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World focus on Burma (15 July 2008)

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Amnesty’s biggest-ever Edinburgh Festival line-up announced

Amnesty International UK, UK –

Other Amnesty highlights this year include two visual exhibitions, a play on Burma (with an exclusive Festival demonstration for human rights), …

Sudan indictment seen as ray of hope (press release) –

The Sudan development serves also as a warning to other goon regimes, like the one in Burma that their clock is winding down and justice, while often slow …

British MPs call on Govt. to investigation Mahn Sha’s assassination, India –

Zoya said, “Though we know that it is the work of the Burmese military junta, there has been no official announcement and we are sad about it. …

Myanmar invites UN envoy for talks on democratic reform

Monsters and –

Having recently pushed through a constitution that will assure the military’s control over any elected government, Myanmar’s ruling junta has promised to …

Burma’s outdoor advertising industry in doldrums after Nargis, India –

… billboards and other outdoor advertisement have slowly picked up, said Zaw Lin from Myanmar Ganad. But in military-ruled Burma, where the junta keeps a …

Police incompetence; multiple murderers still at large, India –

Lack of media freedom in Burma worsens the rising crime rate in Burma. The media in Burma could write about the aforesaid multi-murder case only several …

Sam Donnellon: Refuse to cover the Olympics? Not for all the tea …

Philadelphia Daily News, PA –

Sales of arms to Burma’s military junta receded after last September’s bloody crackdown of dissidents, and China took a more prominent role in UN attempts …

Attitude on fresh election: contest or not, India –

The strongest armed force only after the Burmese Army having even anti-aircraft guns and has a reached ceasefire agreement with the junta. …

Donated fishing equipment taken back from villagers

Democratic Voice of Burma, Norway –

The donor also said that local authorities had skimmed off some of the money given by private donors to help cyclone victims. …

Bush Vows to Push China to Honor Religious Freedom

Christian Post –

In his speech, Bush specifically mentioned religious freedom violators Iran, Eritrea, Sudan, North Korea, Burma, Uzbekistan and Saudi Arabia. …

Support plea for repressed kingdom in the clouds

Inverness Courier, UK –

It borders India, Nepal, Bhutan, Burma and China. It is split into three provinces Amdo, Kham and U-Tsang, which together with western Kham is referred to …

Journeys Within Announces Plan to Continue Myanmar Help

MarketWatch –

… planning a custom tour for January 2009, including Myanmar. Journeys Within offers customized trips to Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Burma and Cambodia. …

Thai ministers fear to sign ASEAN pacts after court defeats

Thai News Agency MCOT, Thailand –

BANGKOK, July 15 (TNA) – After losing several rounds of court battles in recent weeks at home, Thai Cabinet ministers say they are reluctant to sign any …

June 2008 US-EU Summit Declaration, OR –

Separately, we remain deeply concerned at continued repression in Burma/Myanmar as well as the lack of progress toward national reconciliation and a …

Agriculture in action

Centre Daily Times, PA –

By Gail Franklin Local residents helped fill rice bowls at the dinner tables of 11 orphanages in Myanmar after deadly Cyclone Nargis hit the country May 2. …

Htein Lin: A Moving Monument

The Irrawaddy News Magazine, Thailand –

Perhaps his message was that the “Saffron Revolution” had been as devastating to the military regime as Cyclone Nargis was to the people of lower Burma. …

A Call to Arms?

The Irrawaddy News Magazine, Thailand –

By KYAW ZWA MOE “Nothing can defeat Burma’s military regime—at least to date.” I wrote those words in a commentary after the monk-led uprising was crushed …

Thai Embassy Raises the Bar for Burmese Seeking Visas

The Irrawaddy News Magazine, Thailand –

“Nowadays very few people are applying for Thai visas—far fewer than before Nargis,” she said, referring to the devastating cyclone that hit Burma on May …


South Devon Herald Express, UK –

“Some experts suggest that the effect of the recent Burma cyclone would have been greatly reduced had areas of mangrove not been developed. …


Grimsby Evening Telegraph, UK –

Since a cyclone devastated Burma, Cleethorpes Rotary, along with fellow groups in District 1270 – including Louth and Mablethorpe – have raised enough for …

