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Day 25 – Thai protesters to fight on despite new premier

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In pictures: Thai protest goes on BBC News, UK –

New PM concedes he met with protest leaders Thai News Agency MCOT, Thailand –

PM optimistic on talks with PAD Nation Multimedia, Thailand –

Slow Motion Violence Strategy Page –

Reuters Southeast Asia News Highlights 0900 GMT Sept 19 Yahoo, Thailand –

Thai PM visits his new office, in abandoned airport terminal AFP –

Thai King Signs Royal Command Appointing Somchai New PM Yahoo, Thailand –

Thai police to tighten security to prevent rally clash Mathaba.Net, UK –

Pro-government rally marks Thai coup anniversary International Herald Tribune, France –

Chavalit: PM suitable to take double post Bangkok Post, Thailand –

Yes, it’s weird times in Thailand and Malaysia – but democracy is … Globe and Mail, Canada –

Thai PM opens dialogue with protest leaders Reuters South Africa, South Africa –

Thailand: MP Wants Southern MP In Cabinet Sin Chew Jit Poh, Malaysia –

Where Is The Tolerance For Democracy? Sin Chew Jit Poh, Malaysia –

Thailand: New Team Seeks Talks With Anti-govt PAD Sin Chew Jit Poh, Malaysia –

New Thai prime minister installed amid continuing political turmoil World Socialist Web Site, MI –

Water management Bangkok Post, Thailand –

Slowly does it … Bangkok Post, Thailand –

Thai Police on Alert as Thaksin Supporters Plan Bangkok Rally Bloomberg –

Weird times in Thailand, Malaysia – but democracy is working Globe and Mail, Canada –

Thai King endorses Somchai`s premiership Mathaba.Net, UK –

Thaksin to vet cabinet Bangkok Post, Thailand –

UDD warned to avoid violence Bangkok Post, Thailand –

Somchai’s fate rests on his balancing act Bangkok Post, Thailand –

On the brink of becoming a failed state Bangkok Post, Thailand –

‘New Politics’ is no panacea Bangkok Post, Thailand –

PAD still misleading public on a ‘non-issue’ Bangkok Post, Thailand –

Thai protesters to fight on despite new premier Financial Times, UK –

Less tourists head to Thailand Straits Times, Singapore –

Thailand Supreme Court delays corruption ruling on ex-PM and wife JURIST –

New Team seeks talks with PAD Nation Multimedia, Thailand –

Two years on, legacy of coup yet to be written Nation Multimedia, Thailand –

No Honeymoon period for new PM Nation Multimedia, Thailand –

New First Lady Yaowapa Wongsawat Nation Multimedia, Thailand –

Written by Lwin Aung Soe

September 19, 2008 at 3:35 am

Day 23 – Will a new Premier solve the Thailand crisis?

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New Thai premier extends olive branch to protesters Cebu Daily News, Philippines –

New Thai PM, but protests continue The Australian, Australia –

Japanese firms unnerved by rising Thai strife The Australian, Australia –

Background – What is the PAD? Radio France Internationale, France –

Thai PM calls for reconciliation MWC News, Canada –

Thai MPs elect Thaksin’s brother-in-law as new PM
BANGKOK (AFP) – A brother-in-law of ousted premier Thaksin Shinawatra was elected Thai prime minister by parliament Wednesday but faced immediate opposition from protesters who vowed to force him from office.
Thai Parliament Elects Somchai Prime Minister Voice of America
Thai lawmakers elect Thaksin’s in-law as PM CNN International

International Herald TribuneBloombergUnited Press InternationalXinhua
all 1,456 news articles »

THAILAND: Triumph workers agree to end strike, UK –

Low expectation premier for Thailand Asia Times Online, Hong Kong –

PAD calls for new PM to prove himself by bringing back Thaksin Nation Multimedia, Thailand –

New Thai PM a conciliator with political baggage International Herald Tribune, France –

Anti-govt protesters refuse time for new PM to prove himself Thai News Agency MCOT, Thailand –

Thai court delays Thaksin ruling, seeks arrest U.S. Daily, ca –

Getting there gradually Bangkok Post, Thailand –

Crucial Thai meeting to choose PM today Straits Times, Singapore –

Thaksin’s Brother-in-Law Set to Become New Thai Prime Minister Bloomberg –

Thaksin relative tipped as prime minister Gulf Daily News, Bahrain –

Thailand’s Humpty-Dumpty government still in freefall Malaysia Star, Malaysia –

Somchai secures backing, set to be PM Bangkok Post, Thailand –

Thai court issues arrest warrant for Thaksin Boston Globe, United States –

Thai ruling party rebels agree on PM candidate Daily Times, Pakistan –

Thailand – Political Situation Update Best Syndication, CA –

Will a new Premier solve the Thailand crisis? The New Nation, Bangladesh –

Strange bedfellows Nation Multimedia, Thailand –

Thailand protest Cambodia over troop intrusion Nation Multimedia, Thailand –

Thailand’s political chaos keeps tourists at home The Associated Press –

Let’s celebrate the great divide and grand paradox Nation Multimedia, Thailand –

Written by Lwin Aung Soe

September 17, 2008 at 2:23 am

Day 21 – Three-week-long Thai anti-government protest seems to go on

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newin faction unfurls its banner of revolt Nation Multimedia, Thailand –

What they say about Somchai Wongsawat Nation Multimedia, Thailand –

Somchai seems the best bet from PPP Nation Multimedia, Thailand –

Clowning or crowning for Somchai’s latest adventure Nation Multimedia, Thailand –

