mum on Tainted Milk Powder

The Irrawaddy News Magazine, Thailand –

She told The Irrawaddy on Tuesday that the semi-official Myanmar Times weekly newspaper earlier published a story that said all imported dairy products from …

TI Corruption Index is No Different Either

The Irrawaddy News Magazine, Thailand –

Myanmar [Burma] was ranked second worst after Somalia. The first questionable aspect about the CPI is the nature of the study itself. As the name indicates, …

Remove ‘Unjust’ Economic Sanctions: Junta

The Irrawaddy News Magazine, Thailand –

“Myanmar [Burma] has abundant land and natural resources to be able to make a meaningful contribution to energy and food security of our country and beyond. …

Karen Group Opposes Salween River Dams

The Irrawaddy News Magazine, Thailand –

He said human rights abuses such as forced labor, forced relocation, the disappearance of culture heritage as well as environmental damage including …

Myanmar on the cyber-offensive

Asia Times Online, Hong Kong –

Several opposition media sources, including The Irrawaddy magazine and Democratic Voice of Burma satellite television station, have said they received …

Chinese investments in Myanmar’s energy, mining sectors of concern

Monsters and –

The ERI report, aptly titled China in Burma: The Increasing Involvement of Chinese Multinational Corporations in Burma’s Hydropower, Oil and Natural Gas, …

Screening commemorates Burma protests

The Brown Daily Herald, RI –

… of the national US Campaign for Burma, which works to end the military dictatorship in Burma, now known as Myanmar under the current military junta. …

Toyota Driving Automakers’ Global Race to the Bottom

AlterNet, CA –

Around the world, the company has been complicit in union busting in the Philippines, and engages in cozy relationships with Burma/Myanmar’s military ..

Burmese opposition MP dies, India –

A medical graduate from the Mandalay Medical Institute, Dr. Myo Win, was arrested and jailed for three years for becoming involved in the peoples’ democracy …

General Maung Aye Scheduled to Arrive in Bangladesh on 7 October

Narinjara News, Bangladesh –

The Burmese military government’s second most powerful leader, Senior General Maung Aye, will arrive in Bangladesh on 7 October for a three-day official …

Winds of change fail to stir Myanmar

New Straits Times, Malaysia –

LAST September, peaceful demonstrations let the world know that the people of Myanmar had enough of the crushing oppression of the military junta, yet, …

Myanmar urges end to sanctions, Qatar –

Myanmar’s foreign minister has called for an end to what he called “immoral” sanctions against his country, saying they were harming Myanmar and its people. …

… according to the government-affiliated weekly Myanmar Times. China is Burma’s biggest trading partner. More than a dozen Asian and African countries, …

Myanmar Says `Immoral’ Sanctions Reduce Food, Energy Production
Bloomberg –
The US and opposition groups denounced the charter, which bars opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi from holding office, saying it aims to prolong military …

India: India Likely To Sign FTA With Asean In Dec
Sin Chew Jit Poh, Malaysia –
… which groups Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Myanmar (Burma), Nepal, Sri Lanka and Thailand, would hold its summit in mid-November. The seven-country forum, …

UNITED NATIONS, September 29 — Two months after Inner City Press exposed 20% losses in Myanmar currency exchanges by the UN, and a month after the UN …

… a series of demonstrations outside Burmese embassies and high profile public locations calling for the Myanmar authorities not to respond with violence, …

UNITED NATIONS, September 29 — Asked about 19 days of silence about Myanmar by UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, his senior advisor Nicholas Haysum on

Non-Violent Peace Brigades: How Fast Can We Move?
Toward Freedom, VT –

The PBI activity became centered on individual protective accompaniment of local human rights activists living under threat of abduction or assassination in …

Oh yeah, Sudan… wasn’t there something happening there?
Feministe –
I suppose we can only handle one major humanitarian crisis at a time,*** and this week it’s monks in Burma. But 10 peacekeepers in Darfur were just killed, …

Media briefs: Mathew White to head up TT… Dalek more popular …
Crikey (subscription), Australia –
A year ago, the Burmese people, supported by thousands of Buddhist monks, took to the streets to denounce the junta’s excesses. On 26 September 2007, …

UN chief comments Thai-Cambodian conflict
Nation Multimedia, Thailand –
Thailand-Cambodia border conflict was among the issues including the Burma’s rehabilitation after Cyclone Nargis discussed between the Asean ministers and …

Head to head: renowned leftwingers thrust into a contest for the …, UK –
The chances of their paths ever crossing were minimal, but now Ryan Giggs and Dr Aung San Suu Kyi are inadvertently squaring up for the highest honour …

