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World Focus on Burma (3 June 08)

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Latest news on the disaster in Myanmar (Burma)New!

Support the victims of the cyclone in Myanmar (Burma)New!


Local man to help hungry

Barrie Advance, Canada –
After the cyclone hit Myanmar – formerly known as Burma – May 2, Kyle said the area was in the headlines and captured worldwide attention. …

UN: Nearly Half of Burmese Cyclone Victims Don’t Receive Aid

Voice of America –
“We would urge the government to extend this expedited clearance to all international NGO’s [non-governmental organizations] who are working in Myanmar. …

Ethanol: Can you handle the truth?

PR CannaZine (press release), UK –
I know that linking what’s happening in Burma,,,,,,,,. Look, I would rather call it Myanmar if that is alright with you. What’s going on there should be …

Press Freedom World Review, November 2007 – June 2008

Media Channel, NY –
… of Human Rights in Myanmar. Throughout the spring access to Internet has been limited and there has been difficulties phoning Burma from abroad. …

US Charities Raise Almost $70-Million for Asian Disasters

Chronicle of Philanthropy (subscription) –
Friends of the World Food Program, which has brought in $2.8-million for Myanmar. Foundation for the People of Burma, which has received $500000 for cyclone …

ADB, World Bank joins ASEAN assessment team to provide relief, India –
… Task Force Office and meet the members of the ASEAN ERAT said, “ASEAN is committed to helping our friends in Myanmar [Burma] and will continue to do so. …

From Myanmar to Mount Vernon, cyclone hits home

Mount Vernon News, OH –
“I am originally from a country called Burma, but they changed the name to Myanmar,” said Tut. “I lived in the capital, called Yangon. …

Desolation In Myanmar, India –
By Brian McAfee In the aftermath of a major natural disaster, the ongoing tragedy that is playing out in Myanmar (formerly known as Burma) is unnecessary …

Soft line on Burma hard to beat: Malaysian PM

The Age, Australia –
“ASEAN has had better success than others in persuading Myanmar (Burma) to be more receptive to international assistance,” he said. …

Myanmar cyclone: half of survivors without aid, United Kingdom –
By Thomas Bell, South East Asia Correspondent A month after cyclone Nargis devastated the Irrawaddy Delta, more than half of survivors have still received …

Junta claims ‘Emergency relief’ phase over, aid agencies refute, India –
New Delhi – Burma’s ruling junta has announced that the ’emergency relief period is over’ and it is now focusing on reconstruction work, …

9 helicopters to enter Myanmar this week: UN

Khaleej Times, United Arab Emirates –
BANGKOK – Nine UN helicopters able to ferry aid to remote cyclone victims should enter Myanmar this week, officials said Tuesday, but it was unclear when …

John W. Whitehead: Could God be a cosmic monster?

Noblesville Daily Times, IN –
In Myanmar, formerly known as Burma, the death toll from a killer cyclone stands at 78000, with 56000 people still missing. At least 1.5 million are hungry, …

Keep relief camps open, say aid groups, Australia –
INTERNATIONAL aid groups are pressing Burma to stop closing cyclone relief camps as southeast Asian experts kick off a mission to pin down the scale of the …

UN: 1 million in Myanmar aren’t getting basic aid

The Associated Press –
“It’s unconscionable for Burma’s generals to force cyclone victims back to their devastated homes,” said Brad Adams, Asia director at Human Rights Watch. …

Pope’s and world’s solidarity help us go on, says Burmese bishop, Italy –
Yangon (AsiaNews) – In Myanmar at least 60 per cent of the 2.4 million survivors of cyclone Nargis have not yet received any aid; yet the government has …

More firms ‘have ties with Burma’

BBC News, UK –
… of its controlling stake in Jetstar Asia, which, according to Burma Campaign, flies to the country in partnership with Myanmar Airways International.

Community Calendar

Honolulu Advertiser, HI –
BURMA (MYANMAR) CYCLONE RELIEF FUNDRAISER, 5:30-9 pm at Aloha Tower Marketplace on the waterfront; featuring top Hawai’i chefs and local entertainment, …

Feature: After the cyclone

Inspire Magazine, UK –
How the Global Aid Network (GAiN), the humanitarian aid arm of Campus Crusade for Christ International, is helping people in devastated Burma (Myanmar) put …

Bangladesh Prepares for Future Storms in Wake of Cyclone in Burma

The Irrawaddy News Magazine, Thailand –
In the wake of that storm, which left at least 134000 people dead or missing and more than 2 million homeless in Burma, Bangladesh is expanding a disaster …

Myanmar Rulers Still Impeding Access

New York Times, United States –
Analysts of Myanmar, formerly Burma, said they feared that the junta was playing a game of hints, promises and deception, which it has used over the years …

Myanmar students return to storm-damaged schools

Fort Worth Star Telegram, TX –
The government of Myanmar, also known as Burma, delayed the start of the new term for several schools in the worst-hit areas of the Irrawaddy delta, …

