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World focus on Burma (19 June 2008)

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Cindy McCain visits Vietnam

USA Today –

She has visited Burma — also known as Myanmar — twice. “It’s just a terrible group of people that rule the country, and the frightening part is that their …

World Refugee Day brings cultural events and a ‘celebration of …, ID –

Her office has received a consistent stream of Karen people from Myanmar (formerly Burma), the largest group of new arrivals, along with ethnic Nepalis from …

Brown, Sarkozy urge immediate release of Suu Kyi

Hindu, India –

Their letter rebuked the military regime in Myanmar, also known as Burma, for failing to take up sufficient offers of aid. Sarkozy and Brown criticized the …

One monk and three activists arrested by USDA members, India –

Chiang Mai – Members of the ‘Union Solidarity and Development Association’ (USDA) raided the National League for Democracy (NLD) party headquarters where …

NLD Members Arrested at Suu Kyi Birthday Celebration

The Irrawaddy News Magazine, Thailand –

In this photo released by the Democratic Voice of Burma, Buddhist monks and nuns along with members of the NLD and supporters of pro-democracy leader Aung …

Burmese militia attacks Suu Kyi supporters, UK –

Pro-government militias in Burma today beat and detained protesters calling for the release of the pro-democracy leader, Aung San Suu Kyi, …

12 detained in Myanmar on Suu Kyi’s birthday

The Associated Press –

YANGON, Myanmar (AP) — Myanmar’s ruling military junta detained 12 opposition party members who called for the release of pro-democracy leader Aung San Suu …

Arrested: Volunteers Who Bury the Dead

The Irrawaddy News Magazine, Thailand –

Two of those arrested, Lin Htet Naing and Hnin Pwint Wei, are leading members of the All Burma Federation of Students’ Unions. They went into hiding last …

Salt Shortage Adds to Post-Nargis Woes

The Irrawaddy News Magazine, Thailand –

By LAWI WENG / SANGKHLABURI Amid worries that Burma’s food security could be at risk if farmers in the cyclone-ravaged Irrawaddy delta don’t start planting …

Rice Accuses Regime of ‘Backtracking’ on Suu Kyi Pledges

The Irrawaddy News Magazine, Thailand –

“Rather than risking further unrest in Burma by its unjustified detention of political prisoners and its holding of a rigged referendum in May on a sham …

12 detained after Suu Kyi protest

The Press Association –

… courage and dedication to your people. Your release from house arrest and your freedom to participate in Burma’s political future remain essential.”

Doubting donors withhold Myanmar aid

Asia Times Online, Hong Kong –

The junta’s concession to allow increased access for aid workers and relief shipments came at the end of a three-day mission to Myanmar by UN secretary …

Monks call on EU to bring junta leader to trial, Italy –

Yangon (AsiaNews/Agencies) – The All Burma Monks’ Alliance has called on the European Union to bring charges against strongman Than Shwe before the …

Scientists Fighting Disease with Climate Forecasts

The Irrawaddy News Magazine, Thailand –

By RANDOLPH E SCHMID / AP WRITER / WASHINGTON A cyclone wrecks coastal Burma, spawning outbreaks of malaria, cholera and dengue fever. …

Brown and Sarkozy say freedom for Aung San Suu Kyi is “essential”

Monsters and –

… longer term reconstruction in Myanmar. ‘The success of the international effort will rely on the actions and conditions set by the Government of Burma,’ …

Ireland: Minister for Foreign Affairs Hosts Launch of Human Rights …

ISRIA (subscription), DC –

The launch was co-organised with Burma Action Ireland, and was attended by Dr Thuang Htun, the Representative for UN Affairs of the Burmese …

The Movie List

Vancouver Sun,  Canada –

MYSTIC BALL, Burma Cyclone Relief Fundraiser, Winner Most Popular Canadian Feature VIFF 06 – The story of filmmaker Greg Hamilton’s journey deep into the …

Burma junta gang hits Suu Kyi birthday rally

Mail & Guardian Online, South Africa –

Pro-junta thugs broke up a rally by supporters of Burma democracy icon Aung San Suu Kyi on Thursday, detaining three people among a crowd chanting for her …

UK and France press for Burmese democracy

10 Downing Street (press release), UK –

Gordon Brown and French President Nicolas Sarkozy have called for immediate democratic reform in Burma, and the release of pro-democracy activist Aung San …

Did Nargis Baptize Asean?

The Irrawaddy News Magazine, Thailand –

The Asean chief’s hard work since the catastrophic cyclone slammed Burma’s delta region in early May is to be recognized, but not the self-congratulatory …

Myanmar monks urge EU to bring junta to war crimes court

EUbusiness (press release), UK –

The All Burma Monks’ Alliance, which claims to have organised mass protests against the regime last September, said Than Shwe should face trial for blocking …

World Refugee Day at a Glance: Where is the Promised Land?

New Liberian, Minnesota –

In Myanmar (Burma) the military junta led by 75-year old Than Shwe continued to crack down on dissidents. The junta suppressed widespread protests led by …

Myanmar’s pro-democracy leader marks 63rd birthday

The Associated Press –

YANGON, Myanmar (AP) — Myanmar’s detained, pro-democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi marked her 63rd birthday by offering yellow roses Thursday at Yangon’s …

Suu Kyi supporters make solemn offerings on her birthday


YANGON (AFP) — Supporters of Myanmar’s detained democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi made solemn offerings to Buddhist monks early Thursday as they marked her …

Burma’s Suu Kyi celebrates birthday in detention

Radio Australia, Australia –

Under Myanmar’s State Protection Law, a person can be held without charge or trial for only up to five years, renewable for up to one year at a time. …

Asia Beat: Jun 18 08

The Asian Pacific Post, Canada –

Mogok, about 1000 km north of Yangon, is the source of the former Burma’s famed “pigeon’s blood” rubies, said to be the world’s finest. …

US marks Aung San Suu Kyi’s birthday, deplores her arrest

Straits Times, Singapore –

… political and civil rights by Burma’s military rulers,’ US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said on Wednesday, using Myanmar’s former name. …

Unpopular Politics

NeoConstant Journal of Politics and Foreign Affairs, AZ –

It is about denouncing the genocide in Darfur, the oppression in Burma, the human rights violations all across the globe. Force can be necessary to maintain …