Transcript of interview with Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao
Zakaria: May I ask you — some Americans and Europeans, particularly human rights observers, say that China has cracked down on human rights over the last …

Development: Human trafficking —Syed Mohammad Ali
Daily Times, Pakistan –
Our current federal minister for law, justice and human rights has termed unemployment and lack of implementation of anti-trafficking laws as the major …

Myanmar urges end to sanctions
TVNZ, New Zealand –
The UN Security Council has urged Myanmar to release all political prisoners, including Nobel Peace Prize winner Aung San Suu Kyi, who has been in prison or …

Head to head: renowned leftwingers thrust into a contest for the …, UK –
The chances of their paths ever crossing were minimal, but now Ryan Giggs and Dr Aung San Suu Kyi are inadvertently squaring up for the highest honour …

UN Assembly: Myanmar denies pleas for progress
Toronto Star,  Canada –
AP UNITED NATIONS–Myanmar’s military regime dismissed calls from countries concerned with its repression of political opponents today, saying that its …

This group of refugees from Burma, officially the Union of Myanmar, was forced to leave their country because of war and/or persecution. …

Jade trade in Myanmar thrives on exploitation, rights abuses
The National, United Arab Emirates –
Matthew Smith, project co-coordinator at ERI, said Beijing’s growing presence in Myanmar, formerly known as Burma, played a key role in the continuation of …

Ireland will help UN with challenges – Martin
Irish Times, Ireland –
Mr Martin also renewed his call for the immediate release of Burma’s opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi and for continued international pressure on the …

UNITED NATIONS (AFP) — Myanmar’s foreign minister Foreign Minister Nyan Win on Monday called for the lifting of what he called “unwarranted” and …

29 September 2008 – Myanmar could become the rice bowl of its region and provide energy to other countries if “immoral” sanctions against it were lifted, …

US Burmese Rubies, Jadeite Regulations Now Apply, NY –
Burma is also known as Myanmar. US Customs and Border Protection have issued new Harmonized Tariff System codes for all non-Burmese rubies and jadeite …

World focus on Burma (6 August 2008)

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Remarks by President Bush and Prime Minister Samak of Thailand

MarketWatch –

We’re working together to help the people of Burma. We responded very quickly when Burma was struck by the terrible cyclone, and I want to thank you very …

UN rights envoy has brief meeting with NLD

Democratic Voice of Burma, Norway –

Aug 6, 2008 (DVB)–United Nations special rapporteur on human rights in Burma Tomas Ojea Quintana spent ten minutes meeting three members of the National …

Emergency relief still a far cry for many cyclone survivors, India –
“We still need more funding from donors for emergency relief operations and early recovery efforts,” said Laksmita Noviera, spokesperson of UNOCHA in Burma.

Olympics: China revokes visa of US Olympic medallist and activist, UK –

Still, other human-rights campaigners are using the Olympics to play up China’s alignment with the abusive military regime in Burma and its suppression of …

Guardian Weekly, UK –

Many people have requested me not to go back to Burma but I want to, 100% sure. I tried going back after the Nargis cyclone but I could not. …

Bush Addresses Human Rights Issues In China On Way To Olympics

RTT News, NY –

In what will likely be his last visit to the region while still in office, the President also urged China to respect human rights, a sensitive issue in the …

UN envoy meets Opposition party, India –

Chiang Mai – Tomas Ojea Quintana, the UN Special Rapporteur for Human Rights met senior members of Burma’s major opposition party the National League for …

The Associated Press –

Bush’s Bangkok remarks devote only a few sentences to criticism for the “tyranny” in Myanmar, Thailand’s neighbor, which is ruled by a military junta. …

New refugee community center dedicated, ID –

Moo, who emigrated with her family from Myanmar – the former Burma – was found dead in April. Salt Lake County prosecutors have charged 21-year-old Esar Met …

An auspicious, bloodstained day

International Herald Tribune, France –

8, 1988, in Burma, the day that changed my life and that of countless compatriots. Since eight is a lucky number in much of Asia, the Burmese people chose …

Bush to Reassure Asian Allies In Key Policy Speech in Bangkok
Wall Street Journal –
That collaborative approach is echoed in Mr. Bush’s planned remarks about Myanmar, also known as Burma. Myanmar’s repressive military regime is a source of ..