Burma Says New Constitution Washes Away NLD Victory

Voice of America –
The official New Light of Myanmar newspaper published an editorial Tuesday, saying the opposition National League for Democracy’s landslide win in 1990 was …

SSA denies killing civilians

Shan Herald Agency for News, Thailand –
… Burma Army and the (ceasefire) Shan State Nationalities People’s Liberation Organization (SNPLO).” According to The New Light of Myanmar, 31 May issue, …

ASEAN assesses Myanmar cyclone relief

Monsters and –
Jakarta – The Association of South-East Asian Nations (ASEAN) established a team to assess the needs of the victims of Cyclone Nargis in Myanmar, …

3000-mile mission: PEACE IN BURMA

Aurora Beacon News, IL –
“They are in a very dangerous situation,” Athein said of the people who live in the country now called Myanmar. “I showed a picture (of the tragic …

Memorial service held as survivors suffer

Special Broadcasting Service, Australia –
Despite the devastation, Democratic Voice of Burma claims that no international aid has arrived in Yeway village. Soon after Cyclone Nargis hit Myanmar on …

Relief and development agency calls for the continued support of …

ReliefWeb (press release), Switzerland –
Staff from relief and development agency Tearfund, returning from Myanmar (Burma) have called for the continued support of those hit by cyclone Nargis and …

ASEAN kick-off the post-Nargis joint assessment

ReliefWeb (press release), Switzerland –
‘ASEAN is committed to helping our friends in Myanmar and will continue to do so,’ said Dr. Surin. ‘The deployment of ASEAN ERAT is just the beginning of …

Burma: survivors scavenging for food

Independent Online, South Africa –
Yangon – Myanmar insisted on Tuesday that cyclone aid was being delivered “without delay,” even though the United Nations says more than one million people …

Rangoon residents left in dark

Toronto Star,  Canada –
Since Burma, also known as Myanmar, doesn’t produce generators, consumers have to pay about $100 for made-in-China models, says the manager of an …

Myanmar charter ‘washes away’ Suu Kyi victory: state media

YANGON (AFP) — A referendum approving a new military-backed constitution for Myanmar has “washed away” the victory claimed by Aung San Suu Kyi’s opposition …

In darkened rangoon, Burmese get resourceful

ReliefWeb (press release), Switzerland –
Four weeks after cyclone Nargis, electricity has not been fully restored to large areas of the largest city in Burma (Myanmar). ‘It hasn’t been fixed, …

Diamond helpers for diamond year at Oxfam

Lynn News, UK –
… with sparkle and help to raise money for the people who need it most, including those affected by the recent cyclone in Myanmar, Burma,” she said. …

‘Asian values’ in Burma

Los Angeles Times, CA –
… Rama Yade, declared that the UN principle of the “responsibility to protect” should be applied to Burma (called Myanmar by its military junta), …

Doctor organises Burmese support

St George & Sutherland Shire Leader, Australia –
Donations can be made by direct transfers: St George Bank, Myanmar Cyclone Relief Fund, BSB: 112879, Account No: 057723322; cheques: Myanmar Cycle Relief …

Elmer Smith: Myanmar, Darfur: Are we getting used to it?

Philadelphia Daily News, PA –
Daily dispatches from Myanmar and Darfur detail the plight of tens of thousands who die as the world wrings its hands in anguished impotence. …

Thailand Common Visa (press release) –
… Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar (Burma), the Philippines and Thailand. But Thailand is the region’s top tourist destination, …

Partnering with God to create a better world

Indianapolis Star, United States –
In Sudan, as in China and Burma (working on the Thai side of the border, since the Myanmar regime has refused most international assistance) and in many …

Rotarians aid Burmese

The Northern News, Australia –
BY JO ARBLASTER ROTARIANS in the north-west have come to the aid of survivors struggling in the aftermath of Cyclone Nargis in Myanmar (Burma). …

Myanmar: Cyclone Nargis

Global Voices Online, MA – This is extremely important that my donation will not goes to Burma junta whatsoever. I noticed Google is helping in the Myanmar relief effort. …

Humanitarian crises require US leadership

Youngstown Vindicator, OH –
In Myanmar, the South East Asian country formerly known as Burma, a month has passed since a deadly cyclone, now named Nargis, struck, killing 78000 and …

Myanmar Cyclone Disaster (update 7)

Informify, CO –
Human Rights Watch Director Brad Adams said, “It’s unconscionable for Burma’s generals to force cyclone victims back to their devastated homes. …

No cyclone aid yet for 250000

Radio New Zealand, New Zealand –
Foreign aid agencies in Myanmar say about 250000 people have still not received any help yet after Cyclone Nargis devastated the Irrawaddy Delta on 2 May. …

Rambo, The Fight Continues, Blu-ray (2008)

Audiophile Audition –
The film opens with scenes of extreme violence in Burma’s (now known as Myanmar) civil war. As in Rambo III, John Rambo is still living in Thailand, …

Some manipulate, others genuinely care

TODAYonline, Singapore –

:There must be “an internationally agreed basis for taking action against tyrannical states that do not conform to international behaviour”, and “the platform for that is not Singapore … the platform for that is the United Nations”, said Mr Kesavapany, who had served as Singapore’s High Commissioner to Malaysia and its permanent representative to the UN.

