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(Thai) PM visits Burma, expected to discuss democracy

Bangkok Post, 14 March 2008

 ( – Prime Minister Samak Sundaravej and his team left Thailand to Burma on Friday morning, with the aim to strengthen ties with the neighbouring country.

Mr Samak is also expected to discuss to the military junta about natural resources and solving drugs problems along the border.

Government spokesman Wichienchote Suchoterat said that sensitive topics such as internal affairs, human rights and conflicts with minority groups will be off the agenda.

Mr Samak and the team will return to Thailand at 8.45pm on the same day.

Foreign Minister Noppadon Pattama said prior to this trip that Mr Samak may also talk about improving democracy in Burma, but the Thai government does not expect that this will bring a fruitful result because it will not interfere Burma’s internal affairs.

However, Thailand is willing to support Burma’s national referendum on the constitution that will take place in May. 


Written by Lwin Aung Soe

March 14, 2008 at 6:35 am

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