Daw Aung San Suu Kyi

Asian Tribune, Thailand –

… the crises overloading the shoulders of the people of Burma. UN Human Rights Commissioner Ms. Louise Arbor said on June 2, 2008 “in the case of Myanmar, …

Suu Kyi still in eye of the storm as junta bungles cyclone relief

The National, United Arab Emirates –

For the people of Myanmar, formerly known as Burma, trampled for more than 40 years by a repressive military regime, Dr Suu Kyi represents their aspirations …

Recipes for success

South China Morning Post (subscription), Hong Kong –

“My father is a refugee from Burma [Myanmar], and so am I,” says Ip Veng Va. “We came to Macau in 1976 and two years later we opened this small noodle shop. …

Coming to America

Park Record, UT –

Burma, also known as Myanmar, has been under the thumb of a militant government accused of suppressing dissent and violating human rights for many years. …

Burma (Myanmar) boots medics, citing no need

Christian Science Monitor, MA –

Bangkok, Thailand – Having led Thailand’s first medical mission last month to cyclone-ravaged Burma (Myanmar), Pichit Siriwan, a doctor, was on standby for …

Burmese farmers face rice shortage

The Press Association –

A United Nations agency has warned that time is running out to help Burma’s cyclone-stricken farmers plant rice for the next growing season. …

Myanmar junta extends Suu Kyi’s detention, earns international …

IBTimes India, CA –

“Myanmar [Burma] is not the only country that promulgates laws to prevent those who pose danger to the State,” it said. “If necessary to guard the …

Is God a cosmic monster?

Houston County News, MN –

CS Lewis In Myanmar, formerly known as Burma, the death toll from a killer cyclone stands at 78000, with 56000 people still missing. …

The US Must Do More for Burma

Huffington Post, NY –

According to the state-run New Light of Myanmar, this suspicious outcome has “washed away” the 1990 election result. It is deeply regrettable that both Ban …

Unseen Burma: An aid worker’s story

BBC News, UK –

By Dr Chris van Tulleken Finally we were on our way. I looked out the helicopter window and reflected on the last three weeks working in Rangoon. …

Churches still offering aid to cyclone victims

Lebanon Daily News, PA –

… they may go directly to or write to Church World Service, Burma Recovery Relief, …


Written by Lwin Aung Soe

June 18, 2008 at 10:05 pm

Burma denounces ‘warships’

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17 May 2008

United Nations – The Burmese military junta showed signs of paranoia on Friday, denouncing a French naval ship packed with 1,500 tonnes of food aid, with aircraft capable of delivering it, as a “warship” standing off its coast. France said a demand to deliver the aid through Rangoon airport was nonsense.

The French government, which has been pushing the United Nations to forcefully deliver aid to storm victims, said it wants to deliver supplies to inaccessible areas in the Burnese delta.

But French Ambassador Jean-Maurice Ripert make clear to the UN assembly that the ship, which is also carrying helicopters and small boats, was still in international waters, waiting for permission from the Burmese to deliver the supplies.

Ripert said if the military regime continued to bar foreign aid, the refusal would amount to crime against humanity. He conceded to reporters afterwards that the ship was operated by the French navy, “but it is not a ‘warship’, it is a ship on board of which we have 1,500 tons of food, drugs, medicine.

Small boats on board could easily penetrate the delta.

Nearly two weeks after Cyclone Nargis crushed the Irrawaddy delta area and killed at least 30,000 people, the country’s military regime is blocking access by a larger number of international aid workers and insists that material aid be delivered to the government for redistribution.

International health officials have warned of the dire secondary disease consequences of the storm, which has left more than 1 million people without shelter, food and fresh water. The death toll from the storm alone could reach 100,000, experts have said.

France has clashed with China in the UN Security Council on the issue of access, with China opposing any decision to forcefully deliver humanitarian aid to the cyclone victims.

“This ship is equipped with small boats which could allow us to go through the delta to most of regions where no one has access yet. There are also small helicopters which can drop food, and we have doctors and we have platforms for medical intervention,” the ambassador said.

He dismissed as “nonsense” the request by the government of Burma that France deliver the material through airlift in Rangoon.

“We are still trying to convince the authorities of Burma to authorise us to go there,” he said.

“Hundreds of thousands of lives are in jeopardy and we think that the primary responsibility of the government of Burma is to help and open the borders so that the international aid could come into the place,” Ripert said.

France has cited the UN doctrine of responsibility to protect as one which sould allow the UN to force its way into Burma. France was supported only by a handful of Western governments, but others said the UN can intervene only in case of genocide or crime against humanity.

“The responsibility to protect was adopted by 150 heads of States,” Ripert said. “We think it is applicable.”

Ripert said a plane from the French non-governmental organisation Action contre la faim (Action Against Hunger) arrived in Rangoon on Friday and has already delivered aid. (dpa)

Written by Lwin Aung Soe

May 17, 2008 at 4:36 am

World Focus on Burma (17 May 08)

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Human Rights Watch condemns Myanmar constitutional vote

Radio Australia, Australia –

International rights group Human Rights Watch says the results of Burma’s constitutional referendum is fatally flawed. Urging foreign governments to reject …

Myanmar death toll soars

International Herald Tribune, France –

Cases of cholera, endemic to much of the former Burma, have been found although the number of outbreaks are no more than would normally be seen at this time …

Death toll from Myanmar cyclone nearly doubles

The Associated Press –

In an interview with the Democratic Voice of Burma, the abbot of Mandalay’s Maha Gandaryon monastery said monks were stockpiling relief supplies and getting …

Burma/Myanmar: ACN gives help to Burma

Aid to the Church in Need (press release), Australia –

By John Newton CATHOLIC charity Aid to the Church in Need has announced an urgent aid package after Burma was ravaged by a cyclone that left more than 1.5 …

‘Race against the weather’

The Age, Australia –

Mr Costello was restricted to the Burma’s capital Rangoon during his visit. He said the city had been on the periphery of the cyclone but its savagery was …

Junta closes off Rangoon

Sydney Morning Herald, Australia –

Burma’s military rulers have thrown a tightening ring of security around Rangoon, blocking aid workers, foreign diplomats and journalists from reaching …

Utahns rally to help cyclone victims

Salt Lake Tribune, United States –

Sammy Samuels, 27, a native of Burma – the name he prefers over Myanmar – turned on his phone to find more than 20 messages. ” ‘How’s your family? …

