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World Focus on Burma (27 Jan 08)

  1. Rights Group Accuses Myanmar of Holding More Dissidents
    New York Times, United States –
    Mr. Gambari has visited twice and was promised a third visit soon, as part of what Myanmar, which was formerly known as Burma, said was a policy of …
  2. Arroyo rallies Asean leaders: Let’s free Suu Kyi now, Philippines –
    She warned that the Philippine Senate would not ratify the Asean Charter unless the legislators saw “real political reform” take place in Burma (Myanmar). …
  3. E-mail from Burma, MA –
    Myanmar is changing fast. I am staying downtown and everywhere I see young people wearing jeans – both men and women. There also seems to be a significant …
  4. Art Museum Scandal Grows: Tax Fraud, Artifact Looting Alleged
    Hollywood Today Newsmagazine, CA –
    … regarding looted and smuggled art, allegedly taken from Thailand, China, Cambodia, Myanmar (Burma) and Native American digs within the United States. …
  5. ‘Rambo’ review: There will be blood
    Portsmouth Herald News, NH –
    … Stallone said he and his “Rambo” crew witnessed the human toll of unspeakable atrocities while filming along the Myanmar (Burma) border. …
  6. Film Friday: ‘Rambo’, ‘Untraceable’
    The Gate, Canada –

    As far as the story goes, we catch up with John Rambo on the Thai-Myanmar border as a group of human rights activists ask for Rambo’s help in getting down …

  7. Ottawa Citizen

    E Canada Now

    Sylvester Stallone Endorses McCain. Coolest Endorsement Yet?
    FOXNews – Jan 24, 2008
    by Serafin Gomez From Fox and Friends Executive Producer, David Brown: ”John McCain was on Fox and Friends this morning – we had an interview which will air Friday with Sylvester Stallone – Stallone endorsed McCain during the taped interview – on Fox …
    Yo, McCain: Hoping Stallone Can Help Say ‘We Did It’ Washington Post
    McCain says he can win over conservatives, has Rocky’s support USA Today – Buffalo News – Philadelphia Inquirer – New Zealand Herald
    Movie review: Rambo
    Pegasus News, TX –
    On the nearby Thai-Burma (Myanmar) border, the world’s longest-running civil war, the Burmese-Karen conflict, rages into its 60th year. …
    Movie Review: Rambo Entertainment Weekly
    Review: Rambo returns for new rumble in the jungle Colorado Springs Gazette
    MOVIE PREVIEW online print edition Arizona Republic – Kansas City Star   (all 137 news articles )


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January 27, 2008 at 11:39 am

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