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Myanmar junta evicts cyclone survivors

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Posted: 18 June, 2008

myanmarcamp.jpgPhoto by Reuters/Aung Hla Tun

Myanmar (MNN) ― Myanmar’s junta government has been quietly evicting cyclone survivors from shelters and shutting down refugee camps. They’re sending the people home for “reconstruction,” but there’s nothing left in most villages.

The government has now imposed martial law in many areas of the delta affected by the cyclone, and some local officials are being accused of abusing their authority.

Donor organizations are still NOT allowed into the villages affected. They are allowed to deliver supplies to an SPDC (Burma Army)-controlled warehouse in township areas where who knows what is happening with the supplies donated. There are growing concerns that the government is merely stockpiling the supplies and issuing propaganda showing distribution.

Vision Beyond Borders’ Patrick Klein says in order to get aid to these areas, “There’s a list. For that village, you have to be on that list; you have to be approved by the village leaders. If it’s not (on the list), you’re turned back, and any supplies you’ve brought for the cyclone victims will be confiscated by the government. I don’t know how our friends are getting on those lists, but they are going in with a team.”

There are other concerns, too. Klein says  they have confirmed reports that the army is now shooting survivors as well as raping female survivors. Blockades are up on all roads and river ways to the delta area to intercept local individuals bringing aid to survivors in order to extort money from them.

Vision Beyond Borders’ team arrives in Myanmar tomorrow. Continue to pray that the Lord would intervene so that the team can reach those needing help. The team sent ahead two containers: one is full of medicine, the other is full of food. They’re also taking in 15 duffel bags with medication, water purification tablets, clothes and money.

Aside from providing the physical help, they’ll also be living their faith. Klein says during his last trip, the team got the chance to talk about Christ and share their testimony.

The response was overwhelming. “I’ve never seen the people cling to every word. They were desperate for hope. That’s what we want to do is bring them not just the supplies. That’s the secondary thing. But we are trying to get the Gospel to these people because we know that there’s a lot of people that could die as a result of this catastrophe, but we want to give them the hope that is in Jesus Christ.”

Written by Lwin Aung Soe

June 18, 2008 at 8:43 am

World focus on Burma (18 June 2008)

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At least 52 dead in floods across India

ReliefWeb (press release), Switzerland –

South Asia’s monsoon season typically runs from June to September and affects millions of people across India, Bangladesh, Nepal and Myanmar (Burma). …

Sylvester Stallone stars in Rambo

This is Nottingham, UK –

Former Green Beret John Rambo (Sylvester Stallone) lives on the Salween River, close to the Thailand-Burma border, supplying cobras and pythons to a popular …

Myanmar’s monks call on EU to bring junta chief to court

Monsters and –

The alliance also appealed to the 27 Heads of State from the EU Council ‘to assist Burma’s democracy movement led by detained leader Daw Aung San Suu Kyi. …

Regime Steps Up Crackdown on Private Cyclone Relief Efforts

The Irrawaddy News Magazine, Thailand –

By SAW YAN NAING Despite assurances of free access by private donors to cyclone-devastated areas of Burma, the military government continues to arrest …

Is Cyclone Aftermath Creating a Burmese Civil Society?

The Irrawaddy News Magazine, Thailand –

One group, the Myanmar-Burma Emergency Aid Network, based in Burma, Singapore and Britain, started up with 70 volunteers, who took relief supplies to 44 …

Burma farmers need $US83m in aid: UN

The Age, Australia –

… said nearly 300 ASEAN assessment team volunteers were now in the delta working “with full support, collaboration from the government of Myanmar (Burma). …

Myanmar needs 32 million dollars in emergency agro-aid, says FAO

Monsters and –

Bangkok – Cyclone-damaged Myanmar needs an estimated 32 million dollars in immediate emergency aid to help 52000 farming families plant their rice this …

Burmese Endure in Spite of Junta, Aid Workers Say, NC –

“The Burmese people are used to getting nothing,” said Shari Villarosa, the highest-ranking United States diplomat in Myanmar, formerly Burma. …

RPT-FACTBOX-What is moving rice prices
Reuters India, India –
While years of military misrule have seen Burma slip far from its post-indepedence position as the world’s biggest exporter, the UN’s Food and Agriculture …

Relief teams work to prevent inundation of farmlands in Irrawaddy …

ReliefWeb (press release), Switzerland –

Domestic emergency relief operation network for cyclone victims— the ‘Myanmar/Burma Emergency Aid Network’ (M/BEAN) has invited well-wishers to donate for …

