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World focus on Burma (28 December 2008)

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Turning Racism into International Law: The UN’s Durban II Conference
Washington Examiner, DC –
Recall the military junta that misgoverns Burma and brutally suppressed pro-democracy demonstrations a year ago. Observe the horror of Zimbabwe, …

2008 year in review: Big news, small news and in between
The Plain Dealer –, OH –

May 3: Cyclone Nargis slams into Myanmar (formerly Burma), killing an estimated 22000 people. May 4: Ashes to ashes, suds to suds as an Illinois man throws …

2008: Floods, Famine and Pestilence
National Post, Canada –
When comes to loss of life, however, no other event this year tops the cyclone that hit Burma only ten days before the Sichuan earthquake. …

Myanmar refugees celebrate Karen new year
Deseret News, UT –
A few hundred Karen, a minority ethnic group from Myanmar (formerly Burma), gathered in an LDS meetinghouse Saturday to celebrate the 2748th year since …

NK Slammed for Rights Abuses
코리아타임즈, South Korea –
Among those opposing the resolution were China, Cuba, Iran, Myanmar (Burma), Russia, Syria and Venezuela. Abstentions included Brazil, Singapore and …

The game of democracy and the facts in Somalia
Garowe Online, Somalia –
Attempting to transform them into direct or indirect colonies, and began to speak of democracy and democratization of non-European and non-Anglo-Saxon …

Eclipses in 2009
Sky & Telescope, FL –
The Moon’s shadow crosses Bhutan and clips Nepal, Bangladesh, and Burma (Myanmar) before reaching China. Chengdu, the capital of Sichuan province, …

Ring the changes: New year, new hope
Daily Mail, UK –

… visit I would like the world’s governments to wake up to the oppression and repression in Burma, before Aung San Suu Kyi is no longer …

UN Mulls Reengaging Burma With More Aid
Washington Post, United States –
The bank left in 1987 because Burma, which is officially known as Myanmar, did not implement economic and political reforms. “It cannot be business as usual …

Cyclone Nargis hits Burma, 2 May, UK –
The night of the cyclone was like hiding beneath a Boeing 747 with all its engines on. The wind was roaring and you could hear trees snapping. …

Columnist Gwynne Dyer’s take on 2008
Salt Lake Tribune, United States –
Dozens died in nationalist demonstrations against the Chinese regime in Tibet in March, and tens of thousands died in the cyclone that struck southern Burma …

Finding freedom: Burmese immigrants say they want help to become …
New Bern Sun Journal, NC –
Eh, who is 53, grew up in Rangoon, a city in the eastern part of the Karen state of Burma. Burma was a democratic country until the military took control …

Families to re-enact wartime great escape from Hong Kong
South China Morning Post (subscription), Hong Kong –
… led by a one-legged Chinese admiral – began a daring escape from the city that would eventually lead some to the safety of Burma (now Myanmar). …

Sojourners are there for detainees
The Associated Press –
Human rights groups argue that jailing detainees amounts to criminalizing them. They condemn the limited right of detainees to appeal their incarceration, …

Japan’s action changes Asia’s image
Asian Tribune, Thailand –
Japan also thinks that ASEAN membership should not provide a smokescreen for oppression in Myanmar.” Its engagement policy toward the Burmese military …

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December 28, 2008 at 5:28 pm

World focus on Burma (27 December 2008)

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Highlights of 2008
WalesOnline, United Kingdom –
More than 50 arrests follow demonstrations against China’s crackdown on human rights in Tibet as the Olympic Flame is carried through London amidst calls …

Monks & Football
Outlook, India –
(Forty-two years later, in 1988, his daughter Aung San Suu Kyi too would address an enormous crowd here, demanding democracy from the military regime. …

3 Quakes Force Mass Evacuation in China
Sofia News Agency, Bulgaria –
A tremor measuring 4.9 on the Richter scale struck near Ruili, a town on the China-Burma border late on Friday. The quake reportedly destroyed the city …

Maternal Health Problems In Burma Widespread
Medical News Today (press release), UK –
The maternal health care issues facing women in eastern Burma (also known as Myanmar) are widespread and underreported, according to surveys by researchers …

Big stories of 2008
Weekend Post, South Africa –
Burma, also known as Myanmar, looked like a war zone after Cyclone Nargis hit the Southeast Asian country on May 2. Some 146000 died and many thousands are …

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December 28, 2008 at 5:22 pm