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Burmese junta arrests 9 NLD members on 20th Founding day of the party

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Mizzima News

Junta arrests nine party members on NLD’s 20th anniversary

Saturday, 27 September 2008 19:11

New Delhi – Burmese junta authorities on Saturday arrested nine members of the opposition party – the National League for Democracy – who were travelling to attend the 20th anniversary celebration of the party’s founding day, the party spokesperson said.

Nyan Win, spokesperson of the NLD said nine of his party members including Htet Htet Oo Wai and Daw Shan Ma were rounded up by plainclothes security personnel as they stepped off a bus near the NLD head office in Shwegondine Street in Bahan Township.

“They were picked up by plainclothes policemen. We don’t know the names of the other seven,” Nyan Win said.

The NLD spokesperson said, at least a thousand plainclothes security personnel were present in and around the party office as members marked the 20th anniversary of the party’s founding day. The security personnel also took video footage and still photographs of the people attending the function.

“There were about 500 people attending the 20th anniversary day but I think the security people were double our number,” Nyan Win said.

The anniversary function was also attended by the recently released veteran journalist and the NLD party founding member U Win Tin, Khin Maung Swe and Dr Than Nyien.

During the function, the current party Chairman Aung Shwe requested Win Tin, Khin Swe and Dr. Than Nyien to resume their old positions and their work with the party.

Win Tin, who was detained for over 19 years, and Khin Maung Swe, earlier served as NLD’s central committee members before they were arrested while Dr. Than Nyien was the vice-chairman of the Rangoon Division NLD.

Win Tin, the veteran journalist, said he welcomed the offer made by the NLD chairman as he had always supported the party.

“I have always exhorted the people to support the NLD and Daw Aung San Suu Kyi. So, we accept the offer in principle but I am not sure when we can actually take up the responsibility because we have to do a lot of work to catch up with,” Win Tin told Mizzima over telephone after the function.

But he said, the first thing that the three of them would like to do is to fight for freedom of the remaining political prisoners, who are continuously suffering under deplorable prison conditions.

“It will include demanding the release of Daw Aung San Suu Kyi and U Tin Oo, and when they are freed, we will continue urging for a political dialogue,” Win Tin said.

According to the Thailand based Assistant Association of Political Prisoners (AAPP), there are over 2,000 political prisoners including student leader Min Ko Naing and his 88 generation colleagues, still languishing in prisons across Burma.

Meanwhile, Nyan Win said, the party is proud to be able to celebrate its 20th anniversary despite the ruling junta’s severe crackdown on its party members.

“I, personally, am very satisfied with what the NLD party has been able to do so far. For the past 20 years, despite severe repression by the government, the NLD is being able to maintain its stand as a political opposition party,” Nyan Win said.

He added that the party will continue to uphold its principle of fighting for democracy and human rights in the country through non-violent means.

Reporting by Solomon & The The, writing by Mungpi

Democratic Voice of Burma

Nine arrested at NLD anniversary celebration

Sep 27, 2008 (DVB)–

Nine members of the National League for Democracy were arrested today at a ceremony to mark the party’s 20th anniversary, according to NLD information committee member Dr Win Naing.

Ma Htet Htet Oo Wai and Daw Shan Ma from Shwepyitha township were among those arrested, along with six unnamed youth members and a middle-aged woman.

Six people were arrested before the ceremony at a bus stop near the Yazana hotel adjacent to the NLD headquarters as soon as they got off the bus, while three others were detained after the event.

Around 500 people attended the event, which began at 12 noon.

Some youth and women members wearing yellow shirts lined up in front of the NLD headquarter to commemorate the monk-led demonstrations that were brutally crushed a year ago.

Newly-released political prisoners U Win Tin and U Khin Maung Swe were reinstated in their previous positions, while Dr Thein Nyein was re-appointed deputy chair of Rangoon division NLD.

U Win Tin gave a speech at the ceremony demanding the release of all political prisoners, claiming that those who had been released felt ashamed that others were still not free, and called for unity among political groups.

There has been heavy security on Shwegondaing road and around the NLD headquarters, with soldiers, police and Swan Arr Shin members standing by on trucks.

Reporting by Htet Aung Kyaw


Bangkok Post


Burma arrests three on NLD anniversary

Rangoon (dpa) – The military government arrested at least three National League for Democracy (NLD) supporters Saturday before the opposition party celebrated its 20-year anniversary, witnesses said.

Police detained two men and one women near the NLD headquarters before the anniversary ceremony to mark the establishment of the party in 1988.

Before the ceremony about 10 people shouted slogans including “Free Aung San Suu Kyi” and released birds from cages in front of the NLD headquarters, but it was unclear if those arrested were part of that group.

