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World focus on Burma (3 August 2008)

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New UN rapporteur arrives in Burma

Bangkok Post, Thailand –

Rangoon (dpa) – A United Nations rapporteur arrived in Burma Sunday to discuss human-rights concerns, diplomatic officials said. Tomas Ojea Quintana, on his …


Might is no longer just right

The Age, Australia –

Burma’s closest ally is China, with whom it shares a long border, while it is also a member of ASEAN. China, India and ASEAN — who largely make up the …

Politics part of arena in which Bush attends games

News & Observer, NC –

Then in Thailand, Bush will draw attention to the repressed citizens in neighboring Myanmar, also called Burma, and reflect on the future of US policy in …

New faces in new places

Schenectady Gazette, NY –

The Asian population in the Capital Region has increased about 150 percent from 1990 to 2006. The Capital Region had a small base of about 10388 Asians in …


San Francisco Chronicle, USA –

… poor human rights situation in China, the crackdown in Tibet, and Beijing’s support for the genocidal regime in Sudan and the military junta in Burma. …

Insein Prison (round complex) is shown in a satellite image. “Prison happens to be the longest-running political seminar in Burma,” a former inmate says. (Digital Globe Via Google Earth)

Washington Post, United States –

Human rights groups say more than 1800 political detainees languish long-term in about 20 prisons and labor camps in Burma, also called Myanmar. …

US Must Give UN The Boot

Tampa Tribune, FL –

Or, wring its hands when Burma suffered through a devastating hurricane. Humanitarian aid? Obviously not the UN’s table. Instead, the UN elected Zimbabwe to …

Myanmar Muslims stay put despite Bangladesh misery

Trend News Agency, Azerbaijan –

A Rohingya elder, Suriyaya Begam said returning to Myanmar would make life worse for her people. “We were tortured in Burma. Our mosque was attacked. …

Turkey: A battle in the war of elites

Arab News, Saudi Arabia –

… individuals from participating in presidential or parliamentary elections; or as Burma, which is ruled by a pernicious and corrupt military junta. …

Mia Farrow

Mia Farrow

Huffington Post, NY –
It was a missed opportunity for the United States of America to stand strong for the anguished people of Darfur and Burma as well as for the Tibetans in …

Iran to attend its first SAARC summit

Tehran Times, Iran –

Australia and Burma have shown interest in becoming a part of the South Asian regional bloc. Accordingly the Colombo Summit is likely to consider their …

:. Situation of Human Rights in Kashmir

Kashmir Watch, Pakistan –

The torture and imprisonment in Indian-occupied Kashmir is no less intense as it is in Burma. In fact the pain, suffering and humiliation in Kashmir is …

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August 3, 2008 at 2:44 am