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World Focus on Burma (15 Apr 08)

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The Olympic Relay Torched
SLCC Globe Link (subscription), UT –
China has also fallen under criticism due to its support of the Myanmar government, (formally known as Burma). The arrest of thousands of monks in Myanmar …

Tourism Saves a Laotian City but Saps Its Buddhist Spirit
New York Times, United States –
As in Vietnam, Cambodia and Myanmar, decades of war and repression held back the development that is now despoiling cities and historical sites. …
Rice and institutional memory
Manila Times, Philippines –
India 137 million MT, Indonesia 54 million MT, Bangladesh 40 million MT, Vietnam 36 million MT, Thailand 27 million MT, Burma (Myanmar) 25 million MT,
UN: the referendum on the Burmese constitution will be “a ritual …, Italy –
Paulo Sergio Pinheiro, UN special rapporteur on Burma, also accuses the military junta in power of blocking any kind of campaigning for the “no” vote.
Thai death truck driver surrenders to police, Spain –
The owner of the 20-ft (6.1 metre) truck and the owner of araft on which the migrants are thought to have crossed a riverfrom Myanmar have also been
Myanmar Detains at Least 20 Activists
The Associated Press –
YANGON, Myanmar (AP) — Myanmar’s military junta detained more than 20 activists as they walked through the northwestern city of Sittwe in a peaceful rally
Naypyidaw Targets NLD In Referendum Run-Up
UNPO, Netherlands –
Burma’s generals are targeting the country’s opposition parties with renewed vigor in the run-up to the referendum to be held on 10 May 2008.
Instrument for Stability in 2007 Report, Spain –
€5.9 million, some 6% of the total, were made available for IfS programmes in Afghanistan, Southern Thailand, and Burma/Myanmar (see annex for details).
No tidy answer to labor pinch
Denver Post, CO –
Myanmar, known as Burma until 1989, is ruled by a military regime that stands accused of human-rights abuses including the violent displacement of more than
Family robbed in Carrboro
News & Observer, NC –
Booker said the victim was a member of the Karen community, refugees from Myanmar (also known as Burma), that has been resettled in Carrboro.
UN rapporteur warns Burma on vote
BBC News, UK –
“If you say a real political transition process is taking place in Myanmar (Burma), this would be almost offensive to countries in Asia like the Philippines
A country with no hope?
Bangkok Post, Thailand –
The military dictatorship which runs Burma is taking new steps to tighten its already fearful grip on that sad country. What is most outrageous about this

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April 15, 2008 at 4:02 am