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အာဏာရွင္စနစ္ က်ဆံုးမွ တတိုင္းျပည္လံုး စစ္မွန္တဲ့ ဒီမိုကေရစီကို ခံစားရမယ္

World focus on Burma (6 July 2008)

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Burma fair to muddling in wake of savage blow

Sydney Morning Herald, Australia –

BOGALAY, Burma: Two months after a cyclone savaged the fertile Irrawaddy Delta, in Burma’s south-west, the bones of drowned victims still clutter the muddy …

Burmese junta says the 1990 NLD victory no longer legal

Radio Australia, Australia –

Burma’s ruling junta says the victory by democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi’s party in 1990 elections is “no longer legal. The official New Light of Myanmar …

Bush: Skipping Olympics Would Be An Insult

CBS News, NY –

Mr. Bush also expressed deep concern about Myanmar, or Burma, faulting the country’s military regime for its “unwarranted” limited response to Cyclone …

G8 urged to speak out against human rights violations worldwide

Earthtimes (press release), UK –

… a summit meeting in Toyako, Japan, HRN specified for immediate attention the situations in Sudan’s Darfur region, Zimbabwe, Tibet and Myanmar (Burma). …

UGs apprehended all over, India –

On preliminary interrogation, Naoba disclosed that he joined KYKL and underwent training at Burma (Myanmar). Based on further interrogation, …

Which are the world’s most corrupt countries?, Canada –

Myanmar, also known as Burma, probably wins the prize for worst public relations of the year. Last fall, the military-led government cracked down on …

Burma: Waiting for Suu Kyi

Green Left Weekly, Australia –

The last time I saw Aung San Suu Kyi, general secretary of Burma’s National League for Democracy (NLD), was in 1996. The last time I saw Aung San Suu Kyi, …

Myanmar’s Storm Survivors Cobble Together a Meager Future

Hartford Courant, United States –

BOGALAY, Myanmar — – Two months after a cyclone ravaged the fertile Irrawaddy Delta, in Myanmar’s southwest, the bones of drowning victims still clutter the …

Barry Tompkins: What’s real, what’s faux in Burma?

Marin Independent-Journal, CA –

To the world, the old Burma is the new Myanmar. To the Thai people, the old Myanmar is still Burma. “Myanmar is the ancient name of the country,” Toi said. …

Remarks by President Bush and Prime Minister Fukuda of Japan in …

Business Wire (press release), CA –

We are concerned about enriched uranium, and proliferation, and human rights abuses, ballistic missile programs. I view this process as a multi-step process …

Living in the comfort zone

Times of Malta, Malta –

The country’s other neighbour, Burma, is not expected to offer much refuge. The island of Manhattan alone produces more emissions than Bangladesh. …

Burma chronology

Green Left Weekly, Australia –

2008: Cyclone Nargis brings death to the Irrawaddy delta. The junta restricts outside assistance and continues to wage war on ethnic minorities while …

US should carefully weigh costs of forcible intervention

Online Athens, GA –

The aftermath of Cyclone Nargis, which felled as many as 100000 Burmese, has set off a lively discussion of the international community’s “responsibility to …

‘To Be Busy Helps Them Forget’

Washington Post, United States –

BOGALAY, Burma — Two months after a cyclone savaged the fertile Irrawaddy Delta, in Burma’s southwest, the bones of drowning victims still clutter the …

Politics of jalsa/jaloos

The Post, Pakistan –

State violence keeps protestors away in Burma and China but does that mean that there is no resentment against the sitting government? …

The following is a transcript of President Bush’s weekly radio …

FOXNews –

These new citizens come from countries as diverse as Burma, Afghanistan, Norway, and Iraq. These new citizens are proof that there is no American race, …

Bush heads to Japan, economic summit


The summit is reportedly expected to yield a new system of “food reserves” to assist hungry nations, and soaring oil prices, the situation in Myanmar, …

Burmese New Year celebrated in Utica

Utica Observer Dispatch, NY –

Myanmar, formerly Burma, sits in a tropical climate. Last year, the event took place at Proctor Park, where about 300 people attended. …

Myanmar junta’s grip firm for now

Kuwait Times, Kuwait –

Steinberg said the junta constantly trumpet achievements in modernizing the isolated and impoverished Southeast Asian nation formerly named Burma. …

Guts and glory

Deccan Herald, India –

“There was plenty of primary-source documentation of Perry’s adventures in North-East India and northwest Burma. For example, there was a massive …

Written by Lwin Aung Soe

July 6, 2008 at 4:14 am

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