A disaster in the making

Bangkok Post, Thailand –

In 2004 it was the tsunami; in 2008 a devastating cyclone in Burma and horrific earthquake in China. This time many thousands of people have died but our …

Myanmar official cyclone toll soars to 78000

Radio New Zealand, New Zealand –

“We are still trying to convince the authority of Burma to authorize us to go there,” Ripert said. “The ship will be off the coast of the delta, …

Cyclone victims ‘without food’

The Press Association –

But the United Nations said the relief supplies sent into Burma by the international community remain far below the needs of up to 2.5 million victims of …


Burmese Monks Pray For Cyclone Victims

NY1, NY –

As the death toll in the cyclone-ridden nation of Myanmar doubled to nearly 78000 Friday, Burmese monks fasted outside the United Nations to pray for the …

EU envoy cautiously optimistic on getting Myanmar cooperation

International Herald Tribune, France –

AP BANGKOK, Thailand: The European Union’s development aid chief said he was cautiously optimistic that Myanmar’s military government will cooperate with …

Luxique Profits to Go to China Earthquake Relief

PR Newswire (press release), NY –

… is to mirror its support for the cyclone victims in Burma (Myanmar) with a similar effort for those affected by the devastating earthquake in China. …

UPI NewsTrack TopNews

United Press International –

The military government of the country formerly known as Burma has kept foreign aid agencies from the areas devastated by the storm, which hit two weeks ago …

Burma denounces ‘warship’

Bangkok Post, Thailand –

He dismissed as “nonsense” the request by the government of Burma that France deliver the material through airlift in Rangoon. …

Canada’s special response team waits for phone to ring

Globe and Mail, Canada –

… long-term Canadian development groups that are already in Myanmar, also known as Burma, because they were operating there before the cyclone struck. …

Asia Beat : May 15 08

The Asian Pacific Post, Canada –

While the workers were thanking her, the woman, overcome with emotion for the victims of the Burma cyclone, gave more money, for a total donation of $74000. …

More Campaign Staffers Out Because of New Ethics Policy

Washington Post, United States –

… manager Doug Davenport and Republican convention chief Doug Goodyear — for representing the military government in Burma, also known as Myanmar. …

Rain deepens Myanmar misery; death toll soars

Reuters India, India –

By Aung Hla Tun YANGON (Reuters) – Torrential rain lashed survivors of Cyclone Nargis on Friday as Myanmar’s junta raised its toll sharply to more than …

Hunger, despair take hold in Myanmar

Globe and Mail, Canada –

Once a rich British colony known as Burma, Myanmar is now at risk of famine after the cyclone wiped out vast swathes of the country’s rice-growing delta …


Myanmar says more than 133000 dead, missing in cyclone


YANGON (AFP) — Myanmar has said that more than 133000 people were dead or missing in the cyclone disaster, nearly doubling the official toll two weeks after …

Neighbors to Press Burma on Response

Washington Post, United States –

Burma this week finally allowed a disaster assessment team from the Association of Southeast Asian Nations to travel to the Irrawaddy Delta region, …

Locals mobilize for Burma relief

Contra Costa Times, CA –

We have to create it,” said Michael Gaw, 20, of Fremont, who left Myanmar, formerly known as Burma, with his family a decade ago. “Obviously, we don’t trust …

France criticizes Myanmar for barring aid ship

WBOC TV 16, MD –

AP – May 16, 2008 8:33 PM ET UNITED NATIONS (AP) – The French ambassador to the United Nations says unless Myanmar allows aid to be delivered to cyclone …

Cyclone Nargis Aid finally reaching Burma’s cyclone victims but ...

Welt Online, Germany –

Burma is also known as Myanmar. „Even in Yangon area, which is reachable by the regime, people are complaining they are not getting aid. …

China reluctant to prod ally Myanmar to ease limits on foreign …

Welt Online, Germany –

The disaster is a reminder of China’s close ties with dictatorships such as Zimbabwe, Sudan and Myanmar – also called Burma – at a time when Beijing wants …

Myanmar Accuses French Aid Ship of Being ‘Warship’

The Ledger, FL –

“I was interrupted after my first sentence by the ambassador of Myanmar, who denounced the fact that France was sending a warship to Burma,” Ripert told …

Death penalty sought in domestic violence shooting

Borglobe, Sudan –

… and the Democratic Republic of Congo – is also taking root in Asia, specifically in Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Burma (Myanmar) and the Philippines. …

Disasters and horrific death… and nothing changes

Bangkok Post, Thailand –

Now the world was watching new tragedies unfurl in China and Burma. On Wednesday, Ms Gunathilaka reflected and said she didn’t believe her village would …

France angered by Burmese delays

BBC News, UK –

“Hundreds of thousands of lives are in jeopardy and we think that the primary responsibility of the government of Myanmar (Burma) is to help and open the …


Most survivors of cyclone are men

The Press Association –

Up to 90% of deaths in the villages worst-hit by Burma’s cyclone could have been women, children and the elderly, aid charities have said. …

POLITICS: Burma Fears Politicisation of Humanitarian Crisis

IPS, Italy –

… May 16 (IPS) – The United Nations, which has accelerated its pace of humanitarian assistance to cyclone-devastated Burma (Myanmar), is making little or …

US lawmakers ask Bush to consider Myanmar ‘intervention’


“We now face the possible death of 2.5 million people in Burma (Myanmar). Thirteen days after the cyclone hit, there is no more time to wait,” they warned …

McCain asks staff to disclose lobbying ties

The Associated Press –

… hired to improve the image of Myanmar’s military junta. “I found out that two people had, some years ago, been involved with the government of Burma, …

Leading article: The biggest tragedy for Burma

Independent, UK –

Burma’s misfortune has been that it has suffered a natural disaster. Its tragedy has been to have a government so callous and so suspicious of the outside …

Burma raises cyclone death toll to 78000 but true figure much higher

Independent, UK –

Mr Gurtner doubted whether the 27000 volunteers of the Myanmar Red Cross Society were up to the gigantic task of providing enough clean water. …

Myanmar Native Living In Pittsburgh Worried About Family Back Home

Pittsburgh, PA –

His wife and child are still in Myanmar. Kyi said he fled what he calls an oppressive regime in his home country, which he still refers to as Burma. …

France criticizes Myanmar for barring aid ship

The Associated Press –

UNITED NATIONS (AP) — France criticized Myanmar’s military junta on Friday for refusing to allow a French Navy ship with 1500 tons of aid for victims of …

