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Territorial Tension in Bay of Bengal between Bangladesh and Burma

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Bangladesh and Burma send warships into Bay of Bengal, UK –
Bangladesh and Burma, two of the world’s poorest nations, have sent warships into the Bay of Bengal amid escalating tensions over a vast disputed gas find. …

t wants Burma to do the same. Bangladesh’s Additional Foreign Secretary, MAK Mehmood says Burma – also known as Myanmar – should halt all activity in the …

Bangladeshis angry about Myanmar incursion into oil areas
South Korea News, South Korea –
Bangladesh Foreign Secretary Touhid Hossain has gone to Myanmar to warn it against further exploration in the Bay of Bengal, where a territorial dispute …

Bangladesh sends team to Myanmar over sea dispute
International Herald Tribune, France –
AP DHAKA, Bangladesh: Bangladesh said Tuesday it will send a delegation to Myanmar this week to discuss a territorial dispute, after ships from the …

Tension between Bangladesh, Burma Mounts
The Irrawaddy News Magazine, Thailand –

He was quoted by AFP as saying, “They will discuss the latest situation with Myanmar officials and try to defuse the situation.” Bangladesh and Burma have …

DHAKA (AFP) — Bangladesh said Tuesday it has deployed another warship to the Bay of Bengal and would send a top diplomat to Myanmar amid escalating tensions …

Bangladesh, Burma tensions over sea waters escalate
Radio Australia, Australia –
Bangladesh says it has deployed another warship to the Bay of Bengal and will send a top diplomat to Burma amid escalating tensions over gas exploration in …

Myanmar keeps drilling in Bay despite Dhaka’s protests
Bangladesh News 24 hours (subscription), Bangladesh –
Dhaka, Nov 4 ( – Myanmar authorities have been going ahead with oil and gas exploration activities in disputed waters in the Bay of Bengal …

Burma Accuses Bangladesh of Intruding in Burmese Waters
Narinjara News, Bangladesh –
Sittwe: Burmese authorities in Sittwe have accused to Bangladesh navy ships of entering Burmese waters on Monday morning for an hour before returning to …

Myanmar to continue oil search despite Dhaka row
Reuters India, India –
YANGON, Nov 4 (Reuters) – Myanmar will press ahead with oil and gas exploration in deep-sea blocks in the Bay of Bengal, a government official said on …

Bangladesh Sends Envoys to Myanmar to Resolve Standoff Over Oil

Bloomberg –

Foreign Secretary Touhid Hossain will lead the team of Bangladeshi officials to the nation formerly known as Burma. A Myanmar exploration vessel escorted by …

Bangladesh to send delegation to Rangoon to defuse tension, India –

I also told the Myanmar [Burmese] Ambassador on Monday that we would take all possible measures to protect our sovereignty. …

Burmese Ambassador Denies Intrusion

Narinjara News, Bangladesh –

Dhaka: Burma’s ambassador to Bangladesh, U Phe Than U, told Bangladesh’s foreign adviser yesterday that Burma did not intrude into Bangladesh territory, …

Tension in the Bay of Bengal
Energy Bangla, Bangladesh –

It is really unfortunate that Bangladesh and Myanmar Naval vessels are now positioned face to face at the Bay of Bengal over maritime dispute triggered by …

Bangladesh, Myanmar Naval Vessels Face Off Over Oil, BBC Says
Bloomberg –
… formerly known as Burma to try to resolve the dispute, the BBC reported on its Web site. Myanmar hasn’t made a public statement on the issue, it said. …

Bangladesh-Myanmar ties face new strain
GulfNews, United Arab Emirates –
By Anisur Rahman, Correspondent Dhaka: Bangladesh-Myanmar relations witness strains as Yangon authorities began oil exploration in disputed waters with …

Bangladesh To Send Diplomats To Myanmar To Resolve Territorial Dispute
RTT News, NY –
… not want to “go for any confrontation as Myanmar is our friendly neighbor.” Tensions escalated in the region after some four Burmese exploration ships, …

Myanmar ships in the Bay
The Daily Star, Bangladesh –
THE news that four Myanmar ships escorted by two warships entered Bangladesh territorial waters to explore gas and oil in the Bay of Bengal came as a great …

Myanmar defies warnings
The Daily Star, Bangladesh –
The government yesterday decided to send the foreign secretary to Myanmar tomorrow as Myanmar continues to ignore Bangladesh’s warnings against trespassing. …

Myanmar asked to stop oil search in Bangladesh waters: Sovereignty …
The New Nation, Bangladesh –
Myanmar Ambassador U Phae Thann Oo was summoned to the foreign office yesterday again to lodge Dhaka’s strong protest against continuing Yangon’s survey for …

Bangladesh, Burma in territorial standoff
Radio Australia, Australia –
Bangladesh says it’s sending a diplomatic team to Burma to try to resolve a long-standing border dispute in the potentially oil-rich Bay of Bengal. …

Written by Lwin Aung Soe

November 4, 2008 at 1:50 am

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  1. Natural resources such as gas and oil , land and population, in addition to religion and politics, are the major factors that can lead to a major war. I have described how the global warming will change the possibilities to probabilities of Bangladesh-Myanmar war in the book – The Price of Silence: Muslim-Buddhist War of Bangladesh and Myanmar, A Social Darwinist’s Analysis. The book can be previewed at

    Shahnawaz Khan

    November 12, 2008 at 7:20 pm

  2. Hey, I love your site. It seems most people don’t really bother writing articles that lack substance nowadays.


    December 3, 2009 at 3:11 pm

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