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World Focus on Burma (18-12-2007)

  1. House Honors Suu Kyi
    The Associated Press –
    Supporters of the legislation, which passed 400-0, made clear the award was meant to send a message to the military leaders in Myanmar, or Burma, …
  2. Envoy Holds Talks On Burma With Officials In DC, New Zealand –
    The Secretary-General’s Special Adviser on Myanmar is in Washington, DC, today for talks with senior United States officials, including the country’s First …
  3. UN to hear report from Burma envoy
    Bangkok Post, Thailand –
    … who has campaigned for democracy in Burma, and Stephen Hadley, the White House national security chief. The UN has tried to bring democracy to Myanmar, …
  4. The Secret Library of Hope
    Middle East Online, UK –
    When the monks of Burma/Myanmar led an insurrection in September simply by walking through the streets of their cities in their deep-red robes, …
  5. Myanmar’s ‘saffron revolution’ brings little hope for change
    Gulf Times, Qatar –
    But Myanmar, formerly Burma, has remained defiant, blocking a briefing by Gambari to a Southeast Asia summit and expelling the UN’s top diplomat in Yangon, …
  6. Burma inaugurate Second IT Park, India –
    India and Burma on December 12, sign a memorandum of understanding to establish an IT enhancement centre in Rangoon. The MoU to set-up India-Myanmar Centre …
  7. Brown outlines EU future priorities
    Xinhua, China –
    On Myanmar, Brown said that “restrictive measures” may also be amended and reinforced against Burma if basic political freedoms are not implemented. …
  8. UN Agency Says Fresh Outbreak Of Bird Flu Claims Two Lives In Pakistan
    AHN –
    The WHO officials are also assisting local health authorities in Burma, officially known as Myanmar and Indonesia in response to outbreaks in those …
  9. Bill Would Help Vietnam War Allies
    The Associated Press –
    Among the other groups spelled out for relief are rebel groups from Burma, now called Myanmar, such as the Karen National Union and Chin National Front and …
  10. A Conversation With Alan Rabinowitz Zoologist Gives a Voice to Big …

    New York Times, United States – When I first went to Burma-Myanmar, for instance, there wasn’ta lot of trust there (laughs). I was told, “You don’t look like a scientist. …

  11. Precarious Gems by Marin Cogan
    New Republic (subscription), DC –
    Burma produces more than 90 percent of the world’s ruby and jade. According to Human Rights Watch, the state-controlled Myanmar Gems Enterprise pocketed …
  12. US House honours Burma’s Suu Kyi
    BBC News, UK –

    Supporters of the bill, which passed 400-0, said the move was meant to send a message to Burma’s military leaders. “We will continue to pressure the junta …

  13. US lawmakers honour
    Monsters and, UK –
    ‘For three decades, Aung San Suu Kyi has valiantly led the nonviolent movement in Burma for democracy and human rights,’ said Rep Joseph Crowley (D-NY), …
  14. A religious movement with an edge
    Los Angeles Times, CA –
    . .. Carly, also a missionary, are leaving for Thailand next month to work in refugee camps along the border with Myanmar, also known as Burma. …
  15. Peace for Our Time
    Korea Times, South Korea –
    And while Kim’s voice for such ideals in Myanmar, formerly Burma, is certainly noteworthy, it reeks of great hypocrisy that a man who was in a position of …
  16. Laura Bush meets UN envoy on Burma
    Democratic Voice of Burma, Norway –
    Dec 18, 2007 (AFP)–The UN envoy for Burma, Ibrahim Gambari, met at the White House Monday with US First Lady Laura Bush and US National Security Adviser …
  17. Fighter plane crashes in Burma
    Democratic Voice of Burma, Norway –
    Dec 18, 2007 ( AP)–A fighter plane crashed on Monday during a test flight in central Burma, killing the pilot, government officials said. ..
  18. Fighter planes crashing common in Burma : analyst, India –
    … shortly after take off from an international airport in Burma’s second largest city of Mandalay due to engine failure, the New Light of Myanmar said. …
  19. Migrant labourers contribute 6.2% to GDP
    Bangkok Post, Thailand –
    Last year about 75 per cent of the migrant labourers came from neighbouring Myanmar, also called Burma, who now represent 5 per cent of Thailand’s total …
  20. Gambari Begins New Talks with World Powers
    The Irrawaddy News Magazine, Thailand –
    During the meeting Gambari discussed the world body’s efforts in the context of the Secretary-General’s good offices mandate for Myanmar [Burma], …
  21. MYANMAR: Aid in a tight space, NY –
    BANGKOK, 18 December 2007 (IRIN) – Myanmar (formerly Burma), with a population of some 52 million, is one of the poorest countries in Asia, …
  22. US names Aung San Suu Kyi as next gold medal award winner, India –
    Suu Kyi, daughter of Burma’s independence hero General Aung San, has led the opposition movement against the military junta, which has maintained an …
  23. Limits on Hmong seeking asylum could be eased
    Post-Bulletin, MN –
    Among the other groups spelled out for relief are rebel groups from Burma, now called Myanmar, such as the Karen National Union and Chin National Front and
  24. Myanmar monks named top US religion newsmakers in 2007
    Ecumenical News International, Switzerland –
    Buddhist monks who led anti-government demonstrations in Myanmar (formerly Burma) have been selected as the top religion newsmakers of the year,