Gambari’s Burma Visit Postponed

The Irrawaddy News Magazine, Thailand –

Officials said one factor was that at a time when the UN and Asean are busy coordinating humanitarian relief work in the cyclone-hit area of the Irrawaddy …

Tutu renews his appeal to Anglicans to end their factionalism

Ekklesia, UK –

He is an outspoken advocate for peace, justice and human rights – with HIV/AIDS, global poverty and oppression in Burma, Zimbabwe and Tibet being among his …

Sam Donnellon: Refuse to cover the Olympics? Not for all the tea …

Philadelphia Daily News, PA –

And various human-rights groups, not to mention the exploding international blogging community, have called for disruptions at the Games if China’s …

Lecture: Democracy, security and rule of law in Ghana

Joy Online, Ghana –

Democracy, free market, human resource development, human rights, rule of law and social justice have steadfastly remained our Party’s creed since August 4, …

Aid workers vital to rebuilding Burma

Radio Australia, Australia –

Burma’s military junta has been trumpeting the fact that more than 1500 international aid workers have been granted visas to the country to assist in the …

Buddhist Monks and Bloggers Band Together in Burma

OpEdNews, PA –

Buddhist monks have given food and shelter to the cyclone survivors. They’ve raised money , medicine, and aid, by preaching Dhamma in public to help the …

Burmese artwork to be given to Pope

The Canberra Times, Australia –

Auxiliary Bishop of Sydney Julien Porteous said the Church shared a close bond with the people of Burma, who had suffered greatly in the wake of the cyclone …

RIGHTS: Cluster Bomb Treaty’s Moral Force May Deter US

Inter Press Service (subscription), Italy –

Right now the only country using landmines is Burma. Even countries like Israel that did not sign the landmine treaty do not use them. …

From opium to arabica

Bangkok Post, Thailand –

Born to parents who had emigrated from Burma, he grew up in Doi Tung. His parents worked in reforestation, which was one of Somdej Yah’s first projects …

Lord Alton reflects on world food summit

Independent Catholic News, UK –

… disasters such as Cyclone Nargis in Burma, the Sichuan earthquake in China, flooding and droughts and by crop failures in countries like Ethiopia. …

Pope beams in Sydney

CathNews, Australia –

However, 33 pilgims from Burma have arrived after receiving their visas Friday. Thirty three pilgrims, six priests, three mauve nuns – each left a Burma …

Baptists Bring Comfort to Burma

Christian Post –

By Joshua Goldberg The Baptist World Alliance announced this week that groups of its volunteers, in a special partnership with the Myanmar Baptist …

India Needs To Reconsider Foreign Policy Following Kabul Embassy …

South Asian Link, Canada –

None of the neighbors such as Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka or Burma is willing to support India against China. India should clearly understand …

Why Are Red Cross Reports Confidential?

Slate –

According to ICRC protocol (PDF), the committee can publicly denounce specific human rights breaches if four conditions are met: The violations are major …

China’s war on nature

Business Spectator, Australia –

Indeed, environmental concerns may soon replace human rights as the principal bone of contention between China and the west, now that the People’s Republic …

Bush Calls for Religious Freedom In China, Iran

Voice of America –

Mr. Bush spoke about his recent meeting in Washington with a Chinese human-rights lawyer named Li Baiguang who is a devout Protestant. …

Sf Government InAction: Is Ross Mirkarimi Captain Ahab? Is Burma a …

SF Weekly Blogs, CA –

This isn’t the belief of a Chris Daly who, for all that he is an honorable man (very rare in politics) and by all accounts a better-than-average human being …

RIGHTS: Cluster Bomb Treaty’s Moral Force May Deter US

Inter Press Service (subscription), Italy –

According to Marc Garlasco, a military analyst at Human Rights Watch, evolving international norms are shaping the way the US and other states are using …

BREAKING NEWS: Bush Condemns Religious Rights Abuses In Iran …

BosNewsLife, Hungary –

Bush also lashed out at Burma, also known as Myanmar, saying he remembered “especially the nation’s Buddhist monks, who have endured brutal raids on their …

