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World Focus on Burma (23 Mar 08)

Myanmar man in critical condition after self-immolation – diplomats
Monsters and –
Yangon – A 26-year-old man was in critical condition in hospital after setting himself on fire in an apparent protest against economic hardships in the …
Man self-immolates in Burma protest
Nation Multimedia, Thailand –
The incident is the first known case of self-immolation in Myanmar since the military junta took control of the country in 1962. The man was hospitalized …
Protester burns himself at Myanmar pagoda – witnesses
Reuters India, India –
Security is generally tight at the pagoda, one of the holiest Buddhist shrines in the capital of the former Burma and guards and police quickly closed the …
Peace Center promotes dialogue to help diffuse world tensions
Daytona Beach News-Journal, FL –
… on hiatus for Easter, will resume April 6 with a showing of “Beyond Rangoon,” a drama about the democracy movement in Myanmar, formerly known as Burma.
The Draft Constitution of Burma’s Military Rulers
Asian Tribune, Thailand –
The state-run mouthpiece, The New Light of Myanmar, published the full text of Kyaw Hsan’s indignant reaction to Gambari’s role in releasing a statement …
Weekly Business Roundup (March 22, 2008)
The Irrawaddy News Magazine, Thailand –
“Heavy migration of mainland Chinese people has forced Myanmar [Burma] to seek an alternative partnership in the region,” said Prabir De, writing this week …
Rats run riot in CHT
The New Nation, Bangladesh –
About 15 lakh people in Chittagong Hill Tracts (CHT) of Bangladesh, Mizoram State of India and some nearly inaccessible areas of Myanmar, which share common …
China’s Tibet Crackdown Sparks Global Criticism
Christian Post –
Earlier this month the US State Department removed China from its human rights blacklist which included rogue states like North Korea and Burma (Myanmar). …
Self-immolation in Myanmar against military dictatorship
Merinews, India –
The pagoda has been a venue for political protests, demonstrations and uprisings since the colonial era when the British ruled what was then Burma (Myanmar, …
Man immolates himself protesting military rule, India –
New Delhi: A man immolated himself in Rangoon protesting against the suffering from economic hardship in military ruled Burma. The self immolation occurred …

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March 24, 2008 at 6:50 am