World Focus on Burma (17-12-2007)

  1. Bird Flu Flares Further In Asia
    AHN –
    In Burma, officially known as Myanmar, a seven-year-old girl has become the military-run country’s first confirmed human case of bird flu. …
  2. The cultural cradle of Southeast Asia
    Salt Lake Tribune, United States –
    It’s time to go to Myanmar, also known as Burma. This might sound funny given the October crackdown on pro-democracy supporters, but based on talks with …
  3. Giant lanterns go ‘dancing’, Philippines –
    The event attracted locals and foreigners, aside from the ambassadors and representatives of Cambodia, Greece, Italy, Laos, Malaysia, Burma (Myanmar), …
  4. Seven killed as bus hits mine in Manipur
    Reuters India, India –
    More than 20000 people been killed in militancy-related violence over four decades in the tiny state bordering Myanmar as rebel groups fight for a range of …
  5. Death of a Journalist
    Asia Sentinel, China –
    … Southeast Asian Nations to make progress in the democratization of Myanmar [Burma],” Komura said after the UNSC’s presidential statement was announced. …
  6. Myanmar refugees face wretched existence in Malaysia
    AFP –

    … Altsean Burma. “Large groups of refugees are in hiding around the country and they are penniless and desperate,” she adds, using Myanmar’s former name. …

  7. Myanmar quietly releases 96 monks
    Sify, India –
    Yangon: Myanmar’s military regime has released from detention 96 monks who participated in September’s marches, permitting half of them to return to the …
  8. Burma: UN Maintains Pressure
    UNPO, Netherlands –
    During the conclusion of the sixth Human Rights Council, the Council responded to the Special Rapporteur on Myanmar’s (Burma) report by reiterating its call …
  9. Cambodia, Thailand sign visa deal
    Radio Australia, Australia –
    He says Burma, Laos and Vietnam could eventually sign up to the deal. The pact was developed through the Ayeyawady-Chao Phya-Mekong Economic Cooperation …
  10. Cambodian monks clash with riot police
    Monsters and, UK –
    ‘It is a great shame that the Cambodian government criticized Myanmar for attacking monks and then does the same thing to its own monks,’ he added, …
  11. Burmese investment banned
    Global Pensions, UK –
    … Economic Measures Act on Burma, which has banned all Canadian people and financial institutions from investing in the region, also known as Myanmar. …
  12. Health Officials Call for Increase in Bird Flu Surveillance
    Voice of America –

    The announcement follows Pakistan’s first human bird flu fatality and Burma’s first reported human case of bird flu. As Naomi Martig reports from VOA’s Asia …

  13. Epidemiologists on Alert: Bird Flu Strikes Africa
    eFluxMedia –

    Following the Asia epidemic, where cases of human infection with the H5N1 virus have been reported lately by countries like Myanmar, China or Indonesia, …

  14. Bird flu contained in Burma: WHO, India –
    The WHO Myanmar head praised the Burmese government for cooperating in the culling of birds and containing the disease saying “they [government] have done …
  15. WHO credits fast reports for checking bird flu
    Bangkok Post, Thailand –
    The World Health Organisation on Sunday praised Asian countries for swiftly reporting the latest bird flu cases after Pakistan and Burma were hit by a resurgence of the disease. Asia-Pacific spokesman Peter Cordingley said prompt notification was helping keep the virus in check after Pakistan announced its first human death and Burma revealed its first human case.

    “People have learned that hiding cases just makes things worse,” Cordingley told AFP.

    This month China, which has previously been accused of withholding information, reported its 27th bird flu death and Indonesia, the worst hit country, reached 93.

    Outbreaks have also been reported among poultry in Germany and Russia as bird flu, which has killed more than 200 people worldwide since late 2003, re-emerges.

    Cordingley warned bird flu was likely to become more prevalent with the onset of the northern hemisphere winter.

    “At this time of year, we do expect the virus to be more active in poultry and humans,” said Cordingley, who is based in Manila.

    “In the same way that you and I are picking up flus, so will birds.”

    Pakistan on Saturday said a man who culled infected birds had died become the country’s first human fatality.

    The man’s brother also died but was not tested for bird flu, officials said without explanation.

    Meanwhile a seven-year-old girl became Burma‘s first confirmed human case, although she has since been discharged from hospital after showing signs of recovery.

    “This virus is no respecter of borders, so there nothing startling about the latest outbreak,” Cordingley said.

    “We have always seen more cases in the cooler months, so there is nothing surprising in the developments in Pakistan and Myanmar,” he added.

    The two cases follow the deaths of a 47-year-old Indonesian and a 24-year-old Chinese man earlier this month.

    The Chinese victim’s father was also diagnosed with the disease, raising fears over human-to-human infection.

