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အာဏာရွင္စနစ္ က်ဆံုးမွ တတိုင္းျပည္လံုး စစ္မွန္တဲ့ ဒီမိုကေရစီကို ခံစားရမယ္

World focus on Burma (1 November 2008)

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A Mercurial Star
Washington Post, United States –
… overseeing the production of Japanese movies “to reflect the new spirit of ‘individualism’ and ‘democracy’ and ‘respect for the rights of men and women. …

The KNU has been fighting Burma’s central government for nearly 60 years for the right to self-determination. Last year, there were more than 1000 …

Burma’s Food and Drug Authority (FDA), under the Ministry of Health, said it is continuing laboratory tests of food items, including popular instant coffee …

Remote Lands Toasts Asia’s Top New Wineries
PR Web (press release), WA –

Myanmar (Burma): Sometimes mistaken for the limestone-rich, rolling hills of Tuscany, the vineyards of Aythaya are the first and only to inhabit Myanmar …

Weekly Diary, No. 325 (25 – 31 October 2008)
Shan Herald Agency for News, Thailand –
Asean and European leaders meeting in China on 25 October had urged Burma’s junta to release political prisoners. (AFP) Women’s League of Burma (WLB) …

Helping Burma, Not Its Regime
Washington Post, United States –
In his Oct. 27 op-ed column, “On Burma, A Phony Realism,” Fred Hiatt offered a distorted view of the International Crisis Group’s report “Burma/Myanmar …

The Ruby: Fire in a Gemstone
Best Syndication, CA –
India was once the biggest supplier of the gemstones, but now Myanmar, formerly known as Burma, has taken the lead in fine quality stones. …

View: No strings attached —Edward Friedman
Daily Times, Pakistan –
Those that don’t join the formation, as the military tyranny in Burma and the Stalinist sultanate in North Korea did not follow Japan, lag. …

Hurricane aftermath
Bangkok Post, Thailand –
“Burma/Myanmar After Nargis: Time to Normalise Aid Relations” argues that the recent cooperation has proved that it is possible to work with the military …

Christians Face Growing Persecution in Burma
Christian Freedom International, MI –
But like many Christians in Burma, Pastor Stephen faces persecution from the Burmese military junta, known as the State Peace and Development Council (SPDC) …

Appreciate our democracy
Leader-Telegram, WI –
In 1989, Burma’s military junta put Aung San Suu Kyi under house arrested for doing what candidates for political office do: traveling the country speaking …

Part I : Were Ancient Nagas a Dreaded Race?
MorungExpress, India –
They fought bravely against the Japanese who swept down through Malaya, capturing Singapore, and advancing through Burma into India, only to be stopped at …

Child Soldiers: US Policy and Action
US Department of State, DC –
The CAAC Working Group reviewed a number of country situations this year (Burma, Burundi, Chad, Cote d’Ivoire, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Nepal, …

Child Labor: US Policy and Action
US Department of State, DC –
The list includes products in Burma and Pakistan. In 1999 the US ratified International Labor Organization (ILO) Convention 182. …

Villages linked to Nalanda located
Ceylon Daily News, Sri Lanka –
On any given day 10000 students coming from as far as Korea, Japan, China, Tibet, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Burma (now Myanmar), Turkey and other countries …

Fantasy League by Nina Hachigian
New Republic, DC –
India kept silent late last year during the Burmese junta’s violent crackdown on anti-government protesters, resisting pressure from Washington and Europe …

Sunil Sethi: Spreading fires
Business Standard, India –
Nepal, Bhutan, China, Myanmar and Bangladesh flank the boundaries of the Seven Sisters, some of it thick, impenetrable rain forest or precipitous passes or …

Panties for Peace. Boxers for Burma.
The, Canada –
The oppression of the military junta in Burma remains and persists to perpetrate human rights today while Aung San Suu Kyi continues to be a spokesperson …

Masked cowardice to go on show today
Nation Multimedia, Thailand –
… the blatant use of nominees to avoid billions of baht in tax and the loan to the Burmese junta that would substantially go into Shin Corp’s pockets. …

Six months after, survivors of Nargis face new risks, India –
… human rights abuses committed by the Burmese junta during relief operations, including the inadequate and partial distribution of aid supplies to survivors.

BURMA: China’s Thirst for Oil Ignores Environment, Rights
IPS, Italy –
Concerns about the cost of letting China tighten its grip on the natural resources in Burma (or Myanmar) has also been expressed by other groups, …

Lawyer and activists jailed for six months
Democratic Voice of Burma, Norway –
… 11 youth activists who were arrested after attending a prayer meeting to call for the release of detained opposition leader Daw Aung San Suu Kyi. …


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November 1, 2008 at 1:31 pm

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