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World focus on Burma (27 December 2008)

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Highlights of 2008
WalesOnline, United Kingdom –
More than 50 arrests follow demonstrations against China’s crackdown on human rights in Tibet as the Olympic Flame is carried through London amidst calls …

Monks & Football
Outlook, India –
(Forty-two years later, in 1988, his daughter Aung San Suu Kyi too would address an enormous crowd here, demanding democracy from the military regime. …

3 Quakes Force Mass Evacuation in China
Sofia News Agency, Bulgaria –
A tremor measuring 4.9 on the Richter scale struck near Ruili, a town on the China-Burma border late on Friday. The quake reportedly destroyed the city …

Maternal Health Problems In Burma Widespread
Medical News Today (press release), UK –
The maternal health care issues facing women in eastern Burma (also known as Myanmar) are widespread and underreported, according to surveys by researchers …

Big stories of 2008
Weekend Post, South Africa –
Burma, also known as Myanmar, looked like a war zone after Cyclone Nargis hit the Southeast Asian country on May 2. Some 146000 died and many thousands are …

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December 28, 2008 at 5:22 pm

World focus on Burma (24 December 2008)

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88 Generation Students’ member tortured by prison authority
Democratic Voice of Burma, Norway –
… Htay Kywe has been tortured physically and mentally by authorities, according to sources close to Buthidaung prison in northwest Burma. …

Oxfam review of the year: what was HOT and what was NOT in 2008?
Reuters AlertNet, UK –
NOT Burma cyclone renders thousands homeless. Aid agencies face difficulties with access. Oxfam works through partners to help the victims. …

Korea rejects complaint against Daewoo and KOGAS, India –
“They [MEK] rejected the complaint about the gas exploration and developing project of two Korean corporations in Burma saying it is in keeping with the …

S. Korean Lawyers Seek to Help North Korean Defectors in Burma
Voice of America –
The South Korean Bar Association of Human Rights lawyers says it will file a petition to a Burma court, in hopes of securing the release of 19 North Korean …

Maternal health-care inadequate in eastern Burma: Report, India –
by Mungpi New Delhi – Women in eastern Burma only have limited access to maternal-health care during pregnancy and most women expecting, …

Corrupt officials earning 100 million baht a month from illegal …
Independent Mon News Agency, WA –
The HURFOM report is also careful to highlight the human rights impacts of the border trade and corruption. In an ironic twist, taxation of the border trade …

Year in review: May, UK –

Just two days into the month of May further tragedy struck the people of Burma in the form of Cyclone Nargis. Burma, which has suffered under an oppressive …

More International Pressure in 2009: Burmese Diplomat
The Irrawaddy News Magazine, Thailand –
… met with three Burmese diplomats—Kyaw Tint Swe, Than Swe and Tin Maung Naing—to explain the meeting of the “Friend of the Secretary-General on Myanmar. …

Offering Hope for the Year Ahead
The Irrawaddy News Magazine, Thailand –
It is a sad statement on UN efforts to end Burma’s political deadlock that this year, for the first time ever, democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi also saw no …

NMSP Celebrates 50th Anniversary
The Irrawaddy News Magazine, Thailand –
He immediately joined forces with the Karen National Union (KNU) and took up arms to fight to fight the Burmese government for the autonomy of Mon State in …

Political Prisoner Commits Suicide
The Irrawaddy News Magazine, Thailand –
By SAW YAN NAING A Burmese political prisoner, Maung San, committed suicide in Pegu Prison in central Burma on Dec. 19, according to sources in Pegu …

Junta Militants Arrested in Thailand: BBC
The Irrawaddy News Magazine, Thailand –
… the Burmese junta has targeted prominent opposition leaders in exile in the past, as well as leaders of armed ethnic groups, pro-democracy organizations …

US to Fund Afghan Militias
Democracy Now, NY –
A new study by Brazil’s Catholic Land Commission has found that hundreds of Brazilian human rights and environmental activists still face the threat of …

New form to hire migrant workers issued
Shan Herald Agency for News, Thailand –
… to travel to Myanmar National Verification Center at Tachilek, Myawaddy and Kawthawng at the Thai-Burma border, according to SHAN report on 17 November. …

Maternal health problems in Myanmar widespread and unreported, Thailand –
Health indicators are poor and human rights violations are widespread in eastern Burma. In conflict-affected regions of Burma, research indicates that …

CRPP call for unity in Burma
Democratic Voice of Burma, Norway –
After initial successes, CRPP’s activities were curtailed by further arrests, including of Nobel laureate Aung San Suu Kyi and Aye Thar Aung, but after she …

A Week to Reflect and Get Involved!
The Women’s International Perspective, CA –
Natural disasters ravaged innocent victims from Burma to the Caribbean. The world participated in and protested one of the most anticipated Olympics in …

Voice of the Martyrs Alert, VA –
About 70 ethnic Karen from Myanmar began coming to the financially-struggling church earlier this year, and have since helped the church by volunteering to …

What’s your year-end list?
Creative Loafing Atlanta, GA –
Burma’s military junta — When Category 4 Cyclone Nargis devastated Burma in May, the goons who run Burma were not only unprepared but refused to admit …

Inaugural Sao Thusandi Award Given in Chiang Mai
Shan Herald Agency for News, Thailand –
The first awardee, Sai Phu Murng, was one of the founders of the Migrant Justice Program of the Human Rights Development Foundation (HRDF), …

Defectors Awaited Children in South Korea
自由亞洲電臺, Washington DC –
Four children in a group of would-be North Korean defectors arrested in Burma had mothers waiting for them in South Korea. A Thai Navy boat patrols the …

Memorandum for the Secretary of State (press release), DC –
… conferred upon the President by section 14(b) of the Tom Lantos Block Burmese Junta’s Anti-Democratic Efforts (JADE) Act of 2008 (Public Law 110-286).