Myanmar Three Months Later

UN Dispatch –

For one, it shows that pundits who said that only forced intervention could help the people of Burma were wrong: [t]he aid operation in Myanmar — as is …

Disaster lessons

ReliefWeb (press release), Switzerland –

Three months have passed since Cyclone Nargis and an accompanying tidal surge swept across Myanmar’s fertile Irrawaddy Delta region, claiming nearly 140000 …

Challenging prejudice: Thai attitudes to Burmese migrants

Democratic Voice of Burma, Norway –

“People separate the cyclone from the other problems in Burma,” said Aphatsorn. At the end of December 2006 the ILO and the United Nations Development Fund …

US President Bush in Bangkok but with Myanmar in his sights (Roundup)

Monsters and –

… visit Dr Cynthia Maung, who runs a clinic for Karen victims of the Myanmar military campaign in the Karen State of eastern Myanmar, also called Burma. …

St. Paul’s Karen refugees, MN –

In 1948, Burma (also known as Myanmar) received independence from Britain. In 1949, an ethnic minority called the Karen began fighting for independence. …

Bush’s Thailand trip turns heat on Myanmar

Reuters –

As well as the start of the Olympics in Beijing, Friday is the 20th anniversary of the former Burma’s “8-8-88” democracy uprising, when an estimated 3000 …

Burma’s social volcano ready to erupt, India –

Twenty years after the mass pro-democracy demonstrations brought Burma to a standstill for months and threatened to topple the country’s one-party state, …

Bush arrives in Bangkok on working visit

People’s Daily Online, China –

Bush is also expected to deliver a statement on the US stance regarding the political situation in Thailand’s neighbor — Myanmar, Thai Foreign Minister Tej …

Press Gaggle by Dana Perino and Anita McBride, Chief of Staff to …

Business Wire (press release), CA –

Thailand was an essential player in our efforts to get humanitarian assistance to the Burmese people after the cyclone, called Cyclone Nargis.

Students celebrate 1988 Burma protests with spray-paint campaign

First Post, UK –

Win Tin was visited in Rangoon’s notorious Insein Prison this week by the UN’s new human rights rapporteur on Burma, Argentina’s Tomas Ojea Quintana. …

Burma Puppetry Show enthralls shoppers at Lamcy Plaza

Al-Bawaba, Jordan –

Lamcy Plaza, the country’s popular family shopping destination and a member of Dubai Shopping Malls Group, recently hosted the Burma Puppetry Show, …

Burmese Junta Fulfilled its Obligations, Time for International …

Embassy, Canada –

As country director for Save the Children in Burma, which the ruling military junta calls Myanmar, Mr. Kirkwood was at the forefront of organizing the …

Myanmar (Burma) Telecoms Market Overview & Statistics is Battling …

MarketWatch –

… Research and Markets ( has announced the addition of the “Myanmar (Burma) – Telecoms …

Bush Arrives in Thailand on Second Leg of Asian Tour

Voice of America –

By VOA News US President George Bush has arrived in Thailand, where he will criticize China’s human rights record on the eve of his attending the opening …

Text of Bush’s planned remarks in Thailand

The Associated Press –

And the region has come together to respond to natural disasters, from the tsunami of 2004 to this year’s cyclone. With all these partnerships, …

Bush, First Lady’s Busy Days in Thailand

The Irrawaddy News Magazine, Thailand –

The first lady has waged a vigorous campaign for human rights in Burma. Thai Foreign Minister Tej Bunnag said Bush is expected to deliver a statement on the …

Bush vows to seek end to ‘tyranny’ in Myanmar

Straits Times, Singapore –

‘We seek an end to tyranny in Burma,’ he was to say, referring to the country by its previous name. ‘America reiterates our call on Burma’s military junta …

Myanmar’s Economic Woes Widen as Neighbors Thrive: Chart of Day

Bloomberg –

6 (Bloomberg) — Myanmar, already one of the world’s poorest nations, will lose about one-third of its normal food production this year because of a cyclone …

Inmarsat betting that airline broadband will take off, United Kingdom –

… Bgan, as charities, aid workers and the UN officials used satellite phones and internet connections during natural disasters in Burma and China. …

Maggots and MRSA

Channel 4 News, UK –

Meanwhile Asia correspondent and international editor Lindsey Hilsum will be reporting on repression in Tibet, and as new UN representative visits Burma …

Come Rain or Shine, India –

As your interest in Burma’s trials and travails is well documented, we would like to take this opportunity to alert you to the release of a new book …

Thailand hopes Bush visit will strengthen bilateral ties

Thai News Agency MCOT, Thailand –

Mr. Tej said it is expected that Mr. Bush would deliver a statement on the US stance regarding the political situation in Myanmar. The Thai foreign minister …