At Large Beyond talk, Philippines –

Cambodia asks if Thais able to host ASEAN summit GMA, Philippines –

That bumpy ride called Democracy Malaya, Philippines –

A recipe for Thai-style ‘political stability’ Manila Times, Philippines –

Ruling party at odds over naming new premier; could force House … Thai News Agency MCOT, Thailand –

Thai caretaker deputy PM resigns Xinhua, China –

Thailand’s political crisis deepens with controversial nominee for PM, Canada –

PAD proposes “People Revolution Government” Nation Multimedia, Thailand –

PPP faces break-up over Somchai Nation Multimedia, Thailand –

Thai protesters angered by Somchai nomination for Thai PM Radio Australia, Australia –

Thaksin In-law Picked to Be Thai PM Alalam News Network, Iran –

Commerce Minister confident export growth to reach 25% this year, Thailand –

Thaksin relative backed as Thai PM, Qatar –

Thai shares down on Lehman bankruptcy Nation Multimedia, Thailand – 1

Thaksin relative wins ruling party backing for PM The Associated Press –

Thai ruling party leaders back Somchai for PM AFP –

Thai shares nosedive on concerns over financial institution … Thai News Agency MCOT, Thailand –

FACTBOX – Somchai Wongsawat TVNZ, New Zealand –

Democrat Chief Advisor says new PM must be able to resolve …, Thailand –

Thailand at a political crossroad United Press International, Asia, Hong Kong –

PAD says no to “nominee” Somchai Bangkok Post, Thailand –

Thais Want to Vote Wall Street Journal –

Admiring the Thai experience Manila Standard Today, Philippines –

Solution lies in parliament Bangkok Post, Thailand –

Thai Political Crisis Derailing Growth, Surapong Says (Update2) Bloomberg –

Political Turmoil in Thailand Boosts Business for Astrologers Wall Street Journal –

No reduction in police forces after emergency lifted Bangkok Post, Thailand –

MiniVDO: People in Phuket closely follow the Prime Minister … Thailand National News Bureau, Thailand –

Thailand’s acting Prime Minister Somchai Wongsawat leaving the Royal Thai Armed Forces Headquarters after lifting the state of emergency in Bangkok, 12 days after it was enfoerced. — PHOTO: REUTERS

Thailand’s Economic Growth Set to Lag as Political Woes Persist Bloomberg –

No Support Yet For Thai Stocks RTT News, NY –

Thai stocks expected to rally International Herald Tribune, France –

Govt agrees on trio of contenders for PM’s job Bangkok Post, Thailand –

Business welcomes end of emergency Bangkok Post, Thailand –

Bangkok seeksto win back smiles TODAYonline, Singapore –

Thai politicians squeezed by courts Kuwait Times, Kuwait –

Cracks appear in Samak’s party Electric New Paper, Singapore –

Country must embrace ‘New Politics’ or implode- Suriyasai Nation Multimedia, Thailand –

A master’s timeless teachings Nation Multimedia, Thailand –

The evolving anatomy of the PAD Nation Multimedia, Thailand

Written by Lwin Aung Soe

September 15, 2008 at 2:27 am

Day 20 – Surreal Thailand


Thailand’s Acting Prime Minister Lifts State of Emergency Voice of America –

Train resumes service from Hat Yai to Malaysia Bangkok Post, Thailand –

Drop in Thai tourism leads to plea for end to crisis International Herald Tribune, France –

Battered Thai stocks get a reason to rally International Herald Tribune, France –

Anti-govt coalition rejects proposal on dropping charges against them Thai News Agency MCOT, Thailand –

PAD continues protesting after emergency lifted Bangkok Post, Thailand –

Somchai the favourite to be next PM Bangkok Post, Thailand –

PPP now backs Somchai Nation Multimedia, Thailand –

Thai ruling party to pick new PM Monday Xinhua, China –

Thailand lifts state of emergency Channel 4 News, UK –

Thailand lifts state of emergency AFP –

Not many will oppose if new PM is from PPP: Poll Bangkok Post, Thailand –

State of emergency lifted in Bangkok The Associated Press –

Thai government, security chiefs meet on emergency rule Reuters –

Threat To Thai Democracy Sin Chew Jit Poh, Malaysia –

EVN pleads poor as power crisis worsens VietNamNet Bridge, Vietnam –

Thai crisis deepens as Samak withdraws Financial Times, UK –

Surreal Thailand Financial Times, UK –

Somchai the favourite Bangkok Post, Thailand –

Emergency ends Bangkok Post, Thailand –

PPP backtracking on 17th Amendment The News International, Pakistan –

Paul Anthony McDermott: When the law is an ass, give it a good kick Times Online, UK –

Impasse on next PM Straits Times, Singapore –

Successor to Samak unlikely to appease protesters in Thailand South China Morning Post (subscription), Hong Kong –

Thai ruling party set to name PM choice on September 15: candidate AFP –

PPP now backs Somchai Nation Multimedia, Thailand –

Ex-TRT executives join PPP talks on next PM Nation Multimedia, Thailand –

Thai caretaker …
Thai News Agen…

Thailand’s Acti…
Voice of America

State of emerge…
Vancouver Sun

State of emerge…
The Associated Press

In country after c…
Boston Globe

Thailand ends st…

Threat To Thai
Sin Chew Jit Poh

Thailand: Ruli…
Sin Chew Jit Poh

Impasse on next PM
Straits Times

Ruling party set t…
Thai News Agen..

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September 14, 2008 at 1:34 am

Day 15 – Political Turmoil in Thailand: What’s Next on Samak’s Judgement Day?