MSF’s Top Ten – How Disconnection Affects Public Health
WorldChanging –
This helps explain why Burma, still recovering from Cyclone Nargis, makes MSF’s list. It’s not a surprise that MSF hasn’t been able to send international …

Editorial: Texan of the Year finalist No. 4, Laura Bush
Dallas Morning News, TX –
Along one side lay Burma, whose government the first lady had scolded for its abuses, including the house arrest of democratic activist Aung San Suu Kyi. …

Maternal health problems in Myanmar widespread
Eureka! Science News, Canada –
The maternal health care issues facing women in eastern Burma (also known as Myanmar) are widespread and underreported, according to surveys by researchers …

Where Have All the Neocons Gone?
American Conservative Magazine, VA –
Power declared in Time in 2007 that as abuses mount in Burma and Darfur “a coalition of the concerned must insist that what is manifestly true of the …

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Poor maternal health care widespread in eastern Burma

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Public release date: 22-Dec-2008

Contact: Andrew Hyde
Public Library of Science

Poor maternal health care widespread in eastern Burma

Press release from PLoS Medicine

Access to maternal health-care is extremely limited and poor nutrition, anemia and malaria are widespread in eastern Burma, which increases the risk of pregnancy complications, says new research published in the open access journal PLoS Medicine. Human rights violations—such as displacement and forced labur—are also widely present, and in some communities forced relocation doubled the risk of women developing anemia and greatly decreased their chances of receiving any antenatal care.

Luke Mullany and colleagues from Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, USA and the Burma Medical Association surveyed 3000 women along the Eastern Burmese border as part of a baseline assessment of women’s needs for their Mobile Obstetric Maternal Health Workers (MOM) Project, which was set up in collaboration with a health worker training clinic in Thailand called Mae Tao Clinic. They also conducted health assessments. Nearly 90% of the women reported a home delivery for their last baby, a skilled attendant was present at only 5% of births, and only a third of women had any antenatal or postnatal care, the authors report. Only a third of the women surveyed reported access to effective contraceptives.

Mullany and colleagues report that very few women had received iron supplements or had used insecticide-treated bednets, and consequently found that more than half the women were anemic and 7.2% were infected with malaria. Many women also showed signs of poor nutrition, the research says.

Frequency and types of human rights violations varied across the project sites in Eastern Burma. In the Karen region, more than 10% of household were forced to move, in the Karenni ceasefire region a third of women reported members of their household being forced to work, and in the Shan region many women reported forced labor, forced relocation, threats to food security, and direct attacks. In analyses looking at the relationship between human rights violation and maternal health, the authors found that the odds of receiving no antenatal care services were almost 6 times higher among those forcibly displaced.

The authors conclude that “coverage of basic maternal health interventions is woefully inadequate in these selected populations and substantially lower than even the national estimates for Burma, among the lowest in the region.” It is clear, the authors say, “that considerable political, financial, and human resources will be needed to improve maternal health in this region.”

In a commentary on the research article, Macaya Douoguih from the National Institutes of Health, USA (not involved in the study) says that the study provides “useful information on access to care and health indicators, which will help to prioritize unmet needs.” “There is no question that an increase in access to services is desperately needed to improve health in this region,” says Dr. Douoguih. “This study lays the foundation for an innovative community-based mobile health system that could greatly enhance the health of communities in eastern Burma.”


Citation: Mullany LC, Lee CI, Yone L, Paw P, Oo EKS, et al. (2008) Access to essential maternal health interventions and human rights violations among vulnerable communities in eastern Burma. PLoS Med 5(12): e242. doi:10.1371/journal.pmed.0050242




Luke C Mullany
Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health
Department of International Health
615 N Wolfe Street, E8646
Baltimore, MD 21205
United States of America
+1 410-502-2626

Related PLoS Medicine Perspective

Citation: Douoguih M (2008) Accessing maternal health services in eastern Burma. PLoS Med 5(12): e250. doi:10.1371/journal.pmed.0050250



Macaya Douoguih


Myanmar mothers have poor access to healthcare

Reuters, India

Tue Dec 23, 2008 8:00am IST

HONG KONG (Reuters) – Access to maternal healthcare in eastern Myanmar is inadequate and most expectant mothers suffer from poor nutrition, anemia and malaria, raising the risk of pregnancy complications, researchers said.

In an article in the medical journal PLoS Medicine, they said forced relocation doubled the risk of women developing anemia and greatly decreased their chances of receiving any antenatal care.

Researchers from Johns Hopkins University in the United States and the Burma Medical Association surveyed 3,000 women along the border in eastern Myanmar and found that nearly 90 percent of them delivered their last baby at home.

“Coverage of basic maternal health interventions is woefully inadequate in these selected populations and substantially lower than even the national estimates for Burma, among the lowest in the region,” they wrote.

“Considerable political, financial and human resources will be needed to improve maternal health in this region.”

A skilled attendant, or midwife, was present at only five percent of births, and only a third of women had any antenatal or postnatal care, they said. Only a third of the women surveyed reported access to effective contraceptives.

Few women received iron supplements or used insecticide-treated bednets. Consequently more than half the women were anemic and 7.2 percent were infected with malaria. Many women showed signs of poor nutrition, they found.

They said human rights violations impacted greatly on women’s health. In the Karen region, more than 10 percent of households were forced to move, while in the Shan region many women reported forced labor, forced relocation, threats to food security, and direct attacks.

The odds of receiving no antenatal care services were almost six times higher among those forcibly displaced, it said.

(Reporting by Tan Ee Lyn; Editing by Sugita Katyal)

Health: Violence creates medical crisis for many, says report

New York , 22 Dec. (AKI) – Iraq, Pakistan, Burma and war-torn Sudan suffered some of the worst medical emergencies in the world during 2008, according to the humanitarian organisation, Medecins Sans Frontieres. In its annual ‘Top Ten’ list released in New York on Monday, MSF said forced displacement and violence had produced several humanitarian crises.

The report also pointed to the growing prevalence of HIV-tuberculosis infection and the critical need for increased global efforts to prevent and treat childhood malnutrition— the underlying cause of death for up to five million children per year.

“Working on the frontlines of crisis zones throughout the world, MSF medical teams witness first-hand the medical and psychological consequences people endure from extreme violence, displacement, and neglected—yet treatable—diseases,” said MSF International Council President Christophe Fournier.

“In some of these places, it is extremely difficult for aid groups to access populations requiring help. Where we are able to provide assistance, we have a special responsibility to bear witness and speak out about intolerable suffering and draw attention to basic humanitarian needs—needs that are often largely ignored.”

