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Thai navy Vs Abandoned Boat-people from Burma and Bangladesh (4)

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Thai PM meets with human rights activists over migrant mistreatment cl
Radio Australia News, Australia –
Survivors claimed that up to 1000 members of the Rohingya ethnic group, a Muslim minority from Burma, were towed out to sea by the Thai navy and set adrift …

Thai PM concerned by navy assault on migrants
Radio Netherlands, Netherlands –
The prime minister says he is concerned by the reports that sailors beat up more than a thousand asylum seekers from Myanmar, formerly Burma, last month and …

Rights groups condemn Rohingya abuse
Democratic Voice of Burma, Norway –
According to AFP reporting, up to 1000 Rohingya from western Burma washed up on the shores of Thailand’s Andaman coast late last year but were towed back to …

Thais pushed almost 1000 Myanmar-Muslims out to sea, NGO claims
Monsters and –
Bangkok – Thailand’s military last month pushed out to sea at least 992 Rohingya refugees – stateless Muslims from Myanmar – leaving 400-500 missing and …

Thailand’s Questionable ‘Kindness’ to Refugees
The Irrawaddy News Magazine, Thailand –
Since the early 1990s, a rising tide of Rohingya refugees has been fleeing Burma and Bangladesh for political and economic reasons towards countries like …

Senate commission to investigate alleged abuse of Rohingya migrants
Thai News Agency MCOT, Thailand –
… abuses against illegal immigrants of the ethnic Muslim minority Rohingyas population in Myanmar, Commission chairman Somchai Sawaengkarn said on Monday. …

Thai PM Promises to Investigate Boat People Charges
The Irrawaddy News Magazine, Thailand –

The Indian Coast Guard said Sunday it had rescued hundreds of migrants from Bangladesh and Burma who claimed to have been arrested by Thai authorities and …

Hundreds of Rohingya and Bangladeshi still missing at sea
Nation Multimedia, Thailand –
Vast majority of the group are stateless Rohingya from Burma’s Arakan state and might have left Burma or Bangladesh by boats to seek better life in Muslim …

Thai PM holds talks over alleged migrant abuse, UK –

Human rights groups claim up to 1000 members of a Muslim group from Myanmar washed up on Thai shores last year, only to be then taken out to sea and left …

Abandoned at Sea: The Sad Plight of the Rohingya
Some 800000 Rohingya, who look South Asian, remain in western Burma, where they are denied citizenship and most rights by the military-run government; …

Thai PM assures human right groups of no ill-treatment of migrants
Xinhua, China –
… Abhisit Vejjajiva on Monday met with top domestic human rights activists and gave assurances that Thai officials had not abused migrants from Myanmar. …

Thai minister calls ambassadors to discuss migrant abuse claims
The News International, Pakistan –
PATTANI: Thailand’s foreign minister said Monday he would meet ambassadors from Malaysia, Myanmar, India and Bangladesh to discuss claims that authorities …

Thai PM holds talks on migrant abuse allegations
Sydney Morning Herald, Australia –
Photos, survivor accounts and reports from rights groups suggest up to 1000 members of a Muslim minority from Myanmar washed up on Thai shores late last …

Thai military ‘set refugees adrift to die’
Times Online, UK –
Indian officials have told reporters that they have rescued hundreds of Rohingya refugees, who are stateless and persecuted by Burma’s military regime. …

Survivor accounts and reports from rights groups suggest up to 1000 members of a Muslim minority from Myanmar washed up on Thai shores late last year, …

Thailand to tackle migrant claims
BBC News, UK –
His staff say they are investigating reports that troops have sent Rohingya people from western Burma back to sea in boats without engines. …

PM to meet human rights related agencies on southern problems
Thai News Agency MCOT, Thailand –
… appeared charging the Thai navy with committing abuses against illegal immigrants from the ethnic Muslim minority Rohingyas population in Myanmar. …

Thai Forces Accused of Towing Migrants Out to Sea
Washington Post, United States –
Thailand is home to about 110000 registered refugees, mostly Karens and Karenni from Burma, and in recent months it has appeared to be taking a harder line …

Thai PM to probe alleged human rights abuses
Radio Australia, Australia –
500 illegal migrants from Burma’s Muslim Rohingya ethnic minority were allegedly towed out to sea with little food and water. …

Thailand accused over refugees
Financial Times, UK –
By Tim Johnston The Thai armed forces have been accused of towing hundreds of refugees out to sea and casting them adrift with inadequate food and water and …

Thai PM investigates asylum seeker claims
Australia Network News, Australia –
Abhisit Vejjajiva says he is aware of the claims concerning migrants from Burma’s Rohingya ethnic minority. Survivors accuse Thai authorities of detaining …

Rights abusers ‘will be punished’
South China Morning Post (subscription), Hong Kong –
AP in Yala Thai Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva, on his first visit to the country’s restive south, has acknowledged that rights abuses against Muslim …

India Continuing Search for Hundreds of Boat People
Voice of America –
By Steve Herman India’s Coast Guard says it has rescued hundreds of migrants from Bangladesh and Burma, but hundreds more may be missing at sea. …

Thailand probing reports
The Daily Star, Bangladesh –
Thailand’s navy, however, later denied their involvement in the abuse of the illegal immigrants from Bangladesh and Myanmar. On December 28, Indian coast …

Thai PM to address immigrant scandal
PRESS TV, Iran –
Asylum seekers from Bangladesh and Myanmar that survived the ordeal accused Thai authorities of detaining them in Koh Sai Daeng, after they washed up on the …

Boat people ‘forced back to sea’
The Age, Australia –
THAI authorities have detained up to 1000 boat people from Bangladesh and Burma in the past month and sent them back to sea in boats without engines, …

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January 19, 2009 at 11:06 am

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