Journalist U Win Tin, 79, who was released from 19 years in prison last Tuesday, attended the anniversary celebration for his first time, having been in prison on all the previous anniversaries.

He said he would help NLD and its leader Suu Kyi in the struggle for democracy.

The Nobel Peace Prize laureate Suu Kyi remained under house arrest and could not attend the ceremony. She has been under house arrest for 13 of the last 19 years.

Before U Win Tin was released last Tuesday, as part of a broad amnesty that freed 9,002 prisoners, he was Burma‘s longest-serving political prisoner.

Two NLD members who were also released on Tuesday, U Khin Maung Swe and Dr Than Nyein, also Saturday’s attended celebration.

Missing from the ceremony was NLD member Win Htien who was one of the 9,002 released last Tuesday, but was arrested again less than a day later.

Win Htien was a founding member of the NLD in 1988.

NLD chairman U Aung Shwe issued a statement calling for the military junta to immediately release Suu Kyi and NLD vice chairman U Tin Oo from detention “because of their unrelenting efforts for the emergence of democracy and human rights in the country.”

U Aung Shwe also called for the release of all other political prisoners. The United Nations puts that number at about 2,000.

While the junta holds absolute power in Burma, the international community still supports Suu Kyi as the most credible leader of the country. The NLD won the 1990 elections in a landslide, but the junta refused to recognize the results.

Written by Lwin Aung Soe

September 27, 2008 at 2:08 pm

World focus on Burma (27 September 2008)

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… such as the Falun Gong group, Chinese human rights activists etc, but also supports other brutal regimes such as the ones in Burma, Sudan and Zimbabwe. …

Burma Gives Amnesty to 9000 Prisoners
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“I will be happy only when all political prisoners, including Aung San Suu Kyi are released,” Win Tin told Burmese journalists shortly after his release. …

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“While the release of U Win Tin and his fellow prisoners is certainly the best news to come out of Myanmar for a long time, unfortunately they represent …

‘We are still angry, but we bury it’, UK –
The nightly performance of the Moustache Brothers, Burma’s best-known comedians and renowned opponents of the regime, is struggling. …

Myanmar dissident enjoys just 17 hours of freedom
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According to the US Campaign for Burma, Win Htein was arrested briefly in early 1989 and tortured, then arrested again in 1989 and held until 1995. Myanmar …

SKN on UN Committee to review Burma’s membership
Sun St.Kitts/Nevis, St. Kitts and Nevis –
St. Kitts/Nevis has been appointed to a nine-member United Nations Credentials Committee set up to review a challenge to the Burma’s membership. …

In fact Aung San Suu Kyi is said to have refused to see him in August, with her party describing the visit as a “waste of time”. “The government knows how …

International Community Should Hold Burmese Military Government …
BBSNews, NC –
BBSNews 2008-09-26 — New York (HRW) The international community should demand accountability from the Burmese military government for the brutal crackdown …

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Custer County Chief, NE –
Outside the country hundreds of monks, Burmese dissidents and human rights activists gathered in both Thailand and the Philippines to commemorate those …

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The generals’ domination in Myanmar, formerly Burma, has been tested repeatedly over the past two decades — by the monks last September, by Daw Aung San Suu …

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By our correspondent* A year after the monks’ protests were crushed it seems peaceful in Myanmar, formerly Burma. A Radio Netherlands Worldwide reporter …

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Irish campaigners for democracy in Burma urged the Foreign Affairs Minister to raise the issue at a United Nations summit on Monday. …

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Burma’s junta officially banned the border rice trade after Cyclone Nargis struck the country’s Irrawaddy delta on May 2-3. The storm devastated much of the …

Written by Lwin Aung Soe

September 27, 2008 at 1:32 am

World focus on Burma (18 September 2008)



Cyber attacks cripple opposition Myanmar media
International Herald Tribune, France –
“We think it has something to do with the Saffron Revolution,” the anti-government protests by thousands of Buddhist monks in Myanmar on Sept. …

Websites of three Burmese news agencies in exile under attack

Burmese activists protest on 20th anniversary of coup, India –
… and Japan held demonstrations condemning the junta for its military coup 20 years ago and call for the immediate political reformation in Burma.