MSF said that many of the countries on this year’s list made it extremely difficult to deliver aid to the vulnerable and worst affected.

Aid organisations now operate with increased security risks and in generally more hazardous and threatening environments. In highly politicised and volatile conflicts such as those in Somalia, Pakistan, Sudan, and Iraq, MSF said it was limited in its ability to address immense medical needs.

The organisation said in places such as Myanmar and Zimbabwe — where governments fail to make health care a priority or view NGOs with suspicion—humanitarian organisations are limited in the type of assistance they can provide.

In Burma, where MSF is the main provider of HIV care, hundreds of thousands of people are needlessly dying due to a severe lack of AIDS services. It says 75,000 people currently need cures and therapies for the disease.

“The reality on the ground is that the humanitarian community is unable to do nearly enough for populations in grave need of medical assistance,” Fournier said.

“With the release of this list, we hope to focus much needed attention on the millions of people who are trapped in conflict and war, affected by medical crises, whose immediate and essential health needs are neglected, and whose plight often goes unnoticed.”

MSF began producing the ‘Top Ten’ list in 1998, when a devastating famine in southern Sudan went largely unreported in US media. Drawing on MSF’s emergency medical work, the list seeks to generate greater awareness of the magnitude and severity of crises that may or may not be reflected in media accounts.

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World focus on Burma (23 December 2008)

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Ethnic militia accuses junta of forcing opium cultivation, India –
… fields in Mongsert and Mongtong area now,” said Khammwe, referring the Burmese junta by its official name – the State Peace and Development Council (SPDC).

Korean Government Rejects OECD Complaint Against Daewoo …, DC –
Moreover, the MKE opined that the general situation in Burma and specifically around the Shwe Project does not merit an investigation or arbitration between ..

TOR of Asean rights body done by July
Business Mirror, Philippines –
… atrocities against nationals of Asean members, including those being committed by the military junta in Burma, which the dictators are calling Myanmar. …

Health situation in Burma among top 10 worst humanitarian crises …
Independent Mon News Agency, WA –
Doctors Without Borders (MSF) has included Burma in its 11th annual list of the world’s “Top Ten” humanitarian crises 2008, says a press released published …

Than Shwe and team to tour cyclone-hit Irrawaddy delta, India –
A source in Naypyitaw, Burma’s new jungle capital, said Than Shwe along with a team comprising Thura Shwe Mann, Prime Minister Thein Sein and secretary (1) …

Naypyidaw to Launch New Daily
The Irrawaddy News Magazine, Thailand –
In Burma, all media are controlled by the junta. The military government runs three Burmese-language daily newspapers—Rangoon-based Myanma Ahlin and Kyaymon …

Oxfam winds up tsunami relief work
Oxford Mail, UK –
The seven countries Oxfam provided relief in were Indonesia, Sri Lanka, India, Thailand, Somalia, the Maldives and Myanmar (Burma). Of the money raised, …

Russia Urges Burma to Cooperate with UN
The Irrawaddy News Magazine, Thailand –
Last week, the UN said there was no immediate plan for Gambari to visit Burma in the near future. “He has no plans immediately to go to Myanmar [Burma],” …

Hundreds Illegally Trafficked Daily from Pakistan to Iran
The Media Line, NY –
… also used as a transit and target country for women and children from Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Burma and former Soviet countries in Central Asia. …

Burma grounds its jumping cats
Toronto Star,  Canada –
Under foreign pressure, the military junta suspended Suu Kyi’s house arrest briefly in 2002. I flew to Rangoon for an interview at the dilapidated …

Doctors aid group lists top 10 humanitarian crises
Reuters South Africa, South Africa –
In Myanmar and Zimbabwe, MSF blamed the governments for failing to provide adequate health care or assist aid workers. “In Myanmar, where MSF is the main …

Sudan maintains defiance
Workers World –
Also: “Western policies in crisis regions as diverse as Georgia, Zimbabwe, Burma or the Balkans are suffering serial defeats. …

MSF Releases 11th annual list of ‘Top 10′ humanitarian crises
Ethiopian Politics, Ethiopia –
The international aid group MSF (Doctors Without Borders) has released its 11th annual list of ‘Top 10′ humanitarian crises. Ethiopia’s Ogaden region is on …

Remembering Burma’s Storm Victims
Voice of America –
The government severely restricted access of aid workers and foreign assistance to the affected areas in the aftermath of the cyclone disaster. …

Myanmar mothers have poor access to healthcare
Reuters India, India –
Researchers from Johns Hopkins University in the United States and the Burma Medical Association surveyed 3000 women along the border in eastern Myanmar and …

Retired buses find new lives in rural areas
Asahi Shimbun, Japan –
“In recent years, there have also been requests (for used buses) from Russia and Myanmar (Burma),” the dealer said. “We are now suspending exports due to …

New data regarding safety of artemisinin combination therapy for …
EurekAlert (press release), DC –
This trial was conducted on the Thai-Burmese border, an area where malaria transmission is low but highly drug-resistant, meaning that pregnant women who …

Poor maternal health care widespread in eastern Burma
EurekAlert (press release), DC –
Access to maternal health-care is extremely limited and poor nutrition, anemia and malaria are widespread in eastern Burma, which increases the risk of …

Medical aid charity has grim diagnosis on world’s humanitarian crises
Scotsman, United Kingdom –
By MICHAEL ASTOR SPIRALLING violence in Somalia, refugees fleeing violence in eastern Congo, and medical emergencies in Burma and Zimbabwe were among the …

Ticket Replay: Obama wants to be president of all 57 states
Los Angeles Times Blogs, CA –
(UPDATE: At a later stop Obama was talking with reporters and expressed concern he’d also mis-stated the number of potential cyclone victims in Burma. …

Thai cabinet line-up could anger Thaksin’s allies
Financial Times, UK –
Mr Kasit said he was hoping to reengage Burma in dialogue. “We will talk across the board on all issues,” he said. Asean last week adopted a new charter …

Malaysia purrs into action with plan to double rare tiger numbers
Scotsman, United Kingdom –

Substantial trade is done on the black markets – in China for skins and tiger bone wine, in Indonesia for bones, skins, claws and teeth, in Burma for tiger …

In Myanmar and Zimbabwe, MSF blamed the governments for failing to provide adequate health care or assist aid workers. “In Myanmar, where MSF is the main …

Somali violence tops catastrophe list
PRESS TV, Iran –

Leading the dire health conditions in Burma and Zimbabwe, the violence in the Horn of Africa nation topped the list which is annually published by the group …

US jury acquits oil giant in Nigerian deaths, IL –
It supports an arrogance and culture of abuse in Nigeria that is repeated in places like Ecuador, Burma and Angola, they insist. “What an American jury has ..