:“If the UN comes out with a resolution tomorrow, saying ‘embargo against trade, against investment’, Singapore will be the first — I can tell you — to conform to that.”, said Dr Zarni, a founder of the Free Burma Coalition, clarified that his comments were not meant as an accusation, but that the junta was manipulating their ties …

Myanmar or Burma? Wikipedia debates

Seattle Post Intelligencer –
An impassioned debate over the name of Myanmar (or is it Burma?), is disrupting Wikipedia and fascinating Washington academics. After a cyclone devastated …

Burma reopens schools hit by Cyclone Nargis, UK –
Burma reopened schools for the start of the academic year yesterday in some of the areas hit by the deadly cyclone a month ago. But even in schools around …

World Refugee Day to recognize those displaced from their homes

Most of the refugees in Utica have been uprooted from Bosnia and Burma. Officials from the refugee center say that World Refugee Day is a time to recognize …

Brentwood Man Helps Aid Myanmar Victims

Tens of thousands of people are dead and half the country is homeless after a cyclone hit in Myanmar, the country formerly known as Burma. …

Panties for Peace.

Feministing, NY –
‘The campaign was launched by women from Burma,’ Rights and Democracy spokeswoman Mika Levesque told the broadcaster from Montreal. …

Who’s in the Junta?The mysterious generals who run Burma.

Slate –
By Jacob Leibenluft US Defense Secretary Robert Gates accused the military leaders of Burma of “criminal neglect” on Sunday for their reluctance to accept …

Myanmar Guilty of “Criminal Neglect,” Says Gates

Mother Jones, CA –
Speaking at a security conference held in Singapore over the weekend, Defense Secretary Robert Gates accused Burma’s military government of “criminal …

Top UN Official Accuses Burma of Obstructing Aid

Voice of America –
Louise Arbour drew attention to the natural disasters in China and Burma, also known as Myanmar. She conveyed her condolences to the millions of victims of …

A Burmese Consolidation of Authoritarianism

MorungExpress, India –
… the former UN human-rights rapporteur to Burma. “But there isn’t the faintest sign of that yet in the case of Myanmar. What the Myanmar government calls …



World focus on Burma (2 June 2008)

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Latest news on the disaster in Myanmar (Burma)New!

Support the victims of the cyclone in Myanmar (Burma)New!


Junta’s ‘approved constitution,’ another proof of flawed ‘road map …, India –
… the New Light of Myanmar, on Monday said, the overwhelming support to the junta’s draft constitution in a referendum reveals that people in Burma …

A breach in the wall?

Hindustan Times, India –
While its close ally Myanmar banned journalists from its cyclone-ravaged countryside, China let the media into quake zones and its foreign ministry …

Myanmar reopens schools 1 month after cyclone

The Associated Press –
The regime in Myanmar, also known as Burma, has been criticized for its storm response, with US Defense Secretary Robert Gates saying the government had …

Burmese Still Without Aid a Month After Storm, NY –
After the storm, which hit Burma earlier this month, the military junta that rules the country with an iron fist received worldwide condemnation for not …

‘It looked like what we saw after the tsunami’

ReliefWeb (press release), Switzerland –
The people here refer to it as “The Storm.” It’s amazing; Cyclone Nargis was one of the most devastating cyclones in years, but the people here just call it …

Community-based organisations provide ongoing relief in Burma

ReliefWeb (press release), Switzerland –
‘Under difficult conditions, the Government of Burma and the people have put together a functioning relief program, together with the international …

New school year brings fresh fear for Myanmar children

ReliefWeb (press release), Switzerland –
Hundreds of thousands of children in Myanmar face new dangers as the new school year begins and they return to buildings ravaged by Cyclone Nargis. …

Myanmar: Judging the generals’ cyclone response

The Week Daily –
Defense Secretary Robert Gates on Sunday accused the military leaders of Myanmar, also known as Burma, of “criminal neglect” for blocking massive aid …

Government restrictions hampers aid efforts: WFP, India –
The WFP, which has been supplying aid to the cyclone victims, said it has nine more helicopters in Bangkok, awaiting permission from Burma’s military …

One Month After Cyclone, More than 2 Million Still At Risk

Daily Green –
Children walk past a destroyed hut near Yangon, Myanmar, after receiving food from a Buddhist monastery. June 1, 2008 By Dan Shapley With more than 2 …

Films planned to raise funds for cyclone victims

Democratic Voice of Burma, Norway –
“Six directors – Mee Pwar, Mike Tee, Kyaw Zaw Linn, Maung Thi, Ko Zaw (Aryoneoo) and Nyunt Myanmar Nyi Nyi Aung – will be in charge of making the films. …

MIAMI HERALD: Burma’s rulers sink to new low

Belleville News Democrat, USA –
In appalling display of contempt for international public opinion and their own people, the generals who rule Burma have extended for one year the house …

Is God a Cosmic Monster?