Councilman’s aide, 3 others indicted in fraud

Philadelphia Inquirer, PA –

The Chawlas, who fled the military regime in Burma (now Myanmar) as children and now live in Bucks County, are among the city’s most active developers. …

UN Human Rights Envoy Meets Political Prisoners

The Irrawaddy News Magazine, Thailand –

By MIN LWIN The new UN human rights envoy for Burma has met five prominent political prisoners in Rangoon’s Insein Prison, according to Aye Win, …

Thailand: Bush To Criticize Myanmar During Asia Trip

Sin Chew Jit Poh, Malaysia –

“If there is going to be any real change in Burma, China has to be on board,” said Larry Jagan, a Bangkok-based newspaper columnist and Myanmar analyst. …

US, S.Korea push North Korea on nuclear verification

Malaysia Star, Malaysia –

… the former Burma’s army killed an estimated 3000 people. First Lady Laura Bush will separately visit a refugee camp near the Thai border with Myanmar. …

Exiles Try to Rekindle Hopes for Change in Myanmar

New York Times, United States –

“We had a big hope that we would succeed,” said Mr. Win Min, who was a student leader in Myanmar, which was then known as Burma. …

UN Human Rights Envoy Meets Political Prisoners

The Irrawaddy News Magazine, Thailand –

By MIN LWIN The new UN human rights envoy for Burma has met five prominent political prisoners in Rangoon’s Insein Prison, according to Aye Win, …

America to ban Myanmar rubies

Diamond World Magazine, India –

Clarifying the outlines of the Bill, the Jewelers Vigilance Committee noted that the bill requires that within 60 days, jadeite or rubies of Burma origin …

UN envoy meets top political prisoners in Myanmar

Peninsula On-line, Qatar –

yangon • The new UN human rights envoy for Myanmar yesterday met some of the nation’s most prominent political prisoners inside the feared Insein Prison, …

SEAPA Newsletter: A review of Burma

Southeast Asian Press Alliance, Thailand –

August 8, 2008, marks the 20th anniversary of an important and tragic people’s uprising in Burma that resulted in the killing of an estimated 3000 people, …

Burma Without Blinkers

Washington Post, United States –

… are about to draw the world’s attention to persistent problems in Burma (also known as Myanmar), Thailand’s neighbor in Southeast Asia. …

When it Comes to China, Obama is Sounding Bush

The Epoch Times, NY –

He asked: “Will we stand for the human rights of the dissident in Burma, the blogger in Iran, or the voter in Zimbabwe?” Of course we should. …


In August 1988, cities and villages across the country then known as Burma were bursting with optimism. The military dictator Ne Win had just stepped down …

Myanmar Cyclone Survivors Living in `Dire Conditions,’ UN Says

Bloomberg –

6 (Bloomberg) — Villagers in areas of Myanmar’s Irrawaddy River Delta are living in “dire conditions” three months after Tropical Cyclone Nargis …

Burmese refugees coming to Rome; relocation efforts expanding …

Utica Observer Dispatch, NY –

In just the past few years, refugees from Myanmar, formerly Burma, have become one of the largest refugee groups that have relocated to the Utica area over …

Bush’s genuinely principled stand

Bangkok Post, Thailand –

On May 3, one week before a planned referendum on a military-drafted constitution, Burma was hit by its worst natural disaster in living memory. But Cyclone …

Aid Delivery In Burma/Myanmar Still A Challenge, United Nations Says (press release), New Zealand –

5 August 2008 – Three months after Cyclone Nargis hit Myanmar, delivery of sufficient relief and early recovery assistance remains a challenge, …

When justice becomes political

Arab News, Saudi Arabia –

What is the difference between what is happening in Darfur and Tibet, Zimbabwe and Burma? Legal experts will waste much ink explaining the differences and …

Burmese still struggling after cyclone

BBC News, UK –

By Nga Pham It has been three months since Cyclone Nargis struck Burma, leaving 130000 people dead and hundreds of thousands homeless. …

UN says aid to Myanmar still a challenge

United Press International –

The military government of Myanmar, formerly known as Burma, have insisted on overseeing the flow of aid into the country after Cyclone Nargis struck. …

Voice of America –

By VOA News A United Nations official says that three months after Cyclone Nargis devastated Burma’s Irrawaddy delta, aid workers still face a challenge in…..