Nothing funny about Burma’s human rights record
The Canberra Times, Australia –
Zarganar joins Burma’s most famous political prisoner, Nobel Peace Prize laureate Aung San Suu Kyi, in being incarcerated for actions that in any normal …

Czech-led EU must not fail freedom-seeking Burma again
Aktuálně.cz, Czech Republic –

Myanmar as a member of the group is perhaps most likely to listen to their voice. Besides they have signed up to the ASEAN Charter which includes provisions …

Health: Violence creates medical crisis for many, says report
Adnkronos International Italia, Italy –

(AKI) – Iraq, Pakistan, Burma and war-torn Sudan suffered some of the worst medical emergencies in the world during 2008, according to the humanitarian …

USDA members receive training in Naypyidaw
Democratic Voice of Burma, Norway –
The member also said that 500 pairs of Buddhist monks’ robes and 500 bamboo sticks have been put aside in Taungoo district USDA office. …

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Word focus on Burma (22 December 2008)

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Burma’s health care cripplingly under funded: MSF, India –
“The Myanmar [Burmese] people do not get this help from the international community like their neighbouring countries do and this is not right,” Arend said. …

Team news – Winter 2008
ReliefWeb (press release), Switzerland –
Myanmar: IRT airlifted a large container of medicines and relief supplies worth nearly $238000 into Myanmar (Burma) to aid cyclone victims.

Aid Group: Somalia, Congo, Burma Among Top 10 Crises
Voice of America –
MSF says the impact of Cyclone Nargis on Burma earlier this year forced the country’s reclusive military regime to open its doors to international aid, …

The Military Family Network –
The MEU sailed off the coast of Burma ready to deliver 50000 gallons of water and other relief supplies. September 2008: The MEU completed Blue/Green …

Detained North Koreans to face trial on New Year’s Eve, India –
The arrest of the North Korean nationals is the first since North Korea and Burma improved bilateral relations in April 2007, when the deputy foreign …

SRI LANKA: Corruption and sovereignty, Sri Lanka –
Is it an attribute of sovereignty that the state is allowed to be corrupt? Is it a challenge to sovereignty to question corruption and also to make corrupt …

Win Tin visits political prisoners’ families
Democratic Voice of Burma, Norway –
Win Tin, a senior National League for Democracy member and veteran journalist, had served more than 19 years in prison when he was released in September. …

Bago residents accuse troops of hosting illegal gambling
Democratic Voice of Burma, Norway –
Dec 22, 2008 (DVB)–Residents of eastern Bago division have complained that State Peace and Development Council troops have set up an illegal gambling centre …

Youth activists launch jasmine campaign
Democratic Voice of Burma, Norway –
According to one of the campaign leaders, who did not wish to be identified, jasmine was chosen as the symbol for the campaign because the Burmese word for …

Suu Kyi honorary member of ‘Council of Women World Leaders’, India –
… voted to nominate Daw Aung San Suu Kyi as honourary member of the council as a mark of respect to her commitment to the struggle for democracy in Burma. …

Scots donate more than £1.5m to overseas emergencies
The Herald, UK –
Generous Scots donated more than £1.5 million this year to overseas emergencies including the cyclone in Burma and the humanitarian crisis in the Democratic …

Armed Insurgents in Burma Face Shortage of Ammunition
The Irrawaddy News Magazine, Thailand –
… to show off his SAM-7 missiles and the rest of his impressive arsenal in annual parades, until he finally surrendered to the Burmese junta in 1996. …

Aid group lists ‘Top 10’ humanitarian crises
USA Today –
“In some of these places, it is extremely difficult for aid groups to access populations requiring help,” Dr. Christophe Fournier, head of Medecins Sans …

GSM Cards Launched in Yadanabon
The Irrawaddy News Magazine, Thailand –
… collaboration with the state-owned Myanmar Post and Telecommunication in a test market mainly focused on foreigners who reside in Burma and tourists who …

Burma One of the Worst Crises in the World: MSF
The Irrawaddy News Magazine, Thailand –
… the Geneva-based organization, which won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1999, stated: “In places such as Myanmar [Burma] and Zimbabwe—where governments fail …

World’s Top 10 Crises Of The Year
Sky News, UK –
Violence in Somalia, civilian displacement in Congo and medical emergencies in Burma and Zimbabwe have been named among the top 10 humanitarian crises of …

19 North Koreans Arrested at Thai-Burmese Border
The Irrawaddy News Magazine, Thailand –
… signed documents allowing visa-free travel by diplomats and government officials, according to the Burmese state-run newspaper The New Light of Myanmar. …

Burmese Journalist Looks Back at a 20-Year Struggle
The Sikh Times, UK, UK –
The series of protests ended on Sep 18, 1988 when the State Law and Order Restoration Council (SLORC), as the junta as called, was established after a …

Health of Burmese Cyclone Volunteer at Risk
The Irrawaddy News Magazine, Thailand –
By SAW YAN NAING A Burmese cyclone relief worker, Yin Yin Wine, who has been detained in Insein Prison in Rangoon, is suffering a stomach or intestinal …

Burmese labour issues destined to invite problems, India –
A new amendment to the ‘Myanmar 1951 labour law’ says that every employee who has completed a period of 12 months continuous service shall be granted earned …

Aid work ‘increasingly hazardous’
BBC News, UK –

The charity also flagged up health crises in both Burma and Zimbabwe. In Burma, it said, hundreds of thousands of people were dying from Aids because the …

Zim in MSF’s ’10 worst’ list
Independent Online, South Africa –
The same troubles face those operating in Sudan, Iraq, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Myanmar and Zimbabwe, where MSF is becoming more limited than ever …

95 journalists killed in one year in 32 countries
Human Rights Tribune, Switzerland –
“Sixty years after the adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the violations of press freedom are widespread in several regions of the world …

