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Thai navy Vs Abandoned Boat-people from Burma and Bangladesh (2)

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Government orders probe of migrant complaints
Bangkok Post, Thailand –
Adm Khamthon on Saturday showed the media photos taken during the arrest of the minority Burmese Rohingya, and dismissed reports that the navy towed them …

Thais ‘let 300 people drown’
Scotsman, United Kingdom –
The United Nations refugee agency called for Thailand to explain what happened to migrant workers from Burma and Bangladesh, rescued in Indian waters in …

… against illegal immigrants belonging to ethnic minority Rohingyas from the Myanmar-Bangladesh border who had travelled to Thailand in search of work. …

Thai probe over missing migrants
The Press Association –
Thailand is to investigate reports that the Thai navy abandoned migrants on a barge in the ocean where hundreds of them may have drowned. …

‘Illegal migrants weren’t abused’
Straits Times, Singapore –
BANGKOK-THAILAND’S navy on Saturday denied it had been involved in the abuse of illegal immigrants from Bangladesh and Myanmar following reports they had …

Thailand to investigate charges that its navy beat migrants …
Emirates Business 24/7, United Arab Emirates –
… authorities for their handling of illegal immigrants who are arriving by boat from Bangladesh and Myanmar on their way to Malaysia to try to find work. …

Thai govt says investigating reports of migrant abuse
Reuters India, India –
Citing accounts from survivors, rights activists say groups of mainly Rohingya refugees from neighbouring Myanmar were held on a remote island off southern …

Rights group: Thai navy abandoned migrants at sea
The Associated Press –
The United Nations refugee agency called for Thailand to explain what happened to the group of migrant workers from Myanmar and Bangladesh, at least 100 of …

Hundreds are thought to have suffered this treatment – among them many Rohingya people of western Burma – and many have died. The BBC’s Jonathan Head in …

Thai military ‘forces Burma refugees to face death at sea’
Independent, UK –
Aid groups said hundreds of water-borne refugees from the Burma-Bangladesh border were arrested and held on an island in the Andaman Sea then forced out …

Rohingya whipped on beach
Straits Times, Singapore –
AS SUNBATHING tourists looked on, Thai navy guards beat Rohingya refugees – who had their wrists bound – and made them lie face down in the sun for hours. …

‘Concerned’ UN refugee agency asks Thais to explain boatpeople policy
South China Morning Post (subscription), Hong Kong –
The Rohingya are a Muslim ethnic minority living along the Myanmar-Bangladesh border. The Thai navy denies knowledge of the refugees’ fate. …

Lost at Sea: Thailand Turns Away Refugees, Germany –
Many run from repression and exploitation they endure in Bangladesh and Myanmar. As many as 1000 refugees tried to reach Thailand by boat last month, …

Refugees missing at sea after Thais reject them
International Herald Tribune, France –
By Seth Mydans BANGKOK: In the past month, the Thai authorities have detained as many as 1000 refugees from Bangladesh and Myanmar and sent them back out to …

Thailand must Learn from other nations about the South
Nation Multimedia, Thailand –
… as well as other conventions that require troops to respect and uphold human rights principles. If you look around the region, – Mindanao, Burma, …

Written by Lwin Aung Soe

January 17, 2009 at 4:06 am

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