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Thailand’s protesters soaked but undeterred
Reuters –
By Raju Gopalakrishnan BANGKOK (Reuters) – Soaked by a thunderstorm, thousands of Thai protesters danced in joy when a court ordered Prime Minister Samak Sundaravej to quit on Tuesday, but vowed to continue a siege of his compound since he plans to
Thai ruling party to renominate Samak as PM Wednesday Xinhua
Thai PM down but far from out after court verdict Washington Post

International Herald TribuneThe Associated PressTimes OnlineVoice of America
all 1,132 news articles »

Thai Prime Mini…
Times Online

Thai PM down b…
Malaysia Star

Thai protesters v…
Emirates Busine…

Thai Constitutio…
Thai News Agen…

Thai leader forc…
Lompoc Record

Thai PM down but far from out after court verdict
Washington Post –
By Nopporn Wong-Anan BANGKOK (Reuters) – Thailand’s Constitutional Court ordered Prime Minister Samak Sundaravej to stand down on Tuesday, accusing him of breaking the law by hosting cooking shows on commercial television while in office.

Court orders Thai prime minister to resign International Herald Tribune

Thai Premier Forced Out Over Television Cooking Show (Update2) Bloomberg

Court orders Samak to go, party will renominate him Radio France Internationale, France –

Court orders Thai PM to resign over TV Sydney Morning Herald, Australia –

Thailand PM forced out for hosting his own cookery show Daily Mail, UK –

Thai PM Ousted over Cookery Shows TIME –

Thai Constitution Court stripes PM, entire cabinet from office Thai News Agency MCOT, Thailand –

Thai PM found guilty of violating constitution, Thailand –

PPP will re-elect Samak AsiaOne, Singapore –

Ousted Thai PM’s party vows to bring him back (Pressemitteilung), Austria –

Thai protesters vow to continue rally Special Broadcasting Service, Australia –

Two challengers Frontline, India –

all 922 news articles »

Photo – AP

China, Malaysia, Philippines, S. Korea: Asia Local Bond Preview Bloomberg –

Curious backpackers head to protest camp The Age, Australia –

Political Turmoil in Thailand: What’s Next? Global Politician, NY –

Young people speaking their minds on politics Thai News Agency MCOT, Thailand –

Samak to ask Burma to let UN play a role in elections Bangkok Post, Thailand –

PM’s trip to UN in doubt Bangkok Post, Thailand –

Elements conspire against Samak Bangkok Post, Thailand –

PPP lawmakers promise loyalty to leader Samak Bangkok Post, Thailand –

Joint effort to end stand-off gets nowhere Bangkok Post, Thailand –

Thai PM in court over hosting TV cookery show Irish Times, Ireland –

If the protesters don’t get Samak Sundaravej, the TV curry might Times Online, UK –

Lessons from the Thai camp-in Malaysia Star, Malaysia –

Thai PM’s food show may cost him his job, UK –

Heat rising as Thailand’s PM hangs on Independent, UK –

Mediation Efforts in Thailand Hope to Break Political Impasse Voice of America –

Thai Protesters Seek Democracy `Blend’ With Unelected Lawmakers Bloomberg –

‘Bangkok’ got a little dangerous Los Angeles Times, CA –

Samak’s Judgement Day Nation Multimedia, Thailand –

Thai Tourist Authority Says It’s ‘Business As Usual’ for Meetings … Successful Meetings, NY –

Young people s…
Thai News Agen…

Defiant Samak a…
The Standard

Mediation Effort…
Voice of America

Cooking show la…
The Associated Press

Thai PM in the s…


Written by Lwin Aung Soe

September 9, 2008 at 1:55 am

Day 14 – Thai political impasse

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Iconic Bangkok hotel says hurt by Thai political row Yahoo, Thailand –

Viewership of Thai Protest-Linked Website Doubles After Clash RedOrbit, TX –

Politicos meeting yields no concrete solution to political stalemate Thai News Agency MCOT, Thailand –

What Sondhi really wants for Thailand Asia Times Online, Hong Kong –

Thai shares jump 3.07% on regional rebound Bangkok Post, Thailand –

UNCTAD chief still confident of Thai economic fundamentals Bangkok Post, Thailand –

Street fighting in the historical center of Bangkok France24, France –

SET chief wants emergency decree lifted Bangkok Post, Thailand –

Thai Premier Samak Says Cooking Show Didn’t Break Law (Update2) Bloomberg –


Thai Premier Samak Says Cooking Show Didn’t Break Law (Update1)
Bloomberg –

By Rattaphol Onsanit and Daniel Ten Kate Sept. 8 (Bloomberg) — Thai Prime Minister Samak Sundaravej, facing a second week of calls to quit by anti-government protesters occupying his ceremonial office, said he didn’t break the law by hosting a cooking …

Cooking show adds to Thailand PM’s troubles The Associated Press

Thai court to rule on PM’s case on Tuesday Reuters

Thai PM testifies in court over cooking programmes Mathaba.Net, UK –

Thai PM faces court battle over cooking show Forbes, NY –

Thai leader in court over TV show BBC News, UK –

Embattled Thai premier denies moonlighting charges – Summary Earthtimes (press release), UK –

Barber shops, massage and music at Bangkok’s protest camp AFP –

Thai court to rule on PM’s case on Tuesday U.S. Daily, ca –

Thai PM in the soup over cook show, Qatar –

Thai PM testifies to Constitution Court Xinhua, China –

all 203 news articles »