Doctors group: Somalia, Congo among Top 10 Crises
They cite spiraling violence in Somalia, forced civilian displacements in eastern Congo, and neglected medical emergencies in Myanmar and Zimbabwe among the …

MSF ‘top 10’ crises highlight risks for aid workers
Reuters AlertNet, UK –

In Myanmar and Zimbabwe, where governments failed to make health care a priority or viewed NGO involvement with suspicion, humanitarian organisations were …

Pak-Iran border most active point, says report
The News International, Pakistan –
“According to the statistics of the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan, about 450000 Pakistanis migrate each year, out of them 300000 migrate illegally …

Democracy’s defeat in Thailand sad but no surprise
The Canberra Times, Australia –
Relatively few Asian countries are openly run as dictatorships nowadays China, Vietnam and Burma are the main exceptions but the urban elites and the big …

Doc NZ: Rioting Monks and Islamic Homosexuals (press release), New Zealand –
While the final programme of 40 plus films will be released in January, the following five documentaries have already been confirmed: Burma VJ – Reporting …

Abhisit needs pragmatism and vision to lift the country
เดอะ เนชั่น, Thailand –
Thailand must maintain an open and democratic society with due respect for human rights and international norms and values including governance. …

Waves of Hope and Change
Dissident Voice, CA –
After the 2008 Burma cyclone, Association of South-East Asian Nations (ASEAN) Secretary-General Surin Pitsuwan blamed “encroachment into mangrove forests, …

Pilger: Wishful Thinking
ZNet, MA –
April: Aung San Suu Kyi is released from house arrest and assumes her rightful place as the democratic head of the government of Burma . …

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Burma’s HIV/AIDS Crisis in Red Alert: MSF

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Burma’s HIV/AIDS Crisis in Red Alert: MSF

By Wai Moe –

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

About 25,000 people died of AIDS-related illnesses in 2007 in Burma and 76,000 out of an estimated 240,000 people who are thought to be carrying HIV/AIDS urgently need antiretroviral treatment (ART), the Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) said on Tuesday.

The Geneva-based humanitarian aid organization said in its latest report “A Preventable Fate: The Failure of ART Scale-up in Myanmar,” that the situation for many people living with HIV/AIDS in the Southeast Asian Nation is critical due to a severe lack of lifesaving ART.

“Last year, around 25,000 people died of AIDS-related illnesses. A similar number of people could suffer the same fate in 2008 unless there is a significant increase in accessible antiretroviral treatment (ART),” MSF Operations Manager Joe Belliveau said in a press release.

The MSF said that during its five years of operation in the country, the Burmese regime and International Community’s response to the most serious HIV/AIDS epidemics in Asia has remained minimal.

The MSF added it can only provide medicine to 20 percent, or about 11,000 of the 76,000 people who need treatment immediately. The Burmese regime and other nongovernmental organizations supply 4,000 people with ART, it said.

However, the MSF said that it has recently been forced to make the painful decision to drastically reduce the number of new patients it can treat.

“It is unacceptable that a single NGO is treating the vast majority of HIV patients in a crisis of this magnitude,” Belliveau said.

According to the report, in the last two years, Burma’s Department of Health has treated only an estimated 1,800 patients with ART in 22 hospitals across the country.

The organization called upon the Burmese authorities and the International Community to mobilize quickly in order to address the situation. The Burmese military regime currently spends an estimated 0.3 percent of the gross domestic product on health, which the lowest amount in the world.

“In 2007, the Government of Myanmar spent just US $0.7 per person on healthcare, with a paltry $200,000 allocated for HIV/AIDS in 2008,” the MSF said.

The level of international humanitarian aid also is strikingly low, around $3 per person, one of the lowest rates worldwide, according to the report.

The cost of monthly first-line ART from a private pharmacy is US $29 in Burma where a majority of more than 50 million Burmese survive on $1.2 per day income.

The MSF said if people can find a way to afford ART, many become indebted and are soon force to stop taking the medicine.

It also said that governmental constraints and bureaucratic procedures may be challenges for aid organizations by noting that in some areas in the country, such as Kayah [Kareni] State, the MSF has not been permitted to start AIDS treatment.

The report quoted a 28-year-old male patient, “I think that I am going to die. I cannot do anything to get better. Even if there is a treatment, I am not able to afford it, as I do not have money. So I think that I will die from HIV.”

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World focus on Burma (22 July 2008)

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UN Humanitarian Chief in Burma to Assess Post-Cyclone Need

Voice of America – 1 hour ago
By VOA News United Nations humanitarian chief John Holmes has arrived in Burma for his second visit since Cyclone Nargis devastated parts of the reclusive …

WHO to Rebuild Health Facilities in Burma

Voice of America –

The report assesses damage caused by Cyclone Nargis at $4 billion and estimates Burma, also known as Myanmar, will need $1 billion over the next three years …

WYD Celebrates the Church’s pacific face

National Catholic Register, CT –

Those from Myanmar (Burma), for example, are not free to build new churches or have large religious gatherings without government approval. …

Millions in Myanmar cyclone aid still to be released


GENEVA (AFP) — More than 5.8 million dollars in emergency aid for victims of Myanmar’s cyclone Nargis is still to be released by donor countries, …

Mapping malaria nets (subscription), UK –

For example, Burma (Myanmar) received US$0.01 for each person at risk, compared to US$147 in Suriname, South America. Certain areas, such as Africa, …

Burma makes us all look like fools again

Nation Multimedia, Thailand –

Now, Asean and the international community are committed to help revitalise Burma after Cyclone Nargis. An assessment report by Asean, the UN and Burma said …

Breakfast to raise funds for number of worthy causes

Inside Toronto, Canada –

Last month, the busy restaurant raised $7000 to help victims of an earthquake in Sichaun, China and a cyclone in Burma. This Monday, July 28, …

Burma pulls down ASEAN, India –

New Delhi – Burmese Foreign Minister, Nyan Win has reportedly hinted at Burma’s opposition to empowering a Southeast Asian human rights body with …

UN Humanitarian chief visits Burma to assess post-cyclone situation, India –

Holmes is visiting Burma a day after overseeing the release of the UN-spearheaded latest report on the post-cyclone situation in Burma’s Irrawaddy and …