    The H5N1 strain has passed from human to human only in very rare cases and scientists fear that such a transmission could become more efficient and widespread through mutation, causing a global pandemic.

    Cordingley said the spread of the virus was assisted by migratory patterns of birds, but also illegal trade in poultry, which is a staple food for much of Southeast Asia.

    “This virus will continue. We cannot fight it on a public health front, it depends on how farmyards and chickens are raised and that is a long-term fight,” he said.

    Earlier this month, international donors committed more than US$400 million to fight the disease at a conference in New Delhi.

    But the figure fell far short of World Bank projections that said US$1.2 billion was needed over the next two to three years to help countries fight the disease.

    Cambodia, Laos, Thailand and Vietnam are the other countries that have reported human infections of bird flu in Asia, which has borne the brunt of the disease.

    So far this year, 51 people have died from the disease, down from 71 in 2006, according to WHO figures. (Agencies)

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December 16, 2007 at 11:48 pm

World Focus on Burma (15-11-2007)

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  1. UN Envoy Reports on Extent of Myanmar Crackdown
    PBS –

    JIM LEHRER: Next, an update on the suppression of anti-government demonstrators in Myanmar, also known as Burma. The United Nations special envoy for human …

  2. UPDATE 1-EU warns may tighten Myanmar sanctions-draft
    Reuters UK, UK –
    … amend or further reinforce restrictive measures against the government of Burma/Myanmar in the light of developments on the ground. …
  3. UN human rights body backs new probe of Myanmar
    Reuters South Africa, South Africa –

    … triggered by a 500 percent oil price rise in the former Burma. The Brazilian professor, who visited Myanmar in November, said at least 31 people died …

  4. UN Human Rights Council To Send Expert To Burma, New Zealand –
    … 13 resolutions and decisions, including a request that the independent expert on Myanmar return to the South-East Asian nation for further assessments. …
  5. Energy for Thailand, Tragedy for Burma
    Asian Tribune, Thailand –
    General vulnerability in Myanmar is defined by accelerating impoverishment and the growing inability of the social service structures to address the basic …
  6. BURMA – BIRD FLU Burma reports first human case of bird flu
    France24, France –
    By Reuters The World Health Organisation (WHO) on Friday announced Myanmar (Burma)’s first human case of bird flu. The victim, a seven-year-old girl, …
  7. Mission of Burma Have a Burmese Mission, IL –

    … the stage at Allston, ma’s Great Scott January 20 to benefit the politically and economically troubled southeast Asian nation of Burma (aka Myanmar). …

  8. An Adventure in Burma, DC –
    … his people’s continuous fight for democracy (Burma was officially renamed Myanmar in 1989 but pro-democracy advocates refuse to acknowledge the change). …
  9. Canada enforces sanctions on Myanmar
    AFP –

    … to Burma, the Burmese regime has been completely unwilling to undertake genuine reform,” said Foreign Minister Maxime Bernier, referring to Myanmar by …

  10. Vote possible in House of Representatives to give US Congress’ top …
    International Herald Tribune, France –
    AP WASHINGTON: The US House of Representatives could vote as early as next week on whether to present Congress’ highest civilian honor to Myanmar democracy …
  11. Spies, suspicion and empty monasteries – Burma today
    Guardian Unlimited, UK –

    Buddhist monks at the Chaukhtatgyi Paya, or reclining Buddha, monastery in Yangon, Myanmar, Burma. Photograph: Sean Smith The security policemen who …

  12. Myanmar reports its first human case of bird flu, in 7-year-old girl
    Malaysia Star, Malaysia –
    YANGON, Myanmar (AP): Myanmar has confirmed the country’s first case of a human being infected by bird flu, state media reported Saturday. …
  13. Bird flu resurfaces in Asia, deaths and poultry outbreaks reported
    USA Today –
    The World Health Organization also confirmed Burma’s first human case. A 7-year-old girl from the eastern Shan State became ill Nov. …
  14. Religion dominated the public stage in 2007
    East Valley Tribune, AZ –
    … boldly marched this fall in Myanmar (formerly Burma) to raise world awareness of the military junta, which has cracked down on dissent over its actions. …
  15. Burma’s first human case of avian flu confirmed, India –
    The state-owned media New Light of Myanmar reported the outbreak saying the situation is under control. Earlier, the Burmese authorities concealed the …
  16. Richard Paw U, 85, helped unite Island Buddhists
    Honolulu Advertiser, HI –
    … Burma, he saw many changes in his lifetime, including the takeover of the area by a militia. The area of his birthplace is now known as Sittwe, Myanmar. …
  17. Serbia angered by EU move to send mission to Kosovo, MI –
    … amend or further reinforce restrictive measures against the government of Burma/Myanmar in the light of developments on the ground. …
  18. Obama can restore global trust
    Berkshire Eagle, MA –
    In October, I was looking at curios in the lobby of a small hotel in Burma (called Myanmar by the junta that rules it), when a very well dressed and coifed …

Written by Lwin Aung Soe

December 15, 2007 at 2:48 am