China Backs Myanmar in Resisting Demands to Take Aid (Update3)

Bloomberg –

By Demian McLean May 17 (Bloomberg) — China is backing Myanmar as it resists pressure from the US and other nations to admit more relief workers and …


Sugar Land Issues Statement Of Sympathy For Disaster Victims

FortBendNow, TX –

On Friday afternoon, the government of Myanmar, formerly known as Burma, dramatically raised the death count resulting from a cyclone that hit the Southeast …

US supplies groups directly in Myanmar

The Associated Press –

The Bush administration refers to Myanmar by its traditional name, Burma, and its former capital as Rangoon instead of the junta’s “Yangon. …

Myanmar: Too little too late, warns UN, rice crops threatened

ReliefWeb (press release), Switzerland –

Two weeks after Cyclone Nargis devastated parts of Burma, aid is trickling in and some relief workers have been allowed to enter the country, …

France urges stronger UN action on Myanmar

Focus News, Bulgaria –

The French envoy to the United Nations called on the world body Friday to take stronger action to persuade cyclone-hit Myanmar to open up to foreign …

Should We Invade Myanmar?

Town Hall, DC –

What will the slogan be this time: no war to deliver food in Burma? We all know the United Nations will not act in time. Too many of the world’s governments …

Myanmar: MCC seeks $500000 for cyclone response

ReliefWeb (press release), Switzerland –

Contributions should be designated “Myanmar (Burma) relief and recovery” and may be made online at or at any MCC office. …

USAID Prepares Emergency Food Assistance for Haiti

PR Newswire (press release), NY –

WASHINGTON, May 16 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — Today, US Agency for International Development (USAID) Administrator Henrietta Fore sent the director of her …

DEC agencies have been delivering vital health and medical relief …

ReliefWeb (press release), Switzerland –

To make an urgent donation to its Myanmar (Burma) Cyclone Appeal. Donate online: or call: 0870 60 60 900. By Emergency:

ACT launches US $5.1m appeal for cyclone survivors in Myanmar (Burma)

ReliefWeb (press release), Switzerland –

BANGKOK/GENEVA, May 16, 2008 — Responding to the increasingly critical need for humanitarian relief in Myanmar (Burma), ACT International launched a …

OBI Delivers Water, Food to Burma Children

Christian Broadcasting Network, VA –

By Staci Dennis – MYANMAR – Operation Blessing has teamed up with local residents, aid workers and medical staff to help get food, water and aid …


Lutheran World Relief Efforts Reaching Those In Need In Myanmar …

Lutheran World Relief (press release), MD –

Baltimore, May 16, 2008 — Lutheran World Relief has already assisted 100000 people on the ground in Myanmar (Burma) in response to the fatal Cyclone Nargis …


How to help

Seattle Times, United States –

US Campaign for Burma: Providing funds to groups working in Myanmar for intermediate relief rebuilding communities. Donate via …

Uncertainty on kin’s fate worry Burmese in Baguio City, Philippines –

By Gobleth Moulic BAGUIO CITY – Clueless and anxious over what happened to their relatives and friends after Cyclone “Nargis” hit Burma (Myanmar), …

Myanmar Cyclone Hits Close to Home for Refugees

NewsHour –

My family was from Burma. I was born in a refugee camp on the border of Burma and Thailand. I came to the United States only 10 months ago and I came …

McCain Staffers Run Afoul of Campaign Ethics Policy

Washington Post, United States –

… regional campaign manager Doug Davenport and Republican convention chief Doug Goodyear — for representing the military government in Burma. …

Myanmar accuses France of sending ‘warship’

Reuters –

“I was interrupted after my first sentence by the ambassador of Myanmar, who denounced the fact that France was sending a warship to Burma,” Ripert told …

McCain issues new ethics policy for staff

Boston Globe, United States –

… in the past week because of their employment at a public relations and lobbying firm that represented the repressive ruling junta in Burma in the past. …

EU Calls on Myanmar Authorities to Open Humanitarian Gateway

Business Wire (press release), CA –

WASHINGTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–European Commissioner for Development and Humanitarian Aid, Louis Michel, has made a strong appeal to the Myanmar authorities …

Exiled Burmese politician seeks Bay Area support

The Argus, CA –

… the Union of Burma, Win said he wants to promote community-based funding networks to help cyclone victims and free his homeland, now known as Myanmar, …

Get Out On Main Street – THIS Tuesday, May 20th!

The News Journal, DE –

Cyclone Nargis hit Burma (Myanmar) on May 2, 2008 and Red Cross has since estimated the death toll to be between 68833 and 127990. 10 days later, on May 12, …

Burma: A Fake Constitution for Suffering People

Newropeans Magazine, France –

… the Burma Irrawaddy delta on 3 May and the incompetent military response for relief efforts did not prevent the government of Myanmar from carrying out …


Junta: 90 percent supported constitution

United Press International –

Only part of the country, formerly known as Burma, voted in Saturday’s referendum. The vote was postponed to May 24 in Yangon and the Irawaddy Delta because …

Official Death Toll In Burmese Cyclone Disaster Jumps To 78000

RTT News, NY –

The report comes a day before the Burma’s military regime is due to take foreign diplomats to tour of the Irrawaddy delta, the worst hit region. …

Do Great Stuff Supports China and Burma Disaster Relief Efforts

PR Newswire (press release), NY –

Within one week, a typhoon ravaged Myanmar, Burma, killing at least 28000, while an earthquake in western China measuring 7.2 killed more than 50000 people …

Junta rebuffs EU humanitarian Commissioner, India –

Bangkok – The European Union Commissioner for Humanitarian Affairs, Lois Michel has left Burma empty-handed. He failed to convince Burma’s military rulers …

Myanmar accuses France of sending ‘warship’

Reuters –

“I was interrupted after my first sentence by the ambassador of Myanmar, who denounced the fact that France was sending a warship to Burma,” Ripert told …

Death toll doubles in Myanmar cyclone, UN still in dark about … (Pressemitteilung), Austria –

In an interview with the Democratic Voice of Burma, the abbot of Mandalay’s Maha Gandaryon monastery said monks were stockpiling relief supplies and getting …

Relief agencies trying to help cyclone victims Local groups …

Burlington Post, Canada –

By Ryan Bolton It has been nearly two weeks since Cyclone Nargis wreaked havoc on Myanmar and local relief organizations are still hitting a brick wall in …

