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World focus on Burma (22 June 2008)

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North-East militants thrive on extortion, recruit youths

Newindpress, India –

“Their weapons come largely from Burma and China and they use AK-47, AK-56, M-16, M-20, sniper rifles, which easily cost between Rs 15000-Rs 30000 each. …

Soccer unites Utah’s refugees

Salt Lake Tribune, United States –

Eight teams, representing Sudan, Somalia, Sierra Leone and the Karen people, an ethnic group from Myanmar (formerly Burma), came out in force to play in the …

Eastern India becoming hotspot for women traffickers: Study

Zee News, India –

“Women and children from Assam and Bangladesh are trafficked to Moreh in Manipur and sent to Myanmar and other Southeast Asian countries through the Golden …

An interview with Albright

Daily Herald, UT –

I would like us to do more, but it requires pressure by countries around Burma to push the junta into allowing more assistance. …

Myanmar refugees display their art, and a talent for survival

Seattle Post Intelligencer –

Born in a small village in Myanmar, formerly Burma, Kennedy was forced to flee to Thailand to escape his country’s repressive military government. …

Burmese saved by survival instincts

Scotsman, United Kingdom –

SEVEN weeks have passed since Cyclone Nargis swept through the Irrawaddy Delta in southern Burma, leaving a trail of flattened villages and broken lives and …

Troy church assists orphans in Thailand

Suburban Lifestyles, MI –

The Akha are an ethnic group that originates from China and Tibet but has immigrated to Laos, Myanmar (Burma) and the hills of northern Thailand. …

Private relief efforts for cyclone survivors fill a gap in Myanmar

Los Angeles Times, CA –

He is an example of a grass-roots movement that has emerged in Myanmar, also known as Burma. Many of those doing private relief work are highly critical of …

Frustrated Burmese Organize Aid

Washington Post, United States –

… the main opposition group in Burma, also called Myanmar, have doubled since the cyclone, according to a student leader of the league. …

Cover: Jade delivers Burma aid

Aircargo – Asia Pacific, Australia –

JADE Cargo International was one of the first airlines cleared to carry humanitarian aid material to Myanmar, Burma. The carrier finished the charter …

Aung San Suu Kyi celebrates yet another birthday in detention, India –

“By inviting exiled deputies from Burma to hold their congress in Canada, as was done previously by Sweden, Ireland and Norway, the Canadian government …

American Politics, Terrorism and Islam

Asian Tribune, Thailand –

Russia, China, India, Philippines, Thailand and Burma seized the moment, as did many other governments to bring their brand of state terrorism which …

Plague of rats devastates Burma villages, United Kingdom –

By Nick Meo After the fury of Cyclone Nargis, a new disaster looms in Burma: packs of rats that swarm through the hills once every 50 years have consumed …

Written by Lwin Aung Soe

June 22, 2008 at 1:41 pm