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Monks march as Dalai Lama condemns Beijing

By Richard Spencer

Last Updated: 2:05am GMT 11/03/2008

Free Tibet groups around the world have begun a march on the Chinese border from neighbouring India.

They aim to reach the Tibetan border around the time when the Beijing Olympics close.


Tibetan monks set out from Dharamsala, in India in an attempt to march to the border with China

The march, by about 100 Tibetans, set off from Dharamsala, the seat of the government-in-exile and home to the Dalai Lama.Its organisers are not revealing the route, but say they hope to arrive at the Tibetan border in six months time. Indian police have banned the Tibetan exiles from leaving Kangra district, the area around Dharamsala.

“If they violate the order, all necessary actions will be taken,” said Atul Phuljile, the district police chief. He said central government had asked him to prevent the marchers from reaching the border.

In Nepal, which shares much of the Himalayan mountain range with Tibet, a rally held in support of the march clashed with police.There is growing anxiety among Nepal’s Tibetan population that the authorities are returning refugees to the Chinese authorities, rather than handing them over to the United Nations and safety in India.Activists in Greece lit an alternative “Olympic torch” at an unofficial ceremony at Olympia, site of the original Games.Ethnic Tibetan athletes, members of the self-styled Team Tibet, were prevented from using the stadium itself, where the official Olympic torch will be lit later this month.Instead they conducted their ceremony outside the site’s museum, though police confiscated the torch when a Tibetan woman shot-putter, Tsultim Golpe, tried to begin to run with it and handed it back with the flame extinguished.The Dalai marked the anniversary with a speech condemning Beijing for the “state of constant fear, intimidation and suspicion under Chinese repression” in Tibet.

Beijing maintains that Tibet is an historical and inviolable part of China. 

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