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World focus on Burma (22 July 2008)

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UN Humanitarian Chief in Burma to Assess Post-Cyclone Need

Voice of America – 1 hour ago
By VOA News United Nations humanitarian chief John Holmes has arrived in Burma for his second visit since Cyclone Nargis devastated parts of the reclusive …

WHO to Rebuild Health Facilities in Burma

Voice of America –

The report assesses damage caused by Cyclone Nargis at $4 billion and estimates Burma, also known as Myanmar, will need $1 billion over the next three years …

WYD Celebrates the Church’s pacific face

National Catholic Register, CT –

Those from Myanmar (Burma), for example, are not free to build new churches or have large religious gatherings without government approval. …

Millions in Myanmar cyclone aid still to be released


GENEVA (AFP) — More than 5.8 million dollars in emergency aid for victims of Myanmar’s cyclone Nargis is still to be released by donor countries, …

Mapping malaria nets (subscription), UK –

For example, Burma (Myanmar) received US$0.01 for each person at risk, compared to US$147 in Suriname, South America. Certain areas, such as Africa, …

Burma makes us all look like fools again

Nation Multimedia, Thailand –

Now, Asean and the international community are committed to help revitalise Burma after Cyclone Nargis. An assessment report by Asean, the UN and Burma said …

Breakfast to raise funds for number of worthy causes

Inside Toronto, Canada –

Last month, the busy restaurant raised $7000 to help victims of an earthquake in Sichaun, China and a cyclone in Burma. This Monday, July 28, …

Burma pulls down ASEAN, India –

New Delhi – Burmese Foreign Minister, Nyan Win has reportedly hinted at Burma’s opposition to empowering a Southeast Asian human rights body with …

UN Humanitarian chief visits Burma to assess post-cyclone situation, India –

Holmes is visiting Burma a day after overseeing the release of the UN-spearheaded latest report on the post-cyclone situation in Burma’s Irrawaddy and …

Australia boosts cyclone aid to Burma, Australia –

The increase brings Australia’s total contribution to $55 million, making it one of the largest individual donors, a statement from the office of Minister …

Govt pledges $30m for Burma cyclone aid

ABC Online, Australia –

Australia will donate a further $30 million in aid money to help Burma recover from the cyclone that devastated parts of the country earlier this year. …

`Death deprived Mahatma Gandhi of Nobel Peace Prize’, Thailand –

Perhaps the junta in Myanmar would have permitted her to leave the country and go to Norway? However, Mjos said that unless she was to have a guarantee that …

Help still needed in Burma

Charities Aid Foundation, UK –
People living in the cyclone-hit regions of Burma still need aid, according to Save the Children. The charity is calling on donors to give another £150 …

UN Official Observes Burmese Relief Efforts

The Irrawaddy News Magazine, Thailand –

By SAW YAN NAING The United Nations’ chief humanitarian relief official, John Holmes, started a three-day visit to Burma on Tuesday to observe post-cyclone …

Burma: A Human Rights Supporter?

The Irrawaddy News Magazine, Thailand –

Ironically, Burma, in terms of human rights and Asean, has garnered phrases like “hot potato,” “problem child” and “thorn” ever since it joined Asean in …

Families of suffocated Myanmar workers’ awarded Bt35,000

Thai News Agency MCOT, Thailand –

Of the remaining survivors, Thai police investigators have taken 10 of them as witnesses, while others have been repatriated to Myanmar, also known as Burma …

Burma Opposes Asean Investigative Powers

The Irrawaddy News Magazine, Thailand –

By JIM GOMEZ / AP WRITER SINGAPORE — Burma’s junta has indicated it will oppose any effort to give a Southeast Asian human rights body the power to monitor …

Nobel Laureate Doubts Suu Kyi Will Be Released

The Irrawaddy News Magazine, Thailand –

By VIOLET CHO Nobel Peace Prize laureate Jody Williams has condemned a decision by Burma’s junta to extend the house arrest of opposition leader Aung San …

ASEAN Turns Blind Eye to Burma Rights


Since Burma’s junta took over the country, also known as Myanmar, in 1962, its people have gone from some of the richest in Asia to among its poorest. …