Myanmar farmers finding some aid is no help

Philadelphia Inquirer, PA –

Associated Press KYAUNG GWIN, Myanmar – Farmer Zaw Naing was puzzled as he stared at the brand-new, unassembled tilling machine – equipment not seen in most …

Burma blogger raises money for ‘Budget Huts’

San Francisco Chronicle, USA –

He is just one example of a grassroots movement that has emerged in Burma, also known as Myanmar. Many of those doing private relief work are highly …

New ASEAN emerging from response to Myanmar cyclone: Surin


SINGAPORE (AFP) — ASEAN, often criticised for not dealing firmly with member Myanmar, was “baptised” by its response to the cyclone in the junta-led nation …

Myanmar’s Cyclone Nargis posed crucial test for ASEAN

Khaleej Times, United Arab Emirates –

SINGAPORE – A new Association of South-East Asian Nations (ASEAN) has emerged from its achievements in cyclone-swept Myanmar, showing the world that the …

Myanmar junta evicts cyclone survivors

Mission Network NEws (press release), Grand Rapids –

They are allowed to deliver supplies to an SPDC (Burma Army)-controlled warehouse in township areas where who knows what is happening with the supplies …

Burmese Endure in Spite of Junta, Aid Workers Say


YANGON, Myanmar — More than six weeks have passed since Cyclone Nargis swept through the Irrawaddy Delta in southern Myanmar, leaving a trail of flattened villages and broken lives and arousing international sympathy that turned to anguish as the military government obstructed foreign aid.


MaximsNews Network, NY –

Question: Is Mr. Gambari still active on Burma and what steps has he taken over the last two months to pursue the mandate he’s been given? …

Junta’s Delays in Myanmar Are Less Costly Than Feared

New York Times, United States –

“The Burmese people are used to getting nothing,” said Shari Villarosa, the highest-ranking United States diplomat in Myanmar, formerly Burma. …

Coming to America

Park Record, UT –

Burma, also known as Myanmar, has been under the thumb of a militant government accused of suppressing dissent and violating human rights for many years. …

China’s Responsibility to Protect

Washington Post, United States –

The responsibility to protect is being tested today by the Myanmar military junta’s refusal to allow massive aid to the victims of Cyclone Nargis, …

World refugee day: What is a refugee?

ReliefWeb (press release), Switzerland –

Similarly, the survivors of Cyclone Nargis in Burma/Myanmar are not refugees; they also are internally displaced people. Why does this matter? …

Written by Lwin Aung Soe

June 18, 2008 at 3:51 am

World focus on Burma (8 June 2008)

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Myanmar tightens security but denies evicting cyclone victims

Myanmar Red Cross volunteers distributing relief supplies to families and community members in Mawlamyinegyun in the Irrawaddy Delta division. Myanmar has tightened security across the cyclone-ravaged Irrawaddy Delta and has denied evicting storm victims from emergency shelters and forcing them to return to ruined villages(AFP/FRC-HO)

BOGALAY, Myanmar (AFP) – Myanmar has tightened security across the cyclone-ravaged Irrawaddy Delta but on Sunday denied evicting storm victims from emergency shelters and forcing them to return to ruined villages.

Myanmar tourism sector reels after cyclone

An empty Chaungtha beach is seen in the Irrawaddy Delta region, Tuesday, June 3, 2008. Chaungtha beach is know as a popular tourist spot for both Myanmar residents and foreign visitors, but since cyclone Nargis, on May 2-3 that left 78,000 people dead and another 56,000 missing, there have been no holiday makers at all causing the entire village to suffer.(AP Photo)

YANGON, Myanmar – When a taxi carrying two Westerners pulled up this past week at the Shwe Sin hotel at the Chaung Tha beach resort in Myanmar’s cyclone-stricken Irrawaddy delta region, cheers rang out from local residents and workers.