Remarks by the President on the 10th Anniversary of the …

MarketWatch –

So a decade ago, members of Congress — I suspect some of the members here — and religious leaders and human rights activists came together to advance …

Burmese pilgrims overjoyed to arrive in Sydney for World Youth Day …

Catholic News Agency, CO –

Dominic Ych Thiha Saw, one of the Burmese pilgrims carried a box marked with the name “Pope Benedict XVI” containing a painting of a famous lake in Myanmar, …

Family feels persecuted by vandalism attacks

The Dominion Post, New Zealand –

Swastikas and obscenities greeted a Myanmar (formerly Burma) family last Wednesday when they went out to use their car. The Cenhrang family found their car …

Baptists Bring Comfort to Burma

Christian Post –

… Myanmar Baptist Convention, were steadily making headway in combating the “huge unmet basic needs for the victims of the disaster†in Burma. “The …

BREAKING NEWS: Bush Condemns Religious Rights Abuses In Iran …

BosNewsLife, Hungary –

Bush also lashed out at Burma, also known as Myanmar, saying he remembered “especially the nation’s Buddhist monks, who have endured brutal raids on their …

World’s Former Only Hindu Country Opens to Christianity

Christian Post –

Missionaries from Myanmar (also known as Burma), Sri Lanka, India, and the United States also spoke. The Myanmar missionary shared about how locals saw the …

(Regarding the assassination of Padoh Mahn Sha) Message from the Burma Campaign UK

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Dear Friend
I am writing today with very sad news. On Thursday 14th February Padoh Mahn
Sha, the father of one of our staff members, Zoya Phan, was assassinated by
agents of the military regime in Burma. Two gunmen came to his house and
shot him in the chest.

Padoh Mahn Sha was General Secretary of the Karen National Union, which
represents the Karen ethnic group in Burma in their struggle for democracy
and human rights.

He was a greatly respected leader who had dedicated his life for the
struggle for freedom. He was killed because of his effective and principled
stand against the regime.

His assassination is yet more evidence, as if it were needed, that the
regime is determined to cling on to power, no matter what. They see leaders,
such as Padoh Mahn Sha, who speak out for freedom and justice, as a threat
to their survival.

Many of you will have seen Zoya Phan speak at events and on television news
or seen her articles in our magazine. You can view some of her speeches on
our website at <>

Zoya and her brothers and sister have set up a fund in memory of their
father. Donations can be made online at <>. The fund
will be used to tackle poverty and provide education in Karen state, two
issues very close to Padoh Mahn Sha¹s heart. Please visit
<>. You can donate by credit card from any country or
you can send a cheque made out to ŒBurma Campaign UK¹ and post it to Padoh
Mahn Sha Fund, care of Burma Campaign UK, 28 Charles Square, London N1 6HT,

A statement from the children of Padoh Mahn Sha, released on the day of his
death, follows below.

Anna Roberts
Director, The Burma Campaign UK

Statement from the children of Padoh Mahn Sha Lah Phan

We are very sad to lose a great father and a great leader.

We were lucky to have a father who was caring and full of love. He gave us
guidance and support, and taught us tolerance and to stand against
injustice. He could not give us wealth or luxury, but ensured that we had an
education and the opportunity to fulfill our potential

He was always humble, yet a strong and brave leader. He dedicated his life
to the struggle, and always put the welfare of his people and his country
before himself. His example of determination and self-sacrifice to win our
freedom won him the love and respect of not just the Karen people, but also
the Burmese democracy movement and of freedom loving people around the

He will be remembered by many not only as an inspirational leader, but also
on a personal level for the many acts of kindness he performed for those who
needed help.

We are proud to be his children, as all Karen people and all people who long
for freedom in Burma are proud of him.