Australia boosts cyclone aid to Burma, Australia –

The increase brings Australia’s total contribution to $55 million, making it one of the largest individual donors, a statement from the office of Minister …

Govt pledges $30m for Burma cyclone aid

ABC Online, Australia –

Australia will donate a further $30 million in aid money to help Burma recover from the cyclone that devastated parts of the country earlier this year. …

`Death deprived Mahatma Gandhi of Nobel Peace Prize’, Thailand –

Perhaps the junta in Myanmar would have permitted her to leave the country and go to Norway? However, Mjos said that unless she was to have a guarantee that …

Help still needed in Burma

Charities Aid Foundation, UK –
People living in the cyclone-hit regions of Burma still need aid, according to Save the Children. The charity is calling on donors to give another £150 …

UN Official Observes Burmese Relief Efforts

The Irrawaddy News Magazine, Thailand –

By SAW YAN NAING The United Nations’ chief humanitarian relief official, John Holmes, started a three-day visit to Burma on Tuesday to observe post-cyclone …

Burma: A Human Rights Supporter?

The Irrawaddy News Magazine, Thailand –

Ironically, Burma, in terms of human rights and Asean, has garnered phrases like “hot potato,” “problem child” and “thorn” ever since it joined Asean in …

Families of suffocated Myanmar workers’ awarded Bt35,000

Thai News Agency MCOT, Thailand –

Of the remaining survivors, Thai police investigators have taken 10 of them as witnesses, while others have been repatriated to Myanmar, also known as Burma …

Burma Opposes Asean Investigative Powers

The Irrawaddy News Magazine, Thailand –

By JIM GOMEZ / AP WRITER SINGAPORE — Burma’s junta has indicated it will oppose any effort to give a Southeast Asian human rights body the power to monitor …

Nobel Laureate Doubts Suu Kyi Will Be Released

The Irrawaddy News Magazine, Thailand –

By VIOLET CHO Nobel Peace Prize laureate Jody Williams has condemned a decision by Burma’s junta to extend the house arrest of opposition leader Aung San …

ASEAN Turns Blind Eye to Burma Rights


Since Burma’s junta took over the country, also known as Myanmar, in 1962, its people have gone from some of the richest in Asia to among its poorest. …

Time for donors to give more to Burma says Save the Children, UK –

World governments had pledged to give more money to Burma on condition that an independent assessment of the needs was carried out and that international …

Charcoal Price Hike Leads to More Firewood Use

The Irrawaddy News Magazine, Thailand –

The sale of firewood in Rangoon has increased two fold since deadly storm hit Burma. Before the cyclone, dealers mainly sold low and medium grade wood. …

ANALYSIS: ASEAN risks being sidelined without fulfilling goals

Monsters and –

The charter, signed by the 10 ASEAN leaders in November, seeks to commit the disparate nations to promote human rights and democratic ideals. …

Interview: Mario Bello Takes on THE MUMMY!


And I think it’s insane that we’re in Iraq, we’re in Afghanistan, and the people of Burma are suffering so much. The people of Darfur are suffering so much. …

Burma: Efforts to help cyclone victims still in relief phase, says UN


Italy –

“Nearly three months after Cyclone Nargis struck Myanmar (Burma), the Government and its humanitarian partners are continuing to assist the humanitarian …

UN Humanitarian Chief in Burma to Look at Post-Disaster Relief …, OR –

YANGON, July 22 (Xinhua) – United Nations Humanitarian Chief John Holmes arrived here Tuesday on a re-visit to Myanmar to look into post-disaster relief and …

When, and How, to Spread Democracy?, OR –

Those thoughts were in keeping with Bush’s and Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice’s emphasis on promoting democratic government and human rights in …

UN humanitarian chief visits Burma cyclone zone

The Standard, Hong Kong –

UN humanitarian chief John Holmes arrived in Burma for a three-day trip to see how the military-run nation is coping after a devastating cyclone, …

SOUTH-EAST ASIA: Offer to Release Suu Kyi a Ploy?

Inter Press Service (subscription), Italy –

For the military rulers in Burma, or Myanmar, have a notorious record of sounding soft and appearing to compromise when they are under political heat from …

Myanmar needs more aid

Philadelphia Inquirer, PA –

By Vijay Joshi AP SINGAPORE – Survivors of Myanmar’s Cyclone Nargis face a “second emergency” unless relief efforts receive $1 billion in international aid …

Iran’s gasoline imports prime target for sanctions

Globe and Mail, Canada –

The same caution would also apply to Zimbabwe, North Korea and Myanmar, also known as Burma. Left largely unsaid in the book is what the United States …

Burmese MPs Urge UN to Reject New Constitution

The Irrawaddy News Magazine, Thailand –

“We expect that secretary-general will also stand for the rights of the people of Burma/Myanmar, who were unable to express their real aspirations in the …

Rock Band to Help Out Refugees

RedOrbit, TX –

Funds will support families like the Bays, who came to St. Charles after suffering years of persecution in Myanmar which was formerly known as Burma. …

ASEAN karaoke night cancelled, Australia –

Ministers from the 10 ASEAN countries – Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Burma, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam – plus dialogue …

Myanmar denies Suu Kyi release, Qatar –

Myanmar’s military government has denied that the country’s opposition leader will be freed by the end of the year, saying that reports of her early release …

Bombers target Chinese buses

Dispatch Online, South Africa –

The agency said border guards had tightened security at all exit and entry points in Yunnan, which has long borders with Myanmar (Burma), Laos and Vietnam. …

South-east Asian nations express “disappointment” at Burma, UK –
“They repeated the call by Asean leaders for the release of Aung San Suu Kyi and other political detainees as part of Myanmar’s [Burma’s] national

ASEAN Plays a Major Role in Responding to Burmese Cyclone Disaster

Asian Tribune, Thailand –

The international community has expressed their support that ASEAN continues its presence in Myanmar for the relief and early recovery phase in the next 12 …

Burma survivors face ‘second emergency’

Sydney Morning Herald, Australia –

The United Nations’ humanitarian chief, John Holmes, noted that while Myanmar eventually cooperated with the UN in humanitarian operations, it was unclear …