Time for donors to give more to Burma says Save the Children, UK –

World governments had pledged to give more money to Burma on condition that an independent assessment of the needs was carried out and that international …

Charcoal Price Hike Leads to More Firewood Use

The Irrawaddy News Magazine, Thailand –

The sale of firewood in Rangoon has increased two fold since deadly storm hit Burma. Before the cyclone, dealers mainly sold low and medium grade wood. …

ANALYSIS: ASEAN risks being sidelined without fulfilling goals

Monsters and –

The charter, signed by the 10 ASEAN leaders in November, seeks to commit the disparate nations to promote human rights and democratic ideals. …

Interview: Mario Bello Takes on THE MUMMY!


And I think it’s insane that we’re in Iraq, we’re in Afghanistan, and the people of Burma are suffering so much. The people of Darfur are suffering so much. …

Burma: Efforts to help cyclone victims still in relief phase, says UN


Italy –

“Nearly three months after Cyclone Nargis struck Myanmar (Burma), the Government and its humanitarian partners are continuing to assist the humanitarian …

UN Humanitarian Chief in Burma to Look at Post-Disaster Relief …, OR –

YANGON, July 22 (Xinhua) – United Nations Humanitarian Chief John Holmes arrived here Tuesday on a re-visit to Myanmar to look into post-disaster relief and …

When, and How, to Spread Democracy?, OR –

Those thoughts were in keeping with Bush’s and Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice’s emphasis on promoting democratic government and human rights in …

UN humanitarian chief visits Burma cyclone zone

The Standard, Hong Kong –

UN humanitarian chief John Holmes arrived in Burma for a three-day trip to see how the military-run nation is coping after a devastating cyclone, …

SOUTH-EAST ASIA: Offer to Release Suu Kyi a Ploy?

Inter Press Service (subscription), Italy –

For the military rulers in Burma, or Myanmar, have a notorious record of sounding soft and appearing to compromise when they are under political heat from …

Myanmar needs more aid

Philadelphia Inquirer, PA –

By Vijay Joshi AP SINGAPORE – Survivors of Myanmar’s Cyclone Nargis face a “second emergency” unless relief efforts receive $1 billion in international aid …

Iran’s gasoline imports prime target for sanctions

Globe and Mail, Canada –

The same caution would also apply to Zimbabwe, North Korea and Myanmar, also known as Burma. Left largely unsaid in the book is what the United States …

Burmese MPs Urge UN to Reject New Constitution

The Irrawaddy News Magazine, Thailand –

“We expect that secretary-general will also stand for the rights of the people of Burma/Myanmar, who were unable to express their real aspirations in the …

Rock Band to Help Out Refugees

RedOrbit, TX –

Funds will support families like the Bays, who came to St. Charles after suffering years of persecution in Myanmar which was formerly known as Burma. …

ASEAN karaoke night cancelled, Australia –

Ministers from the 10 ASEAN countries – Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Burma, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam – plus dialogue …

Myanmar denies Suu Kyi release, Qatar –

Myanmar’s military government has denied that the country’s opposition leader will be freed by the end of the year, saying that reports of her early release …

Bombers target Chinese buses

Dispatch Online, South Africa –

The agency said border guards had tightened security at all exit and entry points in Yunnan, which has long borders with Myanmar (Burma), Laos and Vietnam. …

South-east Asian nations express “disappointment” at Burma, UK –
“They repeated the call by Asean leaders for the release of Aung San Suu Kyi and other political detainees as part of Myanmar’s [Burma’s] national

ASEAN Plays a Major Role in Responding to Burmese Cyclone Disaster

Asian Tribune, Thailand –

The international community has expressed their support that ASEAN continues its presence in Myanmar for the relief and early recovery phase in the next 12 …

Burma survivors face ‘second emergency’

Sydney Morning Herald, Australia –

The United Nations’ humanitarian chief, John Holmes, noted that while Myanmar eventually cooperated with the UN in humanitarian operations, it was unclear …

Japan Presses Burma on Democratization, Shooting of Journalist, OR –
The talks in Singapore came on the heels of a joint communique by ASEAN foreign ministers on Monday [21 July] that urged Myanmar [Burma] to free all

