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Thai navy Vs Abandoned Boat-people from Burma and Bangladesh (5)

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Thailand accused of dumping refugees at sea without water
Sydney Morning Herald, Australia –
On or about December 18, more than 400 men, mainly of Muslim Rohingya ethnicity, from Arakan state in Burma, were set adrift. Rescuers found 107; 300 jumped …

Thai PM will investigate migrant abuse charges
International Herald Tribune, France –
AP BANGKOK, Thailand: Thailand’s prime minister responded to allegations the country’s navy abandoned illegal migrants on the high seas by calling …

Burmese Refugee Abuse Claims Anger Human Rights Activists
findingDulcinea, New York –
by findingDulcinea Staff In response to outrage from human rights activists, Thai officials say they are investigating reports about refugees from Burma …

UN Seeks Access To 126 Boat People Held By Thai Authorities, France –
GENEVA (AFP)–The UN refugee agency Tuesday said it was seeking access to 126 boat people from Myanmar who are being held in Thailand, following allegations …

UN asks Thailand for access to Rohingya boat people – Summary
Earthtimes (press release), UK –
Rohingyas are a Muslim minority group from Myanmar’s Arakan State who have been denied citizenship by the ruling junta. The Thai navy on December 18 and 30 …

Agents exploit boat people misery
BBC News, UK –
The migrants are mostly Rohingya Muslims originally from the Arakan province of Burma. Over the past 20 years many have fled from there to southern …

Thailand: UNHCR requests access to Rohingya boat people
Reuters AlertNet, UK –
This follows our expression of strong concern to the government last week over allegations that large groups of Rohingya boat people from Myanmar were …

Thailand probes refugee abuse reports
CNN International –
BANGKOK, Thailand (CNN) — Thailand’s Senate will investigate allegations that the country’s military abused Muslim refugees fleeing Myanmar, a leading …

Army chief: No Thai abuse of illegal Myanmar immigrants
Thai News Agency MCOT, Thailand –

The Rohingya immigrants belonging to ethnic minority Rohingyas from the Myanmar-Bangladesh border who had travelled to Thailand in search of work. Gen. …

So thirsty, they lick water off rescue ship’s deck
Electric New Paper, Singapore –
LEFT to fend for themselves in the open sea on a barge without an engine, paddles, or sails, at least 300 desperate Myanmar migrants believed that swimming …

Burmese immigrants ‘left to die at sea’
Times Online, UK –
Accounts from witnesses and survivors suggest that up to 1000 members of a persecuted Burmese Muslim minority were beaten by the Thai Navy in December …

PM promises to protect boat people’s basic rights
Bangkok Post, Thailand –
The prime minister yesterday met activists and gave assurances that Thai officials had not abused Muslim migrants from Burma and other countries. …

Thai PM must heed concerns on boatpeople
South China Morning Post (subscription), Hong Kong –
The evidence of the Thai army’s involvement in a secret programme to abandon migrants and refugees from Myanmar and Bangladesh at sea is now beyond question …

PM Abhisit seeks to reassure on refugees
South China Morning Post (subscription), Hong Kong –
The Muslim Rohingya hail from the border areas of Myanmar and Bangladesh. Concerns over Thailand’s treatment of the refugees erupted after a South China …

Thais calling for meeting on boatpeople
South China Morning Post (subscription), Hong Kong –
Thailand would be defending its human rights practices while seeking to boost regional co-operation with Malaysia, Myanmar, India, Bangladesh and Indonesia …

Bangkok Post : Abhisit vows refugee cruelty answers
Bangkok Post, Thailand –
Illegal immigrants from Bangladesh and Burma eat a meal in this undated picture taken on a Similan island. AFP/ROYAL THAI NAVY Mr Abhisit gave the assurance …

Thai PM targets refugee abandonment claims
Times of the Internet, Ohio –
The Times said the refugees had sought sanctuary outside of Burma after allegedly being persecuted by the current Burmese military regime.

Thailand to Investigate Rohingya Refugee Abuse Claims
Voice of America –

Sally Thompson, a director with the Thailand-Burma Border Consortium, an agency working with Burmese refugees, said the boat loads of Rohingya were often …

PM vows to act on rights issues
Nation Multimedia, Thailand –

The issue of missing human rights lawyer Somchai Neelapaijit was also discussed along with the alleged illtreatment by the Navy of boat refugees from Burma, …

About 500 missing Rohingyas might have drowned
Nation Multimedia, Thailand –

The vast majority of the boat people are stateless Rohingya from Burma’s Arakan state and might have left Burma or Bangladesh by boats to seek a better life …

Thailand to investigate alleged abuse of Rohingya migrants, India –
In early December, the Thai Navy had arrested about 400 people of the Rohingya community from Burma and Bangladesh, who had illegally tried to enter …

Refugees set adrift at sea
News24, South Africa –
Bangkok – Thailand’s military last month pushed out to sea at least 992 Rohingya refugees – stateless Muslims from Myanmar – leaving 400-500 missing and …

Myanmar: Thailand to investigate accusation of maltreatment of …
Ashin Mettacara, Sri Lanka –
Deputy Prime Minister Suthep Thaugsuban also ordered Thailand’s defence minister to investigate accusations regarding alleged maltreatment of Burma’s …

Written by Lwin Aung Soe

January 19, 2009 at 11:57 pm

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