Rutherford Institute, VA –
CS Lewis In Myanmar, formerly known as Burma, the death toll from a killer cyclone stands at 78000, with 56000 people still missing. …

UN rights chief says long-standing tolerance of Myanmar abuses … (Pressemitteilung), Austria –
AP GENEVA (AP) – The world’s long record of tolerating human rights abuses in Myanmar allowed the country’s government to obstruct international aid in the …

Soaring prices compound Burma’s cyclone misery

Mail & Guardian Online, South Africa –
A large “Happy World” sign hangs above a dilapidated food market in Rangoon, Burma, but on the streets shoppers are far from content. …

MYANMAR: Humanitarian air bridge up and running, NY –
… slammed into Myanmar on 2 and 3 May. “The airport is our air bridge into Burma,” Paul Risley a spokesman for the World Food Programme (WFP), …

Some Cyclone Survivors

Wall Street Journal –
By KRISHNA POKHAREL Myanmar opened its schools on the first day of a new academic year, in an effort to regain a sense of normalcy one month after the …

Than Shwe’s Days Are Numbered

The Irrawaddy News Magazine, Thailand –
… Gates: “It’s not been us that have been deaf and dumb in response to the pleas of the international community, but the government of Myanmar [Burma]. …

Schools reopen in Myanmar’s cyclone zone

Jerusalem Post, Israel –
1 on Monday for the first day of classes since Cyclone Nargis hit Myanmar a month ago, all eyes stared skyward – at the gaping hole in the roof. …

Boycott Burma: To go or not to go?

Independent, UK –
In point of fact, her call for a boycott of travel to Burma only related to the ‘Visit Myanmar Year 1996’ and both in statements at the time and …

US accuses Burma of criminal neglect, UK –
But Hakan Tongual, the deputy director of the UN’s world food programme in Burma, told Reuters at least 200000 people had received no help while 500000 …

Bangladesh-Myanmar road planned

United Press International –
The Daily Star report said the highway will begin at Balukhali in Cox’s Bazar and terminate at Bawlibazar in Rakhain state in Myanmar, formerly called Burma …

‘Urgent work’ needed to save Burma cyclone victims: UN

ABC Online, Australia –
A month after Burma’s cyclone left 133000 people dead or missing, the UN’s food agency chief has warned that “urgent work” is needed to help hundreds of …

Burma junta ‘put children in danger by re-opening schools’, United Kingdom –
By Damien McElroy, Foreign Affairs Correspondent Burma’s military regime has been accused of putting more of its citizens in danger after re-opening schools …

World Refugee Sunday to rouse church conscience on refugee issues

ChristianToday, UK –
“In light of the hundreds of thousands of displaced peoples in just Myanmar (Burma) and China alone over the past few months, it seems very appropriate to …

Journalists risk death to get disaster coverage of Burma to the world

Toronto Star, Canada –
… ensure the safety of its underground journalists, DVB cannot confirm or deny whether any of them have been arrested inside Burma, also known as Myanmar. …

Myanmar activist wins Anna Lindh Prize

Monsters and –
Khin Ohmar, a former student activist, has lived in exile for the past 20 years and is currently based in Thailand where she is active in the Burma …

Myanmar reopens schools 1 month after cyclone

The Associated Press –
Foreign aid workers say the regime in Myanmar, also known as Burma, is still dragging its feet on allowing quick and full access to survivors of the …

Junta defends their relief as ‘prompt’, India –
AP Myanmar’s military government reopened schools on Monday in several areas still reeling from a catastrophic cyclone, a move international aid groups said …

Burma at beginning of “very nasty end game”, UK –
Military rule in Burma is beginning to unravel, with the start of a “very nasty end game” now being witnessed in the country, it has been claimed. …

Myanmar accused of “criminal neglect”

Seattle Times, United States –
In the strongest remarks yet by a high-ranking US official, Defense Secretary Robert Gates said Sunday that Myanmar was guilty of “criminal neglect” for …

Pentagon chief Gates rules out forcing aid on Myanmar

Los Angeles Times, CA –
… which carry 22 heavy-lift helicopters, but the American aircraft have been barred by the military rulers of Myanmar, also known as Burma. …

Burma WWII veterans renew ties

Greenwich Time, CT –
Thanks to the heroics of a few thousand volunteer American troops dubbed “Merrill’s Marauders,” parts of Burma – now called Myanmar – were recaptured, …