US Drug Enforcement Agency Trains Vietnamese Counter-Narcotics Agents

Voice of America –

Heroin enters over the border from Laos, and most probably comes from Burma, the world’s number two heroin producer after Afghanistan. …

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August 6, 2008 at 2:05 am

World focus on Burma (28 July 2008)

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Thai firms say crisis will pass

Nation Multimedia, Thailand –

Deputy Commerce Minister Viroon Tejapaiboon said the Asean Economic Cooperation would focus on strengthening relations with Cambodia, Laos, Burma and …

Outlook: Middle Kingdom, Middle Power

Washington Post, United States –

Burma? Not what I’d call a cosmic threat to our way of life. These are tinpot dictatorships. Now if Kenya or Brazil began to embrace the Chinese way of …

Global Faith and Justice Student Conference in Montreal

Anglican Church of Canada, Canada –

Issues likely to top the Assembly’s agenda are advocacy and support for people’s movements in Burma/Myanmar, Zimbabwe and the Philippines and long-term …

British Airways commemorates UNICEF’s Change For Good achievement …, Thailand –
Earlier this year, in response to the humanitarian crisis in Myanmar (Burma), £300000 was donated to UNICEF’s emergency relief efforts, helping to provide ..

More funding required to help cyclone victims: private donors …, India –

Following the onslaught of Cyclone Nargis on Burma’s coastal divisions on May 2 and 3, the country’s military rulers initially were reluctant to allow …

Don’t let junta off the hook

The Australian, Australia –

It’s a perfect backdrop to ASEAN’s listless approach. So, for Burma’s generals, ratifying the human rights statement was a no-brainer. …

China’s new nationalism may require careful negotiation, UK –

Economic and trade tensions with Europe and the US, the environmental impact of its rapid development, authoritarian governance and human rights abuses, …

Kachin Leaders to Form Political Party

The Irrawaddy News Magazine, Thailand –

However, the group is not yet sure that it will be permitted by Burma’s ruling junta to form a political party to contest the general election scheduled to …

Karen Villagers Flee Burmese Forces

The Irrawaddy News Magazine, Thailand –

The report also said the Burmese army has ordered people in Shan State to grow castor oil and rubber plants, in a junta-imposed project to produce biofuel. …

Chinese face tough human rights questions on eve of Games

Statesman Journal, OR –

Since its founding in 1999, the foundation has sought to improve human rights in China through a “dialogue based on equality and mutual respect. …

Olympics bring pride to Chinese Americans

San Francisco Chronicle, USA –

Instead, their demonstration was demonstrated against by protesters assailing China’s human rights record. The torch itself was a no-show, …

An Interview with Jody Williams

The Irrawaddy News Magazine, Thailand – 1 hour ago

When it cannot respond to crises like the [Burma] cyclone, when it cannot respond to the crisis of dictatorship there for 50 years, when it cannot respond …

ASEAN needs vision to face growing challenges

Vancouver Sun, Canada –

After signing Nyan Win told his colleagues, that Burma, of course, objected to any investigations. It was just such a development that has raised concerns …

US president likely to meet Burmese activists during visit Thailand, India –

Bush is also expected to raise Burma issue during his talks with Thai officials including Foreign Minister Samak. During his term as the President of the …

Vancouver Sun, Canada –

After signing Nyan Win told his colleagues, that Burma, of course, objected to any investigations. It was just such a development that has raised concerns …

Hope for Burma’s cyclone survivors

Independent Online, South Africa –

Auk Pyon Wa, Myanmar – Nearly three months after a cyclone devastated Myanmar’s/Burma’s southern Irrawaddy delta, local firms are helping survivors replace …

Pentagon flexes its altruism muscle

Boston Globe, United States –

There are landslides in the Philippines, floods in Vietnam and Burma. India and Bangladesh deal with flooding, cyclones, typhoons. …

Farmers in Burma go back to work

Boston Globe, United States –

In 1988, demonstrations against Burma’s military junta over rice prices and other issues ended in heavy bloodshed. The United Nations World Food Program has …

Moderate Quake 5.5 Richter struck Myanmar, Thailand –
Burma, officially the Union of Myanmar is the largest country by geographical area in mainland Southeast Asia. The country is bordered by the People’s …

China Post, Taiwan –

But the cattle, brought in from a mountainous region of Myanmar, proved ill-suited to the work, and fewer than half the donated seeds sprouted. …

Spielberg pulls out of the Olympics

Insider Media Group, Canada –

His decision to withdraw came as a result of China’s foreign policy on political events in Burma and human rights violations in the Darfur region of Sudan. …

Bush Should Go to the Olympics, by Victor D. Cha

조선일보(영문판), South Korea –

In Burma, the Chinese have quietly hardened their stance toward the military junta after the September 2007 crackdown against peaceful monk demonstrations. …


Al Watan Daily, Kuwait –

Myanmar, formerly known as Burma, requires foreign aid money to be converted first into foreign exchange certificates at a fixed price and then into the …