Our father may be dead, but we will remember him. He taught us that it was
our duty to work for the Karen people, and as his children we will continue
his dedicated work towards true freedom for our people and peace in our

His determination for freedom and democracy lives on within us and within
the Karen people. He did not live to see freedom for our people, but his
dream will be fulfilled. The Karen, and all the people of Burma, will be

We will be establishing a foundation in memory of our father. Donations can
be made online at

Saw Say Say
Nant Bwa Bwa Phan
Nant Zoya Phan
Slone Phan

A brief biography of Padoh Mahn Sha
Padoh Mahn Sha Lah Phan was born in Rangoon on 5th July 1943.
He graduated from Rangoon University in 1966 with a degree in history.

He joined the Karen National Union (KNU) in 1963. In 1964 he became a member
of the KNU Central Committee, and was elected Joint General Secretary in
1995. He was elected General Secretary in 2000, and is also a member of the
Secretariat of the National Council of the Union of Burma, the umbrella
organisation representing organisations in the Burmese democracy movement.

Padoh Mahn Sha married Nant Kyin Shwe in 1976. She passed away on 31st July
2004. He is survived by four children, two sons and two daughters; Saw Say
Say, Nant Bwa Bwa Phan, Nant Zoya Phan, Slone Phan

To make a donation to the Padoh Mahn Sha fund, please visit

Was this email forwarded to you by a friend? If you are not already a member
of the Burma Campaign UK e-mail network, and would like to receive these
updates directly, you can subscribe by sending a blank e-mail to:

If you would like to unsubscribe from this mailing list, please send a blank
email to:

The Burma Campaign UK
Registered Company No. 3804730
Registered office address
28 Charles Square
London N1 6HT

Written by Lwin Aung Soe

February 20, 2008 at 8:02 am

Assassination of Pado Mahn Shar Lar Phan

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Death of Karen leader blow to Myanmar groups

15 Feb 08 AlJazeeraEnglish

Karen National Union Gen Secy shot dead



Mahn Sha, the leader of Myanmar’s Karen National Union, one of the biggest ethnic groups fighting Myanmar’s military government, lays dead in his home in the Thai border town of Mae Sot on Thursday, February 14, in Thailand. Mahn Sha was shot dead Thursday.

Bangkok, February 15 (Agencies): The assassination of a senior Karen rebel leader on the Burma border has dealt a severe blow not only to the insurgency but also to Burma’s entire pro-democracy movement, observers said Friday. Karen National Union (KNU) general secretary Mahn Sha was gunned down in his home in Mae Sot, Thailand, Thursday afternoon by unknown assailants. “A black-coloured vehicle parked in front of his house at about 4:00 pm and one man came out with a bouquet of flowers,” said Blooming Night Zan, secretary for the Karen Women’s Organization. “He greeted Mahn Sha in Karen, saying ‘Good evening uncle,’ and then shot him,” Zan told Deutsche Presse Agentur dpa from Mae Sot, 380 kilometres north of Bangkok.
A second assassin from the car, which had a Thai licence plate, then shot Mahn Sha twice in the body, leaving him dead. Thai police found the car parked near the Moei River, which defines the Thai-Burma border, but have yet to identify the assailants. Karen sources suspect the gunmen were members of the Democratic Karen Buddhist Army, a Karen splinter group that broke with the KNU in 1995 and is now allied with the Burma army.
The slaying of Mahn Sha was seen as a great blow for the KNU, an insurgency that has been fighting for the autonomy of the Karen State for the past six decades, and for Burma’s pro-democracy movement. “For the Burmese audience Mahn Sha was the second most popular Karen leader after Bo Mya,” said Win Min, a Thailand-based Burma scholar.
“His death is a loss for the Burmese pro-democracy movement as a whole, since Mahn Sha was one of the few Karen leaders who was accepted by the various groups within the movement, especially those acting in exile,” said Win Min. But more specifically, his murder was another blow for the KNU. Bo Mya, the military leader of the Karen National Liberation Army, died in December 24, 2006, from illness. His demise was a major blow for the insurgency and a source of further splits within the remaining forces. In February 2007, the KNU’s 7th Brigade split off from the main force and entered into peace negotiations with Burma’s junta.
The 7th Brigade is one faction of the more active forces within the KNU, which has been waging a guerrilla struggle against the central government for the independence of the Karen State since 1949. There are an estimated 4,000 KNU troops still in the field against the junta. The KNU is one of the last ethnic minority insurgencies that have refused to enter into a peace agreements with the ruling junta, which has monopolized political power in the country since 1962. Mahn Sha’s murder has at least highlighted the plight of the Karen, whose struggle has often been overlooked by the international community, Win Min noted.
In Washington DC, US Congressman Joe Pitts, in a statement on Mahn Sha’s death, said the assassination should draw world attention to the ongoing persecution of the Karen and other ethnic minorities by the Burma regime. “For too long, the plight of the people of Burma has either been ignored or discussed ad nauseam with little or no action on behalf of the people,” said Pitts. “With over 1.5 million internally displaced persons and refugees as a result of the brutal attacks by the dictatorship’s army, it is time for change. The international community must ensure that what happened to Mahn Sha does not happen to any other ethnic, democracy, or religious leader in Burma,” he added.
Burma’s junta has been carrying out a large-scale offensive against the KNU for the past two years, forcing about 30,000 Karens to flee their homes and seek shelter in camps for “displaced persons” along the Thai border, while thousands of others continue to lead a precarious existence in their homeland.