Burma condemned as schools reopen

The Press Association –
A British aid group condemned Burma’s military government for reopening schools on Monday in several areas still reeling from the catastrophic cyclone. …

Myanmar victims ‘forced to return’, Qatar –
The Democratic Voice of Burma (DVB), a Norway-based media organisation run by Myanmar exiles, showed survivors saying that they had no choice but to move. …

Cyclone assist

Brownsville Herald, TX United States –
Top generals in Myanmar’s (formerly Burma) military government have been reluctant to allow disaster relief supplies, foreign aid workers or medical …

Cyclone-hit Myanmar struggles to grow rice, UK –
… the main rice crop in the delta, the “rice bowl of the Asia” in the days when Myanmar was called Burma and administered as part of the British empire. …

Monday’s 6minutes new blog

6minutes, Australia –
CAIRNS GP Dr Dion Dewar managed to sneak in to Burma with 20kg of emergency relief after Cyclone Nargis, the Cairns Post reports. After caring for victims …

Burma’s continued suffering

Charleston Post Courier, SC –
With the utmost ill grace, Burma’s military despots are at last allowing the outside world to aid the millions of Burmese people still in peril after the …

Gates accuses Myanmar of ‘criminal neglect’

Austin American-Statesman, TX –
But despite the rising anger and frustration with Myanmar’s military leaders, Gates said that defense ministers meeting in Singapore over the weekend had …

Refusing aid ‘is criminal neglect’

The Mercury (subscription), South Africa –
BANGKOK: More people would perish in Myanmar’s cyclone disaster zone unless the regime lifted restrictions on foreign aid, United States defence secretary …

Gates Sees Little Hope of Delivering Aid to Burma

New York Sun, United States –
Speaking ahead of meetings here with Prime Minister Samak of Thailand, Mr. Gates said that most aid being delivered Burma’s main city, Yangon, …

Burma’s dictators guilty of genocide

San Jose Mercury News, USA –
By Joel Brinkley A man carries a small bag of food in Burma, also known as Myanmar. Very little aid has reached survivors of Cyclone Nargis.

When disaster and foreign policy mix—Marites Danguilan Vitug

ABS CBN News, Philippines –
He said that the US worked rapidly to deliver relief but Burma disapproved “at a cost of tens of thousands of lives.” In similar instances, Indonesia agreed …

The Tyranny of the Com

Sify, India –
Of course, in terms of ‘Com’, Burma (or Myanmar as the dictators have decided to call the battered nation) continued to be in the news for a few weeks. …

Burma ‘Refusing Aid.. Still’

RedOrbit, TX –
In a scathing attack, US Defence Secretary Robert Gates said Burma had been “deaf and dumb” to the offers of international help, as British and American aid …

Myanmar minister sticks to ‘no strings’ refrainas donor nations fume

TODAYonline, Singapore –
HE APPEARED at the Shangri-La Hotel yesterday to give an update on Myanmar’s recovery efforts in the aftermath of Cyclone Nargis, which tore through the …

More to die if Myanmar doesn’t change approach

The Post, Pakistan –
BANGKOK: More people will perish in Myanmar’s cyclone disaster zone unless the regime lifts restrictions on foreign aid, US Defence Secretary Robert Gates …

Relief Aid Denied by Myanmar: Accusations of “Criminal Neglect”, NY –
Myanmar’s failure to provide aid and refusal to accept international aid to assist victims of a disastrous cyclone that left at least 135000 people dead or …

Rebuffed US ships ready to leave Myanmar coast

Malaysia Sun, Malaysia –
The United States likely will decide “within days” to move four US Navy ships that have been waiting off the coast of Myanmar for permission from the …

CrisisWatch N°58, 1 June 2008

International Crisis Group, Belgium –
Myanmar/Burma was left devastated by a massive cyclone and the military government’s heavily criticised response. The latest official death toll is 78000 …

Defying all odds: local doctors travel to Myanmar to help cyclone …

Monitor, TX –
… Baptist Family Practice Residency Program, and private physician Dr. Edward Oorjitham traveled to Myanmar – formerly known as Burma – with Tulsa, Okla. …

Burma: Let’s Roll

Washington Post –
So we’re still waiting for permission to bring large-scale aid to Burma [“Let Them Eat Frogs,” editorial, May 30].

Japanese NGOs pledge special assistance for 10000 worst-hit …

Xinhua –
YANGON, June 2 (Xinhua) — Three Japanese non-governmental organizations (NGOs) have pledged a special assistance for 10000 selected cyclone-hit Myanmar households who are in worst need of food and resettlement, the local Flower News reported Monday.