A sea change in the balance of power in favor of China, India, Russia and other emerging states is wrecking European and US efforts to entrench human rights …

Haul Generals before the ICC: rights groups, India –
Villagers are too weak Burma is one of the poorest countries in the world,” continues the organization’s onslaught against the junta. …

Interview: Pinheiro calls for new strategy on Burma
Democratic Voice of Burma, Norway –
I think the creation by the secretary-general of a group of friends of Myanmar to support the activities of Mr. Gambari was a good initiative. …

NLD chairman sentenced to two years’ hard labour
Democratic Voice of Burma, Norway –
Sep 18, 2008 (DVB)–San Chaung township National League for Democracy chairman U Thet Wei has been sentenced to two years’ imprisonment with hard labour. …

NLD youth members to quit over committee reform
Democratic Voice of Burma, Norway –
“One of the people chosen by the chairman, named Ko Aye Tun, said in the meeting that there is no Daw Aung San Suu Kyi in the NLD,” she said. …

Tibet: One diaspora, two paths
ISN, Switzerland –

… among others, wondered if the protests were linked to two other issues that had made the headlines in the preceding months: Kosovo and Burma (Myanmar). …

A civil past and a political future?
Prague Post, Czech Republic –

By Markéta Hulpachová   Days after returning from a covert visit to a cyclone-stricken delta in south Burma, Šimon Pánek sits in his Prague office, …
Bulgaria Parliament Officially Endorses Prague Declaration
Sofia News Agency, Bulgaria –
The conference also focused on the necessity of EU’s support for those who fight for freedom in countries like Cuba, Belarus and Burma irrespective of any …

Christians launch campaign for lasting change in Burma

ChristianToday, UK –

Change for Burma! aims to raise public awareness of the brutality of the military regime, which it says is “guilty of every possible human rights violation” …

On eve of Saffron Revolution anniversary, Burma’s exiled news …

Southeast Asian Press Alliance, Thailand –

Burmese journalists—both inside and outside the country—have been worried about how Burma’s junta might deal with the anniversary of what has come to be …

A sense of foreboding

National Post, Canada –

We hadn’t forgotten Ahmadinejad and his nuclear ayatollahs, the jihadists, AIDS in Africa, Russia in Georgia, the junta in Burma, infant mortality, …

Freedom in US also brings challenges

Indianapolis Star, United States –

Burma has been renamed Myanmar by the country’s military dictatorship — though many people opposed to that regime continue to call the country by its older …

Singapore: Singapore Asks Burmese Activists To Leave The Country
Sin Chew Jit Poh, Malaysia –
“Some of these Myanmar (Burmese) individuals have enjoyed education subsidies and other benefits but have chosen to repay this with disrespect for our laws …

What’s changed in Burma in the past 20 years?
Democratic Voice of Burma, Norway –
They are also beginning to lose confidence in the 20-year-long push for dialogue led by Aung San Suu Kyi. “Metta [negotiation] is not enough, armed struggle …

Uncle Sam, Sugar Daddy
Forbes, NY –
Since the overthrow of Saddam, America has increasingly sidelined the push for democracy, abandoned such terms as “regime change” and stooped to haggling …

Bo Kyi to receive human rights award
Democratic Voice of Burma, Norway –
Bo Kyi welcomed the award as an acknowledgement of the work of many activists working for human rights in Burma and said it could bring more international …

Burmese monk, exiled after making stand, adjusts to American life
Oakland Tribune, CA –
Clerics in Myanmar, formerly known as Burma, depend on community alms for their survival. And they don’t ride bikes. “This is the United States,” Kovida …

AI seeks global pledge to curb small arms sale
Pakistan Dawn, Pakistan –
Whether used by the military in Myanmar to disperse protesters in September 2007, or by Somali armed factions terrorising the streets of Mogadishu, …

Thursday, September 25
International Herald Tribune, France –
1988 – Security forces kill 12 people and injure five others in Rangoon, Burma, as political unrest continues. 1992 – The first contingent of a 600-member …

Rangoon rent-a-witness
United Press International, Asia, Hong Kong –
Among the items seized from Win Maw were some legally-published books, some pictures of Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, which are also legal, and a computer hard …

Campaign calls for lasting change for Burma
Inspire Magazine, UK –
The campaign also came one day before the 20th anniversary of the seizure of power by Burma’s current military junta, the latest in a succession of military …

Monk attemps suicide at most sacred temple, UK –
Associated Press, Johannesburg A Buddhist monk slashed his throat in a suicide attempt at Burma’s most sacred temple, the scene of several pro-democracy …

Global Women founds endowment, sets priorities at board meeting
Associated Baptist Press, FL –
… on “creating global friendships among women for shared learning and service while meeting needs of women in Afghanistan, Burma (Myanmar), Central Asia, …

Thailand’s Crippled Government Appoints New Prime Minister, New Zealand –
… on Tuesday (September 16) after he failed to appear at a corruption trial for allegedly arranging a government loan to Burma’s military regime in 2004. …

It’s our collective duty to stand up against abortion
Daily Nation, Kenya –
That’s why the world condemned the despotic Burmese military junta for refusing to allow full-scale international humanitarian intervention to help victims …