Are we prepared?, Philippines –

MANILA, Philippines—The recent spate of disasters that killed and dislocated thousands of people—a cyclone that swept Burma (Myanmar), a 7.9 magnitude …

Cyclone death toll soars to 78000

Radio Netherlands, Netherlands –

The official death toll for the cyclone in Myanmar has risen to almost 78000, with some 56000 reported missing, according to state television. …


Worldwide Industrial Marketplace Responds to Asia Disasters by … (press release), NY –

USA Today reported the deaths in Burma could reach 10000. “Both disasters are just devastating and right now getting emergency teams to survivors with food, …

Editorial: Stopping the helpers

Vail Daily News, CO –

That’s what makes the situation in Myanmar — which used to be Burma — beyond appalling. That country near India, whose people are shackled with both …

78000 dead in Myanmar 56.000 missing

Bombay News, India –

Burma’s state media say the death toll from cyclone Nargis has reached almost 78000 and that another 56000 people are missing. …

ShelterBox aids with cyclone victims

Bradenton Herald, United States –

Funds raised for the club’s ShelterBox program are assisting is the delivery of aid from the United Kingdom to the country formerly known as Burma. …

UN chief warns Myanmar death toll could soar without more aid to …

The Canadian Press, UNITED NATIONS –

UNITED NATIONS — UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon says the already horrific death in Myanmar could increase dramatically unless Myanmar’s military …

UN chief warns of increasing Myanmar death toll unless military ... (Pressemitteilung), Austria –

Ban told the UN General Assembly that he was sending UN humanitarian chief John Holmes this weekend to Myanmar, which is also known as Burma. …

Update: China, Myanmar Death Count Continue To Climb


Beijing, China (AHN) – Disaster-ravaged neighbors China and Burma registered increases in their respective death tolls on Friday. …

India sends doctors to Burma

BBC News, UK –

“The request was made by the Myanmar government to our Ministry of External Affairs which in turn passed it on to the Ministry of Defence,” says Wing …

Burma: the misery, the fear and the secrecy

Independent, UK –

All that is known is that a Myanmar state television report today said the official death toll has jumped sharply, to 77738 from a previous figure of 43328. …

EU Aid Commissioner returns from Myanmar without concrete results

Monsters and –

Bangkok – EU aid Commissioner Louis Michel was returning from Myanmar Friday after a two-day visit to cyclone-ravaged Myanmar, without making any concrete …


UN to send envoy to Burma

Peterborough Examiner, Canada –

The UN secretary general has decided to dispatch his top emergency relief co-ordinator to Myanmar, if he can get a visa from the country’s military rulers. …

Negotiating aid politics

BBC News, UK –

By Mike Thomson Getting aid staff and relief supplies into Burma is already difficult. Criticise the country’s generals and it threatens to become …

Stars Come To The Aid Of Myanmar

KBS Radio, Canada –

Myanmar, still recognized as Burma by many nations, has been under the strict military rule of Senior General Than Shwe since 1992.

Junta ‘hiding Burma tragedy scale’, UK –

Burma’s military leaders have been accused of deliberately keeping the full plight of suffering cyclone survivors from aid agencies. …

‘They must help us help them’: EU official on Myanmar

EUbusiness (press release), UK –

(BANGKOK) – The European Union’s humanitarian aid chief on Friday said the international community should press Myanmar to speed up the relief and recovery …

UN chief: Myanmar death toll could rise without more aid to help …

International Herald Tribune, France –

Ripert said it was “unacceptable” and warned that refusing to allow aid to be delivered to people in need or in danger in the country, also known as Burma, …

Burma: Aid at the Point of a Gun

Asian Tribune, Thailand –

Now, the question is whether the R2P could intervene in Myanmar, or formerly known as Burma, when reports reach the UN that the military junta is preventing …

Rain deepens Myanmar misery; death toll spikes

National Post, Canada –

In a shock update to a death toll that had consistently lagged behind international aid agency estimates, state television in the army-ruled former Burma …

Myanmar Cyclones and the Michigan Storm of 1998

Associated Content, CO –

By Mar, published May 16, 2008 We in the US watch in horror as the death toll escalates from the cyclone in Myanmar, Burma. Or do we? …

Official Myanmar death toll increases to 78000

Afrique en ligne, France –

The majority of the casualties from the cyclone having taken place in Burma. Only once rescue workers reached the hardest hit areas of the storm did they …


Death Toll Rises in Myanmar as Torrential Rains Lash the …

Vatican Radio, The Vatican –

Despite the latest storm, which is likely to turn already damaged roads to mud in the region, the former Burma’s ruling generals insist their relief …

Brown clarifies Burma remarks

Famagusta Gazette, Cyprus –

MAY.08 The British Prime Minister’s office has clarified earlier comments that the UN was organising an emergency summit on Burma’s cyclone disaster. …


MaximsNews Network, NY –

Question: When Mr. Holmes was here last week, he indicated that he probably wouldn’t be going to Myanmar. Did something change between then and now? …

Myanmar says more than 133000 dead, missing in cyclone, Canada –

Michel has warned that the impoverished country, once a rich British colony known as Burma, is at risk of famine after Cyclone Nargis wiped out vast swathes …

Church group moves swiftly in wake of Myanmar cyclone

Nashua Telegraph, NH –

The people of Myanmar certainly need every little bit of help. The cyclone that hit the Asian country formerly known as Burma killed more than 43000 people, …

Myanmar cyclone: Burma death toll jumps to 78000, United Kingdom –

By Thomas Bell, South East Asia Correspondent, and Martina Smit The official death toll of the cyclone disaster in Burma has risen to 78000, …

Red Cross: Burma Water Lack Deadly


16, 2008 By AP The international Red Cross says a lack of clean water will be the biggest killer in Burma in the coming days. …

Red Cross appeal for Burma donations

Ross-Shire Journal, UK –

It is ready to accept donations from members of the public so that the DEC can rapidly scale up its emergency response to the cyclone which hit Myanmar. …


Burma survivor stories are told

CBBC Newsround, UK –

The sad stories of some of the survivors of the cyclone in Burma are being told for the first time. The country has been devastated by Cyclone Nargis and …