Sikh NGO to send relief shipment to Myanmar

Times of India –
JALANDHAR: As some Sikh organizations have started serving langar to the victims of Cyclone Nargis in Myanmar, United Sikhs, the NGO that has joined hands with Yangon Sikh Gurdwara and Buddhist Maha Vihara in Brickfields, Kuala Lumpur, …


Mail & Guardian Online

Amid aid delays, locals in Burma (Myanmar) rebuild

Christian Science Monitor –
By a correspondent Rangoon, Burma – Flying home, Burmese sailors are awestruck when they see the Irrawaddy Delta below them.
Canberra urged to uphold vow to act on Burma crimes The Age
David Cameron: If the generals will not let in the aid, they must … Independent
ABC Online
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Gulf Times

Minneapolis Star Tribune –
BANGKOK, THAILAND – US Defense Secretary Robert Gates painted a bleak picture Sunday of the prospects for delivering international aid to villagers in Myanmar’s devastated Irrawaddy River delta, saying he probably was just days away from ordering a US …
Myanmar policy cost lives: USA The Statesman
Gates: Obstructed efforts in Myanmar cost lives The Associated Press
Philadelphia InquirerAFPThe Associated PressThe Associated Press
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ASEAN wants to do more for Burma’s cyclone victims

Radio Australia –
Malaysia’s deputy prime minister says the disaster caused by Cyclone Nargis in Burma has the potential to be worse than the Indian Ocean tsunami, and demanded a bigger role for Southeast Asian nations in the relief work.
Malaysia to Burma: Allow S. Asian militaries to help USA Today
Malaysia wants bigger ASEAN role in Myanmar relief Reuters
XinhuaInternational Herald TribuneNew Straits TimesPakistan Observer
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Indonesia sends medical assistance to Myanmar

Xinhua –
JAKARTA, June 1 (Xinhua) — The Indonesian government on Sunday sent medical assistance to Myanmar to help the victims of the cyclone Nagris in the country, head of crisis center of the Indonesian Health Ministry Rustam Pakaya said here.

Washington Post –
Burma’s rulers “have kept their hands in their pockets” while other countries sought to help cyclone victims, Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates said Saturday, branding the military government as “deaf and dumb” for obstructing aid efforts.

To boost tourism in the region, Thailand and the Philippines……… (Pressemitteilung), Austria –
… Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar (Burma), the Philippines and Thailand. But Thailand is the region’s top tourist destination, …

UN Health Agency Seeks $28 Million To Help Cyclone Survivors In …

The cyclone destroyed about half of the health-care system in the delta and Yangon of Myanmar, also known as Burma.

Devastation in China, Burma

Anglican Journal, Canada –
The Primate’s World Relief and Development Fund (PWRDF) is accepting donations to help Burma (also known as Myanmar), which was devastated by a cyclone on …

United Press International –
Gates said the stance of top officials in Myanmar, formerly known as Burma, was placing the lives of countless citizens in danger following this spring’s …

Written by Lwin Aung Soe

June 2, 2008 at 4:40 am

World Focus on Burma (18 May 08)

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Myanmar’s junta leader visits cyclone refugees
CNN International –
The visit comes on the day that United Nations humanitarian chief John Holmes is expected to arrive in Myanmar, which is also known as Burma, to assess the …
Myanmar’s Jeweled Temple Damaged National Geographic
Worldwide anger at Myanmar response The National
Washington exploits Myanmar’s cyclone tragedy Party for Socialism and Liberation
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Myanmar junta savvy to humanitarian aid
Edmonton Sun,  Canada –
As the cyclone in Burma (Myanmar) and earthquake in China tragically confirmed, the stars did not lie. China’s last major earthquake was in 1976 when 240000 …
Different responses to disasters in Myanmar, China The Associated Press
Two disasters, different responses Bangkok Post
China Is Urged to Use Influence With Junta Wall Street Journal
Earthtimes (press release)
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Voice of America

UN Humanitarian Chief in Burma to Boost Cyclone Aid Effort
Voice of America –
… talks with aid organizations and Burma’s military government are aimed at spurring aid to the hardest-hit regions of Burma, also known as Myanmar. …
Burma’s response “far, far too short,” says Ban Ki-moon
Open up to relief effort, UN to tell junta Sydney Morning Herald
UN Chief Mobilizes Key Countries to Aid Burma Cyclone Victims Voice of America
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Tim Costello dejected over inability to help in Burma
Sydney Morning Herald, Australia –
But in Burma, while suffering in the wake of Cyclone Nargis was all around, it was a sense of frustration at being unable to help that overwhelmed the World …
‘Race against the weather’ The Age
Cyclone Nargis to have bigger impact than Tsunami
Cyclone Nargis impact ‘bigger than tsunami’ Melbourne Herald Sun
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The Associated Press