Hardened old scribes share hot night in Bangkok

Otago Daily Times, New Zealand –

A conversation begins about who got into Myanmar/Burma for Cyclone Nargis, who tried, and who was too scared. Of course the best in the business had no …

Her people’s voice: American citizen bears witness to the tragedy …

Waterbury Republican American, CT –

… fighting the government of Myanmar for about 60 years, since shortly after the departure of the British from the country, then known as Burma, in 1948. …

UK underwriters ‘helping Myanmar’s brutal regime’

New Zealand Herald, New Zealand –

The Burma Campaign report will expose eight other insurance companies. By Myanmar law, all insurance has to goes through Myanma Insurance, …

Abusing the Olympic spirit

Phayul, Tibet –

The Chinese government exports its human rights abuses to other countries such as Zimbabwe, Burma and Dafur. There is also emerging evidence that Chinese …

women in black weekly vigil and some Zionist propaganda

Bay Area Indymedia, CA –

Many of the weapons deals are with corrupt and dictatorial governments such as Burma and China. Furthermore, Israeli Army personal trained the South African …

Artist auction pulls in $13000

The Press, New Zealand –

Carolyn Chisholm said she was so moved by the havoc wreaked in Myanmar, formerly Burma, in May that she decided to use her skills and connections to do …

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July 28, 2008 at 5:09 am

World Focus on Burma (29 April 08)

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Killings alleged at Chevron’s Burma pipeline
San Francisco Chronicle, USA –
… real story from the villagers,” Simons said. Burma, also known as Myanmar, has a history of military dictatorship and suppression of democratic uprising.CVXATH:ASCO
Watchdog group says Chevron complicit in Myanmar
Reuters –
Myanmar was called Burma until 1989, and opposition groups and some countries have not recognized the name change. The country has been under military …CVX
Bangkok Post, Thailand –
Voting is being held in Singapore as well as Thailand, Malaysia, South Korea and Japan ahead of a referendum on May 10, the first in Burma in 18 years. …
PRESS DIGEST – Singapore newspapers – April 29
Reuters –
Myanmar nationals living in Singapore have until Friday to vote on a new constitution drawn up by the former Burma’s military regime. …
Search South Florida Web enhanced by, FL –
In November 1941 Rossi and his squadron landed in Burma (now called Myanmar). In December, over Kunming, China, the site of devastating attacks by the …
Burmese stay away from vote
Howrah News Service, India –
“[India has] failed to recognise the sentiment of the people of Burma,” Dr Swe said. The United States has dismissed the referendum as an attempt by the …
Burmese activists protest as embassy conducts polling, India –
By Mizzima News Chiang Mai – Burmese activists on Sunday staged a brief protest outside the Burmese embassy in Bangkok, exhorting voters to reject the ..
Rights group accuses Chevron of complicity in Myanmar abuses
“Chevron has tried to distance itself from the Yadana project and Burma and tries to create an image that the abuses notorious during Unocal’s tenure are …
Ethnic Karen in Myanmar fight for survival
Monsters and –
Kaw Poe Kee, Myanmar – Wah Wah Mu, 38, has dressed up her little daughter with a pink chiffon dress, a rare sight in this jungle region of Myanmar (Burma). …
Myanmar PM leaves for Thailand on official visit
Xinhua, China –
YANGON, April 29 (Xinhua) — Myanmar Prime Minister General Thein Sein left the new capital of Nay Pyi Taw for Bangkok Tuesday afternoon to start an …
Gourmet Thai PM to cook for Myanmar guest AFP
Thailand leader to cook for Myanmar prime minister The Associated Press
Burmese PM Arrives in Thailand to Strengthen Business Ties The Irrawaddy News Magazine
Bangkok PostXinhua
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April 29, 2008 at 5:29 am

(Regarding the assassination of Padoh Mahn Sha) Message from the Burma Campaign UK

with 2 comments

Dear Friend
I am writing today with very sad news. On Thursday 14th February Padoh Mahn
Sha, the father of one of our staff members, Zoya Phan, was assassinated by
agents of the military regime in Burma. Two gunmen came to his house and
shot him in the chest.

Padoh Mahn Sha was General Secretary of the Karen National Union, which
represents the Karen ethnic group in Burma in their struggle for democracy
and human rights.

He was a greatly respected leader who had dedicated his life for the
struggle for freedom. He was killed because of his effective and principled
stand against the regime.

His assassination is yet more evidence, as if it were needed, that the
regime is determined to cling on to power, no matter what. They see leaders,
such as Padoh Mahn Sha, who speak out for freedom and justice, as a threat
to their survival.