The Associated Press –

… hopes of an early release for Suu Kyi, who has now been detained for more than 12 of the last 18 years at her home in Myanmar, also known as Burma. …

scam busters

Irish Independent, Ireland –

Days after Burma was struck by a cyclone that killed tens of thousands and left many more homeless, emails were winging their way around the internet …

Nobel laureate meets Burmese women

Bangkok Post, Thailand –

The Nobel Women’s Initiative delegation focused on the plight of Burmese women in the aftermath of Cyclone Nargis during their information-gathering trip to …

ASEAN has tough talk, little action on Myanmar: observers


Egoy Bans, spokesman for the Free Burma Coalition in the Philippines, said the comment was the latest in a series of jabs that ASEAN has made at the regime …

Myanmar ratifies ASEAN pact on democracy, rights

China Post, Taiwan –

Myanmar pledged to abide by the EU-style charter at the annual meeting of Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) foreign ministers, which was also …

ASEAN demands action on soaring commodity prices

China Post, Taiwan –

On rogue member Myanmar, the ministers “took note” of a referendum which passed a new constitution in May in the aftermath of killer Cyclone Nargis, …

Burma signs up to rights charter

The Canberra Times, Australia –

BY CHRISTOPHER BODEEN Burma’s military junta said yesterday it would abide by a regional charter calling for a human rights body, a day after being slammed …

Youthful activism takes root in Burma

Irish Times, Ireland –

The security apparatus of Burma’s military junta was thought to have largely shattered the opposition last August and September, in a crackdown that …

Malaria control goals are likely to be unachievable

EurekAlert (press release), DC –

While Myanmar (Burma) received an average of US$0.01 per capita-at-risk of malaria by the GFATM, the northern South American country Suriname was awarded …

Malaria Millennium Development Goal ‘unlikely to be met’

EurekAlert (press release), DC –

For example, Burma (Myanmar) received US$0.01 for each person at risk, compared to US$147 in Suriname, South America. Certain areas, such as Africa, …

Zimbabwe: The getaway plan

ZimDaily, UK –

… “the band wagon is getting bigger and bigger, its not too late to save yourself by quitting mediation, we can always become a proper junta like Burma”. …

PRESS DIGEST-Financial Times, Wall St Journal Asia editions

Reuters –

Cyclone Nargis, which swept across Burma in May, caused more than $4 billion in damage and losses to the country, according to an international assessment. …

Countdown Beijing 2008: 2 die in Chinese bus blasts

Nigerian Tribune, Nigeria –

… on Saturday, rubber farmers clashed with police in Menglian county, in the south-west of the province close to the border with Burma (Myanmar).

UN needs £500m for Burmese cyclone relief

The Herald, UK –

… the report prepared by the United Nations, the Association of South-east Asian Nations (Asean) and the military junta in Burma, also known as Myanmar. …

Myanmar ‘breakthrough’ may not be all it appears

South China Morning Post (subscription), Hong Kong –

When it comes to Asean and its bete noire, Myanmar, it is a struggle to be optimistic. On the surface, the past two days have proved fruitful for the …

By VOA News Burma’s military government has ratified the Association of Southeast Asian Nations’ new charter, which commits ASEAN members to observe …

Canadian National Newspaper, Canada –

These include private firefighters already on the scene in Northern California’s wildfires, to land grabs in cyclone-hit Burma, to the housing bill making …

TWO VIEWS: Democracies can react to genocide, global disasters …

Fresno Bee (subscription), CA –

They have far different notions of freedom, democracy and human rights and, left to their own devices, they would create a world far less hospitable to our …

Junta must show commitment to change

South China Morning Post (subscription), Hong Kong –

The reaction of the junta to Cyclone Nargis in May showed a lack of concern for the people of Myanmar. Its initial refusal to let international aid agencies …

The Standard, Hong Kong –

And a joint report by ASEAN, the United Nations and the Burmese government said that rebuilding Burma’s cyclone-devastated south and delivering aid to …

A Year Long and Still Strong: One Person’s Tireless Dedication …

Sudbury Star, Canada –

For Dr. Kevin McCormick, an inspirational human rights advocate, this day is celebrated as an opportunity to get involved in the flight against conflict, …