Aid agency: Starvation possible for Myanmar’s kids
The Associated Press –
Britain’s prime minister accused authorities in the country, also known as Burma, of preventing foreign aid from reaching victims and said the military …
Aid-wary Burma allows medics in The Times
British prime minister accuses Myanmar junta of ‘inhuman’ behaviour The Canadian Press
Thai, Indian doctors allowed to enter Myanmar Globe and Mail
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Myanmar’s leaders put power over welfare of the people
St. George Daily Spectrum, UT –
Some estimates put the death toll from the May 2-3 storm in Myanmar, the country formerly known as Burma, at more than 120000. As many as 2 million people …
Legislature rallies denounce regimes in Burma, China
Toronto Star,  Canada –
The country, also known as Myanmar, was hit May 3 by Cyclone Nargis, leaving millions homeless, without food or clean water, and about 133000 dead or …
Burmese children face trouble on all fronts
San Jose Mercury News,  USA –
… said Anne-Claire Dufay, the chief child protection officer for UNICEF in Burma, which the isolationist military government calls Myanmar. …
Myanmar invites relief experts from Asia Economic Times
Frustrated aid groups try new tactics to help Myanmar ReliefWeb (press release)
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‘It’s difficult in there. It’s like walking a tightrope’
The Age, Australia –
Tim Costello describes the guilt he felt coming home, and the devastation he left behind in Burma. TIM Costello has dealt with devastation before. …
Tim Costello dejected over inability to help in Burma Sydney Morning Herald
Cyclone Nargis to have bigger impact than Tsunami
Cyclone Nargis impact ‘bigger than tsunami’ Melbourne Herald Sun
The Age
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Starvation looms before Myanmar, group warns
International outrage mounted over Myanmar’s handling of the disaster. Britain’s prime minister accused authorities in the country, also known as Burma, …
Churches in China mobilise in support of earthquake victims
Ekklesia, UK –
… parishes to collect donations on 25 May and 1 June, after a similar donation campaign to be held on 18 May, for cyclone victims in Myanmar (Burma). …
International community pounds on Myanmar’s doors as cyclone … (Pressemitteilung), Austria –
International outrage mounted over Myanmar’s handling of the disaster. Britain’s prime minister accused authorities in the country, also known as Burma, …
Thailand Says Asean Plans More Help for Myanmar Cyclone Victims
Bloomberg –
… France-Presse reported, citing Debbie Stothard, an activist with the anti-junta group Alternative Asean Network on Burma, the former name of Myanmar. …
Pressure mounts on Myanmar to accept aid
International Herald Tribune, France –
To try to offset such a prospect, a steady stream of diplomats have been flying in to the former Burma to plead for more access for aid workers and flights. …
A worried man, far from home
Pittsburgh Post Gazette, PA –
… stream of horrific news coming from Myanmar, his homeland. Two days before, Cyclone Nargis had ravaged the Southeast Asian country also known as Burma, …
In a time of crisis, China reaches out
Concord Monitor, NH –
… pales in comparison with the unimaginably callous behavior of the military junta that has ruled Burma – which they call Myanmar – for nearly 50 years. …
As Junta Tightens Grip, World Mulls Intervention
Tampa Tribune, FL –
Just hoping the government in Myanmar, also known as Burma, will do the right thing may not be enough. And though it appears unlikely they will be called in …
ASEAN to meet on Burma disaster
Radio Australia, Australia –
Foreign ministers from the Association of Southeast Asian nations will meet in Singapore tomorrow (mon) to discuss how to help Burma recover from cyclone …
More aid arrives for Myanmar cyclone victims, but government keeps …
Philippine Star, Philippines –
“The further you go, the worse the situation,” said an overwhelmed doctor in the town of Twante, just southwest of Yangon, Myanmar’s main city. …

San Francisco Chronicle, USA –
Every week, I write five of SFGate’s nonscientific polls. Readers often assume that a Bay Area audience is overwhelmingly liberal, but it’s more complicated …
Catastrophe of unrest
Khaleej Times, United Arab Emirates –
It’s something to keep in mind as two of the most repressive regimes on the planet — China and Myanmar — struggle to respond to devastating disasters. …
Myanmar Faces Mounting Pressure on Relief Efforts, NYT Reports
Bloomberg –
By Gavin Evans May 18 (Bloomberg) — International pressure is growing on Myanmar’s military rulers to increase their use of international aid in the wake …
Myanmar death toll soars
Reuters UK, UK –
The itineraries were arranged by the Myanmar government, under fire for refusing to allow significant numbers of foreign aid workers and major international …
The responsibility to protect
Webdiary, Australia –
By early last week it was becoming increasingly obvious that the military junta in Burma was being recalcitrant about accepting international aid for the …
Canadian shelter kits close to reaching Burmese, Canada –
A planeload of Canadian supplies in Bangkok, Thailand should be just days away from providing shelter for survivors of Burma’s cyclone, says a Red Cross …
Canadian Forces plane carrying aid for Myanmar arrives in Bangkok
The Canadian Press –
… said it will match donations of individual Canadians to humanitarian organizations assisting with the relief efforts in Myanmar, also known as Burma. …

Myanmar’s mishandling of cyclone disaster deals latest blow to ASEAN
International Herald Tribune, France –
AP MANILA, Philippines: Myanmar, long a thorn in the side of its Southeast Asian allies, has again made them a target of criticism after its ruling junta ..