Many of you will have seen Zoya Phan speak at events and on television news
or seen her articles in our magazine. You can view some of her speeches on
our website at <>

Zoya and her brothers and sister have set up a fund in memory of their
father. Donations can be made online at <>. The fund
will be used to tackle poverty and provide education in Karen state, two
issues very close to Padoh Mahn Sha¹s heart. Please visit
<>. You can donate by credit card from any country or
you can send a cheque made out to ŒBurma Campaign UK¹ and post it to Padoh
Mahn Sha Fund, care of Burma Campaign UK, 28 Charles Square, London N1 6HT,

A statement from the children of Padoh Mahn Sha, released on the day of his
death, follows below.

Anna Roberts
Director, The Burma Campaign UK

Statement from the children of Padoh Mahn Sha Lah Phan

We are very sad to lose a great father and a great leader.

We were lucky to have a father who was caring and full of love. He gave us
guidance and support, and taught us tolerance and to stand against
injustice. He could not give us wealth or luxury, but ensured that we had an
education and the opportunity to fulfill our potential

He was always humble, yet a strong and brave leader. He dedicated his life
to the struggle, and always put the welfare of his people and his country
before himself. His example of determination and self-sacrifice to win our
freedom won him the love and respect of not just the Karen people, but also
the Burmese democracy movement and of freedom loving people around the

He will be remembered by many not only as an inspirational leader, but also
on a personal level for the many acts of kindness he performed for those who
needed help.

We are proud to be his children, as all Karen people and all people who long
for freedom in Burma are proud of him.

Our father may be dead, but we will remember him. He taught us that it was
our duty to work for the Karen people, and as his children we will continue
his dedicated work towards true freedom for our people and peace in our

His determination for freedom and democracy lives on within us and within
the Karen people. He did not live to see freedom for our people, but his
dream will be fulfilled. The Karen, and all the people of Burma, will be

We will be establishing a foundation in memory of our father. Donations can
be made online at

Saw Say Say
Nant Bwa Bwa Phan
Nant Zoya Phan
Slone Phan

A brief biography of Padoh Mahn Sha
Padoh Mahn Sha Lah Phan was born in Rangoon on 5th July 1943.
He graduated from Rangoon University in 1966 with a degree in history.

He joined the Karen National Union (KNU) in 1963. In 1964 he became a member
of the KNU Central Committee, and was elected Joint General Secretary in
1995. He was elected General Secretary in 2000, and is also a member of the
Secretariat of the National Council of the Union of Burma, the umbrella
organisation representing organisations in the Burmese democracy movement.

Padoh Mahn Sha married Nant Kyin Shwe in 1976. She passed away on 31st July
2004. He is survived by four children, two sons and two daughters; Saw Say
Say, Nant Bwa Bwa Phan, Nant Zoya Phan, Slone Phan

To make a donation to the Padoh Mahn Sha fund, please visit

Was this email forwarded to you by a friend? If you are not already a member
of the Burma Campaign UK e-mail network, and would like to receive these
updates directly, you can subscribe by sending a blank e-mail to:

If you would like to unsubscribe from this mailing list, please send a blank
email to:

The Burma Campaign UK
Registered Company No. 3804730
Registered office address
28 Charles Square
London N1 6HT

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February 20, 2008 at 8:02 am

Assassination of Pado Mahn Shar Lar Phan

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Death of Karen leader blow to Myanmar groups

15 Feb 08 AlJazeeraEnglish

Karen National Union Gen Secy shot dead



Mahn Sha, the leader of Myanmar’s Karen National Union, one of the biggest ethnic groups fighting Myanmar’s military government, lays dead in his home in the Thai border town of Mae Sot on Thursday, February 14, in Thailand. Mahn Sha was shot dead Thursday.

