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World focus on Burma (10 October 2008)

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UN chief may delay visit to Burma
Democratic Voice of Burma, Norway –
“I would be willing to make a return visit to Myanmar at an appropriate time, but you should also know that without any tangible or very favourable result …

In the name of travellers never again met
Sydney Morning Herald, Australia –
At the height of the Burma regime’s bloody suppression of its protesting monks last year, a well-known Chinese professor from Shanghai was quoted by an …

ASEAN calls for study on impact of trade liberation on health
Earthtimes (press release), UK –
ASEAN consists of Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and Myanmar (Burma).

Tay Za Joined Maung Aye on Visit to Bangladesh
The Irrawaddy News Magazine, Thailand –

By MIN LWIN The Burmese tycoon Tay Za, head of the Htoo Trading Company, accompanied the junta’s number two, Vice Snr-Gen Maung Aye, on his recent three-day …

Top General to Campaign for 2010 Election
The Irrawaddy News Magazine, Thailand –
… crackdown during the civic uprising. In 2003, USDA members staged a deadly attack on Aung San Suu Kyi’s motorcade, in which about 100 people were killed.

Gandhi all over the world
News On Sunday, Mauritius –

Poland became the first country outside India to honour Gandhi on its postal stationery with the issue of a commemorative postcard and Burma, today Myanmar, …

He loved to discuss Scriptures
Telegraph-Journal, Canada –
Born into a Christian family in Rangoon, Burma (today’s Myanmar) on May 19, 1933, Kelly emigrated to the United Kingdom in 1948 and to Canada in 1963. …

Junta leases 50000 acres of farmland to Bangladesh
Democratic Voice of Burma, Norway –
Oct 10, 2008 (DVB)–The Burma junta’s second-in-command, vice senior general Maung Aye, has signed a contract in Dhaka leasing 50000 acres of paddy fields in …

LDS Church operations offer fresh start, job training for refugees …
Salt Lake Tribune, United States –
Eh Say Patow, 29, originally from Burma (now Myanmar), hopes to be a teacher. She lived in a Thai refugee camp for 21 years. …

Their work makes its way across the border to Myanmar. And the traffic is two-way. “The Shan in Burma don’t have their own TV or newspapers and don’t have …

18 illegal immigrants killed in Turkey road crash
The Associated Press –
ANKARA, Turkey (AP) — A truck packed with illegal immigrants from Afghanistan and Myanmar overturned in western Turkey on Sunday, killing 18 people and …

Soldier on
Westword, CO –

But the human-rights abuses of Myanmar’s real-life ruling junta have at the very least suspended its right to fair representation in a Sly Stallone joint. …

International Alumni Program Coordinator, DC –
The purpose of this position is to assist and encourage the participation of local community leaders from Burma, the Mekong region, and the Amazon in …

UN Expert Outlines Steps for Improving Human Rights in Burma
Voice of America –
By VOA News The United Nations human rights envoy for Burma is calling on that country’s government to substantially improve human rights before the 2010 …

Now what?, Philippines –
His no vote is a protest against the human rights situation in Burma (Myanmar), and in particular against the lack of a real ASEAN mechanism for enforcing …

Voting in Canada an improvement for some
Prince Albert Daily Herald, Canada –
Kuthay is a Karen refugee from Myanmar, formerly known as Burma, who lived in Thailand before coming to Canada. She was unable to vote in Thailand because …

USCIRF urges action on Kazakhstan, Burma
BP News, TN –
“Burma’s military junta has presided over a human rights and humanitarian disaster that is deepening, not receding,” USCIRF Chair Felice Gaer said in a …

Burma and Bangladesh Seek to Triple Trade with Deal
Narinjara News, Bangladesh –
The Bangladesh chief adviser said during his banquet speech that the general’s visit would take Bangladesh-Myanmar relations further forward and suggested …

UN rights recommendations require international enforcement, India –
by Solomon New Delhi – A Burmese human rights activist says UN Special Rappatouer Tomas Ojea Quintana’s report on the ‘Situation of Human Rights in Myanmar’ …

When nations kill their own
Christian Science Monitor, MA –
By Gareth Evans brussels – At the height of the bloody suppression by the Burma (Myanmar) regime of protesting monks last year, the heated question was …

‘Responsibility to Protect’: A New Manual for Peace?
UNPO, Netherlands –
Unfortunately there was still much confusion over the terminology of R2P and Cyclone Nargis’ impact on Burma and the “instinctive” response to the junta’s …


Written by Lwin Aung Soe

October 10, 2008 at 2:53 pm