Digging out after quake, Canada –
… earlier in May by the military authorities in neighbouring Myanmar, also known as Burma, the Chinese government reacted swiftly to the natural disaster. …
Myanmar and Catanduanes
Catanduanes Tribune, Philippines –
With the death toll rising in last week’s typhoon in Myanmar (also known as Burma), any other living Catandungeño, by experience, would have no defined way, …

Brocktown News

United States Rushing Aid Flights to China, Burma
NewsBlaze, CA –
More US relief flights also are headed to Burma and, separately, the United States is sending 500000 metric tons of food assistance to North Korea, …
US supplies groups directly in Myanmar The Associated Press
Pilot Describes First Myanmar Relief Flight Aero-News Network
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China, Myanmar challenge us to help; heed the call, MI –
In the former Burma, a medieval-minded military junta keeps out most foreign aid workers, while mountains and ruined roads frustrate efforts to reach those …
Sundance Photographic Workshops Supporting China and Burma …
PR Newswire (press release), NY –
Within the span of one week, a typhoon ravaged Myanmar, Burma, killing at least 28000, while an earthquake in western China measuring 7.2 killed more than …
PHOTO ADVISORY — Sundance Photographic Workshops (subscription)
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Myanmar designer weaves hope for Japan’s immigrants
Taipei Times, Taiwan –
“And when that happens and I’m an established designer, then I could begin to take inspiration from Burma,” he said.
Mercy Corps defends Chevron gift to aid Myanmar
The Oregonian –, OR –
Yes,” said Jeremy Woodrum, director of the US Campaign for Burma, a Washington, DC-based group opposed to Myanmar’s regime. “But they’re not the ones at …CVX


Myanmar Cyclone Leaves 500000 Children Needing Help (Update2)
Bloomberg –
Before the cyclone struck, about one in three children in the country formerly known as Burma were already malnourished, according to the UN. …
Myanmar: Thousands of children lost and in danger ReliefWeb (press release)
Cyclone Nargis impact ‘bigger than tsunami’
‘Race against the weather’ The Age
Thaindian.comNew Scientist (subscription)
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In Burma, good intentions are no match for thuggery
Houston Chronicle, United States –
By AUSTIN BAY How many people have died in Burma (Myanmar) since Cyclone Nargis struck the South Asian nation on May 3? Friday, Burman’s dictatorship …
Burma Global Action Network Urges Efficient Aid for the … (press release)
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Luxique Profits to Go to China Earthquake Relief
PR Newswire (press release), NY –
… is to mirror its support for the cyclone victims in Burma (Myanmar) with a similar effort for those affected by the devastating earthquake in China. …
Ottawa’s dollar-match promise sparks plea for donations
Globe and Mail, Canada –
As the death toll in both countries has climbed, to 200000 by some estimates in Myanmar, formerly called Burma, and 50000 in China, concerns among the …
Canada’s special response team waits for phone to ring Globe and Mail
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Locals mobilize for Burma relief
Contra Costa Times, CA –
We have to create it,” said Michael Gaw, 20, of Fremont, who left Myanmar, formerly known as Burma, with his family a decade ago. “Obviously, we don’t trust …
Repression plumbs new depths under Burma’s Than Shwe
Toronto Star, Canada –
In Than Shwe’s Burma (which he caused to be renamed Myanmar), repression has plumbed new depths. Opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi is under house arrest, …
Exiled Burmese politician seeks Bay Area support The Argus
Why Myanmar’s generals shun aid ABS CBN News
The deluge to come The Australian
United Press International, AsiaMarin Independent-Journal
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Washington Post, United States –
(CONCERT) Local musicians and radio DJs are putting on a show at the Rock and Roll Hotel to benefit cyclone-ravaged Burma, also known as Myanmar. …

Boston Globe

News-starved Burmese snap up grim cyclone videos
Reuters UK, UK –
Two weeks after Nargis struck, the former Burma’s military rulers have admitted that nearly 78000 people were killed and another 56000 are missing after one …
Still reeling from military junta, Burma a mess after cyclone Southeast Asian Press Alliance
Help save Burma Catholic Leader
A Disgrace to the Human Race OhmyNews International
Dallas Baptist StandardReuters
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MSN Money UK

UK gives £12m more aid to Burma
BBC News, UK –
Donations to the DEC Myanmar (Burma) Cyclone Appeal have now surpassed £6m. Chief executive Brendan Gormley said he could not stress enough the vital …
Britain pledges more aid for Myanmar cyclone victims AFP
British prime minister seeks emergency UN summit on Myanmar aid International Herald Tribune
Burma: Britain pledges extra £12m The Press Association
ReliefWeb (press release)TeleText
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‘Our holiday to Burma will haunt us forever’
Independent Online, South Africa –
… the heart-breaking human suffering and utter desperation left in the wake of Burma’s (also known as Myanmar) deadly cyclone earlier this month. …

Hunger, despair take hold in Myanmar
Globe and Mail, Canada –
Once a rich British colony known as Burma, Myanmar is now at risk of famine after the cyclone wiped out vast swathes of the country’s rice-growing delta …
Canada sending aid shipment to Myanmar AFP
Canadian Forces plane carrying aid for Myanmar arrives in Bangkok The Canadian Press
Canadian shelter kits close to reaching Burmese
Canada.comAOL Canada
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Radio Australia

An Asean ‘Coalition of Mercy’, Philippines –
… advice to his counterpart in Burma (Myanmar), Foreign Minister Nyan Win, on the matter of assistance and support for the victims of cyclone Nargis. …
Burma’s neighbors step in Christian Science Monitor
Myanmar Faces Mounting Pressure on Relief Efforts, NYT Reports Bloomberg
Myanmar’s mishandling of cyclone disaster deals latest blow to ASEAN International Herald Tribune
AFPWashington Post
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May 17, 2008 at 4:24 am

World Focus on Burma (28 Jan 08)

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  1. Barack Obama’s Rambo Foreign Policy
    National Ledger, AZ –

    Burma, also known as Myanmar, has become one of several proposed high-profile targets for those advocating military intervention in other countries’ civil …