New group of scholars campaign for peaceful politics Nation Multimedia, Thailand –

Thai Lawmakers May Speed Up Vote to Resolve Dispute, Samak Says Bloomberg –

Protesters dig in despite fear of Thai authorities Financial Times, UK –

Military coup possible: Thai defence advisor Radio Australia, Australia –

Embattled Thai premier rules out coup Gulf Daily News, Bahrain –

Markets nervy after poor US jobs, Australia –

Lessons for Turkey from Thailand Turkish Daily News (subscription), Turkey –

Tourists caught in riot Maitland Mercury, Australia –

How one million cows won an election Electric New Paper, Singapore –

Near anniversary of 2006 putsch, ‘new coup possible’ Bangkok Post, Thailand –

Thai PM rules out military coup Radio New Zealand, New Zealand –

NEWSWEEK International Editions: Highlights and Exclusives … PR Newswire (press release), NY –

Thailand’s political turmoil shakes tourists and investors: analysts AFP –

Thai central bank to intervene if baht becomes volatile Forbes, NY –

Rift threatens to widen as govt backers plan rallies Nation Multimedia, Thailand –

Prasopsuk optimistic about finding solution Nation Multimedia, Thailand –

Mediation will be tough, but it is our best hope Nation Multimedia, Thailand –

Military coup po…
Radio Australia

Blunt Magazine

Prasopsuk optimi…
Nation Multimedia

Pattaya Daily News

Protest coalition …
Thai News Agen…

Pattaya Daily News

Thai leader dism…
The Associated Press

Embattled Thai
Visit Bulgaria

Thai military disc…
Peninsula On-line

Coup not an option
Straits Times

Heavy rain hits P…
Thai News Agen…

Living condition…
The Associated Press

• Class war
Waterloo Record

PAD: Senate sp…
Thai News Agen…

Bangkok backpa…
Calgary Herald

Thai PM picks ne…

Thai military me…
Malaysia Star

Day 10 – Can Thai PM stay on?

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Thai PM’s compound a fairground with food, massage (Pressemitteilung), Austria

Thai PM Says He Won’t Quit RedOrbit, TX –

Worse than a coup Economist, UK –

Thai prime minister refuses to resign but offers referendum, United Kingdom –

Foreign arrivals down 30 percent in Bangkok: industry group AFP –

Gunman fires shots at Thai protesters, 2 hurt Reuters AlertNet, UK –

2 university students shot on the way to protest at PM’s residence Xinhua, China –

US calls for calm as Thailand facing political violence Xinhua, China –

Thai PM lashes ‘doomsday cult’ Melbourne Herald Sun, Australia –

Thai tips for good demonstrating France24, France –

Thai Telecommunication giant threatens to close international gateway RedOrbit, TX –

US closely watching Thai unrest: White House AFP –

TIMELINE: Ten days of street protests Reuters –

Thailand’s grumpy, food-loving PM defies critics Reuters –

In pictures: Bangkok stand-off BBC News, UK –


Thailand’s Samak Rejects Protesters’ Demands to Quit (Update3)
Bloomberg –
By Daniel Ten Kate and Rattaphol Onsanit Sept. 4 (Bloomberg) — Thai Prime Minister Samak Sundaravej vowed to stay in office as a key minister resigned and three days of emergency rule failed to end the occupation of Government House by thousands of

Thai PM plans referendum to end crisis Swissinfo, Switzerland –

Victory of Thailand’s coup-makers United Press International, Asia, Hong Kong –

Thai PM refuses to resign despite growing crisis, India –

Thai Leader Promises Referendum New York Times

Thailand to hold crisis referendum PRESS TV

all 5,250 news articles »


Thai Govt proposes referendum on political future ABC Online, Australia –

Thai churches should pressure government on peaceful response to … ChristianToday, UK –

PAD leader Sondhi reasserts intention to continue protest Thai News Agency MCOT, Thailand –

PAD accepts public referendum proposal, remains adamant that …, Thailand –

Thailand protesters unmoved by emergency Los Angeles Times, CA –

Thai PM refuses to resign or call elections AFP –

Thai Vote To Address Crisis Sky News, UK –

Lesson For Malaysia In The Thai Crisis Sin Chew Jit Poh, Malaysia –

Thai prime minister refuses to resign, suggests referendum (Roundup) Monsters and –

Thai cabinet floats referendum to end political crisis Radio Australia, Australia –