China shows humanity with quake response
GulfNews, United Arab Emirates –
The contrast between China’s response and the criminal negligence of the Myanmar junta after Cyclone Nargis devastated the Irrawaddy Delta could not be more …
A wave of help
Bangkok Post, Thailand –
Thompson, who was present at the screening, said she was hoping to go to Myanmar to help. “If anyone wants to come, you can come and see me. …
Sanctions won’t help victims
News24, South Africa –
Brussels – The EU’s humanitarian aid chief warned on Saturday that Washington’s decision to extend sanctions against the Myanmar junta would not help …
Cyclone damage viewed by diplomats
Radio New Zealand, New Zealand –
Foreign diplomats say they saw huge devastation in the Irrawaddy delta of Myanmar during a tightly controlled official tour of the cyclone ravaged district. …
Medical teams finally allowed in to Burma
Melbourne Herald Sun, Australia –
NEARLY 80 Asian medics have arrived in Burma today to help with disaster relief efforts after the devastating cyclone two weeks ago, state media said. …
China Condemned for Blocking UN Action on Burma, UK –
… UN action that could bring relief to Burmese citizens suffering from the effects of Cyclone Nargis, which struck Myanmar (formerly Burma) two weeks ago. …
Reporters banned from photographing storm damage
Democratic Voice of Burma, Norway –
San Moe Wai of the Myanmar News Union said reporters should be allowed to present a full picture of the crisis. “News reports about the storm victims need …
celebrAsian participants seek donations to help with natural disasters, IA –
Over at the Burma tent, Ian Loo sought donations to help the citizens of Myanmar recover from a May 3 cyclone that killed about 78000. …


The Irrawaddy News Magazine

Myanmar cyclone: Burma junta is killing its own people, says West, United Kingdom –
By Alan Brown in Rangoon Burma has come under mounting pressure to admit outside aid for the survivors of Cyclone Nargis, as Britain accused the junta of …
Uncertainty on kin’s fate worry Burmese in Baguio City
The Return of Burma’s Monks TIME
Myanmar cyclone: Aid workers tread on eggshells with Burma regime
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World turns up heat on Myanmar
“We have an intolerable situation created by a natural disaster,” Brown, whose country was the colonial power when Myanmar was known as Burma, told the BBC. …
Myanmar’s Children Face New Risks, Aid Groups Say
New York Times, United States –
… as they tried to recruit children at a shelter, said Anne-Claire Dufay, the chief child protection officer for Unicef in Myanmar, formerly Burma. …
Christian Group Condemns Burma Vote As Cyclone Toll Reaches 134000
BosNewsLife, Hungary –
… predominantly Christian, ethnic Karen and Karenni refugees from Burma expressed concerns about the situation in their country, also known as Myanmar. …
Omaha Group Raises Money For Myanmar Relief
The Mount View Presbyterian Church played host to a fundraiser for victims of the Burma cyclone. Many groups refer to the country as Burma, not recognizing …
Awaiting the Big One
Jerusalem Post, Israel –
Natural disasters of mammoth proportions and their catastrophic consequences, like the devastating cyclone that ravaged large stretches of Myanmar (Burma) …


World faces limits to getting aid into Myanmar
The Associated Press –
Just hoping the government in Myanmar, also known as Burma, will do the right thing may not be enough. And though it appears unlikely they will be called in …
US relief arrives in Myanmar NECN
US sends in first aid, awaits green light on bigger Myanmar role International Herald Tribune
Myanmar/Thailand: World Emergency Relief aids cyclone victims ReliefWeb (press release)
Human EventsAustralia.TO
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Vancouver Sun

Demonstrators demand help for cyclone-ravaged Burma
Vancouver Sun, Canada –
… Myanmar government to open its borders to relief workers. Cyclone Nargis tore through the country once known as Burma a little more than two weeks ago, …

Turkish Press

US lawmakers ask Bush to consider Myanmar ‘intervention’
“We now face the possible death of 2.5 million people in Burma (Myanmar). Thirteen days after the cyclone hit, there is no more time to wait,” they warned …
Sneaking Cyclone News Out of Myanmar to Facebook ABC News
Burma (Myanmar) reels from Cyclone Nargis 14 May 2008 ReliefWeb (press release)
World Anger Mounts at Burmese Delays in Cyclone Disaster Deutsche Welle
CBS NewsBloomberg
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Church group collects goods for Burma cyclone victims, Philippines –
By Jeannette Andrade CARITAS MANILA IS POOLING resources with its international counterparts to send aid to Burma (Myanmar), the first batch of which will …
Church group moves to assist Myanmar cyclone victims GMA
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