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အာဏာရွင္စနစ္ က်ဆံုးမွ တတိုင္းျပည္လံုး စစ္မွန္တဲ့ ဒီမိုကေရစီကို ခံစားရမယ္

World Focus on Burma (10 Feb 08)

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  1. Pressure pays as Myanmar moves to democracy, France –

    The hardline military rulers of Myanmar, the former Burma, have announced moves towards possible democracy. The junta says a referendum on a new …

  2. TIMELINE: Myanmar’s slow road to a new constitution
    Reuters –
    June 19, 1989: The military government changes the official name of the country from Burma to the Union of Myanmar. Continued…
  3. FACTBOX: Key facts about Myanmar, Asia’s troubled state
    Reuters –
    COUNTRY NAME: Union of Myanmar, or Myanmar. The name was changed from the Union of Burma in 1989 in what the ruling military junta described as an attempt …
  4. Britain guarded at Myanmar election promise
    AFP –

    .. Burma requires the participation of all political stakeholders,” a Foreign Office spokeswoman in London said, referring to Myanmar by its colonial era …

  5. Opium trade blooms at Indo-Burma border
    MorungExpress, India –
    The entire length of the India-Myanmar border is dotted with such fields. NDTV was told not to shoot the people around. But one of them agreed to speak to …
  6. A ‘Wonderland’ where monks call for foreign air strikes
    | Burma is a topsy-turvy sort of place, where surprises lurk and suddenly jump out at you. | A monk in one of the robes that gave the Saffron Revolution of Bloody September 2007 its name. LEWIS NORMAN PHOTO | P…Full Story
  7. Striken land of soldiers and slaves
    | The Saffron Revolution is Burma’s 9/11; much will never be the same again after the killing, arrest and torture of monks by the government. | Looking over the rooftops of Yangon (above), with the gilded Sule …Full Story
  8. Eyewitness: Burma from the inside
    | Burma’s Bloody September came home to people in Japan with the slaying of veteran freelance photojournalist Kenji Nagai on Sept. 27, 2007 in Yangon during a mass demonstration. The video clip showing him bein…Full Story
  9. Film focuses on ‘the other Burma’
    | Here, in Irene Marty’s film titled “In the Shadow of the Pagodas — The Other Burma,” we encounter the wretched of the Earth. This haunting documentary gives a voice to Burma’s traumatized ethnic nationa…Full Story
  10. Insight into the world / Approach Myanmar with long-term initiatives
    | In mid-January, the Japan-Mekong Foreign Ministers’ Meeting took place in Tokyo, involving Japan as host and the five Southeast Asian nations through which the Mekong River runs: Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Thai…Full Story
  11. Burmese junta’s election plan criticised
    ABC Online, Australia –
    A spokesman for Burma’s National League for Democracy, Nyan Win, called it “erratic”. “They’ve just announced that a referendum will be held in May 2008, …
  12. Book reveals adventure in all its colours
    Rocky Mountain Outlook, Canada –
    Determined to travel a long forgotten Second World War road through the closed northern jungles of Burma/Myanmar, armed with forged documents, Jenkins risks …
  13. Myanmar junta pledges 2010 poll, a sham say critics
    Reuters India, India –
    The elections would be the first held in the former Burma since 1990, when Aung San Suu Kyi’s National League for Democracy (NLD) won a multi-party poll …
  14. Myanmar election announcement greeted with scepticism
    Earthtimes, UK –
    While both announcements appear to put Myanmar, also called Burma, on the path to democracy, their proclamation was greeted with great scepticism by …
  15. A chance for change in Burma
    Boston Globe, United States –
    FOUR MONTHS after crushing massive street protests, Burma’s generals seem as entrenched as ever. There are few workable options for a way forward. …
  16. Suu Kyi still junta’s main challenger
    Khaleej Times, United Arab Emirates –
    She had refused to travel to see him in Britain, believing she would have been barred from returning to Myanmar — known as Burma before the junta changed …
  17. Burma junta election promise a ‘sham’
    ABC Online, Australia –
    Federal Foreign Affairs Minister Stephen Smith says a promise by Burma’s military government to hold general elections in 2010 is a sham. …
  18. Burma junta to hold 2010 election
    The Press Association –
    Burma’s military government, a target of sharp international criticism for failing to hand over power to a democratically-elected government, has announced …
  19. Myanmar is planning elections
    Los Angeles Times, CA –
    But many in Myanmar, also known as Burma, have already written it off as a fraud. Until the new constitution is finished and made public, the key question …
  20. Regional arts and entertainment events
    Philadelphia Inquirer, PA –
    Thailand-based filmmaker Buddy Hatton presents his travelogue Road to Mandalay: Myanmar and Angkor Wat, with scenes from the nation formerly known as Burma …
  21. Govt scoffs at Burma’s ‘free’ elections
    Sydney Morning Herald, Australia –
    Australia has described as a sham claims by Burma’s military regime that it plans to hold multi-party elections within three years. Burma’s military rulers …
  22. Myanmar’s plans for elections positive –Singapore, Philippines –
    SINGAPORE–Singapore, which currently chairs the regional ASEAN group of countries, on Sunday described Myanmar’s plans to hold a constitutional referendum …
  23. Myanmar’s announcement of new elections met with skepticism
    International Herald Tribune, France –
    … announcement that they would restore democracy within two years has been met with deep skepticism among experts on Myanmar, formerly known as Burma. …
  24. The Devil’s in the Details
    The Irrawaddy News Magazine, Thailand –

    A British foreign office spokesperson said, “The transition to democracy in Burma requires the participation of all political stakeholders,” voicing …

  25. Burma’s Military Government Says Elections in 2010
    Voice of America –
    By Ron Corben Burma’s military government says it will hold a referendum on a new constitution in May and plans general elections in 2010. …
  26. The Saffron Revolution; a catalyst for freedom, India –
    Mary P.Callahan, an expert on Myanmar military, wrote that, “after independence from Britain, the World War II practices of politics in Burma have made …
  27. Myanmar to Host Gem Show in March Despite International Boycott, NY –
    The United States and the European Union implemented economic sanctions against Myanmar, also known as Burma, to protest the country’s human rights abuses. …

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February 10, 2008 at 5:04 am

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