Thailand suggests referendum on crisis The Associated Press –

Army Chief to request workers at strike to return to work., Thailand –

Thai Cabinet agrees to hold referendum on political crisis KTVZ, OR –

Thai protest leader wants to reduce voters’ power The Associated Press –

4TH LD: Thai gov’t opts for national referendum to resolve … Yahoo, Thailand –

Chart Thai party suggests referendum to resolve political problems, Thailand –

Thailand May Miss Tourism Targets as Unrest Spurs Cancellations Bloomberg –

Tourists desert Thailand, South Africa –

Defiant Thai PM refuses to quit Reuters UK, UK –

Second Take Business Day, South Africa –

Thailand prote…
Los Angeles Times

Thailand suggest…
The Associated Press

Lesson For Mala…
Sin Chew Jit Poh

Thai cabinet floa…
Radio Australia

Chinese travel a…
Thailand Nation…

Pattaya Daily News

Thai protest lea…
The Associated Press

Bangkok, Phuket…

Tourists desert T…

Thai PM refuses …
Malaysia Star

Burmese Media …
The Irrawaddy N…

Profile: Thailand’s

Thai PM refuses … (…

Thai PM refuses …
Malaysia Star

Thai Prime Minis…
Wall Street Journal

Thai PM rejects …
Special Broadca…

Thai prime minis…
The Associated Press

Thai PM reassert…
Thai News Agen…

Thai PM refuses …


Thai PM refuses to resign (Pressemitteilung), Austria –

Thai Prime Minister Resists Push to Resign Wall Street Journal –

Thailand protesters unmoved by emergency Los Angeles Times, CA –

Thai protest leader wants to reduce voters’ power The Associated Press –

FACTBOX-Thailand’s political crisis — what happens next? Reuters AlertNet, UK –

Thai PM refuses to resign or call elections AFP –

Stalemate in Thailand Irish Times, Ireland –

Emotion of PAD runs high as PM speaks to nation Bangkok Post, Thailand –

Thai PM insists to stay on People’s Daily Online, China –

Protesters say stress concerns unfounded Bangkok Post, Thailand –

Non-MP could take over as PM, says Somsak Bangkok Post, Thailand –

Thai protest lea…
The Associated Press

Thai PM to addr…
Radio Australia

Thai Governme…
Red Herring

Strike by Thai a…
The Associated Press

Unlikely army de… (…

Thai protest cont…

In photos: ‘Thail…
Monsters and Cri…

Protesters on co…
Sydney Morning…


Thai PM says no reason for government to quit
Reuters –
BANGKOK (Reuters) – Thai Prime Minister Samak Sundaravej said on Thursday he saw no reason for his government to resign in the face of a three-month old street campaign by opposition activists.

Thai PM refuses to resign International Herald Tribune

Thai premier says he has no intention of resigning despite protests Yahoo, Thailand –

Thai PM says will not quit or dissolve parliament Reuters AlertNet, UK –

Troubled Thai PM ‘will not quit’ BBC News

Thai PM refuses to resign The Associated Press –

Samak stays on Bangkok Post, Thailand –

Protests continue as Thai Foreign Minister resigns Radio Australia, Australia –

Thai political standoff worries economic observers (Pressemitteilung), Austria –

Gen Anupong’s role in Samak’s crisis Bangkok Post, Thailand –

‘Tis better to step aside to move forward Bangkok Post, Thailand –

Backpackers in Bangkok ask: What crisis? Reuters UK, UK –

Thai Government Attempts to Block Web Red Herring, CA –

Thailand government refuses to confirm reports that foreign, Canada –

Thai PM’s cabinet crumbles The National, United Arab Emirates

Thai general strike averted CNN –

Raise Thai alert to bring refunds hope, says group The Standard, Hong Kong –

Thais braced for strikes as unions join protest Independent, UK –

What if you issued a decree and nobody cared Nation Multimedia, Thailand –

Unity now, or fce the economic consequences Nation Multimedia, Thailand –

In photos: ‘Thailand Politics Protests’ Monsters and –

all 1,447 news articles »

Thai PM refuses …
Bay News 9

Bangkok strikes f…
Boston Globe

Thai political sta… (…

Raise Thai alert …
The Standard

Backpackers unf…

Thailand declar…
Religious Intelli…

Thailand faces i…
Religious Intelli…

Thai ambassado…
Ottawa Citizen

Thai PM declare…
Sahara Samay

Thai protesters fl…
Washington Times

Thai gov’t allays…
Radio Australia

Thai Protesters …

Go at your own risk
The Standard

Protesters to def…
The Standard

Thai prime mini…
The Associated Press

Thai prime mini…
The Associated Press

Thai army chief …

Army chief: Thai…
Thai News Agen…

Thai PM impose…
Boston Globe

Thai army chief …

Day 9 – Thai crisis runs deep

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Thai protest continues as foreign minister quits, UK –

A briefing on the crisis in Thailand, UK –

Threat of strikes after unions join protesters New Zealand Herald, New Zealand –

Thai Protesters Defy Premier’s State of Emergency
Washington Post –
JavaScript is required to display this interactive graphic. If it is turned off, please enable JavaScript in your browser preferences. (Video included)

Watchdog wants SAR to upgrade Thailand warning The Standard, Hong Kong –

Profile: Thailand’s PAD MWC News, Canada –

Carnival Atmosphere in Bangkok, Despite Emergency Decree Voice of America

Shopping, music at focal point of Thai protest Reuters –

Thai prime minister in increasingly tight corner Radio Netherlands, Netherlands –

Cal-Comp ‘Unaffected’ by Thai Riots Circuits Assembly, GA –

Crisis? What crisis, ask backpackers in Bangkok Reuters UK, UK –

all 4,915 news articles »


Thai government tries to shut down 400 websites –
Thailand’s Information and Communications Technology Ministry sought court orders yesterday to shut down about 400 websites and advised internet service providers to block 1200 sites it considers a danger to national security or disturbing social order

Video: Thai Protesters Remain Defiant, Vow to Fight On AssociatedPress

Thai workers ignore anti-democracy strike, United Kingdom –

Protesters demand cabinet resignations; people’s voice in new Thai News Agency MCOT, Thailand –

What Do Thailand’s Protestors Want? TIME –

Thailand faces internal and international conflict Religious Intelligence Ltd, UK

Thailand faces public sector strike PRESS TV, Iran –

Divided on emergency decree Straits Times, Singapore –

PAD seizes Phuket provincial hall, closes provincial offices Mathaba.Net, UK –

Poll: Respondents split 50:50 over State of Emergency Decree Thai News Agency MCOT, Thailand –