Police find car used in KNU assassination

Killers believed to have fled to Burma

By Bangkok Post and AFP


The vehicle used by gunmen who shot dead a key member of the Karen National Union (KNU) this week has been found abandoned near the border with Burma.

Forensic police in Tak are searching for any evidence from the black pick-up that could help police discover who was behind the assassination of KNU general-secretary Pado Mahn Shar Lapan, who was shot dead at his home on Thursday in Mae Sot district.

Two gunmen stormed his residence and shot him dead while a driver was waiting in the pick-up.

Police suspect the gunmen then fled across the border, dumping their truck at Ban Wang Pa in Mae Ramat district. Police said the truck had a Bangkok licence plate.

Mae Sot police chief Pol Col Phossawat Taengjui said police will seek help from the Burmese authorities once they know the names of those suspected of being involved in the assassination.

Mahn Shar was the third most influential figure in the KNU with close ties to former leader, the late Gen Bo Mya.

The KNU is the largest rebel group fighting Burma’s armed forces.

Military-ruled Burma’s state media yesterday warned of further attacks by ethnic insurgents, following the assassination.

The New Light of Myanmar, which like other official media has remained silent on the killing of Mahn Shar, said rebels were plotting more bomb attacks in some ”important places.”

”According to the information received recently, internal and external destructive elements are scheming together to detonate bombs again in some important places and busy places in the nation,” the daily said.

State-run newspapers, radio and TV channels have ignored the death of the rebel leader, who was also a critical link between the rebels and Burma’s pro-democracy movement.

Burma has been hit by a series of small bomb blasts and rebel shootings since December, prompting the ruling junta to blame the KNU for the attacks.

Burma, under military rule since 1962, has signed ceasefires with 17 other ethnic armed groups, but the KNU is one of the few remaining ethnic insurgent groups yet to sign a peace deal with the junta.

More articles:

The Irrawaddy News Magazine

Myanmar gains in leader’s death
Asia Times Online, Hong Kong – Feb 15, 2008
… “The KNU will also cooperate with opposition groups inside and outside the country in matters relating to change in Burma [Myanmar] and increasing the …
Burma rebels name new leader
The Press Association – Feb 14, 2008
The Karen National Union (KNU), a leading ethnic rebel group in Burma, has named a new leader following the mysterious murder of its chief.
Photos available from above-mentioned articles .

Karen National Union leader Pado Mahn Shar, pictured in January 2008

Pado Mahn Shar was a veteran of the Karen People’s struggle

KNU Secretary General Pado Mahn Shar (l) and KNLA chief Mutu Sae Po (r)

Pado Mahn Shar (l) said the rebels would never give up

Myanmar’s rebel Karen National Union troops
Burmese rebels
With this posting, I deeply salute Pado Mahn Shar Lar phan for his courage, determination and intuition. May God Bless Pado Mahn Shar.