  2. US, UK, France press Myanmar to restore democracy, Philippines –
    “We have repeatedly made clear that the situation in Burma cannot continue, and that we remain committed to helping the people of Burma,” they added. …
  3. Refugees victimized by vandals
    Waterbury Republican American, CT – Jan 27, 2008
    WATERBURY — When Toe Toe Po and his family moved from Myanmar, formerly Burma, to the city last summer, they were relieved to escape the terror and …
  4. Search by Movie Title
    WTOP, DC – Jan 27, 2008
    On the nearby Thai-Burma (Myanmar) border, the world’s longest-running civil war, the Burmese-Karen conflict, rages into its 60th year. …
  5. Worst national security administration ever: Opium edition
    BTC News –
    Between 1990 and 2000, Afghanistan never accounted for more than about 40% of the world’s opium-producing acreage; Myanmar (formerly Burma) was the biggest …
  6. ‘Meet The Spartans’ Conquers Box Office
    Access Hollywood –
    Benz talks about how difficult it was shooting in the jungles of Burma, receiving death threats, and why she felt it was important to shoot this movie in …
  7. EU envoy commences latest Burmese initiative, India –
    Slovenian Foreign Minister Dimitrij Rupel assured Fassino that, “During Slovenia’s Presidency, the Burma/Myanmar issue will be permanently on the agenda. …
  8. Gambari to revisit New Delhi to garner support for Burma, India –
    New Delhi – United Nations Special Envoy to Burma, Ibrahim Gambari, is scheduled to arrive in New Delhi on Tuesday in a continuation of his efforts to …
  9. Sylvester Stallone explains why he brought back Rambo
    PopMatters, IL –
    “Rambo,” the fourth in the series that began in 1982, takes place in present-day, war-torn Burma (which is called Myanmar by its current government), …
  10. The lasting legacy of Suharto
    BBC News If Suharto had the kind of pumped-up ego we usually associate with powerful politicians, he never le…

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World Focus on Burma (26-11-2007)

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  1. Too Many States Not on Course to Meet Clearance Deadlines
    Media For Freedom, Nepal –
    Government use of antipersonnel mines declined further, with only Myanmar/Burma and Russia continuing to lay new mines. Non-state armed groups in at least …
  2. Asean members have no time to waste
    Bangkok Post, Thailand –
    Philippine President Gloria Arroyo told Burma’s Thein Sein during a one-on-one meeting on Tuesday: ”The expectation of the Philippines is that if Myanmar …
  3. China must revalue yuan: Sarkozy, Australia –
    He said he wanted “vigorous” action from China on Myanmar, a close Chinese ally which crushed pro-democracy protests in September, sparking global outrage, …
  4. Burma Mobilizes To Protect 7M Kids Against Polio, New Zealand –
    Midwife Daw Kyin Nu is braving the cold rain in the hilly regions of Shan State, Myanmar, as she goes house to house to vaccinate children under the age of …
  5. Networking Central
    Philadelphia Jewish Voice, PA –
    … half way around the world, monks, and crowds of protestors marched in the streets of Yangon fighting for peace, freedom, and democracy in Burma/Myanmar. ..
  6. Sarkozy says China must revalue yuan
    Sydney Morning Herald, Australia –
    He said he wanted “vigorous” action from China on Myanmar, a close Chinese ally which crushed pro-democracy protests in September, sparking global outrage, …
  7. UN Burma fact-finder to speak at Brown
    Providence Journal, RI –
    Paulo sérgio Pinheiro, the UN special rapporteur for human rights, said he is hopeful that crisis in Burma (called Myanmar by the country’s ruling generals) …
  8. Myanmar PM to visit Cambodia
    Xinhua, China –
    26 (Xinhua) — Myanmar Prime Minister General Thein Sein will pay a goodwill visit to Cambodia in the near future at the invitation of his Cambodian …
  9. Just words
    Pinoy Press, Philippines –
    Here was the most authoritarian leader the Philippines has ever had since Ferdinand Marcos declaring , albeit indirectly, the members of Burma’s ruling …
  10. Boat sinks near Bangladesh-Burma sea border; 50 people missing
    Toronto Star, Canada –
    Several thousand Burmese refugees, mostly Muslims known as Rohingyas, have fled to Bangladesh over the years, claiming persecution by Burma’s military junta …
  11. Myanmar ruby boycott proposal raises red flag
    Los Angeles Times, CA –
    “The sale of these gems gives Burma’s military rulers quick cash to stay in power.” (Myanmar is also known as Burma.) But a successful boycott of what …
  12. Indian Buddhist monks protest against Myanmar junta
    Reuters –
    … emblems,” Kyaw Than of the All Burma Students League said by phone from the town. A monk-led protest was crushed by Myanmar’s ruling junta in September, …
  13. ASEAN pays price for embracing Burmese junta
    Vancouver Sun, Canada –
    … said: “The credibility and reputation of ASEAN has been called into question because of the situation in Myanmar [the name the junta calls Burma]. …
  14. Thailand’s counterfeit pipeline
    Columbus Dispatch, OH –
    … Thailand shares borders with countries that don’t place a premium on intellectual property rights: Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia and Myanmar, formerly Burma. …
  15. Sarkozy urges Beijing to take on greater global responsibility, Italy –
    … and the massacre of Myanmar’s population are the key objectives which French President Nicolas Sarkozy set himself on his arrival in China yesterday, …
  16. ASEAN still toothless after 40 years
    Asia Times Online, Hong Kong –
    The senior diplomat, charged with mediating national reconciliation between Myanmar’s ruling generals and its oppressed pro-democracy movement, …
  17. Report: Myanmar monks have vanished
    United Press International –
    The crackdown by the military junta, which has ruled Myanmar, formerly Burma, since 1989, began after pro-democracy protests were taken over by the monks. …
  18. UN asks Vietnam to help rein in Burma
    Bangkok Post, Thailand –
    Noting that Hanoi is close to Burma’s ruling junta, Gambari said he hoped Vietnam’s government would “further encourage the government of Myanmar to …
  19. NLD branch welcomes Suu Kyi’s statement, India –
    On Monday, the Burmese state-run newspaper, The New Light of Myanmar, carried statements by the ’88’ generation students (The Union of Myanmar), …
  20. USDA to hold pro-government rallies
    Democratic Voice of Burma, Norway –
    The state-run New Light of Myanmar newspaper has been running a number of announcements since early November from ethnic and other political groups who …

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World Focus on Burma (17-11-2007)