Thailand democracy at risk Toronto Star,  Canada –

Thai capital stand-off continues BBC News, UK –

Bangkok in state of emergency as ‘coup’ riots flare Irish Independent, Ireland –

Bangkok: public sector on general strike, anti-government protests, Italy

The Demonstrators Continue Their Blockades in Bangkok, Thailand

Protesters dema…
Thai News Agen…

Thailand declar…
Religious Intelli…

Thailand faces i…
Religious Intelli…

Bangkok strikes f…
Malaysia Star

Protesters still oc…

Thai ambassado…
Ottawa Citizen

Thais brace for s…
The Associated Press

Thai protesters d…

Pattaya Daily News

Thai PM declare…
Sahara Samay

Malaysia Star

Thailand: Thais …
Sin Chew Jit Poh

Thai protesters fl…
Washington Times

Democracy in T…
Wall Street Journal

Thailand: Protes…
Sin Chew Jit Poh

We will die for th…
Gulf Daily News

Thai protesters fl…
The Associated Press

Thai Protesters …

Thai army pledg…
Straits Times


Bangkok strikes fall flat, but protests drag on
Washington Post 
By Nopporn Wong-Anan BANGKOK (Reuters) – A strike by public sector unions to pile more pressure on Thailand’s prime minister had little impact on daily life in Bangkok on Wednesday, a day after emergency rule was imposed to quash anti-government

Thai army chief balks at protest crackdown Reuters

Thai leader faces challenge in streets and courts International Herald Tribune

Bangkok: public sector on general strike, anti-government protests, Italy –

No end to Thai crisis despite emergency RTT News, NY –

Thai ambassador downplays rallies Ottawa Citizen,  Canada –

Army Chief meets with military officers, Thailand –

University presidents call on PM to dissolve House of Representatives Thai News Agency MCOT, Thailand –

Thai protests go on despite emergency Business Day, South Africa –

Five Crucial Steps for Ending Crisis Nation Multimedia, Thailand –

Samak’s Shaky Hold on Power Asia Sentinel, Hong Kong –

Thai gov’t allays international community concerns Radio Australia, Australia –

Japan, South Korea, Now Thailand Has Problems ABN Newswire (press release), Australia

Sondhi gives first hint of compromise Bangkok Post, Thailand –

PRESS DIGEST – Thai newspapers – Sept 3 Reuters –

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Thai army chief balks at protest crackdown

Reuters –

By Nopporn Wong-Anan BANGKOK (Reuters) – Thai soldiers would not use force to evict protesters occupying the prime minister’s office, army chief Anupong Paochinda said on Tuesday despite a state of emergency giving him the power to do so.

Thai leader faces challenge in streets and courts International Herald Tribune, France –

Thai protesters flout premier’s state of emergency The Associated Press

Emergency declared in Thai capital after clashes AFP

Sondhi gives first hint of compromise Bangkok Post, Thailand –

Thai protestors get help from utilities and airline workers South Korea News, South Korea –

Another bitter lesson that may get us nowhere Nation Multimedia, Thailand –

We will die for the King Gulf Daily News, Bahrain –

Thaksin’s long shadow, UK –

Emergency declared in Thai capital after clashes AFP –

Army cracks down on rioters Scotsman, United Kingdom –

Thai premier’s declaration brings little difference to most of Bangkok Malaysia Star, Malaysia –

Prime minister’s lawn becomes a battleground for old-school Thais, United Kingdom –

Leading article: King and country Independent, UK –

Thai army pledges restraint Straits Times, Singapore –

Thailand must resist mob rule Financial Times, UK –

Thailand PM struggles to keep order as crisis deepens The National, United Arab Emirates –

Thai protesters vow to defy emergency decree South China Morning Post (subscription), Hong Kong –

Thai unions throw support behind protesters ABC Online, Australia –

Thailand: Emergency measures hit freedom of speech Amnesty International UK, UK –

Thailand Thailand’s army chief says he will not use emergency powers euronews, France –

Thais skirt media crackdown, for now Hollywood Reporter, United States –

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Thai protesters fl…
The Associated Press

Thais skirt media…
Hollywood Reporter

State of emerge…
Christian Scienc…

British holidaym…
Daily Mail

How the Thai cri…

Thai army rules …
Monsters and Cri…

Thailand declar…
Monsters and Cri…

How the Thai cri…

Thailand’s prime…

Pattaya Daily News

Timeline: Thail…

Thai PM annou…

Thai PM declare…
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Thai PM Puts B…
Voice of America

Day 8 of Anti-government protest, Thai PM on Bangkok Emergency


Can the Army really play the role of peacemaker Nation Multimedia, Thailand –

Thailand travel warning amid turmoil, New Zealand –

Thai army chief balks at protest crackdown Swissinfo, Switzerland –

Post’s Comments by Pattnapong Chantranontwong, Editor Bangkok Post, Thailand –

Thailand’s political impasse clings on after state of emergency Xinhua, China –

Bangkok Remains Under State of Emergency Following Violent TransWorldNews (press release), GA –

RI hopes Thai govt to hold dialogs with protesters Antara, Indonesia –

No solutions seen as Bangkok clashes recall Bloody May 1992 Manila Times, Philippines –

Warning over Thailand travel TeleText, UK –

One dead and 44 injured – who’s to blame? France24, France –

6TH LD: Emergency imposed in Bangkok after clashes kill 1, injure 45 Yahoo, Thailand –

PM: Surrounding Govt House is the solution Bangkok Post, Thailand –

Vote-buying claim deepens Thai crisis The Age, Australia –

Protests in Thailand spread after riot, India –

Calls for Thailand’s ruling party to be dissolved euronews, France – (video included)

(Video) Thai PM declares emergency in Bangkok AssociatedPress

Pro-government supporters clashed with anti-government protesters during a demonstration on Tuesday morning outside Government House in Bangkok.

