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Burma: updated top news (6 June 2008)

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BBC News

US military extends aid offer to Myanmar

The Associated Press –

BANGKOK, Thailand (AP) – The US military has offered Myanmar 22 helicopters that could ferry relief to the majority of hungry and homeless cyclone survivors within three days – but the junta hasn’t responded yet, military officials said Friday.

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Organization heads to Myanmar to aid survivors The Coloradoan

Chicago TribuneNewsdayGulf Daily NewsThe Associated Press

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The Southern Ledger

Myanmar lashes foreign media over ‘despicable’ cyclone reports


YANGON (AFP) – Myanmar on Friday accused foreign media of fabricating “despicable and inhuman” stories about the cyclone, as new delays hampered efforts to reach one million hungry and homeless survivors.

Netherlands pledges two million extra for Myanmar Radio Netherlands

Burma slams foreign media over ‘despicable’ cyclone reports ABC Online

New York TimesXinhuaInternational Herald

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Voice of America

The right to food in Myanmar

Radio Netherlands –

by Jamie van Wagtendonk and Dave McGuire More than a month after Cyclone Nargis wreaked destruction throughout Myanmar, survivors and aid workers tasked to rebuild the country are facing a new, perhaps more devastating problem: the country is running …

Saving the children in Myanmar

Burmese generals lash foreign media for ‘false’ coverage of …


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Gulf Times

Cruelty and silence in Burma

Boston Globe –

MORE THAN a million victims of the May 2 cyclone in Burma are still without food, water, shelter, and medicine. Yet the ruling junta refused 15 requests to let the USS Essex and three support ships in the Bay of Bengal deliver aid to uprooted villagers …

US offers helicopters to Myanmar as navy ships leave AFP

US Warships Leave Burma After Aid Efforts Rejected Voice of America

Chicago TribuneNewsdayThe Associated PressChristian News Wire (press release)

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Washington Post

Myanmar attacks media’s cyclone coverage

The Associated Press –
YANGON, Myanmar (AP) – Myanmar’s military junta lashed out at its own citizens and foreign media Friday for what it called distorted coverage of the aftermath of a devastating cyclone.
Burma attacks media for cyclone coverage The Age
Myanmar Detains Activist Comedian New York Times
Reuters UKRadio (Pressemitteilung)The Associated Press
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US offers helicopters to Myanmar as navy ships leave


BANGKOK (AFP) – US helicopters and small boats are still ready to help deliver cyclone aid to Myanmar, a US official said Thursday, after the regime rejected US navy ships laden with emergency supplies.

US Warships Leave Burma After Aid Efforts Rejected Voice of America

US Navy aborts aid mission to Myanmar Chicago Tribune

NewsdayThe Associated PressChristian News Wire (press release)Gulf Daily News

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Earthtimes (press release)

Myanmar comedian active in relief effort detained

The Associated Press –

YANGON, Myanmar (AP) – Myanmar’s military junta has detained a popular comedian who had just returned from an aid trip to the cyclone-ravaged delta, a region where a human rights group said Thursday that the regime is forcing survivors to do menial …

Myanmar arrests activist as US aid ships leave Reuters UK

Prominent activist arrested in Myanmar Radio Netherlands (Pressemitteilung)Free Internet PressThe Associated (Pressemitteilung)

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Voice of America

Amnesty Accuses Burma of Human Rights Abuses Since Cyclone Nargis

Voice of America –

By Ron Corben – Amnesty International says Burma’s military government has been forcibly moving people out of the temporary shelters they moved into after Cyclone Nargis.

Rights group: Myanmar exchanging food for labor The Associated Press

Junta forcing Burma cyclone survivor relocation: Amnesty ABC Online

DigitalJournal.comWLOSReliefWeb (press release)

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Southeast Asian team finally enters Myanmar cyclone zone

YANGON (AFP) – Southeast Asian aid experts flew into Myanmar’s devastated Irrawaddy Delta on Thursday for a mission to assess cyclone damage, but US navy ships sailed away — laden with supplies rejected by the junta.
Int’l aid experts move into Myanmar cyclone zone Xinhua
A month of misery Economist
Thai News Agency MCOTNew Straits TimesAFPAFP
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Written by Lwin Aung Soe

June 6, 2008 at 2:55 am

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