Bangkok, February 15 (Agencies): The assassination of a senior Karen rebel leader on the Burma border has dealt a severe blow not only to the insurgency but also to Burma’s entire pro-democracy movement, observers said Friday. Karen National Union (KNU) general secretary Mahn Sha was gunned down in his home in Mae Sot, Thailand, Thursday afternoon by unknown assailants. “A black-coloured vehicle parked in front of his house at about 4:00 pm and one man came out with a bouquet of flowers,” said Blooming Night Zan, secretary for the Karen Women’s Organization. “He greeted Mahn Sha in Karen, saying ‘Good evening uncle,’ and then shot him,” Zan told Deutsche Presse Agentur dpa from Mae Sot, 380 kilometres north of Bangkok.
A second assassin from the car, which had a Thai licence plate, then shot Mahn Sha twice in the body, leaving him dead. Thai police found the car parked near the Moei River, which defines the Thai-Burma border, but have yet to identify the assailants. Karen sources suspect the gunmen were members of the Democratic Karen Buddhist Army, a Karen splinter group that broke with the KNU in 1995 and is now allied with the Burma army.
The slaying of Mahn Sha was seen as a great blow for the KNU, an insurgency that has been fighting for the autonomy of the Karen State for the past six decades, and for Burma’s pro-democracy movement. “For the Burmese audience Mahn Sha was the second most popular Karen leader after Bo Mya,” said Win Min, a Thailand-based Burma scholar.
“His death is a loss for the Burmese pro-democracy movement as a whole, since Mahn Sha was one of the few Karen leaders who was accepted by the various groups within the movement, especially those acting in exile,” said Win Min. But more specifically, his murder was another blow for the KNU. Bo Mya, the military leader of the Karen National Liberation Army, died in December 24, 2006, from illness. His demise was a major blow for the insurgency and a source of further splits within the remaining forces. In February 2007, the KNU’s 7th Brigade split off from the main force and entered into peace negotiations with Burma’s junta.
The 7th Brigade is one faction of the more active forces within the KNU, which has been waging a guerrilla struggle against the central government for the independence of the Karen State since 1949. There are an estimated 4,000 KNU troops still in the field against the junta. The KNU is one of the last ethnic minority insurgencies that have refused to enter into a peace agreements with the ruling junta, which has monopolized political power in the country since 1962. Mahn Sha’s murder has at least highlighted the plight of the Karen, whose struggle has often been overlooked by the international community, Win Min noted.
In Washington DC, US Congressman Joe Pitts, in a statement on Mahn Sha’s death, said the assassination should draw world attention to the ongoing persecution of the Karen and other ethnic minorities by the Burma regime. “For too long, the plight of the people of Burma has either been ignored or discussed ad nauseam with little or no action on behalf of the people,” said Pitts. “With over 1.5 million internally displaced persons and refugees as a result of the brutal attacks by the dictatorship’s army, it is time for change. The international community must ensure that what happened to Mahn Sha does not happen to any other ethnic, democracy, or religious leader in Burma,” he added.
Burma’s junta has been carrying out a large-scale offensive against the KNU for the past two years, forcing about 30,000 Karens to flee their homes and seek shelter in camps for “displaced persons” along the Thai border, while thousands of others continue to lead a precarious existence in their homeland.


Police find car used in KNU assassination

Killers believed to have fled to Burma

By Bangkok Post and AFP


The vehicle used by gunmen who shot dead a key member of the Karen National Union (KNU) this week has been found abandoned near the border with Burma.

Forensic police in Tak are searching for any evidence from the black pick-up that could help police discover who was behind the assassination of KNU general-secretary Pado Mahn Shar Lapan, who was shot dead at his home on Thursday in Mae Sot district.

Two gunmen stormed his residence and shot him dead while a driver was waiting in the pick-up.

Police suspect the gunmen then fled across the border, dumping their truck at Ban Wang Pa in Mae Ramat district. Police said the truck had a Bangkok licence plate.

Mae Sot police chief Pol Col Phossawat Taengjui said police will seek help from the Burmese authorities once they know the names of those suspected of being involved in the assassination.

Mahn Shar was the third most influential figure in the KNU with close ties to former leader, the late Gen Bo Mya.

The KNU is the largest rebel group fighting Burma’s armed forces.

Military-ruled Burma’s state media yesterday warned of further attacks by ethnic insurgents, following the assassination.

The New Light of Myanmar, which like other official media has remained silent on the killing of Mahn Shar, said rebels were plotting more bomb attacks in some ”important places.”

”According to the information received recently, internal and external destructive elements are scheming together to detonate bombs again in some important places and busy places in the nation,” the daily said.

State-run newspapers, radio and TV channels have ignored the death of the rebel leader, who was also a critical link between the rebels and Burma’s pro-democracy movement.

Burma has been hit by a series of small bomb blasts and rebel shootings since December, prompting the ruling junta to blame the KNU for the attacks.

Burma, under military rule since 1962, has signed ceasefires with 17 other ethnic armed groups, but the KNU is one of the few remaining ethnic insurgent groups yet to sign a peace deal with the junta.

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With this posting, I deeply salute Pado Mahn Shar Lar phan for his courage, determination and intuition. May God Bless Pado Mahn Shar.



Written by Lwin Aung Soe

February 17, 2008 at 3:19 am