Japan Presses Burma on Democratization, Shooting of Journalist, OR –
The talks in Singapore came on the heels of a joint communique by ASEAN foreign ministers on Monday [21 July] that urged Myanmar [Burma] to free all

The Associated Press –

… hopes of an early release for Suu Kyi, who has now been detained for more than 12 of the last 18 years at her home in Myanmar, also known as Burma. …

scam busters

Irish Independent, Ireland –

Days after Burma was struck by a cyclone that killed tens of thousands and left many more homeless, emails were winging their way around the internet …

Nobel laureate meets Burmese women

Bangkok Post, Thailand –

The Nobel Women’s Initiative delegation focused on the plight of Burmese women in the aftermath of Cyclone Nargis during their information-gathering trip to …

ASEAN has tough talk, little action on Myanmar: observers


Egoy Bans, spokesman for the Free Burma Coalition in the Philippines, said the comment was the latest in a series of jabs that ASEAN has made at the regime …

Myanmar ratifies ASEAN pact on democracy, rights

China Post, Taiwan –

Myanmar pledged to abide by the EU-style charter at the annual meeting of Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) foreign ministers, which was also …

ASEAN demands action on soaring commodity prices

China Post, Taiwan –

On rogue member Myanmar, the ministers “took note” of a referendum which passed a new constitution in May in the aftermath of killer Cyclone Nargis, …

Burma signs up to rights charter

The Canberra Times, Australia –

BY CHRISTOPHER BODEEN Burma’s military junta said yesterday it would abide by a regional charter calling for a human rights body, a day after being slammed …

Youthful activism takes root in Burma

Irish Times, Ireland –

The security apparatus of Burma’s military junta was thought to have largely shattered the opposition last August and September, in a crackdown that …

Malaria control goals are likely to be unachievable

EurekAlert (press release), DC –

While Myanmar (Burma) received an average of US$0.01 per capita-at-risk of malaria by the GFATM, the northern South American country Suriname was awarded …

Malaria Millennium Development Goal ‘unlikely to be met’

EurekAlert (press release), DC –

For example, Burma (Myanmar) received US$0.01 for each person at risk, compared to US$147 in Suriname, South America. Certain areas, such as Africa, …

Zimbabwe: The getaway plan

ZimDaily, UK –

… “the band wagon is getting bigger and bigger, its not too late to save yourself by quitting mediation, we can always become a proper junta like Burma”. …

PRESS DIGEST-Financial Times, Wall St Journal Asia editions

Reuters –

Cyclone Nargis, which swept across Burma in May, caused more than $4 billion in damage and losses to the country, according to an international assessment. …

Countdown Beijing 2008: 2 die in Chinese bus blasts

Nigerian Tribune, Nigeria –

… on Saturday, rubber farmers clashed with police in Menglian county, in the south-west of the province close to the border with Burma (Myanmar).

UN needs £500m for Burmese cyclone relief

The Herald, UK –

… the report prepared by the United Nations, the Association of South-east Asian Nations (Asean) and the military junta in Burma, also known as Myanmar. …

Myanmar ‘breakthrough’ may not be all it appears

South China Morning Post (subscription), Hong Kong –

When it comes to Asean and its bete noire, Myanmar, it is a struggle to be optimistic. On the surface, the past two days have proved fruitful for the …

By VOA News Burma’s military government has ratified the Association of Southeast Asian Nations’ new charter, which commits ASEAN members to observe …

Canadian National Newspaper, Canada –

These include private firefighters already on the scene in Northern California’s wildfires, to land grabs in cyclone-hit Burma, to the housing bill making …

TWO VIEWS: Democracies can react to genocide, global disasters …

Fresno Bee (subscription), CA –

They have far different notions of freedom, democracy and human rights and, left to their own devices, they would create a world far less hospitable to our …

Junta must show commitment to change

South China Morning Post (subscription), Hong Kong –

The reaction of the junta to Cyclone Nargis in May showed a lack of concern for the people of Myanmar. Its initial refusal to let international aid agencies …

The Standard, Hong Kong –

And a joint report by ASEAN, the United Nations and the Burmese government said that rebuilding Burma’s cyclone-devastated south and delivering aid to …

A Year Long and Still Strong: One Person’s Tireless Dedication …

Sudbury Star, Canada –

For Dr. Kevin McCormick, an inspirational human rights advocate, this day is celebrated as an opportunity to get involved in the flight against conflict, …

Reconciling Evil With Faith

American Enterprise Institute, DC –

They usually cite the natural evils that too often crash upon humans–in China a stupefying earthquake, in Burma a cyclone, elsewhere tsunami, or tornado, …

Burma: Cyclone updated top news (31 May 2008)

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The Southern Ledger

Mulish Myanmar

Seattle Times –
The ruling generals of Myanmar try the world’s patience with their cruel indifference in the face of the country’s humanitarian crisis.
Burma’s Rulers Tighten Grip on Power Voice of America
US sharply skeptical of Myanmar constitution AFP
all 2,019 news articles »



US Defence Secretary criticises Burma’s junta over cyclone relief

Radio Australia –
America’s Defence Secretary Robert Gates says the delay by Burma’s junta in allowing international aid into the cyclone-hit country cost tens of thousands of lives.
Burma’s rejection of aid has led to death of thousands, says US
Gates slams Myanmar’s response to Nargis Radio Netherlands
all 192 news articles »


The Daily Star

Poor access irks RP, SEA aid workers in Myanmar

ABS CBN News –
YANGON – Myanmar has asked Southeast Asian nations to coordinate the international cyclone relief effort, but regional officials here said Saturday they are frustrated by the regime’s handling of the crisis.
Myanmar warned against premature resettlement The Associated Press
Myanmar Delays Cost `Thousands of Lives,’ Gates Says (Update2) Bloomberg
Washington PostHinduMinneapolis Star TribuneThe Press Association
all 2,509 news articles »


Help is scant in Myanmar village deep inside delta

A man looks out at damaged roof sections being used to gather storm water into large jugs  in Pyinmagon village on an island in Myanmar's Irrawaddy Delta, Thursday, May 29, 2008. Due to the lack of aid and relief after the cyclone that ravaged Myanmar many survivors are forced to resort to making make shift fresh water gathering solutions to get by. (AP Photo)

AP Photo: A man looks out at damaged roof sections being used to gather storm water into...

