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Thailand’s anti-government protest enters one-week phase

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Tear gas used to disperse protesters gathered near police HQ in Prince George Citizen, Canada

Thailand’s political stalemate deepens Christian Science Monitor, MA –

MPs join protest but PM defiant New Zealand Herald, New Zealand –

POLITICS-THAILAND: Talk of Anarchy Inter Press Service, Italy –

Thai protest leader warns of looming “confrontation” available … Monsters and –

Top Thai union calls for strike to boost protests AFP –

Lost in Transit: airport closure cost B250m a day Phuket Gazette, Thailand –

Thai protests spread to utilities and transportation International Herald Tribune, France –

Three airports in Thailand re-open Flight International –

Foreign concern Bangkok Post, Thailand –

Thai PM Hangs on Amid Protests ABC News

Thai state unions plan strike to force PM out Shanghai Daily, China –

Bomb targets police in Thai protests, UK –

Confederation of State Enterprise Labour Union threatens to strike Bangkok Post, Thailand –

More state enterprises consider to join PAD Nation Multimedia, Thailand –

Tourists free to fly after Thai airport opens up China Internet Information Center|, China –

Democracy, voting and informed consent United Press International, Asia, Hong Kong –

Phuket and Hat Yai airports re-open amid deepening Thai crisis … MoodieReport, UK –

All board members of State Railway Thailand resign, India –

Bangkok bomb raises fears of violent campaign Washington Post, United States –

Airports re-open in
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Police attack Thai
TTX Công Giáo …

Thai airports reo…
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Bangkok bomb r…
Malaysia Star

Thai PM rejects r…
Radio Australia

Embattled Thai (…

SRT board resig…
Thai News Agen…

Small bomb exp…
Malaysia Star

Thai Leader Vow…
Wall Street Journal

Bomb explodes …
Radio Australia

Small bomb exp…
Malaysia Star

Thailand: Prem…
Sin Chew Jit Poh

Thousands head…
Phuket Gazette

Supporters back …

300 Chinese tou…
China Daily

Day one and the…
Daily Mail

Small bomb explodes near occupied Thai Govt House Forbes, NY –

Bomb explodes near Thai government house Radio Australia, Australia

Commentary: White turns black Bangkok Post, Thailand –

Analysis: Tyranny of a minority Bangkok Post, Thailand –

Thai PM Calls for More Debate (press release), New Zealand –

Marchers see debate as a waste of time Bangkok Post, Thailand –

Government supports rally against PAD Bangkok Post, Thailand –


Thai Government Backers Take to Streets
New York Times –
By THOMAS FULLER BANGKOK – Thailand’s political crisis entered a more delicate and volatile phase on Sunday when government supporters took to the streets as a counterweight to the antigovernment protesters who have occupied the prime minister’s …

Thai premier rejects lawmakers calls to step down International Herald Tribune

Supporters back embattled Thai PM

Day one and they’ve got me talking like a girl, says new Thailand … Daily Mail, UK –

Thai gov promotes Thaksin classmate in military reshuffle The Post, Pakistan –

Thai leader fends off calls for his resignation The Associated Press

Bangkok tense Straits Times, Singapore –

Those stranded for the last two days leave Phuket and Krabias TODAYonline, Singapore –

Thailand’s parliament tries to defuse anti-government protests Times Online, UK –

Thailand PM urged to dissolve parilament Radio Australia, Australia –

Voices against Thai PM grow louder The National, United Arab Emirates –

Thai parliament debates protests Kuwait Times, Kuwait

Carnival atmosphere as Thai protesters dig in South China Morning Post (subscription), Hong Kong –

Thai PM calls in lawmakers for crisis talks South China Morning Post (subscription), Hong Kong –

Once again, Thailand needs its king’s help South China Morning Post (subscription), Hong Kong –

Stranded tourists leave Phuket after airport reopens 31/08 19:03 CET euronews, France –

Thai Premier Rejects Call for Election as Protests Continue Bloomberg –

Thai PM shuns calls for House dissolution Thai News Agency MCOT, Thailand

The facts about vote-buying and the patronage system Nation Multimedia, Thailand –

Counter rallies mobilise Nation Multimedia, Thailand –

It’s managing the power, stupid! Nation Multimedia, Thailand –

What’s Expected This Week Nation Multimedia, Thailand –

Thai PBS free to report on protest as it sees fit Nation Multimedia, Thailand –

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Supporters back …

Day one and the…
Daily Mail

Thai PM debate…
Gulf Times

Thai leader fend…
The Associated Press

Bangkok tense
Straits Times

Thai parliament …
Kuwait Times

Thai PM shuns c…
Thai News Agen…

Thai lawmakers …

Thai Parliament…
Mainichi Daily News

Thai Parliament…
Voice of America

Thai lawmakers …
The Associated Press

Thai leaders hol…

Embattled Thail…

Govt supporters …
Malaysia Star

Thai PM reiterat…
Thai News Agen…

Thai parliament …
Malaysia Star

Thailand: Prime…
Sin Chew Jit Poh

Thai governmen…
Uzbekistan News

Written by Lwin Aung Soe

September 1, 2008 at 1:43 am

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