Written by Lwin Aung Soe

February 17, 2008 at 3:19 am

World Focus on Burma (15 Feb 08)

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‘Group Of Friends’ Meet To Review Developments In Burma
Burma is now officially known as Myanmar. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon this week convened a meeting of the 14 Member States known as the “Group of Friends” …
Police finds truck used for Mahn Sha’s assassination, India –
… truck that was used by the assassins to kill Pado Mahn Sha, general secretary of the Karen National Union, Burma’s longest operating insurgent group. …
Myanmar’s High-Profile Rebel Leader Assassinated
Enews 2.0, UK –
… National Union is one of the biggest ethnic groups in Myanmar , known for his fight against the military government in Myanmar , also known as Burma . …
Divided They Fall
The Irrawaddy News Magazine, Thailand –
… the KNU’s secretary general, is not only a great loss for the Karen people, but also for the pro-democracy movement in Burma. …
KNU mourns loss of leader
Democratic Voice of Burma, Norway –
He had also been a member of the National Council of the Union of Burma since 2000, and has been published as a writer under the pseudonym Yay San.
An Invisible Refuge
Tehelka, India –
THONHLEI Zing, a 23-year-old agricultural labourer and four of her friends from Hnian Lawn village in Myanmar’s Chin state arrived in India this January 1. …
THAILAND: The mechanics of resettling Burmese refugees, NY –
The USA is one of some 11 countries, including Australia, Canada, New Zealand and Finland, which have taken in a total of some 40000 Burmese (Myanmar) …
Movie capsules
San Jose Mercury News,  USA –
… boat up and down the Salween River when a group of Christian missionaries ask him for a ride into the strife-torn jungles of Burma (now called Myanmar). …
Students get lesson in funny valentines
Fort Wayne Journal Gazette, IN –
Her bewilderment mirrored the expression she saw on the faces of her new students from Mexico, Sudan, Somalia, Chad, Myanmar (formerly known as Burma) and …
Myanmar gains in leader’s death
Asia Times Online, Hong Kong –
… “The KNU will also cooperate with opposition groups inside and outside the country in matters relating to change in Burma [Myanmar] and increasing the …
Leader of Burma’s biggest rebel group killed, Italy –
The leader had recently warned of an increase in violence in the wake of the announcement of a May referendum in Burma. Mae Sot (AsiaNews) – Burmese media …
Myanmar rebel leader assassinated in Thailand
Globe and Mail, Canada –
Mae Sot, Thailand — A leader of Myanmar’s biggest rebel group was shot dead at his home in a Thai border town yesterday in an assassination immediately …
Myanmar rebels suspect rival hitman in leader’s slaying
BANGKOK (AFP) — A top leader of Myanmar’s rebel Karen National Union was likely killed by a professional hitman, possibly hired by a splinter group aligned …
Myanmar separatist leader is killed
Los Angeles Times, CA –
Burma is the name preferred to Myanmar by the military’s opponents. The KNU is one of more than a dozen armed ethnic groups that for decades have sought …
Burma rebels name new leader
The Press Association –
The Karen National Union (KNU), a leading ethnic rebel group in Burma, has named a new leader following the mysterious murder of its chief. …
Christian rock band to raise funds for refugee families
Chicago Daily Herald, IL –
Funds will support families like the Bays, who came to St. Charles after suffering years of persecution in Myanmar which was formerly known as Burma. …
Myanmar rebel leader shot dead
PRESS TV, Iran –
They want to establish an autonomous Karen state in the east of Burma, and to protect the Karen people from what they say are abuses by the government. …
KNU general secretary gunned down
Bangkok Post, Thailand –
The assassination of a senior Karen rebel leader on the Thai-Burma border has dealt a severe blow not only to the Karen insurgency but also for the …
Myanmar leader assassinated in Thailand, Thailand –
Bangkok:Prominent Leader of pro democracy movement in Myanmar”s Karen National Union who was also a key figure in the democracy movement was assassinated on …
INTERVIEW-Slain Myanmar rebel predicted rising tensions
Reuters –
The Karen, and all the people of Burma, will be free”. Myanmar has been under military rule of one form or another since 1962, during which time it has been …