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  1. Will the generals dare release the Lady?
    Bangkok Post, Thailand – By LARRY JAGAN
    Tentative talks between Burma’s pro-democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi and the country’s military rulers have begun, raising hopes that …
  2. ”Pipeline politics: India and Myanmar”
    The Daily Star, Bangladesh –
    Recent developments in the gas field projects of Myanmar have served to highlight the intense resource diplomacy that is ongoing in the region. …
  3. Myanmar claims no Buddhist monks killed in democracy protests
    Thai News Agency MCOT, Thailand –
    BANGKOK, Nov 16 (TNA) – The military government of Myanmar has admitted to a higher death toll during the recent democracy demonstrations than it had done …
  4. Myanmar admits nexus with ugs, India –
    Shillong, November 16: Myanmar (Burma) has formally admitted that its proposed crackdown on the North East insurgents in its soil suffered due the tacit …
  5. CWS appeal: Burma (Myanmar) humanitarian assistance
    Church World Service (press release), IN –
    The humanitarian crisis in Burma (Myanmar) is growing. Poverty in some regions has already reached critical levels. In mountainous regions, there is severe …
  6. Laura Bush urges Myanmar gem boycott
    AFP –
    Washington refers to the country as “Burma.” Bush said that Myanmar’s military rulers had just opened a potentially lucrative gem auction show in the …
  7. China unwavering in support for Myanmar
    Daily Times, Pakistan –
    “I don’t think there is any change in substantive issues in the Chinese stand on Burma,” R. Hariharan, a Myanmar expert at the Chennai Centre for Chinese …
  8. Congress urges ASEAN to suspend Myanmar
    Reuters –
    The military government of Myanmar, formerly known as Burma, was quoted by UN human rights envoy Paulo Sergio Pinheiro on Friday as acknowledging that at …
  9. US Senate asks ASEAN leaders to suspend Myanmar
    AFP –
    “I appreciate the strong comments from ASEAN member nations condemning the junta’s violent suppression of peaceful protesters in Burma (Myanmar),” said …
  10. Opinion: A corner of India that holds the key to Asia
    New Straits Times, Malaysia –
    The Indo-Burma Revolutionary Front (IBRF), founded in 1990, went defunct for lack of co-ordinated action and changing loyalties. Now, groups from Assam, …
  11. The Dictator Penalty
    Huffington Post, NY –
    Myanmar: Chevron refuses to withdraw from its partial ownership of natural gas fields and pipelines in the former Burma. Gas money supports one of the …
  12. Myanmar, the UN, and ASEAN
    Foreign Policy In Focus –
    Indonesia and the former Burma fraternized in the Asian-African Bandung Conference of 1955 and the Cold War’s Nonaligned Movement. …
  13. Situation in Myanmar ‘not sustainable’–Singapore PM, Philippines –
    … Lee Hsien Loong said the bloc had “no choice” but to condemn the bloody suppression of pro-democracy protests in member Myanmar (formerly Burma). …
  14. No exact figures on Burma crackdown
    PRESS TV, Iran –
    At least 15 people have been killed in the recent pro-democracy demonstrations in Myanmar’s biggest city, a UN human rights envoy says. …
  15. Asean to Keep Engaging Myanmar; US Urges Suspension (Update1)
    Bloomberg –
    Asean leaders will meet in a few days and they’ll discuss” the Myanmar issue. The military regime in Myanmar, formerly known as Burma, …
  16. Students wonder, ‘Asean, what’s that?’
    Bangkok Post, Thailand –
    Singapore (dpa) – Most students in Asean countries are familiar with the grouping, but nearly half have not visited another country in the bloc and 25 per …
  17. Asian leaders aim for green region, promote nuclear energy, Philippines –
    SINGAPORE–Asian leaders from 16 countries will pledge to increase the region’s forest cover by 2020 and promote the use of nuclear energy during their …
  18. More ethnic groups in Myanmar dispute Aung San Suu Kyi’s statement
    Xinhua, China –
    17 (Xinhua) — More ethnic peace groups in Myanmar are expressing disagreement over a recent statement by opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi, …
  19. Singapore PM urges ASEAN nations to boost economic ties, address …
    International Herald Tribune, France –
    ASEAN consists of Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam.
  20. Asean Needs More Integration to Attract Investment, Lee Says
    Bloomberg –
    Asean members are Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, the Philippines, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Vietnam.
  21. Myanmar junta chief sticks to “democracy roadmap”
    Reuters India, India –
    By Aung Hla Tun YANGON (Reuters) – Myanmar supremo Than Shwe, leader of the ruling military, has vowed that the only path to political reform is via the …
  22. The broken promises of military rule
    Boston Globe, United States –
    The scary part: comparing the off and on detention of Pakistan’s Benazir Bhutto with the longstanding house arrest of Burma’s Aung San Suu Kyi, Burma makes …
  23. (France joins Canada in imposing sanctions on Myanmar) French co-operation applauded
    Edmonton Journal, Canada –
    Bernier pointed out that Canada has implemented “the most severe economic sanctions in the world” against Myanmar, also known as Burma, and expressed his …
  24. China tells Burma to speed up its democratic reforms
    USA Today –
    YANGON, Burma (AP) — China called on Burma to speed up democratic reforms, state media reported Saturday — an unusual move for Beijing, …
  25. Students plan to protest Burma crackdown during ASEAN summit
    Nation Multimedia, Thailand –
    Singapore – University students plan to “make their voices heard” over Burma’s crackdown on pro-democracy protests while ASEAN leaders sign a landmark …
  26. Answers In The Past
    Tehelka, India –
    Full of counterintuitive views (he’s opposed to sanctions and wants tourists to visit Burma) historian Thant Myint-U is a former UN official and the author …
  27. ASEAN plays low against Myanmar
    Newstrack India, India –
    ASEAN accepted Burma’s membership downplaying US and European Union’s opposition. Singapore Prime Minister and Chairman of the association Lee Hsien Loong …
  28. Nobody in Asia supports sanctions against Myanmar: PM Lee
    Channel News Asia, Singapore –
    By S Ramesh, Channel newsasia | Posted: 17 November 2007 2109 hrs SINGAPORE: Nobody in Asia supports sanctions against Myanmar, Singapore’s Prime Minister …
  29. Myanmar set to sign rights charter at ASEAN summit
    Reuters –
    SINGAPORE (Reuters) – The Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN) is unlikely to suspend Myanmar and the military-ruled country is set to sign the …
  30. Total petrol station demo in Wrexham
    Indymedia UK, UK –
    Wrexham Women for Peace and supporters held a demonstration at a local TOTAL petrol station in support of the people of Burma (Myanmar) this morning in …