Thailand in crisis as ruling party faces fraud claims

CNN International –
BANGKOK, Thailand (CNN) — Thailand’s election commission ruled Tuesday that Prime Minister Samak Sundaravej’s party committed electoral fraud in the December elections and should be dissolved, state media reported.

Thai Army Chief Renounces Force New York Times, United States –

Thailand teeters on the brink Asia Times Online –

China calls for political stability in Thailand Xinhua, China –

Update: Thai PM Places Bangkok Under State Of Calamity AHN –

British holidaymakers warned to avoid trouble-hit Thailand after … Daily Mail, UK –

Senators protest against use of Emergency Decree to control situation, Thailand –

Timeline: Political upheaval in Thailand, UK –

How the Thai crisis could play out, Qatar –

Rally may end within two days: Sondhi Bangkok Post, Thailand –

FocusPolitical turmoil to shake Thai economy ICIS (subscription), UK –

Thai instability rocks market First Post, UK –

Thai stocks and baht slide after emergency decree Sydney Morning Herald, Australia –

Thai Airways union plans tough measures The Standard, Hong Kong –

Tokyo Gains Limited, Thailand Totters, On Instability Forbes, NY –

Thai army takes to streets Los Angeles Times, CA

We’ll die for King, say protesters, Australia

British holidaym…
Daily Mail

How the Thai cri…

Army chief vows …

Thailand declar…
Monsters and Cri…

How the Thai cri…

Thailand’s prime…

PM declares stat…
Welt Online

Pattaya Daily News

Timeline: Thail…

Thai PM annou…


Person Dies in Thai Protests

New York Times –
By SETH MYDANS and THOMAS FULLER BANGKOK – Prime Minister Samak Sundaravej imposed a state of emergency Tuesday on Bangkok after groups of demonstrators clashed on the street, but he called it “the most gentle way to bring the country back to peace” …

Life Goes On As Usual In Bangkok Bernama, Malaysia –

PPP mulls idea of referendum on who stays and who goes Bangkok Post, Thailand –

Emergency declared in Thai capital after clashes

The activists accuse Samak of acting on behalf of ousted prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra, who now lives in exile in Britain after the same protest group ..

Thai PM announces emergency rule in Bangkok, Thailand –
by Bupha Ravirot Prime Minister of Thailand, Samak Sundaravej declared a state of emergency in the capital Bangkok on Tuesday morning, after a fight on …

State Of Emergency In Bangkok Sky News, UK –

Thai PM on Bangkok emergency BBC News, UK –


In pictures: Bangkok clashes BBC News, UK –

Jetstar’s Thailand rescue mission costs $600k New Zealand Herald, New Zealand –

Thai emergency hits baht and shares, but bonds rise Reuters UK, UK –

Thailand Declares State of Emergency, Clashes Kill 1 (Update3) Bloomberg

Thai baht falls to 12-month low The Standard, Hong Kong –

State of emergency in Thailand: What it means (Pressemitteilung), Austria –

Business leaders call for restraint Bangkok Post, Thailand –

Confrontation may be winding down Bangkok Post, Thailand –

Disunity of the unions Bangkok Post, Thailand –

PAD shrugs off UDD deadline Bangkok Post, Thailand –

Diplomats find the impasse alarming Bangkok Post, Thailand –

PAD defies emergency orders to end protest Bangkok Post, Thailand –

Three Thai wounded were shot The Standard, Hong Kong –

3 killed, 20 injured in Bangkok clashes People’s Daily Online, China –

Samak to lose power…and water Nation Multimedia, Thailand –

Death on the street Bangkok Post, Thailand –

Several hurt in Thailand clashes, Qatar –

Pro-government Thai mob marches toward rivals International Herald Tribune, France –

PAD denies responsibility for bombing police box Nation Multimedia, Thailand –

Thai PM announ…

Thai PM says St…
Thai News Agen…

MiniVDO: Russia…
Thailand Nation…

Thai PM declare…
The Associated Press

Thai premier dec… (…

Thai PM impose…
Malaysia Star

State of emerge…
China Internet In…

Thai PM Puts B…
Voice of America

Thai PM says em… (…

Thailand: PM De…
Sin Chew Jit Poh

Thai PM declare…

British holidaym…
Daily Mail

State of emerge…
Radio Australia

World focus on Burma (2 September 2008)

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Simon Tisdall
While uncertainty surrounds Suu Kyi’s plight, there is nothing at all ambiguous about Burma’s political, social and human rights situation one year after …

‘The greatest single truth to declare itself in the wake of 1989 …
London Review of Books (subscription), UK –
What better prophylactic against it than to embrace a staunch Muslim democracy within the EU, functioning as both beacon of a liberal order to a region in …

Security tightened in Bago ahead of protest anniversary
Democratic Voice of Burma, Norway –
… up around the country as a precaution against commemorative protests one year after mass public demonstrations were brutally crushed by the military regime.

