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Bush, Brown Call for Referendum Observers

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Bush, Brown Call for Referendum Observers


Friday, April 18, 2008

US President George Bush and British Prime Minister Gordon Brown on Thursday reiterated their commitment to restore democracy and human rights in Burma and called on the military government to invite international observers to the May 10 constitutional referendum.

The Burma issue was discussed during the meeting of the two leaders—among the most steadfast supporters of Burma’s pro-democracy movement—at the White House in Washington DC.

Emerging from the meeting with Bush, Brown told the media: “We reiterated our common stand on Burma, where it is important to repeat the call for reconciliation.” Details of the discussion were not released.

A US-sponsored draft of a presidential statement is pending for discussion in the UN Security Council and is expected to be opposed by Russia and China, permanent members of the Security Council, and supporters of the Burmese regime.

Commenting on the May 10 referendum on the draft constitution, a US National Security Council spokesman said: “They [Britain] are as concerned as we are about the process leading to the referendum—the fact that groups in Burma are not allowed to express their position on the referendum freely; the fact that the referendum is a flawed referendum at this point that bars certain people from even engaging and holding public office because they were married to foreigners, or are married to foreigners; the fact that the referendum and the constitution talk about 25 percent of the seats in the legislature being reserved for the military. You know, all of these things need a free and fair airing, and that’s not happening right now in Burma.”

He said the military junta should invite international monitors.

“The British have called for this, and we have called for this, and the UN has called for this,” he said.

“How can you make sure, in a place like Burma, where freedom has been so restricted, that the process of holding a referendum really is open,” he asked.

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World Focus on Burma (18 Apr 08)

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More Suspects Arrested in Death of 54 Burmese Migrant Workers
Irrawaddy News MagazineThailand –


Between one and two million Burmese migrant workers face danger and discrimination at work and arrest from Thai authorities. (Photo: AFP)

The deaths occurred in Suksamran District near Kawthoung, Burma. The driver and an accomplice who was riding in the truck have been arrested. …


Myanmar junta briefly detains ‘no’ campaigners
Gulf Times, 
Qatar –

The opposition National League for Democracy (NLD) has urged the former Burma’s voters to reject the junta-drafted constitution in the May 10 plebiscite. …


Bliss on the border
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It’s there to patrol our territorial waters for, less than a kilometre away, is an island belonging to Burma. Given the proximity of the frontier it’s no …


South Korean President Discusses US-South Korea Relations
Washington Post, 
United States –
THE POST: As you know, President Bush has been very interested in the situation in
Burma and Myanmar and recently there have been reports that North Korea


International Centre for Trade and Sustainable Development, 
UK –

Before the agreement can enter into force, ASEAN countries — Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar (Burma), the Philippines, Singapore,

Burma (Myanmar): Persistent threats to basic health rights of …
MyNews.inIndia –

The Asian Human Rights Commission takes this opportunity to reiterate its concerns for the health and physical integrity of all Burma’s detainees, …


Latest ‘Rambo’ Movie Now Showing in Vietnam

… and is being shown in multiplexes from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City. The movie is banned in Myanmar, formerly known as Burma, where the latest story is set.


Japan: Footage of Tibet and East Turkestan
Global Voices Online, MA –

Myanmar Genocide blog publishes the “Burma Democratic Diagram“, a brain storming diagram for political calculations for Burma. …


Global Student Association presents International Night
Lakeland Mirror (subscription), WI –

Swe Swe Htay (freshman) presented on Myanmar, formally Burma. She effectively engaged the audience by describing the food, clothing, and buildings of …


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