Senior Burmese opposition leader shot dead
Financial Times, UK –
By Amy Kazmin in Bangkok A senior leader of the Karen National Union, one of the biggest ethnic minority groups fighting Burma’s military regime, … – 15 February 2008, New Zealand –
But, the Prime Minister and her colleagues explained, New Zealand does not have any sanctions against Burma (or Myanmar as our Ministers still insist it …
Burmese rebel leader shot dead
Financial Times, UK –
By Amy Kazmin A senior leader of the Karen National Union, one of the biggest ethnic minority groups fighting Burma’s military regime, was assassinated in …
Leader of Myanmar’s ethnic Karen rebel group killed in Thailand
International Herald Tribune, France –
Burma is the name preferred to Myanmar by the junta’s opponents. The KNU is one of more than a dozen armed ethnic groups that for decades have sought …
Anti-Israel agitators target Leviev shops
Jewish Chronicle (subscription), UK –
… diamond company has been accused of supplying blood rubies from Burma used to finance Myanmar’s military junta” — a charge the company strongly denies. …
Myanmar opposition leader killed
United Press International –
He had served as a major contact with the pro-democracy movement in Myanmar, formerly Burma, led by Nobel-prize winning Aung San Suu Kyi whose democratic …
Myamar’s repressive regime
Waterbury Republican American, CT –
Along with Sudan, Myanmar has been cited by the United Nations for continuing to use child soldiers despite repeated international demands to stop. Burma is …
Refugees in the US increasing
Waterbury Republican American, CT –
According to the 2000 Census Report, there are 32590 people from Myanmar in the United States. Roughly 40 percent of the Burmese population came to the …
Mu Kyi has first Karen baby in Waterbury
Waterbury Republican American, CT –
In June, the International Institute of Bridgeport resettled 64 refugees from Myanmar (Burma) in Waterbury. For the next year, the Republican-American will …
Thankful Burmese refugees
Waterbury Republican American, CT –
Back to Burma, where Myanmar soldiers have killed or displaced nearly 1 million of his people, sending more than 140000 to refugee camps and hundreds of …
Leader of Burma rebels shot dead
The Standard, Hong Kong –
The leader of the Karen National Union, one of the biggest ethnic rebel groups fighting the Burmese junta, was shot dead in Thailand. …
Top Myanmar rebel leader assassinated in Thailand: police
… which has ruled the country formerly known as Burma since 1962. “It is likely to be a KNU problem,” said Myanmar analyst Aung Naing Oo, noting that the …
Burmese rebel leader shot dead
Sydney Morning Herald, Australia –
A leader of Burma’s biggest rebel group has been shot dead at his home in a Thai border town in an assassination immediately blamed on troops loyal to the …
Myanmar Rebel Leader Shot, Killed At Home
Myanmar was formerly called Burma and the Karen National Union, which has been fighting decades for autonomy in eastern Myanmar, is the only major ethnic …
Museum program focused on Burma
Wicked Local Marion, MA –
John and Tess Cederholm of Marion, who took a month-long journey through Burma, formerly known as Myanmar, gave an illustrated talk Feb. …
KNU’s No 3 man shot dead in his own home
Bangkok Post, Thailand –
Mae Sot police chief Pol Col Phossawat Taengjui said he believed the murder was motivated by political conflicts in Burma. Mahn Shar was a Buddhist Karen …
If voting changed anything
Economist, UK –
NOBODY could accuse the generals who run Myanmar of making hasty reforms. Their handpicked assembly took 14 years to decide the framework of a new …
84 rare spoon-billed sandpipers found in Myanmar –
BirdLife International has found 84 critically endangered spoon-billed sandpipers in coastal Myanmar (Burma). The discovery is welcome news for a species …
Burma rebel leader assassinated
Radio Australia, Australia –
The secretary general of Burma’s largest rebel group, the Karen National Union, has been assassinated in Thailand. The secretary general of Burma’s largest …
Burma: Christians condemn assassination of Karen leader
Inspire Magazine, UK –
Mahn Sha, one of Burma’s most prominent ethnic leaders, was shot dead at his home on the Thai-Burmese border yesterday afternoon. …

Written by Lwin Aung Soe

February 15, 2008 at 4:17 pm