Rice farmers struggling with lack of fertiliser
Democratic Voice of Burma, Norway –
Sep 2, 2008 (DVB)–Farmers in the Irrawaddy delta who have been facing various difficulties since Cyclone Nargis are in danger of losing their young rice …

286 activists arrested so far in 2008
Democratic Voice of Burma, Norway –
Sep 2, 2008 (DVB)–At least 39 human rights and pro-democracy activists were arrested during August this year and 21 were given prison sentences, …

Township police stations told not to release crime information, India –
Rangoon – Burmese junta authorities in former capital Rangoon have stopped township police stations from disseminating information on crimes since the end …

Burmese crisis remains static: ICG, India –
… of the 8-8-88 nationwide uprising and the much maligned visits of the United Nations Special Envoy to Burma and Human Rights Rapporteur to the country, …

Old problems to revisit new gas pipeline, India –
The pipeline will transport natural gas from the newly discovered gas project in M-9 block in Mattaban Gulf of Burma to Thailand. …

Natural gas favours regime, not national interest, India –
While Burma’s economy is largely pushed forward by the sale of its natural gas reserves, the military regime has failed to develop gas related industries …

Suu Kyi supporters lambast Gambari and Samak, India –
Samak after meeting with UN special envoy to Burma Ibrahim Gambari on August 25, told reporters in Bangkok that European nations are using Aung San Suu Kyi …

Key world dates for the rest of 2008, United Kingdom –

Burma – First anniversary of the Burmese junta’s crackdown against democracy demonstrations by students and monks in Rangoon. …

Commentary: Burma must stand on its own two feet

Democratic Voice of Burma, Norway –

However, the junta’s mouthpiece The New Light of Myanmar exploited the event in its coverage, claiming that the UN special envoy had voiced his support for …

Canada Free Press, Canada –

The United Nations ranked Burma among the 20 poorest countries of the world and for the economic distress of the country, many including the UN blamed the …

League of Demagoguery

The National Interest Online, DC –

The same would be true today if a US-led coalition invaded Burma, for example. Having set out his dubious premises, Kagan breaks off short, without a single …

Shan State: Villagers Forced Into Local Militia
UNPO, Netherlands –
The Burma Army has been forcing villagers in Shan State to join pro-junta local militia forces, according to reliable sources. …

Taung Twin Gyi NLD chairman dies aged 70
Democratic Voice of Burma, Norway –
Sep 2, 2008 (DVB)–U Myat Saing, 70, chairman of the National League for Democracy in Magwe division’s Taung Twin Gyi township, passed away at his home in …

Obama vs. McCain
코리아타임즈, South Korea –
It stated, “We will stand up for oppressed people from Cuba to North Korea and from Burma to Zimbabwe and Sudan.” The Republican platform also mentioned …

Waking up from nightmares, Philippines –
We can’t. We don’t watch out, the winds of change will blow us in the direction of Burma. Maybe all the way to Zimbabwe. – Conrado de Quiros, Inquirer.

Literacy camp works on English basics
The Tennessean, TN –
Others fled their country, formerly referred to as Burma, as political refugees, escaping from the military dictatorship. The children, ages 5 to 9, …

Kudos to the Warrior Queens
Seattle Times, United States –
Take a look at the heroic Aung San Suu Kyi, the Nobel Peace Prize winner closeted for years in her home in Burma/Myanmar on orders from the evil junta. …

Center opens for immigrants
University of North Carolina The Daily Tar Heel, NC –
The majority of the students are civil war refugees from Myanmar, formerly known as Burma. Growing up at refugee camps in Thailand, many may have only had …

Marionettes enjoy revival
Myanmar Times, Burma –
But the first recorded mention of puppet theatre was found in an inscription at the Htupayan Pagoda in Sagaing, Upper Burma in 1444. …

Right and wrong and ridiculous
Bangkok Post, Thailand –
Another mistake of PM Samak is his idea for restoring democracy in Burma. He told visiting UN special envoy Ibrahim Gambari on Aug 25, that Aung San Suu Kyi …

Schools prepare for more refugees
Utica Observer Dispatch, NY –
In just the past few years, refugees from Myanmar, formerly known as Burma, have become one of the largest refugee groups that has relocated to the area …

Meet World’s 8th Most Powerful Woman
Sin Chew Jit Poh, Malaysia –
They include US House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi, No 35; Burma’s Nobel Peace laureate Aung San Suu Kyi, No 38; Philippine President Gloria …

Tuesday, September 9 (Pressemitteilung), Austria –
1988 – Burma’s former Prime Minister U Nu, toppled in a 1962 military coup, announces formation of a rival government. Burma is now known as Myanmar. …

India: From Bamboo huts to Class C drugs
Aid to the Church in Need (press release), Australia –
The warning, from Bishop Stephen Rotluanga of Aizawl, close to the border with Burma (Myanmar) and Bangladesh, comes amid statistics showing that up to one …

Raising heat in hope of a crack
The Canberra Times, Australia –
Recently, he expressed sympathy for the ”good Buddhists” who run the military dictatorship in Burma. The current situation in Bangkok should not, however, …

Aung San Suu Kyi’s lawyer says she’s lost weight
San Diego Union Tribune, United States –
Myanmar, also known as Burma, has been in a political deadlock since 1990, when Suu Kyi’s party overwhelmingly won general elections but was prevented from …

Our prime minister and the rest of the world: The odd couple
Nation Multimedia, Thailand –
During his first visit to Burma in March, he returned with much praise for the Burmese junta leader, General Than Shwe, saying he is a Buddhist who …

International media groups urge release of Burmese journalists, India –
“So whatever Zaw Thet Htwe and Zarganar were charged with are unlawful in the eyes of international laws and Universal Declaration of Human Rights to which …

ENC reiterates call for tripartite dialogue, India –
… Council (ENC) has said that a political dialogue between Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, ethnic leaders and the military regime is crucial for Burma. …