PYINMAGON, Myanmar – Peering out from under the hood of his raincoat, the boat skipper squinted as he tried to steer his small wooden boat through the narrow, twisting channel leading to a village deep in Myanmar’s cyclone-ravaged Irrawaddy delta…..


UN: Myanmar forcing cyclone survivors out of camps

People displaced by Cyclone Nargis line up by their tents for United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon at a refugee camp in Kyondah village, Myanmar May 22, 2008. (Stan Honda/Pool/Reuters)AP – 2

YANGON, Myanmar – Myanmar’s military government is forcing cyclone victims out of refugee camps and “dumping” them near their devastated villages with virtually no aid supplies, U.N. and church officials said Friday.


Myanmar Races to Plant Delta Rice Crops Before Monsoon Rains Bloomberg
Aid Agencies Say Logistical Difficulties Hamper Burma Aid Deliveries Voice of America
ReutersMinneapolis Star TribuneCNNHindu
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Gates: Obstructed efforts in Myanmar cost lives

U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates, center, speaks with China's Deputy Chief of the People's Liberation Army staff, Ma Xiaotian, right, at the opening session of the Shangri-La Dialogue security conference, Friday May 30, 2008 in Singapore. (AP Photo/Stefen Chow) AP –
SINGAPORE – Myanmar’s obstruction of international efforts to help cyclone victims cost “tens of thousands of lives,” Defense Secretary Robert Gates said Saturday, reflecting the widespread frustration with the military government there.


Myanmar starts mass evictions from cyclone camps

Fri May 30, 2:05 PM ETKYAUKTAN, Myanmar (Reuters) – Myanmar’s junta started evicting destitute families from government-run cyclone relief centers on Friday, apparently fearing the ‘tented villages’ might become permanent.


BBC News

Burma’s Rulers Tighten Grip on Power

Voice of America –
He promises the United Nations will continue to press Burma, also known as Myanmar, to free political activists. “The sooner restrictions on Aung San Suu Kyi and other political figures are lifted, the sooner Myanmar will be able to move towards …
Burma arrest condemned Scotsman
Cowardice of silence
Aljazeera.netEdmonton SunABS CBN NewsWashington Post
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UN Sees Major Disease Threat in Burma

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UN Sees Major Disease Threat in Burma


The United Nations is stepping up efforts to combat malaria, cholera and other diseases in Burma that are now the main threat to millions left homeless by this month’s cyclone, a senior official said on Thursday.

Stagnant water in the wake of the cyclone and storm surge, which left up to 2.4 million people destitute, has created ideal breeding conditions for malaria and dengue, said World Health Organisation assistant director-general Eric Laroche.

Saw Htu, who lost all his cattle during cyclone Nargis, poses in his damaged house in Denongho near Pyapon on May 20, in an isolated area only accessible by boat which received neither government nor foreign aid. Foreign aid workers pressed into the Irrawaddy Delta, testing the junta’s pledge to open up areas where one million people have yet to receive aid three weeks after the cyclone. (Photo: AFP)

Laroche heads the international health operation formed to deal with the aftermath of Cyclone Nargis, which struck Burma’s fertile Irrawaddy Delta region and the former capital Rangoon on May 2.”The major threat in health now is communicable disease,” he said the day after his return from Rangoon. It was also the monsoon season in Burma, a time when malaria, dengue fever and cholera outbreaks tend to occur, he said.

The government was treating any cases of acute diarrhea as potential cholera, he said. Non-governmental organizations have reported outbreaks of cholera, but none has been verified and the government has not confirmed any, he said.

The WHO is leading a partnership with official, private and non-governmental organizations in Burma to tackle the crisis. It has approved a $28 million action plan over six months for the program, including $10 million directly for WHO operations.

Another priority was to rebuild Burma’s health infrastructure.

The government had already called on private firms to help rebuild schools and hospitals and reconstruction was taking place surprisingly quickly.

Hunger for those left homeless or without the ability to grow food is also a health risk.

“The more malnourished you are, the more inclined you are to be infected,” he said.

Laroche said the Burmese authorities had become much more open about letting in aid workers and granting access to the affected areas in the Irrawaddy delta.

The military regime had been criticized for dragging its feet on allowing a large-scale international effort to tackle the after-effects of the cyclone, which left 134,000 dead or missing.

“It is very clear that things have changed… Obtaining visas is much easier now,” he said.

His words contrasted with those of the UN humanitarian coordinator in Burma, Dan Baker, who said earlier that red tape was still obstructing access to the delta.

Nearly a week after junta supremo Than Shwe promised he would allow in “all” legitimate foreign aid workers, the United Nations said only seven UN expatriate staff had made it out of Rangoon on Wednesday, Baker told Reuters.

“Following what’s been agreed during the last week, I mean that’s just really not acceptable,” Baker said of bureaucratic red tape hampering their access to the delta where up to 2.4 million people were left destitute by Cyclone Nargis on May 2.

Some analysts say it may be out of fear that opening up the country would loosen the grip on power the army has held since a 1962 coup.

Other aid groups also faced problems getting out of Rangoon.

The International Federation of the Red Cross, which has some 30 foreign experts in Rangoon, is still waiting for a green light to us them to establish aid hubs in the delta.

Red Cross spokesman John Sparrow said Myanmar Red Cross workers were doing a tremendous job but they had little experience in handling such a complex major disaster.

“The people we have who we can deploy have seen this before,” he said of the foreign staff who have expertise in areas such as health, water, sanitation and shelter.

“They can quickly make decisions, advise and evaluate. They bring experience and know how,” he said.

Baker, who visited the delta on Tuesday on a government-sponsored trip, said larger towns such as Bogalay and Laputta appeared to be getting a steady stream of supplies.

But in one town there only appeared to be enough rice for a couple of days.

“People were making signs like putting their fingers to their mouth as though they were hungry,” he said.

There were no indications of major outbreaks of disease, beyond some cases of diarrhoea and respiratory infections, he said.

He said a joint assessment by the United Nations, Asean and the Burmese regime was expected within 2 weeks and will “hopefully solve this question of, are there people who haven’t been reached at all? If so, where are they?”

Written by Lwin Aung Soe

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