Reconciling Evil With Faith

American Enterprise Institute, DC –

They usually cite the natural evils that too often crash upon humans–in China a stupefying earthquake, in Burma a cyclone, elsewhere tsunami, or tornado, …


Asean can smile _ but not too broadly

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Bangkok Post

Tuesday 2007 November 13

Recent developments in Burma may have given the Association of Southeast Asian Nations a reason to smile, but experience with the junta not so long ago should restrain Asean from throwing caution to the wind. The cause for hope stems not only from the generals’ decision to let detained democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi meet members of her party for the first time in three years last Friday.

Also encouraging is Mrs Suu Kyi’s positive reaction to the generals’ permission, and her readiness to ”co-operate” with them.

For about two hours on Nov 9, Mrs Suu Kyi is said to have discussed with leaders of her National League for Democracy the conditions for talks between her and junta chief Senior General Than Shwe, as well as ways to help protesters who were arrested and injured during the demonstrations in September.

A day earlier, in a statement read in Singapore by the United Nations special envoy Ibrahim Gambari, she raised hope of a thaw by saying she was ”ready to cooperate with the government in order to make this process of dialogue a success”.

Few would deny that the opening on the part of Mrs Suu Kyi is as important as that of the junta for any move towards national reconciliation.

Fewer may know why, but there is logic in the suggestion that the passage of time may have played a part. It is 18 years since she returned to her homeland and, after seeing so little come of a position she held for so long, it is conceivable that she may have decided to move on.

Whatever is in the mind of the lady, Asean has a prime opportunity at the summit in Singapore next week to make known to the junta’s representative what it thinks.

In the process, the grouping should show appreciation where it is due, guard against being over-indulgent of the junta, and make clear that there will be consequences for any backsliding or game-playing.

Over-indulgence of the junta, as Asean should know, would invite scorn from the grouping’s critics, as well as the junta itself.

After all, the junta is still detaining Mrs Suu Kyi, whose release Asean has been demanding for years, and several hundred other political prisoners. Moreover, the generals are yet to account for the people killed and injured in the repression of pro-democracy demonstrators in September and October _ and Asean must demand this.

As for the junta, it dealt Asean a stiff blow that is unforgettable for what amounted to lack of reflection in late 2005. Under pressure from Asean for more democratisation, it offered to let Foreign Minister Syed Hamid Jaafar Albar visit the country as an Asean envoy. That was on the eve of the Asean summit in Kuala Lumpur. Within days, during the summit itself, the generals extended the detention of Mrs Suu Kyi and, as it turned out, did not allow the Malaysian foreign minister into the country until the following March.

More than other states in the world, Asean knows how the generals in Naypidaw think. With their treatment of the United Nations special envoy Ibrahim Gambari, they have shown their insistence on staying in charge, and solving problems with the opposition in their own way.

The junta rejected the envoy’s proposal for a three-way dialogue, let him see some ministers and Mrs Suu Kyi during the six-day visit, but kept their topmost leader, Senior General Than Shwe, out of reach.

Despite the perceived slight to Mr Gambari, however, it would be short-sighted to think the generals dismiss the importance of the UN altogether. As many UN envoys have found, the leadership plays along when it is expedient to them.

Hence, while Mr Gambari seemed to be in still waters last week, the UN special rapporteur for human rights, Paulo Sergio Pinheiro, announced that he had been invited to return to the country for the first time in four years.

How far Mr Pinheiro is allowed to do his work will be an indicator of the generals’ regard for the world body.

While precedent gives ground to regard with scepticism the recent and ongoing developments in Burma, the positive reaction of Mrs Suu Kyi raises hope that this time there is more than image-building to the generals’ offer.

Asean must work to ensure this and enlist the help of China and India, which will be in Singapore as the grouping’s dialogue partners.

At the same time Asean should also brace for prodding from the European Union, which recently stepped up sanctions on Burma, and will be in Singapore to celebrate 30 years of dialogue with Asean.

Written by Lwin Aung Soe

November 12, 2007 at 8:27 pm