Burma rates foreign media ‘worst than cycline’
Bangkok Post, Thailand –
The New Light of Myanmar attributed such negative reports to foreign plots to undermine the government. It cited a recent broadcast by “certain foreign …
Red Cross: Myanmar dead may never be identified
The Associated Press –
YANGON, Myanmar (AP) — Tens of thousands of people killed in last month’s cyclone may never be identified because their bodies have decomposed so badly and …
Asia-focused Australian PM heads to Japan and Indonesia
International Herald Tribune, France –
“Natural disasters in Burma and China in recent weeks… death tolls, have reminded us of the need for regional cooperation to have practical results, …
Myanmar Denies Evicting Cyclone Victims From Shelters, AFP Says
Bloomberg –
By Glenys Sim June 8 (Bloomberg) — Myanmar denied forcing survivors of Cyclone Nargis out of emergency shelters and back to their flattened villages, …
Myanmar denies evicting cyclone survivors from shelters
YANGON (AFP) — Myanmar’s junta denied on Sunday forcing survivors of Cyclone Nargis out of emergency shelters and back to their flattened villages, …
The Oregonian –, OR –
asked Jeremy Woodrum, director of the US Campaign for Burma, referring to Mercy Corps and Chevron. “Yes.” Woodrum quickly noted that Mercy Corps isn’t at …
• K-College grads-to-be to provide aid in Myanmar
Kalamazoo Gazette –, MI –
Worldwide attention turned to Myanmar, formerly Burma, in May when its military junta leaders refused to accept humanitarian aid after a cyclone hit. …
Carr: Slaughter continues in Darfur
MetroWest Daily News, MA –
While the the country and the world’s attention is rightfully focused on matters such as the US Presidential election, the tragedy in Burma/Myanmar, …
Only the International Court can Determine if George Bush is a War …
Political Cortex, NY –
In Myanmar (Burma) the leaders who are busily building luxury dwellings for themselves have made it very difficult for relief agencies to deliver food to …
Homeless cyclone survivors now face monsoon
Scotland on Sunday, UK –
By Pat Wilde A SEVERE shortage of housing has left hundreds of thousands of cyclone survivors in Burma exposed to heavy rains as the monsoon season begins. …
New boss is determined to keep the faith at Al-Jazeera, UK –
‘Our coverage of the Chinese earthquake, Myanmar (Burma) tsunami and Zimbabwe have been extraordinary.’ That may be true, but for reporters, …
Aquino, Estrada, Anwar: Evening of memories, Philippines –
She once read a letter smuggled out of Burma (Myanmar) on behalf of detained Nobel peace laureate Aung San Suu Kyi. Aquino also gave Azizah a political …
Cyclone aid organizer arrested in Myanmar
United Press International –
… Country Director Guy Chase told the Post many victims have yet to receive any aid following the May 3 disaster in Myanmar, formerly known as Burma. …
On Phway to change the world
Manawatu Standard, New Zealand –
The Gorge is about a girl who’s working on getting over her fear, while Paypay is about Shwedagon Pagoda, a golden temple in Burma (Myanmar). …
Despite Rebuff, US Helicopters Stand by to Help Burma
NewsBlaze, CA –
The offer of aid continues even though the US Navy ordered its ships to sail away from Burma after an earlier offer to fly aid inland to people in need was …
More UN support arrives in Burma
The Age, Australia –
Five UN-chartered helicopters have arrived in Burma’s main city Rangoon, to boost efforts to deliver aid to victims of the cyclone that tore through the …
Barbecue to aid cyclone victims
London Free Press, Canada –
“Everybody is really excited,” said Emily Htoo, who is from Burma, also known as Myanmar, and works with refugees originally from that country’s Karen state …
Storm victims face new misery
Toronto Star, Canada –
… tightly controlled by the military government, which also severely restricts international media access to Burma, which the generals renamed Myanmar. …
Burmese refugees sent home
San Jose Mercury News, USA –
LABUTTA, Burma – Within a week of the storm that flooded the delta in May with waves as high as 20 feet, the monasteries in this village were swarming with …
Wasting time waiting to help, MO –
Front page again in News-Leader dated May 29 are photos of weary and homeless survivors in Burma (Myanmar). Their government controlled by military won’t …
Leaving Burma crisis behind
Watford Observer, UK –
Cheques for the Myanmar Cyclone Appeal can also be sent to ADRA-UK, Stanborough Park, Watford, Herts, WD25 9JZ. n Watch out for next week’s special feature …
Myanmar or Burma? Apple’s dictionary had an opinion
CNET News, CA – o
1.02 running in Tiger) gave an interesting pronunciation for “Myanmar:” It’s pronounced “Burma.” I would tend to think this is an accident, …
Burma’s rulers castigate media over coverage
San Francisco Chronicle, USA –
AP The US military said Friday it is keeping 22 helicopters on standby in case Burma’s ruling junta reverses its rejection of such help for cyclone victims, …
Cyclone Relief Reaching Burma, But UN Says It’s Not Enough
Deutsche Welle, Germany –
The Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) has sent 200 personnel to Burma, also known as Myanmar, while Japan and Germany have teams working on …
Karen refugees a ‘forgotten story’
CNN International –
… non-governmental organizations that provide food, shelter and non food items to refugees and displaced people from Myanmar, also known as Burma. …

Written by Lwin Aung Soe

June 8, 2008 at 6:18 am